‘Terminator Genisys’ Smashes Records at Chinese Box Office

Terminator Genisys Arnold Schwarzenegger gun
Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Chinese audiences are breathing fresh life into the Terminator franchise.

“Terminator Genisys,” the fifth film in the cyborg series, failed to draw big crowds in the U.S., but overseas it’s a different story. The Paramount Pictures and Skydance release scored the fourth-biggest opening day for a U.S. release in the country, picking up $27.4 million after debuting Sunday across 25,000 locations. That pushes its worldwide total to $335.1 million, with roughly three quarters of that haul coming from abroad.

It was a very good weekend for Paramount and Skydance, which also fielded the second-highest grossing film on the foreign charts, “Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation.” The sequel snagged $25.2 million from 63 territories, pushing its worldwide haul to $438.6 million. A China debut is slated for Sept. 8.

In third place, “Bride Wars,” a Chinese remake of the Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway comedy, earned $23.6 million. Fox Intl. Pictures, the studio’s local-language arm, is handling the rollout.

Fox’s “Fantastic Four” tried to salvage some of the studio’s investment after the superhero adventure flopped Stateside. The comic-book movie snagged fourth place with $16.2 million from 65 territories. That brings its global total to $130.4 million, making it unlikely that the studio will recoup its $125 million production spend and the millions more it shelled out in advertising costs.

“Go Away Mr. Tumor,” the story of a popular Chinese cartoonist with a fatal brain tumor, rounded out the top five, picking up $13 million. It has now generated $65 million since opening on August 13.

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  1. Glip says:

    Hey Brent Terminator didn’t break any records let alone smash them. Why would you use that in the title? A little research goes a long way.

  2. Terminator Genisys is at $353M, not $335M. And it’s a great movie. Our politically-correct critics just have a personal dislike of Arnold.

  3. lily says:

    I hope this piece of crap doesn’t get a sequel. Terrible mvie.

  4. Spacesketch says:

    Who knows why TERMINATOR GENISYS was so viciously assailed by American critics? It’s amazing. When you take a look at the crap that was lauded and championed by American critics as good or great film work, it boggles the mind that one of the superior works of filmmaking for the summer of 2015 was cut to ribbons by the unjustified ranting’s of false prophets, fault finders, and people with poor judgment. This is one of those times where you are glad that the rest of the world thinks for themselves. This is an awesome film and one of the best ever in the series, worthy of the global phenomenal performance it is receiving overseas, particularly in China.

  5. SoFar says:

    Awesome, ARNOLD is back,Terminator best of SUmmer

  6. dee says:

    terminator is at 353 million not 335… you mixed the numbers up… at this rate i would be surprised if it didn’t hit 400

  7. Jacques Strappe says:

    It’s a fair trade for all the shitty stuff made in China sent to the USA

  8. Maria says:

    I saw Terminator: Genisys twice and enjoyed it. I won’t mind a sequel at all. :)

  9. Jean-Michel says:

    Unmentioned in this article is that GENISYS is the first Hollywood release in China since late June, the interim being the “summer domestic protection period” that the regulators started doing a few years back. In other words, there is a lot of pent-up demand at work here, and given the insane numbers the Chinese box office has been racking up lately, pretty much any tentpole in GENISYS’ place would’ve similarly overperformed. Of course Paramount and Skydance don’t care how or why their movies make money just so long as they do it, but when they crunch the numbers on a potential sequel, they’d better take into account the fact that it might not get such a relatively advantageous release date in China.

  10. Joe Altomere says:

    So happy for Terminator. Looking like we’ll get the trilogy now. So pumped.

  11. Reblogged this on The Pop Culture Cafe and commented:
    This is a good example of why the Chinese market has become so important to Hollywood. The Chinese market can help a film recoup it’s money back. As you can read in the article Terminator: Genisys had the 4th biggest opening in the China for a U.S. film. Also you can see it still didn’t help the Fantastic Four. The Chinese still can’t save crap.

  12. Michael says:

    I’m a American and I got two words for China for what they did for Terminator genisys: THANK YOU!!!!!

  13. Steven says:

    YES!!!!! Now, the sequel’s as good as greenlit! F*** you, haters!!!

  14. ObserverMI says:

    Don’t worry, after the first weekend, the word will get around what hack junk the film is and, it will drop like a lead balloon… as it did here.

    • nerdrage says:

      I dunno. Overseas markets don’t seem to react as strongly to bad word of mouth. OTOH, Chinese box office is worth, what, about a quarter of domestic? With any luck, the Chinese boost won’t be enough to salvage this turkey and result in more bad sequels being inflicted on us.

      • Nosferatu says:

        I dunno about being inflicted. I would love to see a sequel to Genisys. Maybe next time a sequel comes you can stay at home, whine on internet & don’t go see it. There many more Marvel movies for you to enjoy in the theaters because i doubt people like you always complain ever go to watch a good movie because otherwise Mad Max would have broken all records in US instead all time , instead spend time on time on internet praising Antman or Mothman whatever marvel throws at you & complain about the movies others go to watch.

  15. You have the only emails I can not open

  16. Buck says:

    Chinese audiences don’t obsess over the ages of actors or the religions of actors, which is why Arnold and Cruise can still kick ass internationally. The US is always looking for reasons to tear people down.

    • nerdrage says:

      Yes, reasons such as that they are starring in terrible movies. Americans are so damn picky!

      • Predator says:

        Actually yeh. When a article came out on Tomorrowland few months ago, the comment section was filled with hate for George Clooney for his political views & in Genisys , everyone was still mad at Arnold for his political tenure.
        Americans are lot picky over there movies lol Pitch Perfect 2 beat Mad Max there. A terrible movie like 50 Shades of Grey broke all records there. Then there are marvel movies which are always the same but US goes crazy over them.

  17. Al Swearengen says:

    Ugh now this means they’ll continue with a sequel to that dreadful, atrocious POS of a movie. Thanks a lot China.

    • Buck says:

      I have a revolutionary suggestion for you. When they make a sequel, don’t go see it. Then it will have zero impact on your life. Interesting how that works, huh?

      • Predator says:

        How cruel, you are taking his chance to whine lol. People who complain about not enough good movies not even themselves go to watch them like the guy commenting that making sequel to Genisys will squander Paramount’s chances to make a good movie like Transformers or TMNT lol. With the amount, everyone on internet complains Mad Max should have broken all records in US but it got beat by Pitch Perfect.

      • Silas says:

        If money and talent that could have been used to make a good movie were squandered on a Genesys sequel, we would have one less good movie to watch.

      • Chris Etrata says:

        Here’s another revolutionary idea, how about not having to comment if you dont like it and let him continue to spread bad Wom.

      • nerdrage says:

        I don’t care if the Chinese want to give Ah-nold something to do in his golden years. I’ll happily ignore all if it like I ignore all bad movies. I just hope nobody releases the Fantastic Flop in China, since that will screw up the plan: that Fox finally admits defeat and lets the rights revert to Marvel Studios, which at long last can make the Fantastic 4 movie that is worthy of the name.

      • Quaid says:

        But then what will enrage him?

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