Summer Box Office Stumbles: Can ‘Jurassic World’ Save the Day?

Most Anticipated Movies of 2015
Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Not even the combined heat of the Avengers, Melissa McCarthy and the Barden Bellas can push the summer box office past the boiling point.

Take this weekend when “Spy,” a critically adored espionage send-up with McCarthy, bowed to a solid $30 million, even as overall ticket sales declined for the third time in a row. That losing streak comes on the heels of the worst Memorial Day the movie business has seen in five years as “Tomorrowland,” the heavily promoted George Clooney fantasy, stumbled out of the gate.

There’s still a lot of popcorn movie season left to go, but this was not the way that many analysts and studios expected summer 2015 to play out.

“It’s not a Chicken Little, ‘the sky is falling’ situation, but certainly we need a big hit and we need it now,” said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at Rentrak.

The problem is that too many movies have arrived without numerals in the title or have been pitched to older audiences instead of the teenagers who drive the movie business from May through August.

“A lot of original titles combined with R-rated fare has had an impact,” said Dergarabedian.

There are a couple of reasons the expected windfall has yet to materialize. “Avengers: Age of Ultron” has earned a massive $438 million Stateside, but it will fall short of the $623 million that its predecessor racked up. And films like “Mad Max: Fury Road” have failed to match the big box office returns of “Maleficent” and “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” both of which premiered early in the summer of 2014.

As it currently stands, 2015’s summer is outpacing the previous year’s ticket sales by a mere 2.9%. That’s a paltry lead given that 2014 fielded the worst summer since 1997 when adjusting for inflation.

Help is on the way. “Jurassic World” is projected to open to north of $100 million and the months of June and July bring such highly anticipated releases as “Minions,” a spin-off of “Despicable Me”; Pixar’s “Inside Out”; the fifth “Mission: Impossible”; follow-ups to “Magic Mike” and “Ted”; Marvel’s “Ant-Man”; and the gaming comedy “Pixels.” On paper, they look like winners.

Phil Contrino, VP and chief analyst of, says scheduling is to blame. The picture might seem rosier if, say, “Mad Max: Fury Road” and “Pitch Perfect 2” had debuted over Memorial Day instead of “Tomorrowland,” he argues, and the rest of the warm months will see an impressive number of sequels and reboots with sizzle.

“There’s no reason to panic at all,” said Contrino. “Some of the strongest movies of the summer are still on the horizon. June and July were pretty weak last year, but this year is much stronger.”

It’s also true that individual movies are hits whether or not the overall box office is booming. “Spy” may have generated less than the $35 million that many analysts had expected it would open with, but with a production budget of $65 million and strong overseas numbers, it stands to be profitable. Likewise, “Pitch Perfect 2,” “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and “San Andreas” will enrich their backers, even if the larger business is struggling.

With the domestic box office a diminishing part of a film’s revenue pie, U.S. audiences aren’t as important as they were a decade ago. “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” for instance, has generated 67% of its $1.3 billion bounty from foreign markets, while “Mad Max: Fury Road’s” best chance at recouping its $150 million production budget lies with how fervently overseas crowds embrace its apocalyptic vision.

The issue is one of perception, however, and it’s a predicament largely of Hollywood’s own making. Facing a bleak 2014, studios and exhibitors relentlessly beat the drum for 2015, predicting that records would shatter and old benchmarks would be left in the dust. Some analysts even projected that summer 2015 would be the first time in history that North American receipts would top $5 billion.

That now seems unlikely. Ticket sales trail previous record holder, the summer of 2013, by 7% and some analysts are revising their summer estimates downward to roughly $4.5 billion, less than the high-water mark of $4.8 billion.

“The summer just isn’t firing on all cylinders,” said Jeff Bock, box office analyst with Exhibitor Relations. “Four out of six weekends this summer have been down and that’s left a sour taste.”

Of course, next weekend, when “Jurassic World” takes multiplexes by storm, the seasonal depression could give way to euphoria. Such is life on the emotional roller coaster that is the summer box office.

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  1. kenchun24 says:

    Laugh. Out. Loud. Holy crap this thread is a dimensional portal of the absurd from all across from the web! I thought archaic weirdos only came out on crazy YouTube comment threads on Annunaki, Reptilian, Alex Jones, Esoteric Truthers, 9/11 truthers, Mule AND Elephant political pundit talking heads slash religous videos…hilarious!

    Go get laid and see a movie folks sheesh.

  2. All Most says:

    Hollywood is a cesspool of debauchery and hedonism. It’s main goal is to highlight and glorify perverseness, while at the same time portraying those who believe in goodness and righteousness as the enemy. I don’t care to spend one red cent of my money supporting an industry filled with folks who utterly despise me.

  3. Reality Check says:

    Tomorrowland failed because word got out that it was preachy, global warming propaganda. We’re tired of this nonsense being shoved down our throats.

    Clooney is always a crusading libtard, even when it’s a Disney kids movie.

  4. jgdp says:

    A wise man (insert as required: woman, tranny, phag) would peruse these scathing responses and try learning from them, yet the classic description of insanity is…ah, you know. The world has passed “Hollywood” by, though the liberal “powers” cannot quite realize that!

  5. Judi says:

    A group of us were asked to see Tomorrowland. Not gonna happen with the idiot libTARD CLOONEY spewing his idiot pro-socialist crap. Boycott.

  6. jgdp says:

    Anything/everything involving the clunerator is not worth a flush! Ahktor or phag…or is there a difference?

  7. Douglas says:

    Hollywood doesn’t make great movies anymore. They are only interested in money from Chinese consumers for endless and moronic super hero flicks. Think about it. When was the last time you saw a movie and that same movie was on your mind for days afterwards? Movies that make you really think and really feel. Not happening in Hollywood anymore.

    • kenchun24 says:

      Uhhh…WRONG. Mad Max:Fury Road easy! George Miller’s cinematic masterpiece has stayed with me since the May 1st press screener I saw. Seen it seven times total in cinemas (two press screeners, five via my own cash). It’s brilliant. But I also felt the same after Interstellar, Ex Machina, Kingsman…plenty of great stuff – thoughtful, pure popcorn entertaining, well crafted or all of the above – are still being made.

      I’m in my late 30s, well versed in film since my first movie memory of Empire Strikes Back, and I’m puzzled by all these myopic, trite, and uber absolute “Get Off My Lawn” comments here IMO…like I time traveled to the 1950’s via DeLorean with Marty & Doc Brown – but we’re surrounded by a-holes who have no CLUE to what they are commenting on.

  8. Don Rhudy says:

    It takes a darned good movie to get my wife and me out of the house to sit in a theater whose air-conditioning is too cold and surround-sound too loud (even with paper napkins rolled and stuffed in my ears to deaden the sound). Hollywood doesn’t make many of them.

  9. Lex Loathar says:

    Hollywood gets most of its’ money from the Gubbermint. Most movie content is poured over by the censors. Content of todays movies are total crap and lies. Much like Washington, DC.

  10. bevus says:

    mega dittos. And what they make is poltically motivated, tired of the propaganda.

  11. DWW says:

    These are all rehashes of movies we have seen. Maybe if Hollywood can get creative when can get better and new stories.

  12. D. Thomas says:

    Hollywood hasn’t had a decent movie or original thought in years. I can’t even remember the last theatre I went to. Just the same old tired themes, or chic flicks….boring for free, who would pay?

  13. Sui wynn says:

    Lack of real story line, loud, vulgar, etc.
    Folks want to enjoy the show, not possible considering the number of trashy movies made.
    Why pay to suffer???

  14. Mick Hardy says:

    Here in the Pacific Northwest we’re having a very nice spring so far, and hiking is a very big thing as it is. Put this together with gas prices being way down from a year ago and you have people like me who go out and have adventure instead of watching it on an indoor screen.

  15. Me says:

    Hollywood. Land of the liberal elite who push socialism/communism, “fair share”, collectivism…for us not them….is feeling the effects of the politics they push. Know this…this conservative’s capitalist made money will never be used to fund Hollywood movies. I’ll stream them from “free” websites or get them from the black market in China seeing as how Hollywood loves communism so much.

  16. The two best movies I’ve seen all year were WELCOME TO ME and WHEN MARNIE WAS THERE, one an American indie and the other a foreign (Japanese) animated film. Both beautiful, sensitive stories about human beings. Yet they’ve gotten very little theatrical exposure outside of New York and L.A. Most people can’t go see them even if they knew about them. I’m normally an action guy yet I’ve gotten so tired of superhero movies and remakes/reboots of ’70s/’80s action films that I want to see something really different in theaters these days. I’m nostalgic for the days when I could walk to neighborhood theaters and see westerns, crime thrillers and kung fu movies whenever I wanted. (Now I just stay home and watch them on cable and DVD.)

  17. H.M. says:

    The rants here are very humorous-unintentionally so. It does baffle me why so much people that hate so many elements of films constantly return to complain about them instead of moving on. In honesty, they come across like Don Quixote chasing those imagined beasts/windmills. Therapy could help many indoctrinated souls here. There blind anger and spitting rage is in the end pointless. And many are so archaic and dated. Aging doesn’t have to mean regurgitating tired old tropes & overly familiar ancient meanderings. But it is entertaining.

  18. Alex says:

    I haven’t gone to more than 3 or 4 movies in 25 years. Why you ask? Because they are producing crap and even with decent flicks the audiences make so much noise with their phones, pop corn, candy, etc that it drowns out the movie.

    • Darko2309 says:

      If you’ve only gone 3 or 4 times in the past 25 years how do you know how much noise is happening in the theatres with phones and pop corn and candy. I’d gather that 2 of those times we’re in the first half of that 25, and 2 were in the second half, given that phones became popular and touch screens came out in 2007-8 and it became common to have them, 2 times is hardly a number to gather the intel that all these sounds drown out the movie every time.

      And I’d hardly say in 25 years movies have been crap, there have been a lot of good movies to come out since 1990. Though, it is a matter of opinion what a good movie is, but to state its crap is a matter of your opinion, not a fact.

      Good day

  19. Alice says:

    Who exactly would be “panicking” about this article?

  20. Anon says:

    It costs $12 for a month’s streaming of Netflix into my home theatre where the atmosphere, food, company, view, sound, and selection of entertainment is 1000 times better than an overpriced 2 hour stay at a shitty multiplex. And Netflix is only one example. If I want to go out for family fun there’s better places to go and if I want liberal pc garbage there’s always MSNBC. The theatre is the last place I’d ever consider and it’s Hollywood’s and a$$clowns like George Clooney’s fault.

  21. Bill B. says:

    I think it’s very good that there are fewer films with numerals after their titles. I am more than sick of sequels.

  22. moonmac says:

    Who has the money or time to go to the movies anymore?

  23. el duderino says:

    Dick heads like George Clooney, an abject moron drop out from Pennsyltucky State who likely would be filling ‘er up if his aunt didn;t have a one hit wonder in the 30s or whenever the hell she was around, are destroying the U.S. film industry, as are the homosexual morons who foist unattractive, unintelligent, talentless actresses on us like Gwyneth Paltrow who looks like a mop, and Anne Hathaway, an androgenous mannequin.

    It took yhears for a truly sexy and talented woman like Sofia Vergara to break through in the U.S. and that speaks to the abject stupidity of the Hollywood homosexuals.

  24. Defiant says:

    I wonder what would happen if someone in Hollywood actually wrote an ORIGINAL script for an ORIGINAL story to make an ORIGINAL movie!

    Imagine an exciting new film that wasn’t re-hashed, re-made, or re-imagined!?

  25. el duderino says:

    I used to love movies but movies have been universally bad for at least a decade. The caliber of films that win best picture these days is absurdly poor as is the overall movie industry.

    Moreover, the ultraliberal doucheness of most actors makes me nauseous and I’d rather spend the 20 bucks on a scratch off card.

  26. I’m white, Christian, baby boomer, conservative. Why would I give my money to the people in hollywood who think I am a loathsome person? I have been to three theater movies since 2009. I just shut down my cable TV service because the liberal agenda is tiresome and not entertaining – it’s as simple as that. Hollywood executives know what the problem is; they are just too afraid to go against liberal politics. Deviance is not mainstream – unless the government wants to change the definition of that word too…

    • PoorGrandparents says:

      No one cares, grandma. Go hang out at your Bible study and bingo parlor and have a gas! An diddle yourself in private to Hannity.

      • Not to worry pharmdk; PoorG is entitled to their opinion of who I am. I’m not going to apologize for the color of my skin, my age, or the rudder I choose to guide my life choices. What PoorG doesn’t want to accept is there are millions of people like me, and they do care. They care very deeply, and whenever possible, they vote with their wallet. One more leftist with an nasty, childish, intolerant viewpoint isn’t going to change that.

      • pharmdk says:

        Wow, what a jerk!! Whether you agree or disagree with DeShawna Caliento, that is no reason to be condescending and rude!
        It is funny how behind the guise of anonymity people become rude and many times downright disgusting.
        There is NOTHING wrong with being a Christian – at least Christians believe in something other than themselves. Please just stop with the hate just because you don’t agree with someone.

  27. American Sniper I did see. It was the first and last film I have watched in years. I have no other interest in the smut filmed on the coast as I fail to measure any value in supporting an industry vacant of morale’s. The political scene is also sickening where the fruit and nuts support the demise of a free country.

  28. James says:

    Why in the hell are there so many right wing nut jobs decrying the state of movies and talking about the liberal agenda? When did the right suddenly embrace reading the Hollywood reporter and leaving rants like a number of the ones posted below? Everyone wants to blame the content and moan about the state of things (especially older audience members), but it really comes down to our changing relationship to content and how we watch it. Yes, the cost of going to the movies is a factor. Yes, the movies getting wide release are a factor. There are any number of complexities involved. But, lower numbers don’t mean the demise of Hollywood nor does it mean the demise of theaters. So ,stop with all the Chicken Little the sky is falling nonsense…..and please, please, please stop mentioning Obama and the liberal agenda in posts related to box office performance. It makes you seem like a crazy person.

    • All Most says:

      James: Obama has almost single-handedly ruined the United States of America. If that doesn’t cause you to have concern, you’re the one that seems like a crazy person.

    • PoorGrandparents says:

      …Its because drudgereport links here and variety doesn’t have the common sense to filter people coming from there.

      Cons never go out never go out to the movies anyways, all they do is sit in recliners and complain about people having fun, while libs actually go out and get laid, get high, hang out with friends, travel, and live life.

      Cons just get more and more bitter and afraid, hoping that their grandchildren will visit someday so they can have someone to change their Depends, and put batteries in their clicker so they can watch more Fox and Friends at 5 AM and 700 Club at 7 AM.

      • Me says:

        I follow all entertainment media all day and then blog about the anti American George Soros connections. You do know that George Soros runs Sundance right? Of course you are wrong about cons. We work, raise our families, believe in the individual over the collective, and the rule of law. Libs believe the 1% know best, money is evil, and las should applied fluidly depending on who is breaking them. Oh…and we are not all “old”. I’m under 40 with two small children. Thanks for playing.

      • pharmdk says:

        What a vast generalization you are making about conservatives. And you are wrong with your ideas about conservatives. Many travel all over the world and live life just as much as liberals. But you wouldn’t know that because you would rather put conservatives down and demean them instead of talking with them and finding something out about them.
        Again you are so full of hate it is kind of sad

    • If you really want to think that our relationship with how we watch content is the core issue here, you are sadly mistaken. If I’m crazy or a nutjob, then you might as well learn to live with it, because there are millions more like me. We are not entertained by liberal agenda laced content. Get over yourself and your liar-in-chief Obama.

      • James, perhaps being a writer/director working in the industry has given you a myopic view of that industry. Of course there is no central committee governing movies. But when was the last time you were in a group of industry people where the majority of them were conservatives, or even RINOs? I don’t have to convince you that movie and television content leans left and that millions of us don’t care to pay to be subjected to the socio/political dogma that clearly exists in many movies and television programs. You have to produce content that wants people like me to part with our money, no? If you want to ignore the fact that a large part of your potential audience isn’t entertained by that content, you are free to do that. I’m simply telling you why I, and millions of people like me, don’t buy your product. Free advice.

        Your parting comment, alluding to me being a naive moronic idiot, also highlights a good part of the problem. I’m your customer, and you think nothing of using derisive and sneering language towards me. Better get back to your “studying of the business”, because you get an F from me.

      • James says:

        DeShawna, I’m not mistaken. I know you’d like to think I’m mistaken, I’ve studied the business for twenty five years and I am a writer/director actually working in this industry. And, I don’t mind if you are exist and you have your opinions. I’m fine living with that. What I mind is that you click over here from some right wing rag to leave uninformed comments that are based only on your myopic world view and not the reality of the business that I work in every day. Obama has NOTHING to do with box office. He raises money in Hollywood because that’s his base. That is all. And, the first amendment is firmly in place and there’s no central committee governing movies beyond the MPAA, a toothless organization that has NO control over content. And, guess what? THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER IS AN INDUSTRY TRADE MAGAZINE THAT HAS BEEN AROUND FOR 85 YEARS! NOT A POLITICAL MAGAZINE. NOT FOX NEWS. So, stop leaving moronic comments like the one above. It just makes you look like a naive idiot.

  29. Joe. Rosis says:

    Boy I hope a Hollyweird Beancounter or executive takes an honest look at these comments. Their problem shows up in ringing clarity summed up in two words “Liberal Agenda” Hollywood or the movie business as a whole will continue to tank as long as they keep jamming their liberal Agenda and being the Mouthpiece for the left. Their only hope is to get Obama and Pelosi to make their crud movies a utility or must have for their growing army of the unemployed, welfare and illeagle alien voting base and tax the paying American citizens to subsidize it like Obama phones. Otherwise the paying Americans will not only not pay for it in the cinema they will not watch it on cable either. The studio in Hollywood that figures this out and makes movies with American values will rule the hill until the Obama administration shuts them down like they did to DiNesh DeSouza for uttering truth

  30. Clint Eastwood says:

    There just aren’t any STARS anymore.

    Who the hell wants to see these panzie-boys like Mark Whalberg or Matt Damon or Tom Hardy or an azz-pirate like Clooney or Affleck. And that vampire Jolie sucked the life out of Pitt. The Rock is ok, but they keep pairing him with these wimpy fairies or these freakin’ dykes like Carla Gugino.

    Sure, Iron man and Thor are bigger than life, but they aren’t real. People want to see a man. A big man. A man who is bigger than life.

  31. mark says:





    • Bill Clay says:

      Sounds like you would like a big man, Clint.

      • Joe. Rosis says:

        Alas don’t forget the fact that the demented liberal hacks in Hollywood think it’s cool and trendy to jam their liberal agenda down our throats such as LBGT and Gay themes, Global Warming, or Cooling or Climate change down our throats or whatever pet cause they picked up at the Democratic National Convention. Americans are smart at least the ones who are employed and spend money on movies are. I would rather read a book than get bombarded by idiots like Susan Sarandon, that dumb slunt from HBO’s girls or any of the new pack of Hollyweird losers. Bring back Clint Eastwood and make movies with American values rather than forcing your sick causes on us and then perhaps sales will increase. I would even settle for the 80’s brat pack. With the new stars such as Will Smiths feral spogs and Shiat laPut Hollyweird is funcked

  32. Hollywood Sucks says:

    Dismal movies = dismal ticket sales.

  33. Mike Oviatt says:

    The problem is the lame movies being released. Tomorrowland, Mad Max, etc. Hello Hollywood stop the retreads. Get some script writers who have talent. Get a director who can actually cast a movie properly and who can actually tell the story on film. You want to charge an arm and a leg for a movie then make it worth our time.

    • el duderino says:

      I disagree. Tom Hardy is one of the only true talents in Hollywood these days.

    • Ken says:

      MAD MAX: FURY ROAD is fantastic – one of the most “cinematic” experiences one could hope to see this year. Nothing “lame” about this one.

      • FridayMonkey says:

        Just how ADD are you Pharmdk? There were only a few minutes between the action that gave the characters time to be actual characters rather than just mindless action drones. The scenes were much needed and important. That’s to assume you even saw it at all. Try to think a little bit! Use your brain for more than just explosions and violence!

        Mad Max Fury Road was a really good movie.

      • pharmdk says:

        I was BORED outta my mind by MAD MAX: FURY ROAD!!!! Yes there were some great action scenes, but there really wasn’t much dialogue or point to the movie. As far as “cinematic” experiences… are you CRAZY — I fell asleep when there wasn’t an action scene.
        I wish I would have waited for it to be on StarZ. I only went because my fiancé really wanted to see it.

  34. Jim Auten says:

    The problem with the movie business is that it’s strictly a profit driven business. Good movies, such as those made in the golden age of 1939, are just more of the same old same. I know this is true, because I was born and raised in the film-making business and I’ve seen it devolve into pulp.

  35. Tiger58 says:

    I refuse to watch any George Clooney movie. He can try to push his liberal agenda, but people will stay away in droves because of it.

  36. Tarika B says:

    Maybe , just maybe. American’s obsession to be mindlessly entertained is now being overridden by the perversion and lies put forth in Hollywood movies and tv.
    1 I do not want to see a man’s rear end or full frontal. The second either flash on the screen, the movie proves to be awful. And the need to include these images a result of no plot, bad acting or other deficit.
    2 I do not want to see homosexual, transgender, or other perversion presented in anyway. t will never watch any actors work after they play such a part.
    3 I do not want to see anything about the Democrats platform. . It’s inclusion only shows the writers, producers, directors and actors are mindless.

    • PoorGrandparents says:

      Whats it like to be afraid of the human body? Living a life of total and utter shame? Do you shower with a swimsuit on?

      The only good thing about your condition is that you never bred because nudity and sex is so evil, so there are a few less f-ed up kids coming into the world.

  37. TheGoot says:

    I see enough loud, fat and obnoxious Melissa McCarthys at Wal-mart every weekend, why would I want to pay to see them on the big screen?

  38. Dorotea says:

    Who wants to pay to attend the Church of Liberalism?

  39. Easy way to fix this. Just do what the Government does and stop counting the box office numbers. Then just act like the decline isn’t happening. I mean, how can you blame the weather on this one? Stop trying.

  40. TruthHurts says:

    Once word of mouth gets around that Melissa McCarthy is playing the same over the top slapstick, loudmouth, obnoxious, character the sales for Spy will drop faster than a cannonball in a lake.

  41. ralph martin says:

    Tomorrowland is an AGW cultist propaganda film. Nothing more. It was incredibly boring and the ONLY reason i saw it was because the theater my family went to had nothing else that we wanted to see or hadnt already seen. Maybe if hollywood would stop trying to push an agenda and just made movies that were entertaining people might want to spend the money to see them. Personally i would have rather seen Avengers 2 again rather than watch tomorrowland.

  42. Tom says:

    CGI isn’t the issue. Liberal agenda movies are part of the issue. Bad acting is a part of the issue. Bad direction is a part of the issue. But the biggest issue is the lack of a story!!! When you have great writing its very hard to screw it up. Sadly the writers in Hollyweird are too young and too dumbed down to be truly creative. So many good books out there that could be great movies but they are ignored because they are too cerebral for Hollyweird lol BTW Lady in Gold was excellent. One of the few movies recently that was.

  43. Jason R says:

    Here’s another thought. Going to the movies is adverse in terms of costs versus benefits. It’s expensive for the tickets and concessions, too loud, too many general advertisements, too many movie trailers, and too many times that someone is kicking the back of my uncomfortable chair. Not to mention that many of the movies aren’t that good and going to them supports elitist liberal actors. No thanks, I’ll pass thank you very much.

    • Sam-I-Am says:

      Jason R, I could not agree with you more. While, I am a conservative, I can look past someone’s political beliefs. (We’re all entitled to them.) Granted, I do steer clear of shows that try and shove a political agenda down my throat. (Either liberal or conservative.) I go to the movies to be entertained, not to be fed propaganda.

      Problem is this. I have a family of 6. If I want to take everyone to the movies, it’s $100+. If there is something I want to see (especially as a family), I just wait for it to come out on demand or on DVD. Then I either rent it or buy it.

      I have a 70″ TV, surround sound, cinema seating, and a popcorn machine. I have a better picture, sound, seating, and popcorn. I can buy the movie, have T-bone steaks, pause the movie if I need to run to the restroom, rewind on something I missed, and I don’t have to worry about someone talking or kicking the back of my seat. All this AND I still come out cheaper in the long run.

      Of course, this is for the movies that I really want to see. Which seems to become less and less every year. I wish Hollywood would start looking outside their circles for original movie ideas. Whenever you try to turn Yogi Bear into a movie, you have officially hit rock bottom and it is time to try something new.

  44. mark says:











    • Tel... says:

      While acknowledging the effect that HBO, Showtime and Netflix is having on the movie audience and ticket sales, let me give you the best illustration of why filmmakers today are intellectually bankrupt and filmmakers of even 30 years ago had a clue.

      The new Terminator movie about to be released. Have you seen who they cast as Sarah Connor? James Cameron gave us Linda Hamilton. In the first movie she was a vulnerable, naive young woman forced to confront an ugly reality. In the second film she became a hardened, single-minded obsessed woman..and she was believable in the role. Have you seen the cherub they’ve cast for this latest one? Emelia Clarke. And it’s my understanding that she will be the common denominator rather than the John Connor character going forward in the franchise (another mistake). They cast a British Mila Kunis double to play the damaged, obsessed, lean and mean Sarah Connor character. Clarke looks like she’d cry if she lost her iPhone and she’s the new Sarah Connor who is going to carry the franchise?

  45. Art Hon says:

    My personal opinion is that there isn’t that many good movies out.

    1. Avengers – This is going to do well
    2. Tomorrowland – Doesn’t look that great. What’s it about again?
    3. Mad Max – Guys action film. Not really for girls
    4. Pitch Perfect 2 – Girl comedy film. Guys don’t want to watch.
    5. Ant Man – Not a well known super hero
    6. San Andreas – Just a earthquake movie. Probably not a real plot.
    7. Mission impossible 5 – Bomb written all over it
    8. Magic Mike 2 – Bomb written all over it
    9. Ted – Funny but crude. Kids wont see it.
    10 Jurassic Park – This looks like it will be a hit.

    • Justanother MovieFaketoughgrrl says:

      Mad Max is a feminist vehicle (no pun intended). Have you been in a cave?

      • pharmdk says:

        Mad Max: Fury Road was an AWEFUL movie!!! There were some great action scenes, but as for the plot… there wasn’t much of one. The theaters purposed as a feminist vehicle, but really it was just LAME!!!
        I am a feminist…

  46. bobnelsonjr says:

    Is there anyone willing to make a nice family film with some moral values? Perhaps a story made for intelligent white audiences? How about something really different and revolutionary for Hollywood – a Christian film. Dare I even ask for a film that is pro-American? I think there is a huge market out there that Hollywood doesn’t to serve.

  47. Fed up says:

    I am so sick of critics. They actually know nothing about what people want to see. I go to see what I want to see regardless of any critic. I find that when they pan it I like it. I have never been impressed with qny of oscar winning film but there have been many panned films that I loved.
    On top of that perhaps Hollywood could get a little more original first and second how about leaving out the political agenda. I don’t want to see transgender, lesbian, gays or anything that is not NORMAL and accepted.

    • Rose Hackney says:

      I have come to learn, that if the critics love it, It is TRASH. It is like they find the worst movie to hype to boost sales. The first one I can remember was The French Connection covered with such hype. All it consisted of was cursing and chase scenes ad infinitum under the EL. Worst movie ever.

      Secondly. I do not support movies with liberal activists actors. They best keep their mouths shut instead of opening them and showing how really stupid they are. Talk shows are wonderful for revealing agenda and stupidity. You don’t have to watch them. Actors just open the mouth and the media carries the water.

      Thirdly, The new faces on the scene have very little talent or screen presence. Somewhat like tinny mouthed female singers that are all T & A and no talent or musical ability. More like Strip club acts on lip-sync, boosted by electronics.

  48. john carbuyer says:

    re: Tomorrowland … not many are interested in commiepinko dogma in technicolor
    re: Jurassic World … rumor has it that EVERY interesting bit is shown in the trailers so don’t “bet the farm” on JW saving the summer.

  49. If Hollywood keeps spewing the political correctness garbage all over the screens it will just get worse.
    The movies used to be fun – now they are a political statement. I’ve got better things to do than watch liberal propaganda advertisements.

    • Daniel Boone says:

      this post hit the nail on the head. The movies these days are all politically correct (which translates to sexist/feminist propaganda).
      Eg. Bug Hero 6’s catch cry “woman up” instead of “man up”. The only assertive character was a woman.. Or mad max – women who beat up men. Tomorrowland’s global warming, save the environment message. Scarlett johannson single handed my kills another 20 trained professional men with guns!!

      Woot! When is this sexist and political rubbish going to stop? It’s been 20 years of rabid sexism from feminists. You want me to demoralise my boys with this politically correct horse shit?

      Here’s a tip: make a movie where the male lead isn’t a moron and has a backbone. The first movie of its kind in 20 years might just turn the tide around. No political correctness,

    • mark says:

      Disney supports Hillary lies – supports firing IT workers with foreigners for half price – left wing liars

      Disney now costs over $100/day



  50. John Dendy says:

    Todays movies are overpriced crap.

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