Box Office: ‘Star Wars’ Passes ‘Jurassic World’ for Biggest Global Debut

'Star Wars' Has Biggest Global Opening
Courtesy of Disney

There’s a new king in town.

After apparently falling short of “Jurassic World’s” record global launch of $524.9 million, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” has overtaken the dinosaur thriller to set a new high-water mark for a worldwide debut.

Final numbers are still being tallied, but in an interview with Bloomberg on Monday morning, Disney chief Bob Iger suggested that receipts for the “Star Wars” sequel had come in higher than initial estimates had suggested. It now appears that the film will have hit a global record of $528 million. Disney originally suggested the film’s global tally would be $517 million, but domestic numbers are higher than anticipated, clocking in at roughly $247 million.

“That’s an incredible weekend,” Iger told Bloomberg. “What this really does is it sets this great franchise up for far more value creation over a longer period of time for the company.”

What’s particularly impressive is that the figure was achieved without the help of China, the world’s second biggest market for film. “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” doesn’t debut in the People’s Republic until Jan. 9. “Jurassic World” made more than $90 million from China during its opening weekend.

Iger stressed that “Star Wars” was “more than a movie,” because the film’s characters and stories appear on lunch boxes, toylines and theme park rides. That merchandising potential is part of the reason that Disney spent more than $4 billion buying Lucasfilm in 2012.

“‘Star Wars,’ I’ve said a number of times, I think is probably the most valuable, maybe even the most important mythology created in our time,” the Disney chief said.

Even without China, “Star Wars” enjoyed a massive global rollout. The film debuted on over 30,000 screens internationally, scoring first place finishes in every major market where it debuted with the exception of South Korea and Vietnam.

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  1. Lewis says:


  2. topnotch says:

    Once again..its me ..the mindless twit…its amazing we movie fans can disrespect each other over make believe stuff be it SW or LOTRs..which the lattee is my fav all time trilogy..i must applaud worldwide record..because. In my opinion thats what really matters..i hope BvS shatters this WorldWide record in 3 months time..but what do i know…hopefully on christmas day i would rather watch..Point Break..or esp the Revenant..that have a real storyline that makes sense..i will wait for TFA on thanks..usually overhyped movies tend to be highly Overated..hollywood has fooled me long enough too many times..thats why i prefer DC over Marvel ..the latter tends to be a low level pop corn fun kinda movie just like star wars..say what you want about Man of Steel..that movie had gravitas..changing the Dynamics of Superman’s personality..facing real emotional societal disagreements..DC is changing the Game

  3. Lewis says:

    Awesome movie! Well deserved.

  4. topnotch says:

    Star wars is an overated hyped up sci fi movie…i hope Batman v superman surpasses Jjrassic World Worldwide box office number..keep in mind ..Jurassic world made $316 Million overseas…Star wars made Only $279 million Disney added all the old replays of the original star wars and the 7PM..THURSDAY NITE SHOWINGS..WHICH BOTH HARRY POTTER & Jurassic world only tallied their midnight showings..Facts…for you overhyped and misguided SW Fans..

    • mdlee777 says:

      OOPS !! Star Wars new Global numbers have made The Force Awakens the new big dog.

    • baldrick85 says:

      As boxofficeforever also pointed out, Star Wars did not have the luxury of China, so just imagine what the total would be (I expect it would have surpassed the $90M that Jurassic World made in that market)? Not sure why it has to be a pissing contest among fans for any franchise. However, I just wanted to point out the flawed logic that topnotch had in his post.

    • You’re full of crap. Also you really think BvS has a chance against Star Wars? BvS doesn’t even have a chance against Cap 3. And also looks like hot garbage.

    • JaD says:

      Well Boxofficeforever had it right. Clearly the vast majority disagree with you, as it was the largest opening weekend in history, without Thursday night (which JW had). I guess some people just can’t handle something they don’t like being more awesome than the crummy slow movies that they hold in such high regard!

    • mark w hays says:

      Agreed totally with topnotch… After all the hype.. All the big money.. All the hype hype hype the same tired storyline light v.dark…good v evil yada yada yada for about 3 hours. I think I was most exited when the falcon was uncovered. Third grade script. Save your money\time wait for the red box… True story.

    • Pure Genius says:

      What is it about Hollywood nerds that want to teardown success? Are they just jealous? Are they mindless twits? This idiot “topnotch” needs to drive off a cliff. Utter nonsense.

    • HAHA you are joking right? Jurassic World also had the luxury of opening on Thursday. JW also opened in China on its opening weekend the second biggest market in the world. The fact that SW beat the worldwide opening number without China’s gross is incredibly impressive. SW is also the most hyped movie of all time. The number of social media is garnering is the most ever over twitter and Facebook. The advanced ticket sales were the most ever beating its predecessor by 10x in its first few hours of being available. BVS will be make nothing compared to the star wars giant. Man of Steel destroyed all hope of that happening by making a disappointing film. The fact that SW split its worldwide opening 50/50 with international grosses shows it has the power to beat avatar. You just try to use your obvious dislike to tall yourself that SW isn’t doing well. Hate to tell you bro man but its going to be the biggest movie ever. PS Harry Potter was extremely front loaded and SW is not.

  5. StarWarholz says:

    China should be good for another $100M in receipts when the debut hits, so there will be another massive bump after the holidays. Hard to imagine this film not having the staying power to compete with Avatar and Titanic. I’m off to my 2nd showing!

  6. DarkStarAz says:

    Had they rolled out in China they would have added another $100M

  7. Jacques Strappe says:

    Loved this Star Wars on so many levels. Abrams appropriately recaptured the magic and fun of the original films from 30 years ago while introducing some highly likable new characters to movie the series forward. BRAVO. ( I had the fortune of watching this film in 4D yesterday which only heightened my enjoyment of the film. If ever there were an appropriate film to be shown in 4D, it is this Star Wars film)

  8. Garuda says:

    Terrific boxoffice performance. Movie is A plus.
    Hats of to JJ Abrams!

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