Box Office: ‘Spectre’ Debuts Softer Than Expected, Falls to $70 Million

Courtesy of Sony/MGM

James Bond packed a little less heat at the box office this weekend.

Spectre,” the 24th film in the long-running spy series, debuted to less than expected, picking up $70.4 million in its initial weekend. Sony, the studio distributing the film, projected an opening of $73 million, but business was softer than anticipated on Sunday.

That figure falls short of the $88.4 million that “Skyfall,” the previous film in the franchise, picked up when it opened in 2012. It ranks as the second highest-grossing opening for a Bond film.

“Skyfall” enjoyed much stronger reviews and less competition. There were no other wide releases the weekend it opened, whereas “Spectre” had to contend with the launch of “The Peanuts Movie.” Globally, “Spectre” has made almost $300 million.

“Spectre” brings back Daniel Craig for a fourth stint as 007 and reunites him with “Skyfall” director Sam Mendes. The hugely expensive film cost $250 million to make and needs to bring in at least $650 million to break even theatrically.

In terms of other Craig films, “Quantum of Solace” kicked off to $67.5 million stateside while “Casino Royale” opened to $40.8 million.

“Spectre” is backed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Eon Productions.

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  1. loco73 says:

    At the beginning of this year I went to see Yann Demange’s outstanding movie “71”, starring Jack O’Connell in a poignant and powerful performance. “71” had a budget of around 8 million British pounds…that would be somewhere in the neighbourhood of $10-11 million US dollars.

    “Spectre” had a budget $250 million (US) dollars!!!! And at no point while watching “Spectre” did my enjoyment level ever reach that which I experienced while watching “71”

  2. loco73 says:

    Well on Thursday, I wanted to see Hsiao-Hsien Hou’s “The Assassin” a sublimely beautiful and meaningful martial arts movie. Since the screening for that movie was cancelled I unfortunately ended up seeing an early screening of “Spectre”…and wow…what a downgrade!

    Boring, flat, overly long and just not entertaining. Weighed down by an extremely annoying soundtrack, mediocre script, sub-par direction, unremarkable cast and a clearly bored and no-longer-interested Daniel Craig who phones it in. And the audio turd that was Sam Smith’s “Writing’s On The Wall”, neatly wrapped this shitsandwich…

    They could have easily cut about 15-30 minutes from the movie and no one would have noticed…actually it might have made the movie flow in a more coherent manner and thus marginally better.

  3. Richard says:

    It’s understandable but a bit disappointing stateside Skyfall had the Olympic tie in …50th anniversary ..little competition and Adele doing the theme song when she was the hottest thing on the planet. So ya an almost 20m fall is concerning but if it has Skyfall legs here and keeps upping it overseas it will probably still join the billion dollar circle . Also don’t the Bond movies receive a big chunk upfront thru product placement and tie-ins the franchise will be fine.

  4. Ivan says:

    Once again showing how the US box office numbers are becoming less and less important in measuring success.

  5. Cath says:

    I was worried from all the negative buzz before the movie opened but the movie was quite good. It nicely wrapped up the Craig years as Bond.

  6. Thetoxicavenger says:

    The movie made 300M $ in 2 weeks it is going to break even bc it will play all throughout Christmas. Home video lol

  7. Randy says:

    Tell the truth for once Variety because you’ve been crapping on this movie ever since it came out and in “MY” opinion it is the best 007 James Bond Movie “EVER MADE”!!!!! and also Sony did not say they expected this movie to make $73 Million on its open weekend so get your so called facts straight what Sony actually said was they expected Spectre to open in the U.S. Theaters some wheres in the $60 Millions somewhere so stop dumping all over this movie ever time you talk about it here and lets us life-long Bond Fans actually enjoy this brand new bond movie that is in theaters across all of the u.s.a. and canada right now this very moment, So go and enjoy this movie very very very much because it is one the “the best 007 Bond…..James Bond Movies “EVER EVER EVER MADE”!!!!!

  8. Nanny Mo says:

    Hey, Daniel Craig says it’s no good, so why would I go?

  9. LOL says:

    It’s a flop,then.

    • jhs39 says:

      It’s going to leave a lot of money on the table because of poor reviews and mixed word of mouth but it will probably still make some money after global box office is done. But considering the hefty budget it hasn’t come close to breaking even yet and might not even get there with theatrical receipts–this one might need home video to do well to make a profit.

      • me says:

        Don’t you let nasty facts get in the way of your fantasies. “I don’t like these particular facts; I’m only going to listen to those that think like I do”. “It’s not as good as the last 2 movies when you exclude Tuesday showings when not adjusted for inflation except for Europe minus the ratings in Italy”.

      • Yeah thats right says:

        me, Cinemascore is not the be all and end all. Actually most people I know use rotten tomatoes and IMDB much more than cinemascore. Of the 4 craig films, this one is already way behind CR and Skyfall on IMDB, which is very rare since big movies like this usually start higher and drift down. The fact its already at 7.3 means it will likely end way below the other two listed.

        Also Rotten Tomatoes has it right on the line of being fresh so yeah people are def mixed on this compared to skyfall and CR.

        Lastly, films with 250M budgets that open with less than 75M are rarely very profitable. This might skate to a break even/slight profit depending on how it holds. A 50%+ drop would be very disappointing

      • me says:

        jhs, give it a rest already. Whatever your personal vendetta is against Craig or Sony or Mendes, the movie currently has an A- Cinemascore rating. That is NOT “mixed word of mouth”, that is excellent word of mouth. Further, Craig is a producer on the film and nowhere did he ever say it was no good.

        Opinions are not facts. In your own minds that may be the case, but in the real world it’s just not true.

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