Box Office: ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Zooms Over ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ for Huge $64 Million Weekend

Box Office: 'Pitch Perfect 2' Zooms
Courtesy of Universal

Universal’s tuneful sequel “Pitch Perfect 2” is far surpassing expectations with a projected $64 million weekend, putting more than $20 million ahead of “Mad Max: Fury Road,” which should end up at around $41 million.

The mighty combo finally toppled “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” which ruled the last two frames and should still see a solid $37 million this weekend.

“Pitch Perfect 2” is another strong vote for the power of women at box office, following Universal’s success earlier this year with “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Earlier this week, box office observers were estimating an opening just over $40 million.

Warner Bros.’ reboot of George Miller’s “Mad Max” saga has garnered rapturous reviews for its visually stunning action sequences, but has a steeper climb due to its “R” rating — and possibly the fact that the last installment of the saga came out 30 years ago. Starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, “Mad Max” is screening at 3,702 locations.

Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson star in “Pitch Perfect 2,” a follow-up to the surprise 2012 hit that grossed $115 million worldwide. Elizabeth Banks, who also co-stars, makes her directing debut on the sequel, which was budgeted at a frugal $29 million. It’s playing at 3,427 locations.

Reflecting a nearly-perfect counter-programming play, both “Max Max: Fury Road” and “Pitch Perfect 2” are connecting with their respective audiences and with “Avengers: Age of Ultron” still playing strongly, it will be the first weekend since the last week of 2014 that the top three films all grossed more than $30 million. Joss Whedon’s “Avengers” sequel hit the $1 billion mark in worldwide grosses on Friday.

“Pitch Perfect 2” is also performing far better than the first one at the international box office. In Germany, the sequel opened at No. 1, 271% above “Pitch Perfect,” while in Australia it beat native son “Mad Max” on Friday after opening the week before. It has yet to roll out in 30 additional territories.

“Mad Max: Fury Road” is on the path to a stellar career overseas, after opening in markets including the U.K., Spain and Mexico on Friday. Its two-day international cume stands at $24.6 million.

In the U.K., “Mad Max” had the biggest Friday IMAX opening for an R-rated film, and ranked No. 1 in territories including France, Russia, Brazil, Scandinavia, Italy and Spain.

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  1. Joel says:

    If PP2 and 50 SHADES are what we can expect from the “power of women at box office”, then ladies…please, please stay home. No one needs any more of this junk…but instead, we’ll be getting more. Finally…two movies that make ELEKTRA and CATWOMAN seem like bonafide cinema classics!

  2. Are you under the impression that Pitch Perfect 2 is gonna outgross Avengers: AoU? That’s adorable.

  3. Jason says:

    @woodsstudios – you are a tool

  4. Wait, why exactly do we have to love one and despise the other? For the first time this year three films have surpassed 30mil, beautifully ushering in an exciting year of cinema and we’re complaining because..? Should one film be valued higher than the others? The magic of movies is we all get to choose to go somewhere else, for some that’s back to college, with misfits and breakouts in song, others that’s nonstop balls-out racing action. Fuck yea. It’s an exciting time to love movies.
    For the record I’ve seen both and loved both, they appeal to completely different sides of my taste/imagination. Totally cool if it’s not your thing, but shouldn’t we all be champions of successful creative cinema?

  5. Sapper says:

    Regardless, 15 years from now no one will be excited when pitch perfect2 comes on, if it does. Fury Road will be on and we will be telling our children of the awesomeness of road warrior, thunder dome, and fury road. The only thing I don’t like about fury was that max ends with a smile on his face in a crowd. We all know max ends a story in the desert alone, again without hope

  6. ryan says:

    i can’t work it out?, what a artistically developed film that takes years to make loses to such a trashy movie? no wonder why the theatres are almost full of junk and almost nothing to watch on tv. My advise just put out cheap & crap movies in theatres, while I wont! be there but they make money, some how ?

  7. Mulaney says:

    It’s a goddamn shame because Fury Road is absolutely terrific.

    • You really liked MM, which I haven’t seen, and don’t plan on seeing, and many young girls loved PP2, another film I have no interest in. Not everyone is going to like the same thing, which is why we’re free to choose which film we want to see. It’d be really boring if everyone had the same taste.

  8. Jason says:

    PP2 – same cheezy crap. Same cheezy toilet. Mad max will catch on after people realize PP is exactly that. Piss.

  9. Stergios says:

    I just can’t remember the last time I’ve been so excited with a mainstream action film as I’ve been with Mad Max: Fury Road. I loved the Avengers sequel (I love the Marvel universe anyway) but I just couldn’t possibly even make a comparison between that and the masterpiece George Miller has created with this on a cinematic level. I mean, seriously, there’s no way of overhyping this film. Mad Max: Fury Road is some kind of a wonder on every single level. I enjoyed a lot Pitch Perfect and I’ll definitely watch the sequel but dammit, the latest Mad Max is a movie that if hadn’t been for the price ticket, I’d be willing to rewatch again and again in the same week if not the same day! I’m THAT enthusiastic about it and I know for sure I’m not the only one. It’s awesome in every single way and I wish box office numbers will be just good enough in order to see more of Max Rockatansky (and hopefully more of Furiosa too, both her role and Theron’s performance are worthy of huge praise, HUGE).

  10. xxlsurgelxx says:

    Can’t get to the theaters this week but I’m planning on seeing Mad Max next friday for sure. No one is expecting PP2 to have legs but everyone knows MM is gonna hang on for a few weeks. The word of mouth and reviews combined are unbelievable. Can’t wait to see it next week.

    • Adam Weisel says:

      I really hope Perfectly Shitty falls off at the Box Office by next week and the godamn better reviewed movie Mad Max has a chance to have legs!

    • Stergios says:

      You really need this on a movie theater as soon as possible. It’s unbelievably awesome.

  11. The Editor says:

    Reblogged this on Music Suite.

  12. Zapan says:

    Conclusion: The world is lost… Mad Max wins

  13. scram says:

    @Lucylu. Troll much?
    You’re an idiot. MAX is a hard R and a limited audience, while PITCH appeals to young, superficial dimwits like yourself.

    • Jay says:

      Just to be clear the “2d, 3d 4d and iMax” comment makes no sense to your argument (I’m not going to explain why if you don’t know). Max is Rated R and is being shown At a smaller number of theaters. This combined with the fact that it’s a sequel to a 30 year old movie means it’s doing pretty damn well.
      Buzz is starting to generate heavily and it will continue to grow. Max has a very specific target audience which is already broadening. Miller made the movie for max fans, the movie he wanted to make….it’s already a success.

      • Hey, that’s OK, I’m not an expert when it comes to 3D, and not quite sure what 4D is, but I do know about IMAX, and I know it costs more to see any film that’s not in 2D. My personal favorites are almost always in just 2D, small indie films, or character driven films. My children like the Disney movies, and watching them in 3D gives me a migraine, even on our home TV. So no matter how many ways MM was showing, it still couldn’t beat PP2. I like that a girl’s movie, directed by a first time director, also a woman, beat a film that was touted as the best thing since sliced bread. That doesn’t happen very often, or ever, really.

  14. Murica! says:

    You really are a special kind of pathetic little PP fangirl. Commenting on multiple sites about your hatred for mad max. Why do you hate it that much? You really need some professional help. You’re obsessed!

  15. jay says:

    Question: did anyone else go to a “sold out” screening for PP2 yesterday afternoon and see a theatre only 60% occupied? I’m not suggesting anything just asking!!

  16. Candice says:

    Women and wimps are watching that chick flic.

  17. Kyle says:

    Mad Max was the best action movies ive seen in the recent years. Man this was insane. Loved it!!!

  18. M Mennen says:

    I get one of the points the director was making was that men should be helpful in the plight of women (dependable as they were called in the movie) and not expect anything in return. But Max’s space was dominated by the character and plight of Furiosa. It isn’t right to do that and that to me is going to end up making women actors become resented especially in the action genre. I don’t care how much men have dominated and oppressed us. We need to do better than that. We (women) should be doing the work and making our points in OUR OWN space.

    Some viewers I have read think this movie is touting female superiority and feminist propaganda. I personally am not trying to feel superior to anyone. I am not interested in propaganda. I am interested in working with the balance that we (females/males) are supposed to be providing to each other to progress the entirety of our existence in a positive direction.

    The movie itself was just ok. It isn’t a ‘must see’ or any of that. I think I am disappointed because it seems like I was tricked into seeing the movie. I still would have gone to see it if the movie was presented the way it ought to have been. The dogged plight of Imperator Furiosa.

    • Sean C. says:

      We (women) should be doing the work and making our points in OUR OWN space.

      And the movie was Furiosa’s space too. George Miller intended her to be the co-lead from the beginning. I’m not sure why people are second-guessing Max’s own creator.

    • rokoko says:

      One of the best analysis of this film I have read and I agree 100%.

  19. Mike Jones says:

    Mad Max is opening in about 1000 US theaters and no internal theaters. Pitch Perfect in about 1200 US theaters and 3000 internal theaters. Pitch Perfect will burn out fast, and Mad Max will have big numbers for over a month as it opens in many more US theaters and then into the internal market.

    • Brad says:

      Where are you getting these numbers from?? Pitch Perfect 2 is currently in 3,473 theaters and Mad Max: Fury Road is playing at 3,702. So technically Mad Max has the upper hand.

      I think PP2 will burn out after opening day (the The Fault in Our Stars) but it is still a wild success.

      Mad Max is driving great especially since many expected it to open to less than 30 million a few months ago. It will hopefully increase word of mouth and will easily do well overseas.

      It’s just crazy to think that PP2 almost made back it’s production budget on its first day of release and it could potentially out gross the first movie’s entire run. There’s no denying that’s quite impressive.

      • Bill Clay says:

        I noticed an unwelcome trend with the way Mad Max was distributed. My local multiplex has 15 3-D showings scheduled for today, but only 4 traditional 2-D showings. Does the studio expect everyone to see it in 3-D? I actually prefer watching most films in 2-D, but it’s difficult to find a convenient time to see it. I think that was a big mistake in Mad Max’s distribution. 3-D caters to the thrill-ride crowd, not an older R-rated audience.

    • Mike Jones says:

      I meant to say international theaters

  20. Mike Jones says:

    Mad Max is opening in 1/3 as many theaters so in reality Mad Max is doing better on a per theater bases.

    • Keith M. says:

      No, PP2 opened in less theatres both domestic and international. Where did you get the number from….your imagination?

  21. Bill Clay says:

    You know, Mad Max could have increased it’s box office if they had compromised and watered it down for a PG-13 to bring in the teenage crowd. I’m conflicted – I prefer more adult oriented movies, but hate to see them get trounced at the box office by fluff.

  22. Al Swearengen says:

    Sigh…. go home America you’re drunk

    • Rathbone says:

      Mad Max Fury Road was shot in Namibia, and had pick-ups done in Australia. The only odd thing about it is your lack of knowledge, used to dismiss another fact. Mad Max Fury Road is a movie for Adults, and not children. It’s the film classification which is at play.

  23. JubbJubb says:

    Joe, what is it like to be delusional? Can’t handle that your over-hyped nerd crap is being beaten by a girl’s movie?

    • That’s the problem, the nerdy fanboys are losing their minds and making outrageous claims as to why MM didn’t do well.

    • Kyle says:

      You didn’t even see the movie idiot and it was a great movie by the way. Very action packed with a solid story and well acted.

    • Jermey says:

      Did you even watch that ‘over-hyped nerd crap’? It’s a really good movie.

      • Joel says:

        I tried watching the first one but gave up after 30 minutes. Insipid and dumb to my tastes. I’ll probably never even bother with this new PP, even on vable. After seeing MM, I’ve already placed my order on Amazon for the 3D Blu-Ray. Amazing filmmaking!

  24. macd says:

    Does this mean the “Mad Max” reboot is “underperforming”? Mel Gibson, who created the character and should have starred in this reboot (had he not been blackballed by Hollywood for some idiotic tabloid “scandal”), should be smiling.

    • JimG. says:

      MM was expected to do 40 so it’s meeting expectation. PP and MM were expected to vie for #1 so PP is wildly overperforming. Assuming the projection is accurate: Female-centric sequels tend to drop after opening day. I assume 61 takes that into account; if it doesn’t than it could be lower than that. It still will probably finish 1st.

    • Bill Clay says:

      Regardless of Mad Mel’s personal problems, he’s simply too old for the role nowadays. He would look as sad and frail as Harrison Ford did in Crystal Skull. Sometimes an actor has to listen to Father Time and pass the torch to the next generation.

      • Bill Clay says:

        Yes, 59 is much too old to play Mad Max again. And in Clint Eastwood’s last ‘action’ film he looked most in danger of breaking a hip.
        Let these over-the-hill action stars retire with grace instead of embarrassing themselves.

      • macd says:

        Mr. Gibson, who just turned a fit 59, is 2 years younger than Denzel Washington and 4 years younger than Liam Neeson. Apparently, by your idiotic ageism, all 3 of these old geezers should be sharing a bungalow at an Assisted Living facility. Right next door to the room where Eastwood (85 this year) and Woody Allen (80 come Dec. 1st) should be currently interred. And Johnny Depp, at 52, better stop making those “Pirates” movies before he too reaches his expiration date. No further comments from me are necessary.

  25. Joe says:

    These are projection — on Monday morning this guy may be eating as his words as he reverses the numbers on the big two openers.

    • Every single site is reporting the same thing. Since when have you seen the “actuals” be off by more than one million. The projections are correct, no matter how much you hate them. Go back and see MM at every showing till Sunday night, help MM out, if you feel that strongly about it.

    • Dylan says:

      I think it’s gonna be you who will be eating your own words. Projections these day are very accurate. Just can’t handle the loss, can you?

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