‘Fantastic Four’ Bombing at the Friday Box Office

Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Fantastic Four” is struggling to find its footing at the box office this weekend, suggesting that not even superheroes are immune to poor reviews.

Early estimates show the 20th Century Fox release struggling to hit $30 million for the weekend, which is well below the anticipated mid-$40 million mark. Should the estimates keep plummeting, the opening could prove disastrous for the studio, which spent $120 million on the pic.

Thursday night previews for “Fantastic Four” pulled in a lukewarm $2.7 million at 2,900 locations.

The last major superhero release to premiere under $35 million was Sony’s “The Green Hornet” in 2011 ($33.5 million).

In addition to “Fantastic Four’s” not-so-fantastic 9% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, a damning tweet from the film’s own director, Josh Trank, suggested that even he was disappointed with the final cut. Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell and Miles Teller star in the reboot.

Last weekend’s champ, “Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation,” is tracking close behind “Fantastic Four” with an estimated $27 million weekend. The fifth installment in Paramount’s Tom Cruise franchise should reach $100 million domestically by Monday.

This weekend’s other domestic releases include thriller, “The Gift,” which is on track for $8.5 million for the weekend. Joel Edgerton, Rebecca Hall and Jason bateman star in the STX Entertainment release.

Meryl Streep starrer “Ricki and the Flash” is performing similarly to “The Gift.” The TriStar release, about an aging rocker reconnecting with her family, looks poised for a debut between $6 million and $7 million.

The animated “Shaun the Sheep” bowed Wednesday to a disappointing $852,000, suggesting a weekend total around $6 million.

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  1. Thanks extremely handy. Will certainly share site with my pals

  2. JezebelAi says:

    Please stop it with the reboots, Marvel! You have so much material to choose from. Please, something new. Quit trying to make The Fantastic Four happen. It’s not going to happen!

  3. Kelly says:

    Why would a fan of MARVEL Comics want to revisit another movie version of The Fantastic Four?

  4. Hello you says:

    This movie should be called the fantastic 3 and the lousy one. Being a stone is so lame compared to the other 3.

    Also boring movie, good special effects.

  5. Am I the only one who was outraged at the changes to DOOM’s character?? F&*@ the human torch changes, that was the least of this movie’s problems. When will studios realize, if you’re going to butcher the source material, make an original movie instead. It doesn’t pay to turn the original fans of the material off, they’re the reason this stuff is popular.

  6. Judith Murray says:

    Ricki & the Flash is simply terrific. Entertaining, touching, top performances from all, hip swinging music. Go see it! My husband and I both loved it. The emotions of Ricki’s story and journey ring true.

  7. Happy John says:

    No True Believer wanted to watch one of the most iconic modern superhero mythologies get destroyed in a crappy, P-C, overly computer generated rehash…um, remake.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This movie is so terrible

  9. I went into this movie with hope and optimism and not put off by the negative light shone towards it. An hour and 40 minutes later, I left feeling empty and unsatisfied. Comic book films are supposed to make you feel inspired, but not this one.

  10. RLF18 says:

    It never ceases to amaze me the myopic commentary that is so routine in the ongoing saga of race in America.

    What is so shocking to me this week is all the outraged white people who are up in arms over the “audacity” of Hollywood to have the unmitigated “gall” to change the race of a character to appease a target audience and/or the PC elites in the US.

    The character in this case is Johnny Storm, aka Human Torch of the Fantastic 4 played by MBJ. How dare they! How dare Hollywood commit such a racist act and so offend the sensibilities of all of us oppressed, set upon, disadvantaged white people.

    I mean, it’s not like we have ever seen any other incident of WHITE people playing characters of other races to appeal to a white demographic. I mean it’s not like anything like that has EVER happened…except:

    1. Wang and O-Lan in The Good Earth (1937) …every Chinese character played by a white person (EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.)

    2. Jade Tan in Dragon Seed (1944)….Katherine Hepburn as…..you guessed it, an Asian woman

    3. Massai in Apache (1954)…Burt Lancaster plays…..do I actually need to say it

    4. Genghis Khan in The Conqueror (1956)…John Wayne is a Mongolian barbarian…well, of course he is!

    5. Sakini in The Teahouse of the August Moon (1956)…Marlon Brando…an Okinawan translator

    6. Miguel Vargas in A Touch of Evil (1958)…Charlton Heston…a Mexican DEA Agent (must have moonlighted for this role because he was busy parting the Red Sea as White Moses in the morning)

    7. Ira Hamilton Hayes in The Outsider (1961)…Tony Curtis as a Native American (love that tan)

    8. I.Y. Yunioshi in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)…Mickey Rooney as a Japanese man (really, you have to see it to believe it)

    9. Maria in West Side Story (1961)…Natalie Wood as a Puerto Rican

    10. Cleopatra in Cleopatra (1963)…Elizabeth Taylor…an Egyptian Queen…a black Queen…played by a white, blue eyed woman….in Egypt….as in North Africa….did I mention that this was Egypt

    11.Othello in Othello (1965)…Laurence Olivier as Othello…a black man…NEVER MIND

    12. Hrundi V. Bakshi in The Party (1968)…Peter Sellers as an Indian man…..the other Indians

    13. Alicia Nash in A Beautiful Mind (2001)…Jennifer Connelly…as a Hispanic woman (El Salvador to be exact)

    14. Brandi Boski in Stuck (2007)…Mena Suvari….about as pale as milk, playing the role of a real life black woman….must have been a shortage of real life black women

    15. Eben Oleson in 30 Days of Night (2007)…Josh Hartnett….he plays an Inuit….well, I certainly see the resemblance….probably too cold to fly all the way to Alaska and find a real one

    16. Mariane Pearl in A Mighty Heart (2007)…take Angelina Jolie, apply a little tanning makeup and voila, you have a mixed race woman

    17. Ben Campell in 21 (2008)….Jim Sturgess, a white man, playing the main character about a very smart group of Harvard and MIT students who play cards. No problem here right? Ooh….most of those students were of Asian descent.

    18. Goku in Dragonball: Evolution (2009)…Justin Chatwin, a white man, playing a Japanese manga character…NEVER MND

    19. Dastan in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010)…Jake Gyllenhaal….a Persian…an Iranian…umm

    20. Katara and Sokka in The Last Airbender (2010)…Nicola Pertz and Jackson Rathbone…two white people playing CLEARLY Asian characters……..never seen that before

    21. Irene in Drive (2011)…white woman Carey Mulligan playing a Latina woman

    22. Hae-Joo Chang in Cloud Atlas (2012)…Jim Sturgess…AGAIN….now he is Korean….how eclectic and diverse!

    23. Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games (2012)….J. Law…..say it ain’t so…clearly no one read the book…..or perhaps they did and just forgot that Katniss is described as non-white, with dark, olive skin

    24. Tony Mendez in Argo (2012)…Ben Affleck…Hispanic CIA Agent….NEXT

    25. Nora in Warm Bodies (2013)…Analeigh Tipton….a half Ethiopian woman….OK, I’ll bite

    26. Noah in Noah…Russell Crowe…and everybody else…is WHITE

    27. Gods and Kings….Christian Bale….and everybody else….is WHITE….in Egypt

    I could go on, but I assume the point is made.

    I could also enter the taboo domain of the White Messiah complex where white people constantly produce movies where the WHITE MAN saves the world and rescues all the poor helpless minorities and savages who owe their existence to the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent WHITE savior.
    I realize that such movies are few and far between, but hey kids, why don’t we list just a few:

    12 Years a Slave
    The Air Up There
    The Blind Side
    Blood Diamond
    City of Joy
    Cool Runnings
    Cry Freedom
    Dances with Wolves
    Dangerous Minds
    District 9
    Django Unchained
    Finding Forrester
    Freedom Writers
    Gran Torino
    The Green Berets
    Half Nelson
    The Help
    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
    The Last Samurai
    Lawrence of Arabia
    Machine Gun Preacher
    The Man Who Would Be King
    The Matrix
    McFarland, USA
    Mississippi Burning
    Music of the Heart
    One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
    The Principal
    The Ron Clark Story
    The Soloist
    Sunset Park
    Three Kings
    To Kill a Mockingbird

    All this evidence (anecdotal or otherwise) is staring White America in its collectively racist face…one produce decides to cast a super hero as a black character and the whole of the white world rises up in furious protest, anguish, outrage and dismay.

    What’s so shocking in all of this is that we then have the nerve to suggest that racism has nothing to do with it.

    Forgive me if I’m dubious….forgive me if history would beg to differ…..give me a break.

    • Marvelous says:

      I forgot make one Native American too. There doesn’t have to be a white person at all in the team. They are everywhere else in the movie anyway. Diversity is good. I’m sure Stan Lee wouldn’t mind.

    • Marvelous says:

      Actually, I was wondering why not change the races of some of the other characters too. I would have liked to have seen a Latino and Asian too. Maybe give them all accents as part of an international team. :)

    • Zod says:

      Take it easy fella, would you want a Shaft remake with a white guy, dare I say Dolemite starring matt damon, no and neither would I, Annie was remade, Honeymooners and many other films with black actors, nobody cared but when your dealing with comics and comic book folk then they want it represented as accurately as possible. Personally I’m not interested in token blacks being placed in films to sell tickets, and vice versa so relax.

      • RLF18 says:

        If you want the truth, fella, I wouldn’t care if they made a Shaft remake starring a dwarf-transvestite-homesteader from Wasilla, Alaska; or a Dolemite remake starring Snooki, John Holmes and Honey Boo Boo as Dolemite.

        I am all about the context of the concerns dispersed throughout this thread.

        I also happen to love comics (own a large collection including many #1’s) and generally understand the outrage with the casting choices – as long as it is kept within the context of serious fans who seek to maintain the authenticity of the characters and their origins.

        What you are ignoring or perhaps overlooking in my missive is that my focus is on the hypocrisy demonstrated in people’s outrage and the context for that outrage.

        My focus was on the hypocrisy demonstrated throughout the thread where people decried the decision by the producer to cast a “black” character for Johnny Storm’s role as PC or an example of Hollywood’s “anti-white” agenda run amok.

        The overwhelming evidence of Hollywood’s history of whitewashing characters of other races is clear. But the fact that one producer’s decision (good or bad) to try and shake up a foundering franchise by “reverse race-bending” one comic-book character generated such outrage given the multitude of examples of Hollywood whitewashing historical characters (many of them ACTUAL people) that are FAR more important than a dude who can self combust is ludicrous.

        As I said, I love comics also but I disagree with the assertion that because its a comic book character, its somehow sacrosanct while people think its OK to make Jesus, God, all angels, apostles and disciples WHITE while the devil and its minions are dark……..its OK to make Noah’s wife, Ham’s mother, white…its OK to make every biblical movie cast white…..and the list goes on and on

        Just as you are not interested in seeing token blacks being placed in films to sell tickets (you may want to reconsider that point by the way because I don’t think Hollywood puts blacks in movies to sell tickets given their history of doing just the opposite), I am not interested in seeing Hollywood continuing its penchant for appropriating other cultures, applying a little white paint to it, slapping a movie label on it and calling it entertainment.

        By the way, I wrote these comments while leaned back in my recliner by the pool overlooking the golf course….something I like to refer to as…being relaxed.

  11. ddmcc says:

    Tried to tell you. I don’t need my comic book heroes being politically corrected. Do it right, or don’t do it.

  12. Steven real. says:

    PC and Tokens don’t work in movies where all the characters have been around longer than the execs at FOX.

  13. Professor Kelp says:

    ‘White comic book characters matter!!’

  14. mike says:

    seen it, its really really bad shame had high hopes it is a car crash of a film very clear there was problems in the making avoid go see well anything really is better than this crap.

  15. Slobbering Fits says:

    Had a choice to be paid to go to the movies. Saw Southpaw instead of F4 . It was great .

  16. Clifton says:

    This was the first time I stopped watching a trailer for a movie let alone waste money to actually view it.
    Where did these producers ever get the idea that this movie would be anything more than a turkey is beyond me.
    There is a black super hero. His name is Denzel and he can be seen in the Enforcer. There is no need to pander to a target market. Why didn’t they make the Thing gay while they are at it.

  17. Joey Ramone says:

    Making the Torch black was but ONE of the many reasons this film is a flop. It was an obvious pandering attempt, and a mystery because a) black comic fans always liked white heroes (and vise versa), and b) blacks obviously aren’t running out to see the film because of a black Torch, which is good, it shows they are above the patronizing pander made towards them. But again, the film is a flop because it trashes 54 years of comic history. People see stills and scenes and it looks like a dark TRON movie or something, or a cheesy sci-fi film. How do you market crap like this? The film just doesn’t look like any FUN. It looks like a miserable mess, and that’s not what people want to pay to see.

  18. Jim says:

    …..and exactly what did you expect? You take over 20 years of comic’s with twins that are blonde hair, blue eyed white kids and you now make one of the twins black? Are you kidding me? I know atleast 100 people who said they would not watch it because of that alone.

  19. jay says:

    if it ain’t broken don’t fix it. nothing to do with race to me
    I’m of black decent. I like the story the way it was. the new changes suck.

  20. Jay says:

    Too many changes – too much and not enough. When will they learn,
    They got it right with hugh Jackman. But they can’t quite seem to catch
    the other characters in movie life with the exception of black widow Scarlett Johanson,
    and Chris Evan Captain America LOL who use to be the original torch, funny. But I like
    him better as Cap. If they had of changed Ben Grim it probably would have worked better
    but Torch has always been the blond funny teen heartthrob and should remain that way.

    • The B says:

      Alternate interpretations is the bread and butter of the comics industry, how many reboots, one shots and re-imaginings of characters has there been over the years? So for the me, the casting/character design is the least of my concerns, the fact that the film is a soulless, lazy, cheap excuse to hold onto film rights is more of a problem and it really shows. No one in a position to do something about it cared enough to make this film good and THAT is the problem.

  21. The Dude says:

    I want you all to pay attention to the ppl using the Fantastic 4 film tanking to push their ideological and political billshit. Somehow a movie about fictional comic characters is now the lightning rod for race and pc issues. A comic book movie fails and it’s because Johnny storm was played by MBJ and it’s the only reason it failed and America is tired of liberals and pc and race and blah blah. I get the sense that these same ppl would blame any other small unimportant observance on the same things. No matter what the issue is the answer is the same. Let’s move on…
    This movie fails and will continue to fail no matter who’s in it because it’s not Marvel. Fox will either continue to be stubborn and think hey can make it work or they can get smart and work with Marvel to any degree.
    Comic book fans won’t go support this movie because they want to see it back with Marvel more than anyone. They know that in order for the marvel universe to work and infinity ward to work you need fantastic four. Not only that but it’s only right because comic book fans want the best product and Marvel has proven over and over that they just do it better. Marvel made Ant Man a big screen movie that does better than one of the most popular teams of all time? Think about that.
    At some point marvel will do a Howard the duck movie and it will perform better and be a better film than Fan4.
    Someone at Fox better get smart like Sony did. Watch the next spider man movie be a huge success

  22. Perseus says:

    Fox needs to fire the Creative Execs involved in this mess – because it’s the Studio Execs responsible for approving this garbage, starting from the top. Give the rights back to Marvel/Disney – EPIC FAIL. A complete and utter waste of $120MM which the Fox shareholders should be livid about.

  23. surone says:

    You can’t change the race of the characters to please a minority who probably never care about the Fan 4 anyway ! Jonny and Sue are brother and sister! Black and White!!!!!!

  24. xarias says:

    From a year ago:
    “The lesson that Fox should learn from Warner’s Batman is that diverging completely from the comics is a bad business move that alienates comic book and film fans at the same time.”
    Yes-I’m enjoying this shit.

  25. Elliot says:

    This movie was awful, one of the worst I’ve seen all year.

  26. Righteousness says:

    Political Correctness loses.

  27. Galen Faulkes says:

    Here’s how it works, kids.
    Casting choices are made for Hollywood reasons, whatever they are. Pale Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t look like the Katniss Everdeen of the books. At that time Hollywood caught flack for being racist. Now Hollywood is catching flack for being politically correct. You can’t have it both ways. Ever stop to consider they’re casting what they think will draw at the box office? Hollywood is well-known for liking money. Fantastic Four must be killing them.
    Premises are what matters. Johnny and Sue Storm were brother and sister in the comics and in the movie. In the movie it was by adoption but so what. They’re still brother and sister. If they had not been brother and sister then that would have bothered me. It’s a changed premise.
    If you want to see a movie where the actors try to look like how they’re drawn maybe Roger Corman will take another swing at this franchise.

  28. Professor Kelp says:

    ‘The fact that some people can’t get over MBJ being cast as the human torch when no aspect of the character or fantastic four dynamic is predicated on being white is incredible. Plenty of characters have had changes that were much more significant than a seemingly irrelevant race change.’

    If the race of the character is not important or has no real bearing on the character then why change the race of the character??

  29. all i know is human torch is not black….unless he set himself on fire too many times. I have zero interest in seeing this…why do movie insist on rebooting movies?!?

  30. boom8088 says:

    Maybe Fox should just give the rights to FF back to Marvel… or have a deal with Marvel similar to the deal Sony made with Spiderman.

  31. Professor Kelp says:

    Hahaha The magical kneegrow killed the movie. Shove your anti White agenda up your arse Hollyweird.

  32. The film is struggling for one reason – its shit.

    Simple as that…

  33. RenRin says:

    The majority of those comments on this article go something like this: “they shouldn’t have “negrotized” Johnny Storm..but I’m not a bigot though” & “I’m not bigoted, but they shouldn’t have casted a black man, and maybe the film wouldn’t have flopped.” The only suitable reply for that is…”the lady doth protest too much, methinks!” Michael B. Jordan is a great actor #FruitvaleStation(& other films, but that was a real tear jerker for me); this was just a bad movie to begin with.

    • Michael Lile says:

      They shouldn’t have changed the dynamics of the characters, including two who are BIOLOGICAL brother and sister in the comics. This is as bad as changing the Phoenix from an extra-terrestrial entity to just an alter-ego of Jean Grey (an IMO why X-men 2/3 was no where near as good as X-men). I don’t mind making him black, but if he’s black, Sue needs to be black as well.

      • MC says:

        I don’t think her being adopted changes their relationship but the only reason I can think why they didn’t cast her as African-American too is because they didn’t want an interracial relationship in this movie. And that’s crap.

  34. This film fared poorly because the makers failed to read the audience correctly. I judged this film unworthy of my dollar based upon the trailers – not someone else’s opinion. I have certain preconceptions and expectations of this property that the film failed to meet. I resent the notion that I am a bigot because I wanted the story to stick to it’s roots. I didn’t organize a boycott of the film – I simply avoided seeing it. I am one of many who are not going to reward organizations for attempting to ram their agenda down my throat. This is America. You are free to make any choice you like. You do not get to choose the consequences. They made a film to suit themselves. I don’t feel badly that the rest of us don’t want to pay to see it. I wonder how many of you name callers would have embraced a Bible thumping proselytizing Johnny Storm? It’s only bigotry when it meets your preconceptions. Not wanting to pay to watch something you don’t agree with is not the same as being bigoted. I don’t have any anti-black agenda, I just didn’t prefer to see this change in this context. It’s rather hard to make the argument that bad story telling was the film’s problem when no one went to see it to figure that out….

    • Shocking says:

      Hollywood puts out a politically correct movie to an audience known for largely not liking such things, especially changes made to major characters. The movie bombs as predicted by many of the fans long ago. Here come the Thought Police to say that the audience is super bad for not supporting something they had opposed from the beginning. Why? Because wrongthink is not allowed. Political correctness matters more than the source material, what the fans want, or anything else.

      They will come up with any number of excuses to justify their defense of political correctness, but they ignore that nerd films typically do OK no matter what because nerds will go see them anyway. We will go to see even bad movies that have to do with the things we love. It was such fans that decried them changing the characters in this film, a side effect of the nerd love for the source material. They spit in the eyes of the hardcore fans in the name of political correctness, and they’re paying for it.

      Fans are free to not pay to see agenda-driven films that ignore or mess with the source material. That is what the “social justice” crowd can’t or won’t acknowledge here. They cheer when Hollywood pushes politically correct versions of things, and they always fail to understand why such things do not do well. They seem to operate under the assumption that they are representative of the general population, but the elitist “social justice” hipster crowd can never seem to carry major films on their own.

      The moral of the story is that they should stop trying to force their agendas on people, but the “moral” they will take from this is that they just need to push harder and more. Clearly they have just not beaten normal people over the head enough with political correctness. Their objective is a world where everything is politically correct, and the sheep just accept the agenda without uttering a word.

    • Chris says:

      You are in fact a bigot. Anyone who thinks someone has an agenda being rammed down your throat…

    • Ajani says:

      You’re an idiot and indeed a bigot. You’re blaming the failure of this movie on a black man yet you haven’t seen it. You do realize that comic book characters aren’t real and writers are free to create their own adaptation for the Big Screen…even a diverse one. A bigot and a racist true to his nature will always try to justify that failures are always the fault of another race. Don’t see the movie if you don’t want to but stop blaming the casting of a black character for its downfall. He was really good but the overall movie was horrendous.

    • Anonymous says:

      This film failed because it was bad.

      You want to see movies about people with ‘superpowers’ cast with people who look like what Americans looked like in the 1950s, go make your own. A number of Americans and probably an even greater proportion of international audiences just find that creepy in 2015.

      This film’s failure had little to do with casting – for every hardcore racist turned off by the casting, there was probably someone intrigued by the idea of trying something new for a change. Again, all-white casts in 2015 is just creepy – this isn’t ‘Thor’ we’re talking about, just some random kids from what I gather (don’t really follow comic books, sorry). If the film had truly been fantastic, or even ok, it would have done fine.

      Don’t give insular risk-averse studio executives any more reason to be fearful of moving these types of stories into the present day. This isn’t 1955 or even 1982 any more, and domestic theatrical admissions are declining in ratio to the population – the industry can’t survive by just making films for the same audiences.

  35. Francis turner says:

    Keep on shouting out FAKE ASS Americans! Let the rest of the World know JUST how RACIST we ARE! !Blaming a young BLACK actor for the failure of a movie MOST OF YOU RACIST PIECES OF SHIT HAVEN’T EVEN WENT TO SEE YET! SO SAD!

  36. Sandy says:

    Sorry, but aren’t Sue and the human torch supposed to be brother and sister? The fact is that by trying to make this hip and urban they’ve completely killed it. Agenda agenda agenda. The urban audience is at most 12% of America. Why must everything be dumped down and made stupid? Studios do this at their own risk.

    • Professor Kelp says:

      Let them cast ‘young black actors’ in young black roles! Or better yet create black characters instead of changing the race of White ones.

    • Anonymous says:

      If by ‘urban’ you mean ‘black’, that’s about right, but if you mean ‘people not like me’ (making an assumption here), that’s not the other 88% of the United States, much less the rest of the world.

    • Jack says:

      Yes, they are supposed to be brother and sister. And thats what they are in the movie. So, your point is moot.

  37. stevenmillan says:

    Fox might as well had invested in a third film(with the cast from the two Tim Story films) than this needless reboot.

  38. This is what happens when you ignore the fans. The fans will spend money time and again on a good adaptation of the comic. This is also what happens when you cast your roles for diversity’s sake, instead of common sense. There are some characters you cannot change. The original Fantastic Four are those characters. The studio and the director did not reckon on the fact that whole generations of fans grew up reading the comic and watching the cartoons and films. It was arrogant presumption on Tranks’ part to place MBJ in a part that would not be well received. Fox should have killed the project at the screenplay stage, before any casting was done. If Fox loses enough money on this, hopefully they will abandon any attempt at a reboot or sequel. One thing is certain: they should not go forward without giving the fans what they want.

    • harry georgatos says:

      The gatekeeper in the THOR movies was played by black actor Idris Elba and those films found an audience. The problem with FF is woeful dialogue with actors who couldn’t flesh out a performance. 75% of the movie is an origin build up story with a 10 minute piece of action at the climax that’s not that impressive. It’s not what the fanbase expected.

      • Erik Wright says:

        Yes that made a lot of sense also. A black Norse god. Keep shoveling that stuff. He’s right, Fox is paying for screwing with the canon and I say good because maybe they’ll think twice next time, (though I doubt it, see-Mr. Miracle, Kid Flash, Uncle Buck, etc). I don’t think most Americans will see the “woeful dialogue with actors who couldn’t flesh out a performance” as they aren’t going. How about presenting the characters as they were created. These are beloved 45+ year old characters that people would like to see represented as what they read in their childhood, not politically sanitized new entities. I love how the “race doesn’t matter” crowd sees it one way, yet if a character that was predominately black were “re-imagined” as a white one, the villagers would be out with torches.

    • ss0101 says:

      Kind of a stupid comment actually. The film did not flop because they cast a black man. The film is bad because the WHOLE FILM is bad. NOTHING to do with your racial prejudices.

    • John says:

      Well said, Fox betrayed all the “Fantastic Four” comic fans when they MIS-casted Michael B. Jordan as Human Torch. Now they got this big flop of the summer they can only blame themselves. Fox alienated themselves from all the potential comic book fans that would have been ticket buyers. Most important Fox underestimated the hatred all these comic book fans had against the miscast.

      • Nate Erikson says:

        The fact that some people can’t get over MBJ being cast as the human torch when no aspect of the character or fantastic four dynamic is predicated on being white is incredible. Plenty of characters have had changes that were much more significant than a seemingly irrelevant race change.

  39. PhocQ says:

    It’s a FAILURE comeback because they “NEGROTIZED” The Human Torch… Completely STUPID…

  40. John says:

    It’s not that super heroes are immune to poor reviews or that they ever were. What they aren’t immune to, period, is when you take a story (granted it’s comics, but still a story) that’s over half a century old with very memorable and set in stone characters in the minds and eyes of anyone who has ever picked up the marvel comic series and you throw majorly disturbing story changes and scenarios and history in the mix. Johnny Storms character was wrong from the get go. Susan Storms relationship to Johnny Storm was wrong.

    I’m not prejudice or biased in any way, I half expected the movie to at least make it’s worth, but the fact of the matter is you don’t rewrite 50 years of a storyline or 500 years of a story line, much less the protagonists that star in it’s origins or background, and not expect it to come up short. Nothing beats the originalast regarding anything.

    The studios did it with spiderman and now they’ve done it with the Fantastic Four, AGAIN. Not sure how many more strikes these series can take before there absolutely isn’t any coming back. At least with the first bad iteration of this series they kept the characters to their roots. Bad move on their parts with this one with both actor choice and story context and dialogue.

    • ss0101 says:

      The film hasn’t gotten bad reviews because Johnny is black. Don’t be stupid. You are saying you are not being prejudice, but your ONLY criticism of the film is that they cast a black man. It’s not a bad film because of the actor who plays Johnny Storm. Comic book fans have NO problems when the comics talk about different dimension and alternative timelines, but when the film is a different universe, they flip their lids, like adoption is an impossibility. The film sucks because of the script and story, not because one of the actors isn’t white.

  41. Danna says:

    “suggesting that not even superheroes are immune to poor reviews.”
    You just now figuring this out?

  42. Jim says:

    Maybe these studios will figure out they you can’t just stuff any superhero movie into a “drak, gritty, grounded in realism” box. They all throw around those buzzwords when hyping their films as if that is some magic cure-all.

  43. Tanner says:

    My brother and I went to see it opening night. There were only two other people in the entire theater besides us. Since I have seen it, I can say it was bad. It gives you little to no reason to like the characters, the pacing is bad, and the dialogue is sooooo cheesy. To give an example the bad guy, Victor Doom, literally says, “Victor is no more, there is only…DOOM!”

  44. ebert311 says:

    I saw this movie on Thursday night and it’s terrible. The movie set up the origin plot for 1 hour and 30 minutes and then has a 10 minute action scene. Roll credits.

    The problem isn’t the actors or having them scale down to college age. It’s all about the non existent story and lack of action. This was a director and studio problem 100%. I think Fox should really think through how to save this franchise. They need to borrow from source material and hire good storytellers to make the movie remarkable. Marvel has been on a roll and 30 million for a film with limited competition is bad. Finally, If you have seen the movie, you can easy spot the problem with the film. If you are just going off the reviews or what your opinion of what you think went wrong, then you will come up with the wrong conclusion of this failure of a film.

    • xarias says:

      I hear what you’re saying, BUT, if they didn’t screw over the old time fans, the ones that wanted to see the FF they grew up reading for over 50 years, they would have had people in seats. The core fans knew the Fantastic Four they grew up with weren’t there and stayed home.

  45. C.M. Brandt says:

    How about waiting until the international numbers come in before declaring a box office bomb. These films are not dependant on the domestic market to reach profit. As for the director and his little tweet – with non disparaging contracts taken extremely serious in this industry and probably $200 million on the line after worldwide marketing costs, that tweet might have cost him a career.

    • yesser12 says:

      It is a bomb, don’t see why the international money will boost it much. Most of the comics are catering to people in the US. The most is getting bad mouthed. People know it was only made to keep it away from Marvel Studios. The movie was doomed(no pun intended)

  46. Swee says:

    I had a buddy who worked on this movie, and though the producers and writers may share some of the blame for trying to tweak the FF, from what I heard, the blame lies squarely with Trank, who–like a spoiled rock star–wrecked a personal home that the studio had leased to be his residence. Of more relevance, according to my source, Trank gave almost zero direction to the actors and muddled his way through production to the extent that by wrap time, only 70% of the script had been shot. The rest of the movie had to be filmed during the time allotted for reshoots.

    • Nate Erikson says:

      Because many films, including CBMs make up a lot of their money from the international box office these days.

    • C. Harry says:

      Is your “Source” all the media outlets over the past month or two who reported on both those stories? You’re not a ground-breaker no matter how much you want to be.

  47. dude says:

    or the headline could say, “tranking at the box office”

  48. Bunch of idiot fanboys in here. Did you all cry when Fox released DAYS OF FUTURE PAST? Damn movie was one of the best reviewed super hero flicks of all time. How about the last WOLVERINE? People loved it. So you want DISNEY to take these properties over? Why? They haven’t treated them well?

    The reality is the FANTASTIC FOUR is a kids property, and it’s going to sink or swim based on who they cast. The first try didn’t work but it did well enough to generate a sequel. This reboot was ALL WRONG from the start — the edgy tone, depressing look, dark cinematography — none of it FIT the comic book. You either go big and colorful or forget it with this property. Maybe it’s just not meant for the cynical nerds who obsesses over every one of these films after all.

    • ss0101 says:

      But is not sink or swim depending on the cast. The script and pacing was bad, not the cast.

    • Diana says:

      You are right Andy. All that and the fact they have trouble making convincing dialog. It sounds crappy. The kids stuff they can make but for something that is aimed higher, another studio needs to take control.

      • MarvelMaster says:

        Um….. The movie has good ratings… And I did cry… Both ratings and tears came from the joy of erasing all the crap Fox and Singer gave us for the last 15 years,!!!! Fox should never make a CBM again…. EVER!!!!!

      • Jomas says:

        Did YOU cry when Fox lost the Daredevil rights to Marvel Studios? Yes, yes you did lol.

      • nerdrage says:

        Fantastic 4 is no more a kid’s property than Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc. Those movies succeeded. Why? Because the filmmakers didn’t run away from the source material like it was ebola.

  49. Spider says:

    Wow! It looks like 20th Century Fox has delivered a huge turkey 3 1/2 months before Thanksgiving…..I could imagine the studio probably anticipating, ” Guardians of the Galaxy”–type box office numbers when they first set the release date. Ouch!

  50. eli cash says:

    It really has nothing to do with reviews for Fantastic Four. These superhero movies either have a devoted following or not. I don’t think Fantastic Four ever really caught on with fans. The franchise seems too teen oriented and luke warm milk toast.

    • yesser12 says:

      Fantastic Four has a devoted fan base if the characters are not pissed on. The movie pissed on everything about them. If they are in the MCU connected to other characters they will be big, Dr.Doom is one of the best Marvel villains.

    • nerdrage says:

      The fans hated everything they heard about it. Just look at the three or four trailers they released over the past few months. Completely incoherent. Each one trying to convince us the movie was something different. When the marketing gets that desperate, you know the movie’s a stinker.

    • Diana says:

      You are absolutely right Eli. No following and the media nonsense that occurred before the release. The fracas about one star being depicted as the brother to the Invisible Woman. It was not necessary and it riled many fans on many sites that I read.
      Something of that nature can make a difference.

      • wrongwrongwrong says:

        @Lem Utu
        ” It was never a master plan, just a couple of after credits teasers attached to hopes and dreams and then skillfully manipulated into a broad sandbox”

        That is incorrect. After the success of Iron Man 1, Marvel announced their slate for Phase 1. Feige and co. always had plans to make films with the characters they still owned (all riding on Iron Man’s reception). In fact, Edgar Wright was developing Ant-Man around the same time as the first Iron Man’s production. Of course, the “shared universe” wasn’t meticulously planned down to every detail-and it still isn’t, but Marvel definitely had a plan.

      • Lem Utu says:

        Iron Man was a b-list hero before RDJ in 2008. Nobody was crying out for Thor or Capt. America before those movies (thought to be incredibly risky at the time) came out. Marvel Studios made movies that people enjoyed and had the wherewithal and the balls to create the shared universe and it has paid off in spades. It was never a master plan, just a couple of after credits teasers attached to hopes and dreams and then skillfully manipulated into a broad sandbox with most of the toys in the Marvel Universe to play with. There were zero devoted followers begging for a talking tree and heavily armed raccoon but Marvel put it up and the public threw money at them. Freaking Ant-Man has a movie that opened well with good reviews and this is 12 movies into the MCU. The average RottenTomatoes.com score for the 12 Marvel Studios movies is 80. This turkey is hovering at 9. Marvel knows what to do with it’s property and everyone else is just guessing. Some guess well (X-Men: First Class, hopefully Deadpool) others not so much (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) and some fail (the last Spider-Man and this current pile of doo) miserably. Sony letting Marvel Studios use Spider-Man is an acknowledgement of this and should Marvel ever get their “First Family” back in the House of Ideas, I have little doubt they would turn it into another cash cow in their ever-growing field of cash cows.

      • mefive says:

        Actually the problem is that the director ignored the following that the Fantastic Four has. The Silver Surfer numbers were hurt by the fact that they portrayed Galactus as a dark cloud. Thee fans were turned off that they strayed so far from canon. The reboot was doomed the moment they decided to ignore fifty years of comics altogether and put out this Bizzaro Four movie.

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