Box Office: ‘Pixels’ Wins Friday, On Track for $25 Million Weekend

Box Office: 'Pixels' Wins Friday, On
Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

Adam Sandler’s nostalgic video game comedy “Pixels” outdid teenage romance pic “Paper Towns” at the Friday box office, but both newcomers have to deal with holdover hits “Ant-Man” and “Minions.”

Sony’s “Pixels” generated $9 million in Friday showings, on track for $25 million on the weekend. Studio estimates had forecasted an opening weekend in the $25 million range. Joining Sandler in the cast are Josh Gad, Michelle Monaghan and Peter Dinklage. The Christopher Columbus-directed pic will play in 3,723 locations. “Pixels” has been criticized for lacking heart, though; the Variety review contends that the plot’s “apocalyptic stakes are treated with no more consequence than an air-hockey match.”

Behind “Pixels” is Marvel hit “Ant-Man,” which raked in $7 million on Friday. The size-challenged superhero is poised to win the weekend with $25 million, which will up its cumulative haul to $106 million after it opened to a strong $58 million last weekend.

In third place for Friday is animated juggernaut “Minions,” which netted $6.7 million, pacing for $22 million on the weekend. The yella fellas are likely to jibberish their way to a total of $260 million by weekend’s end.

“Paper Towns,” adapted from a YA novel by John Green (who also wrote 2014’s teen fav “The Fault in Our Stars”), raked in $6.3 million on Friday, on track for a $14 million weekend total. Though young people will flock to the pic, it’s unlikely that “Towns” will come close to the success of “Fault,” which opened to $26 million on its opening day on its way to a domestic haul of $125 million.

“Towns” is a teen dramedy starring Nat Wolff and model-turned-actress Cara Delevingne that “pulses with moving and melancholy moments,” according to the Variety review.

Early estimates had the coming-of-age story pegged for $16 million to $19 million range at 3,031 locations. “Paper Towns” won the Thursday night race over “Pixels,” pulling in $2 million to $1.5 million for “Pixels,” but the tide is likely to continue shifting in “Pixels'” favor through the weekend. Like its predecessor, however, “Paper Towns” will more than make up for its $12 million budget. “Pixels,” on the other hand, might have a tougher time making back its $88 million budget.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s awards season hopeful “Southpaw” finished in fifth, taking in $6 million at 2,772 locations. It should end the weekend with a $16 million haul.

“Trainwreck,” Amy Schumer’s foray into filmmaking, nabbed $5.3 million Friday, pacing for $17 million on the weekend and a grand total of $61 million by Sunday.

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  1. SandlerSux says:

    in my opinion, if this movie does bomb, it may very well drive the final nail in Sandler’s Career Coffin. The promotional cost for this movie has to be a ridiculous amount in addition to the $100+ million production budget. Hopefully the studios will reconsider this “Sandler Welfare Program” that has been happen for quite some time now, 2006-Present. Click was the last decent movie that he has been in. So sad considering that his movies at one time were rather good.

  2. thoughts r like a- holes.... says:

    You are correct, ANON. Most of the people that leave comments on film and television work are just mouthy idiots spouting speculation. Although none of the new releases from the past two weekends have interested me enough to buy a movie ticket, I often find that when I do find enough interest in a movie trailer to venture out to see a film, it usually has been a very good film. I read the film and television blogs often without commenting, one, because I am amazed at the stupidity of strangers many of whom that think they know it all, have a right to attack and name call others, and three, get angry when others express an opinion not inline with theirs. It’s as if they’ve convinced themselves that their comment is somehow going to influence millions of people to go along with their life choices. Granted some people don’t think for themselves and fall for anything, but the majority of people don’t give a rat’s behind what the repeating commenters think. And usually it’s the same dozen or so people mouthing off speculative comments on this weekly blog.

  3. Anon says:

    Goes to show the Internet is just people who love to complain about Adam Sandler or anything is a matter of fact, they definitely don’t speak for the majority of people.

    • kylevpirate says:

      This is a complete flop

    • Foresight says:

      “The don’t speak for the majority of people.”

      Pixels will barely make $25M this weekend. The majority of people AREN’T seeing it. Whatever box office draw he had is crashing and burning over the last 10 years. If it wasn’t for Rock, Spader and James, the Grown Ups movies would’ve made at least $30-$40M less a piece.

      What majority of people are you talking about? The hundreds of thousands who turn out in droves to see other films he’s not in?

    • BeatCop says:

      Southpaw what a disappointment that turned out to be,I think 50 Cent is a box office killer. If you want to see comedy watch his acting.

  4. JoleneBlaylock says:

    I love how the studio projections were “in the mid 20s.” lol. I’m sure the Sony execs were expecing $25M when they green-lit this high-concept project months ago. Backpedal much?

  5. Tony says:

    I cannot believe people would actually pay $12 to see this piece of shit movie-Pixels-blahhhhh

  6. Odinson2k14 says:

    It’s amazing how the critics don’t get the humor in Pixels! It makes fun of gaming nerds (high I was one), and 80’s videogame tactics like cheat codes and pattern recognition :D! The reviewer is mad because a world crisis is handled like a GAME…that was the joke! Defeating an alien invasion by using cheat codes, pattern recognition, and winning the “boss” battle, as if it’s a videogame sounds silly, because it’s supposed to be silly :)!! It’s a comedy! These reviewers can be miserable by themselves!

    • Montell_Williams says:

      They “got” the humor – it was just terrible. It has nothing to do with basic comprehension.

  7. Pixworks says:

    Pixels isn’t awful like the reviews are saying, but it’s not very good either. It’s definitely the best Adam Sandler movie in a long time, but it could of had so much more potential.

  8. Vance says:

    PIXELS isn’t going to make anywhere close to the $100 million domestic area where Sandler used to reign. So, yes, he is quite stale. The bottom will fall out next weekend.

  9. Johnny says:

    “Paper Towns” was a B-O-R-I-N-G Snorefest!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The female lead was as flat as a pancake

  10. Anonymous says:

    I swear, if Pixels is #1 for the weekend, I’ll be pissed. That garbage doesn’t deserve any support whatsoever. Screw Sandler, and his buddies with their lazy ass films.

  11. Snow says:

    Sandler is absolutely still relevant, look at the box office numbers… There are a lot of people (myself included) that enjoy his type of “lame/stale” humour. I’m glad he is still making movies and will continue to support him, because I quite enjoy “stupid” sometimes. It seems like people feel like they are more intelligent when they criticize this type of entertainment…. yet here is a guy giving the crowd what they want and making atrocious money doing it…. keep hammering away at those keyboards though, your opinions are important!

    • Foresight says:

      Our opinions are as important – if not more important – than yours, so thanks for your last sentence.

      On topic:

      1)Sandler is not relevant anymore–Unless you live in Argentina. His solo box office returns keep declining with every project, and the main moneymaking demographic (under 30) don’t care about him. He himself even knows he’s struggling with relevancy, as evidenced by his attempt to fit “his brand” into a “concept” film like this: Years ago, he could sell a movie on his own. Now, he needs to be “part” of a higher concept/FX project.

      2) There’s well-written “stupid humor” and poorly written “Stupid humor.” No one is begrudging people who enjoy the former.

      3) Disliking Sandler’s recent films has nothing to do with “intelligence,” it’s a matter of taste and the desire to be entertained. Since his peak years, Sandler’s projects have been lazy, mediocre trash. Up until recently, he still believed he was the “Billy Madison” Sandler, and would effectively sleepwalk through his roles.

      4) He’s not “giving the people what they want,” because his box office returns are getting less and less – unless you meant he’s “giving less and less people what they want.”

      5) He’s no longer making “Atrocious money.” Many of his solo films from the last 10 years have failed to break even (Jack and Jill, That’s My Boy, Funny People, Zohan, Reign Over Me, Chuck and Larry). The “Grown Ups” films relied on peripheral stars to help bolster grosses. In fact, his biggest “Sandler-ONLY” since 2006 have been “Just Go With It” and “Bedtime Stories,” and neither of those cracked $215M worldwide with total production costs of $120M+ ($80M budget + $40M P/A).

      Further proof he’s no longer relevant or bankable is Sony’s refusal to green light at least ONE high concept film for him (Candyland) in the past 2 years. If this was 10 years ago, it would have been a no-brainer.

      TL, DR: Incorrect, and don’t confuse opinions with facts.

  12. adam says:

    how could such a horrible movie like pixels do well? do people like throwing away their money on crap?

  13. Christina says:

    While it’s true that critics tend not to like “fun” movies, there’s just no way Pixels will offer anything worthwhile. The more I see, the more I read, the less likely I am to waste my money. And I love 80s nostalgia! I think they were hoping to just hook people with that alone, but Adam Sandler hasn’t been relevant in a really loooong time now. He’s beyond stale, and it shows up all over his movies.

  14. jcweb says:

    I haven’t seen it, but I don’t go by these “So called ” critics anyway. In fact , I can’t stand anyone trying to tell me what I would like and not like. This one , has really gotten bashed so I will probably like it more than what “They” say about it anyway.

    • JoleneBlaylock says:

      It’s funny how people say they don’t like critics – unless of course, they agree with them. Never change, internet.

    • Gustavo H.R. says:

      You clearly have no clue as to why professional criticism even exists.

      • JoleneBlaylock says:

        @ unclebugmusic: Proffessional criticism = someone with a film studies background who gets paid to offer reviews.

        Yes, it DOES still exist. The reviews you’re mentioning are NOT professional criticism.

      • Uncle Bug Music says:

        There is literally no such thing as professional criticism anymore. Any doofus with a blog and a popcorn fetish thinks he or she is a critic. The rise of Rotten Tomatoes and Meta Critic has created the scourge of aggregate scores and scads of wannabe Eberts. Most of them cant even write professionally; it’s a joke. I would never, ever base anything I do on the opinions of these hacks and spoiler alert…you shouldn’t either.

      • Bill Clay says:

        Yes, drink an extra glass the next time someone warns you that the milk is spoiled. That will teach them not to tell you what to do!

  15. Drew Gars says:

    I just got back from Pixels. What I can tell you is this: It’s not good, but I didn’t hate it like everyone else did. From what I’ve heard from every review I’ve read, they were pretty harsh on harsh on it.

    I’d say the positives are visual effects and when the video games are attacking.
    Everyone in their reviews have immaturely disregard the action sequences and the visual effects due to them being in an Adam Sandler movie. Plus there are cool cameos by a lot of 80’s property.

    But the negatives are it’s still an Adam Sandler movie with jokes that don’t work and it doesn’t know what it want to be. There are times where it’s tries to have kid friend moment, but then it turns into a adult joke.

    I’d say your better off renting it at RedBox and skip to the action scenes. So yeah, it’s a rental.

    It wasn’t good, I wasn’t mad like everyone else did.

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