Box Office: ‘Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation’ Tries to Prove Tom Cruise Still a Top Gun

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Tom Cruise is risking life and limb in “Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation” to prove he’s still one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

In the fifth installment of the two-decade-old series, Cruise clings to the side of an Airbus A400 plane during takeoff, holds his breath under water for six minutes, and rappels down the side of the Vienna Opera House. For part six, he’ll likely have to strap himself to the undercarriage of a ballistic missile and go soaring across the Pyongyang skyline if he wants to top himself.

Despite his willingness to risk doing some damage to that beautiful barrel chest, “Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation” may struggle to bring in crowds. The action adventure is on pace to open to $40 million, a soft opening considering the franchise’s long history and its hefty $150 million pricetag.

“It seems low to me,” said Eric Handler, an analyst with MKM Partners. “People seem to be turning out this summer for good movies, and this is a good movie.”

Some analysts think that number could rise to $50 million, particularly given that critics love the film and its elaborate, beautifully constructed setpieces. Paramount, the studio behind the movie, will release “Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation” across 3,800 locations Stateside.

“I think it will pick up as word of mouth gets around,” said Shawn Robbins, assistant editor of “It seems like it could stick around well into August.”

Because Cruise’s Ethan Hunt and his IMF team like to rack up frequent flier miles, hopping from Morocco to Austria to the U.K. — all while tracking a shadowy organization hellbent on mucking about with the global economy and assassinating world leaders — the film should play well overseas. “Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation” will bow in 40 international countries this weekend, including Mexico, Australia and South Korea.

If the domestic opening weekend fails to pass $50 million, expect Monday morning quarterbacking about whether Cruise is sliding off the A-list given that his more recent pictures, “Edge of Tomorrow” and “Oblivion,” failed to generate much heat at the box office.

Hoping to get a jump on all the global espionage going down at the multiplexes, Warner Bros. and New Line will launch “Vacation” on Tuesday night. The reboot of the “National Lampoon’s Vacation” series finds Clark Griswald’s son Rusty hellbent on taking his family on a cross-country trek to Wally World. It’s an R-rated affair, complete with a dip in an excrement-encrusted lake, shots of Chris Hemsworth’s Norse-god-like endowment and the opportunity to see Christina Applegate projectile vomit. Critics have been savage, but they hated comedy hits like “We’re the Millers” and “Identity Thief” with no discernible box office effect.

The film will debut across 3,411 locations and should bring in $30 million over its first five days and $24 million for the weekend. That’s a solid debut considering that “Vacation” cost a modest $31 million to produce.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Yvonne: Tom Cruise is a nice guy and STILL making good movies. He is a Professional. And I enjoyed Jack Reacher and Edge of tomorrow just as much. Tom should never slide off the A list! He is the man.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Yvonne.. I love watching Tom Cruise.. Nice guy, a Professional and Still making good movies. And I loved Jack Reacher and Edge of tomorrow just as much.

  3. Dee re says:

    A must see in the theaters movie!! Good all around and great job by the whole cast they were all fun to watch. Newly added Alec Baldwin was a pleasant surprise. He always brings good character appeal and acting. Hats off to the whole cast and Tom Cruise is still A-list movie Movie Star!

  4. Luna says:

    Also wanted to add that all the cast was amazing. I really enjoy Jeremy Renner joining the franchise. Simon Pegg is always fun to watch. Love his character and Ving as well. Rebecca Ferguson was THE BOMB! And yes to have a female lead carry that much of a movie along side the male lead in still Sexist Hollywood rocked. Definitely a must see movie. Truly movie stars! Tom Cruise as always still is.

  5. Simon King says:

    I saw this in IMAX last night and it was more than I expected. Great action (the underwater stuff is even more tense than the airplane stunt) wonderful witty dialogue (Cruise has untapped comedic talent) and a femme fatale who is not Bond-thin (now THAT’s different!) In answer to some of the other arguments here… would you avoid a film because the producer is Jewish? Or the actress is Muslim? Who cares? Go if you want… don’t go if you don’t want. This film will do just fine without you.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree that Bond movies are still sexist when it comes to the women. Not so in. M:I 5. Rebecca Ferguson is a strong sexy woman that isn’t a damsel in distress or the evil woman she is Ethan’s equal that is still gorgeous and brings chemistry.

  6. Luna says:

    I this movie hut all the marks for a summer or any season blockbuster. Mind blowing action. Great story. Good acting. Suspense and fun so the definition of entertainment. And yes no matter what haters say Tom Cruise still has it. I don’t care what his personal beliefs are to go enjoy his movies. Btw he is a consummate professional on set. A class act who treats even the “extras” with respect.

  7. Murica! says:

    Brent, you’re a complete moron!! Edge of tomorrow was fantastic and Rogue nation is amazing? Have you even seen rogue nation?

  8. Blake says:

    I’ll be seeing Mission Impossible solely for Jeremy Renner, so good luck assessing Cruise’s “star power” from the MI gross. :/

  9. for those in the know of box office and receipt and predictions, i’m wondering how can anyone predict the opening numbers of a film BEFORE its’ been released? i know they can do this and are pretty accurate based on 1st days, 1st weekend box office tallies, but how is this done BEFORE a movie opens? thanks!..

    • Dave J. says:

      They explained that at the article; by good word of mouth and by the critics consensus, also including Cruise’s previous film grossing records! And it’s only a presumption like a boxing match except that theirs no money involved, and don’t really know until the figures come out!

  10. Simon King says:

    “…Cruise is sliding off the A-list, given that his more recent pictures, “Edge of Tomorrow” and “Oblivion,” failed to generate much heat at the box office” Seriously? Did you just write that? Let’s see… Edge of Tomorrow: $100,000,000+ in the US and more than A THIRD OF A BILLION DOLLARS global. Oblivion did $90 million US and almost a third of a billion global. The MI films have pulled in more than TWO BILLION DOLLARS. I don’t think the Cruise wagon is sliding off anything.

    • Bill B. says:

      They are disappointments because of what they cost to make and the many more millions it took to distribute them. Cruise doesn’t draw in enough crowds anymore for films that are this costly.

      • Dave J. says:

        Well, the quality of Cruise’s two previous films doesn’t warrant repeated viewings, despite positive feedback for the last movie that may have achieved that was maybe “Minority Report”!

      • but at the end of the day doesn’t everyone make their money back and the films still make a profit? also, isn’t overseas box office just as important if not more important or soon to be more important than just u.s. box office? i know this doesn’t sound as great with the u.s. and hollywood being the movie capital of the world and we are so self centered to think the u.s. and u.s. box office is all that is important and matters?….

  11. peter says:

    Much anticipation to see this MI5 by many people I know.very little promotion on it I must say almost nothing at all in Australia,couple of bus ads and 2 tv spot yesterday?
    No matter how good a film you still have to promote it!!
    Same EOT NO PROMOTION!! and a terrible namre change!

  12. I love Tom Cruise. Great guy and STILL making good movies! :)

  13. Ronnie says:

    The mission Impossible franchise has been getting better with each film. Even Cruise haters liked Ghost Protocol and it was a big hit. This one looks great as well and I’ll be there this weekend to support a good fun summer film.

  14. Poor Tom, struggling to stay relevant. That guy never ages.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Seeing Cruise salute L Ron Hubbard in Gone Clear turned me off. I’m not contributing to Scientology’s treasure chest. I read Top Gun 2 is about drones and written by the loser that wrote Street Fighter so that’s like dropping a bomb on cinemas.

    • saluting miscavige as his “better, his superior” emasculating himself before another man and in front of a audience i found UTTERLY embarassing and unbelieveable, that any man especially someone so famous, powerful and successful as tom cruise, THEE tom cruise would do this?!..

    • What does any of that have to do with the movie he is in. I don’t understand why you people who are full of hate bother to read or comment on a Tom Cruise article. When you hate, you believe what you WANT to believe. Just saying.

  16. stevenkovacs says:

    ‘Vacation’ debuts days earlier and that’s a fair BO comparison? Only in Hollywood!

  17. Rhonda says:

    I will go see his movies again when he goes and sees his daughter again! Knowing that he has abandoned his daughter has totally turned me off him. Every time he is on a talk show, or talking on the red carpet, I keep thinking that one day his little girl is going to look him up and see that he was more interested in talking to Jimmy Fallon and some half wit on the red carpet than talking to her. So sad and disturbing that nobody seems to say anything! Yet they are up the but of every celebrity out there.

    • Dave J. says:

      What he does, or anyone else do in their personal life for that matter has nothing to with us. If you don’t want to see it just because of something that has nothing to do with you, or have any affect in your personal life, then all that means is that you’re too simple minded.

    • Daniels says:

      And you know he abandoned his daughter how? Do you actually have proof? And no idiot, articles from gossip rags don’t count.

      • well it’s um, interesting to say the very least when allegedly cruise and more importantly his people make claims that HE HAS SEEN his daughter but only sees her in private? interesting in that he had no problem parading her around when he was married, but not now? also interesting that why would EVERY single visit be in private? what his daughter doesn’t ever want to go outside or some place with her father? interesting that there has never EVER been 1 single photo of him arriving or leaving anywhere near where his daughter would be? if he truly was visiting her even privately, as one of the most famous people on the planet surely the paparazzi surely 1 of them would be on hand to have photographed the event, but there is and never has been nothing?!….SORRY, but until i see a photo of him with his daughter i have to go the abandoned route…. and fulfilling the disconnection policy of scientology..

  18. He should learn from Muhammad Ali’s experience. He isn’t as young as he used to be!

  19. Gunwah says:

    fu he is top gun

  20. Dicktomandjane says:

    Tom is a scientologist, so I will not see it. Sorry Tom. You’re just an idiot who doesn’t deserve another cent. Can’t wait to see those OT powers! Zap me if you can! …..loser.

  21. jon says:

    are you nuts??/ those movies were great! Edge of tomorrow. Especially Oblivion!! Awesome Sci-fi.

  22. Tye Williams says:

    This a bit of a hatchet job. A Very subtle hatchet job, but still a hatchet job. First, I Don’t how you compare Oblivion to Edge of Tomorrow. Edge of Tomorrow had decent Worldwide box office, and had a good run with both DVD and VOD. There was almost universal agreement that Warners did an abysmal job at marketing EOT. Had nothing to do with Cruise. This movie looks great. His personal life has nothing with his films.

  23. Pixworks says:

    Rogue Nation will overperform and Vacation will underperform is my guess. Cruise is still an A-list no matter what, Edge of Tomorrow and Oblivion were highly underrated when they came out in theaters, but they got a lot more interest when they came out on DVD.

  24. Brendan says:

    Not seeing this movie because of Cruise. I’m not going to give him the money so he can transfer it to Scientology.

  25. ily says:

    I CANT WAIT FOR THE TOP GUN SEQUEL. I really hope they have someone other than tom cruise do it… I mean, I’ll still see it if he’s in it. But I would looovvvveeeeeeeee if they had someone like Scott Eastwood in it instead. It’s a new generation. And this movie should be for us youngunss. Just like it was when it first came out. #SCOTTEASTWOOD #SERIOUSLY #DOIT :D

  26. C.M. Brandt says:

    Seeing how it’s also going to attract an older demo, who won’t rush out opening weekend, a modestly large opening doesn’t spell death for a film that will probably play well over the next few weeks.

  27. Everette says:

    This is one of the few films I’d plunk down my hard-earned money to see, not crap like Adam Sandler and his “Pixels” or the worse trailer I’ve ever seen, this new Seth Rogen Christmas debacle that looks like a convoluted, unfunny mess. Mission with Cruise is can’t lose. You may quote me.

  28. Goldstein says:

    Yeah, this movie? I gotta see. This is one good franchise and I like Cruise in it.

  29. Jimmy Green says:

    Not going. I refuse to allow Cruise to transfer money to Scientology.

    • niras says:

      You are an idiot! Really? Like is not that we can like him as an actor and his movies irrelevant of his scientologist beliefs. Like it or not he is one of Hollywood best actors. You sound like a troll.

    • jon says:

      great ideal, but if we thought like that we’d have to grow our own gardens and build our houses with a hacksaw. almost every company does things we don’t believe in. you still buy groceries right?

      • true, but is every company (or spokesperson/pubilc face) a zealot expressing their view and thinking they are all right and everyone else is wrong? (i.e. t.c. with scientology? no!) the only reason is laying low now is to save face and somehow people are going to forgive and forget that he’s STILL involved in a shady to say the least organization..

      • Jimmy Green says:

        i knew there would be a lot of brainwashed scientologists trolling on here. their paranoia of exposing the real tom cruise with his hilarious saluting of LRH combined with a tax exempt status of this bogus “church” is puke inducing.

    • Wiley says:

      Imagine if someone said, “Not going. I refuse to transfer money to Christianity.” Seems pretty idiotic.

  30. mark says:

    The media loves to bitch and moan about Cruise and every other actor who has been around awhile. I’ll be seeing Mission this weekend, it looks good and the reviews are great, which means it must be REALLY great since critics foam at the mouth at the prospect of bashing things.

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