‘Baahubali’ On Course For Indian Box Office Record

Indian director SS Rajamouli
Courtesy of F Media

HYDERABAD — “Baahubali,” the South Indian action epic, looks on course to break the opening day record for an Indian film release. Unofficial data puts the film on a first day gross of $12 million.

Sources close to the production reveal an ‘all-India’ figure of INR500 million (INR50 crore) ($7.89 million) net of taxes, for Friday (July 10) opening sessions. That equates to a gross of INR600 million ($9.48 million). The net figure compares with INR450 million ($7.11 million) for Shah Rukh Khan-starrer “Happy New Year” released last year.

Within India the “Baahubali” data points to INR340 million ($5.37 million) from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, the film’s home territories; a further INR70 million ($1.11 million) from Kerala; INR50 million ($800,000) from Tamil Nadu; and INR50 million ($800,000) from Hindi-language territories in the North of the country.

International figures are incomplete. North America – handled by Blue Sky on a limited two month release window – recorded a gross $2.5 million from Friday and Thursday night previews. Other overseas territories are expected to weigh in for a further $1 million combined.

The film is seen as a major test of the countrywide and international commercial viability of movies from India’s lesser known Tollywood and Kollywood industries. “If these numbers turn out to be correct we would be very, very happy that the film is standing up to that challenge,” said producer Shobu Yarlagadda. “Ticket pricing is exceptional on the first day, so we would not expect the full weekend numbers to simply be a multiple of the opening day.”

The two-part film was directed by SS Rajamouli and produced by Arka Mediaworks on a budget of $40 million. P&A costs are estimated at a modest $1.5 million, as the production predominantly used social media to connect with the key South Indian audiences and avoided posters or TV advertising. The film is handled by Karan Johar’s Dharma production in North India, where conventional TV advertising was used to create awareness of the upcoming event film.

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  1. Suchitra says:

    Why is Bahubali NOWHERE in New York City !!!

  2. Jai says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Proud :)

  3. Baahubali, India’s Biggest Warrior Epic Movie here, to add another path-breaking edge to it, using WOWSOME magic tricks of Augmented Reality with Wowsome app for it’s Movie posters/prints.

  4. Madhav says:

    So much hype over Baahubali film as if Rajamouli is showing the film for free/normal basis! This movie ticket is over priced in US, so claiming 23 crores collection. To my surprise when I visited the film not even a single soul of non-Indian in the theater! Ridiculous….Rajamouli did’t teach Indians how to make movies. This movie can’t be matched even to old times Telugu film patalabhairavi. Look, how the episodes of Devon ki Dev are made. Please don’t hype and stop trapping innocent people drawing to the theater. I dislike Rajamouli from this day onwards because of his greediness. Incomplete Baahubali, memu Bali :)

  5. “The film is seen as a major test of the countrywide and international commercial viability of movies from India’s lesser known Tollywood and Kollywood industries.” Please, Kollywood is Nepal’s film industry. And I trust that you know Nepal is a country not a part of India.

  6. Rajesh says:

    Exllent and altimate……
    i dont find the better words to ….only one word jiyahoooo bahubali

  7. Prasad says:

    Rajamouli sir you are the Indian Spielberg and cameron .really the Movie is ext ordinary each and every frame is gold .Thank you very much to give such a wonderful excitement while watching the movie .congrats to whole bahubali team

  8. Rajesh kumar says:

    Hi sir it is wonderful movie to tamil nadu .and i wish to pray the block buster in this county. And u waiting for part 2 pls release at diwali.plssssssss sir …….

  9. srilu says:

    Hi sir… no words to say about baahubali.. ur really great. Im vry thankfl to u to gave dis wonderful movie to my darling prabhas. Im waiting for part 2 . Come back as soon as possible with baahubali the conclusion. Once again thank you somuch again and again.

  10. Super maga film world reales

    Bahubali all the best bahabali and team

  11. I agree with gunther. I always brag about this factor but no body cares. we do make good films at times even this prabas fella made good films i like him as an actor but over all india is all about stupidity. we also make feel good movies like 3 idiots and Tanu Weds Manu returns pls watch them. we cannot compete with europeon or korean cinema cuz our audience is sick they do not come to theater to watch such films. recent solid eg. is bombay velvet. the actors work gone waste when it is one of the finest performances of indian cinema. indians have not yet developed that sense to watch a film for it’s creativity. most of the films r noisy with irritating background score. i’m not commenting on Baahubali as i havn’t watch it yet. waiting for the release of Hindi release. they did splended job with ‘Makki” n i beleive this one is even better from what i learn from reviews.

    • Krishna says:

      U will surely love it jack……

    • Srikanth says:

      Bombay Velvet – What exactly did you like in the movie? A great movie is one that has a good story, narration and tempo. Bombay Velvet had none. They had an amazing canvas to paint a vivid picture and the director chose to draw pathetic image. Other than the period setting, the movie had nothing to show for and it was no wonder the movie was a flop.

      Never accuse the audience of stupidity. If a director cannot measure the pulse of his/her audience, it is the director’s problem and not the audience. Those who master measuring the audience pulse make great movies. Repeatedly. SS Rajmouli (director for Baahubali) is one of them who made ten movies so far and each and every one of them were blockbuster hits. Anurag Kashyap is a flake who makes dark movies that are ridiculous to watch. It’s not a surprise that his movies routinely bomb at the theaters. I couldn’t imagine liking at least one of them (though I watched them all).

  12. Gunther Gains says:

    Indian film makers try to copy or plagiarize mostly Hollywood ,movies or movies from other countries either in bits or pieces or a big chunk of it. It appears that the movie is produced on the lines of Troy and Ben-Hur type of movies, for sure copied pieces of it. The fact that the same movie collections reported here from non-Telugu (Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi) speaking states are a fraction of collection compared to Telugu speaking states highlights that Telugu speaking people will patronize mediocre movies based on fans association. That is probably one of the reasons why most Indian movies produced by Indians are mostly mediocre and not able to bag prizes of International acclaim compared to other foreign (non-Hollywood) films. Look at small countries like Estonia, Poland, Palastine, Denmark, Iran, etc whose films were either nominated or won Oscars in the past decade and Indian track record in the past 60 years is disappointing because of their myopic thinking and ridiculously stupid thinking. Looking at North America collection of Bahubali movie, it is mostly from the lousy IT guys who have no other work than watching Indian movies and talking about Indian Cricket all the time. I do not believe that Indians will never improve on these lines though they may amass money by stealing or scamming.

    • thequiznor says:

      As an Indian, I largely agree with what you say. Though I wouldn’t be so harsh as to say India has made no good films over the past 60 years, Gangs of Wassyepur being a recent example of an Indian film with none of the usual trappings, but you are right in identifying the audience as the issue.
      However you have to remember the roots of the current style of Indian cinema. Thirty years ago audiences, particular in smaller towns and villages, would come from a hard day of work to watch a film. They don’t want hard hitting real life drama, they want escapism, pretty visuals, a song or two, pure fantasy in other words.
      So though you are right in saying Indian cinema has a long way to go (I have the same argument with my sister fairly often), it’s not entirely fair to judge it by the same yardstick as Western cinema, which evolved from largely similar socio-economic roots.

    • ann says:

      If you are so prejudiced, you cannot appreciate anything. Have you ever thought how many stories Hollywood copied too. The story of Baahubali is old one in India. Just because they use new technology doesn’t mean all the movies are a copy. If Bruce Springsteen copies an Indian raaga to sing “Born in USA” that original for Americans. Just don’t be so biased, and just learn to appreciate others efforts. Art, culture and ideas flourish when people share and exchange ideas and create something new.

      • Navadeep Chalasani says:

        Wat about E.T. Spielberg’s E.T is based on script by the great bengal director SATYAJIT RAY.

        When every one criticised speilberg about it he made a movie showing INDIAN’s inferior in Temple of doom. Such a egoistic one .

  13. Harikrishna says:

    Really fentastic movie .everybody can watch the SS RAJAMOULI’S & MY “BAHUBALI”DARLING PRABHAS’ S WONDER COMBINATION……

  14. raj panjabi says:

    can prabhas challenge the khans,I say yes even if I am a Salman fan, bahubali will break all rcd.any comments from shahrukh fan. Tv

    • Vinodar says:

      You cannot give credit to Prabhas alone here and he is no where closer to the Khans in terms of fans following. This is purely a Rajamouli film. Thats all.

  15. raj says:

    I,believe in prabhas,evenin north he is star.rajamouli we can go for him.

  16. Poornima.g says:

    Spectacular visual effects,every scene is so mesmerizing, totally into baahubali transe, SS Rajamouli Sir hatsoff to you and whole baahubali unit for bringing such a outstanding movie ….Eagerly waiting for part 2 ….

  17. sraddha says:

    Dont trust the comments…first you watch and then decide about it. Becoz its about rajamouli. I loved it. Hipe u all so….


    It is visual wonder. Masterpiece from master director. Hattsoff to SSR for giving such a internationally acclaimed movie from Telugu.

  19. shiva says:

    marbulas movi

  20. R.M.krishna says:

    Dear sir. I have not seen the movie.Bahuballi.but seeing the publicity not intrested in the movie.for good product no need publicity
    .and hype.there are fooling the people.


      Krishna sir, every film needs publicity.that too first film from tfi with high budget needs more publicity.Because director has to safeguard producers. First time Telugu movie releasing ln different languages at at a time.

  21. yeskha says:

    why are you not using rupee symbol? you used only INR?

  22. Chanu says:

    Sir movie 🎬 awesome I watched 2 times tickets not available Sunday shows

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