Max Azria Slaps $85M Hang Tag on Holmby Hills Estate

SELLERS: Max and Lubov Azria
LOCATION: Beverly Hills, Calif.
PRICE: $85 million
SIZE: (approx.) 30,000 square feet, 17 bedrooms, 33 bathrooms

YOUR MAMA’S NOTES: Luxe-living fashion mogul Max Azria and his fashion designer wife, Lubov Azria, have slapped a publicity-assuring $85 million asking price on their exuberantly decorated mega-mansion in L.A.’s extra-tony Holmby Hills ‘hood.

The nearly three-acre Sunset Boulevard spread was long owned by the late Tony and Oscar-winning writer-novelist Sidney Sheldon, who sold the property in March 2005 for $14.4 million to a blind trust our sources swear was controlled by radio and television tycoon Carl Parmer Jr. Whatever the case, the estate was flipped the following July (2006) for $16 million to the Azrias.

The stylish couple immediately embarked on a massive overhaul, expansion and glammification of the estate that ballooned the overall square footage to about 30,000 and cost, per The Wall Street Journal, to a staggering $30 million. Listing details show the estate, dubbed “le Maison du Soleil,” has a total of 17 bedrooms and an astonishing — and, in this age of enforced water conservation in California, some might say excessive — 33 bathrooms.

The boutique hotel-scaled mansion features a capacious double-height foyer with a tubular chandelier that drops from the ceiling to the floor with 150,000 hand-placed crystals; numerous colorfully furnished reception rooms and lounges; a silver-leafed formal dining room; a double-island kitchen with walk-in refrigerator; a movie theater with tiered seating and built-in candy and popcorn bar; an office with gold-leafed ceiling; and a sprawling master suite with dual bathrooms and super-sized dressing rooms.

The carefully groomed grounds include a sweeping gated drive and a motor court larger than the parking lot at most 7-lls; expansive entertaining terraces including a dining patio with black and white marble checkerboard floor; broad sweeps of generously and expensively watered lawns; five gardens — French, Japanese, English, Moroccan and herb); two glass-ceiling greenhouses — one for organically grown produce, the other kitted out as a fitness center; several fire pits and outdoor fireplaces; a zero-edge swimming pool and pool house outfitted shower and sauna; and a tennis court with elevated viewing box.

Being in the heart of the Holmby Hills, the Azria estate is surrounded by similarly proportioned estates owned by a slew of rich and/or famous types. It butts up to a freshly rehabbed and expanded mansion purchased last August (2014) for $39 million by Sean Combs — or Puff Diddle or Fiddle Diddle or whatever name he goes by nowadays — and it’s just around the corner from the lavish mansion bitterly divorced former Dodgers’ owner and executive Jamie McCourt floated as an off-market listing at $65 million before she officially listed it on the open market at $55 million and sold in May 2014 for $45 million to — we’ve been told but can’t confirm — British billionaire Ian Livingstone.

A little peeking and poking around property record databases shows Mister and Missus Azria’s property portfolio includes (but is not likely limited to) a couple of condos in the same full-services Wilshire Boulevard highrise, a walled and gated cottage in a prime West Hollywood neighborhood and a sprawling condo on Miami Beach’s fancy-pants — if impossibly dull — Fisher Island that they bought in November 2005 for $3.447 million and have had on and off the sales and rental markets since the fall of 2010. The nearly 5,800-square-foot condo, which has 5 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms, was last listed for lease in early 2015 at $45,000 per month and just a few days ago the asking price got a 10% bump in price from $7 million to $7.7 million.

Listing photos: The Agency (via Curbed)

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  1. FonHom says:

    Now I’m dreaming of a walk-in refrigerator – for two. On a hot, hot day. Mmmm.

    Re the ri-goddamn-diculous asking price – they got noticed, which was the point. And the eventual buyer will feel like a winner when they’ve negotiated down to the true price.

  2. lil' gay boy says:

    An antiseptic, upscale roadside attraction — perhaps it can be converted to a ‘gator farm?

    • Rabbi Hedda LaCasa says:

      Dear LGB:
      May memories of your best friend become a source of comfort and blessing for you. May your ill relative experience a complete healing. May you know mazel, parnusus, koach, bishlamut, luck, livelihood, strength, and fulfillment in your new job!

      • lil' gay boy says:

        Thank you both — the new job is faboo, Mom is on the mend, and my dear friend, who died much too young, lives on in the many wonderful memories she left us with.

    • Mark says:

      “Antiseptic”? What does that mean (in this context)?!

      Lil’, I miss yours and Rabbi’s architectural criticisms of celebrity mansions.

      • Mark says:

        Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about your relative (I hope he or she gets better) and your best friend. You were missed.

        Thank you for elaborating on that. Now I’ll have to go through the photos again to see all that that I’ve missed running in horror from the ghastly décor the first time I saw them.

      • lil' gay boy says:

        I’ve been a tad AWOL — new job, sick relative, departed best friend…


        Nana always said, “…it’s nice to be wanted, if only by the police…

        As for “antiseptic”, it looks (at least to me) that this property has been staged to within an inch of its life (expensively so, but staged nonetheless). Truckloads of (color co-ordinated) books, shoes, clothes and picture frames randomly wheeled into some rooms, and other rooms with oddly empty shelves. It just doesn’t give the impression that anyone has spent the night here in quite a while (part from, perhaps, a rent-a-cop patrolling the grounds).

        I realize this is not the case, but I’m left with the feeling that no one has so much as farted inside in a very long time, let alone used one of the 33 toilets…

        Sad interlude for another Paul Williams composition.

  3. Conrad says:

    you’re so fucking slow mama, this is OLD news!!!

  4. Sandpiper says:

    Mama, where’s your sass? You should be having a field day on this one!

  5. Chuck Raney says:

    80 Million is the New 10? Seems as if I have seen loads of 80m asking prices all the sudden.
    I think the standards of a home are too low for 80M unless it contains…
    an un-paralleled location
    he-lo-pad for a He-leo-chopper or private airstrip
    less than 10 acres of grounds
    parking for 30 guests
    completely separate parking for the help
    All this is not too much to ask for 80M. NO amount of “sticks & plaster” alone is worth that kind of money.

    • Mark says:

      Maybe you could illustrate this with an example or two or three?

      • Mark says:

        Oh, I was thinking about those properties with helipads, huge parkings, unparalleled location etc. I’d hardly call the lot where Palazzo d’Amore is unparalleled.

      • Chuck Raney says:

        I meant MORE than 10 acres.
        Examples property wise would include anything on Long Island – Lung Eye Laand, if you have the accent for it. LGB knows them all. They have the right Property space.
        Now I know we are talking about the “good side” of the mountain overlooking LA and Space is at a Premium or even non-existent. It really looks like 2 acres is about average.
        We are also talking about 80 million. not 8 ……
        We had one article on a home above Sunset,sold at 7o million. Had the 2 level garage I liked ? 1181 N Hillcrest Rd
        The Palazzo di Amore … shown at 125 Million. Check it out, it has more than just a few things to offer.

        This house has a lot going for it also, imo. But dang it is expensive. Everyone seems to a have “must-have” list for a home. I was just listing mine …for 80 million. It is a lot less for a home of 200K. haha

        It doesn’t seem that long ago that homes in this area were 10 and 20.

  6. Petra says:

    Another desecrated Paul Williams?!

    What an absurd asking price. Holmby Hills or not.

    And for $85 million, I would definitely not want to live on a freeway (Sunset) and have to deal with the hassle just to get in and out of my driveway.

  7. Mark says:

    This is a bit late!

    He won’t get what he’s asking, obviously!

    By the way, did you see that Casa Apava got sold for $71 million? And to a hedge-fund manager? The house has an interesting story.

  8. M. F. Sibley says:

    This “house” is incredibly boring and lacking in architectural imagination. Everything is so white inside and gives the impression of “look, but don’t touch”; not a hint of warmth abounds. Thirty-three bathrooms is overkill and yes, with California’s watershortage, more than obscene. Give me a Long Island estate any day of the week. At least architects from days past knew the value of real craftsmanship and materials and their clients valued their opinions and not their own. Bigger, in terms of square footage, is not always better. Quality over quantity rules as well as taste.

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