LeBron James Snags Brentwood Mansion for $21 Million (EXCLUSIVE)

Lebron James Brentwood Mansion

It seems basketball superstar LeBron James just might be fixin’ to make a full court press on Hollywood. According to uncommonly well-connected real estate yenta Yolanda Yakketyyak, and circumstantially affirmed with property records, the celebrated six-foot-eight Cleveland Cavalier, who made a big splash in Amy Schumer’s summer hit comedy “Trainwreck” and executive produces the loosely autobiographical Starz series “Survivor’s Remorse,” surreptitiously splashed out a sliver less than $21 million for an East Coast-style mansion on a plum block in an uber-pricey pocket of L.A.’s Brentwood community. Designed by mansion specialist Ken Ungar, and custom built in 2011 for a real estate developer and his family, the dignified, understated and architecturally asymmetrical six-bedroom and seven-bathroom Colonial measures in at a hefty but, by today’s bigger-is-better standard, hardly humongous, 9,350 square feet.

The stone and white brick-clad exterior gives way to a voluminous foyer flanked by ample living and dining rooms, both with fireplaces and honey-toned wide-plank wood floors. Less formal family quarters include a cook-friendly kitchen fitted with slab marble back splashes and every high-quality stainless steel appliance known to mankind, a breakfast nook set into a window-lined semicircular bay, and a family room that spills out through a bank of French doors to the backyard. The master bedroom shares a two-way fireplace with a private sitting room, and additionally offers a snazzy marble bathroom and private terrace. Deep verandas for al fresco lounging and dining overlook a slightly compact backyard decked out with a lap-lane swimming pool, open air cabana, and long, slender deck with panoramic sunset views over mansion-dotted mountains.

The enormously accomplished, endorsement-rich, and notably philanthropic two-time NBA champion sold a three-story waterfront contemporary in Coconut Grove, Fla., only a few months ago for $13.4 million, but continues to own a seven-plus acre spread in Akron, Ohio, anchored, according to tax records, by a 30,000-square-foot mega-mansion with six bedrooms and 14 bathrooms.

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  1. Kooper says:

    Does lebron james still own this house in california

  2. Trish F says:

    Is Lebron telegraphing his move? Is he going to move to LA now that Kobe has retired? Make the Lakers champions again? THe Cavs don’t appear they will “ever make it”

  3. LeRoy and Mick says:

    I’ve known him for most of his life so proud to see his blessings keep coming.much love !

  4. sebastian b says:

    ruh roh…judging by the comments. looks like a right-wing website got a hold of this article and bitter minions came to this article to poop all over it. smells like the drudge report! lol!

  5. Jason says:

    Simply put, ‘Bron “invested” in the property (celebrities are known to license/lease their name in these instances). He has no intention of moving his wife and kids to Brentwood (part-time or otherwise). His wife rejected living in South Beach (FL) over Akron even during the winter!!. This transaction is a pure investment and marketing ploy. Guaranteed–this home will be “on market” in 1-3 years touting Lebron James’ “home.” LMAO. Gullible folks.

  6. hammer says:

    I think you all missed the point. They put up a picture of a black man in a cav’s shirt, that is not the person ikn the article; and not a one of you have said anything. This is a racist as it gets. they are saying that “They” all look alike. You are complaining about people spending money in a white neighborhood, yet none of you can or care to identify him.

    • tristanshaw82 says:

      Your stupid Cause thats %100 Lebron james. Maybe you forgot to take your crazy pills? Werr all very familar with what LB looks like. Guess you habe no idea and are just stirring up some racial shit or trying to be funny

    • vegasvikesfan says:

      That IS Lebron James in the photo. You can Google ‘LeBron James tattoos’ and select ‘images’. You’ll see that the tattoos visible in this photo are a perfect match. What makes the photo look like it isn’t him is the age. That’s LeBron from his first stint in Cleveland. That jersey style he’s wearing was only used in 2010, immediately before he left for Miami. So settle down on the race talk and brush up on your NBA facts.

      • hammer says:

        Yep, you are correct. My bad, that is an older picture of him. sorry, nothing to see here. definitely no racism.

  7. Timmy Sims says:

    Is that the picture in the article, heck my front yard dwarfs his, it’s mostly all concrete.

  8. LOL says:

    Rich black man buys anion in what is arguably the whitest neighborhood in LA. Total shocker.

  9. Why won’t black males/ females with $$$ EVER move into a black community?
    Why is it ALWAYS a white community?
    There’s no diversity desire here for blacks. It’s just ALWAYS a white community i.e. never a Chinese community; never a Mexican community, etc.. I just don’t get it. Think about all the economic opportunities – and the $$$ – these blacks are depriving the black community.
    It seems they just couldn’t care less.
    Do white people move into black communities when they make their fortune? NEVER. And the black are willing to pay 3x to 5x the amount they would pay for the same home in a black community.

  10. Mr Happy Man says:

    For all those who think this is an example of conspicuous consumption, both the size and the price are rather modest compared to what is available for the very wealthy today. And adjusted for inflation, a house this size and located in this neighborhood is probably close to the price one would have paid in 1970, which would have been $3.5 million (a time when there was much greater wealth equality than today).

  11. hammer says:

    That is not a picture of Lebron James.

  12. Gamble Ramble says:

    Everyone criticizes these folks for spending crazy money for crazy houses, never stopping to realize they are the ones worshiping these individuals and pumping the cash into their pockets. Not to mention, building and maintaining mansions like this provides many jobs that wouldn’t exist without them. For example, where would those illegal immigrant maids and gardeners work without these outrageous mansions to employ them?

  13. gordonwagner says:

    How embarrassing. That’s a grotesque level of conspicuous consumption. It this “bling”? Does that word still exist? I know that “gauche” is still a word, and it applies here.

  14. Mikey Mike says:

    The 2010 United States Census reported that Brentwood had a population of 51,481. The population density was 3,477.3 people per square mile (1,342.6/km²). The racial makeup of Brentwood was 34,969 (67.9%) White, 3,389 (6.6%) African American, 333 (0.6%) Native American, 4,051 (7.9%) Asian, 202 (0.4%) Pacific Islander, 4,964 (9.6%) from other races, and 3,573 (6.9%) from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 13,779 persons (26.8%).

    Why not buy a mansion in Detroit or Chicago? Sounds pretty racist to me…

    • Alan Nordoc says:

      Wrong Brentwood. This Brentwood is not actually a city, but rather a community in Los Angeles’ west side. There are not 8 percent Native Americans in Brentwood I promise. There are 40 percent Persians however.

    • todd says:

      I’m puzzled. You note that Brentwood has a population of 51,481 and then highlight by race that actually totals 65,260. It appears you are double counting between or among race classifications.

  15. edwardo says:

    do any white people live there?

  16. Sorry, but this is America. Leave it to the Communists and Socialists to tell others what they are entitled to or not. In America, we let the free market decide, and the free market has determined that LeBron’s skills on the court warrant his salary and endorsement income. Race has nothing to do with it.

    • Desert Donna says:

      James you nailed it. This is still America and the land of opportunity. Lebron does not earn his money illegally and he is free to spend it as he chooses. Undoubtedly he spends a fortune on taxation. We are not Socialist yet, and the negatives no doubt live in that environment and are jealous.

  17. Bob says:

    This is a good example of “black privilege.”

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