Ellen DeGeneres Buys (Again) in Beverly Hills (EXCLUSIVE)

Ellen DeGeneres Buys (Again) Beverly Hills
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

For some time now, this property gossip has heard that real estate-obsessed daytime chat-show host Ellen DeGeneres and “Scandal” actress Portia de Rossi are, as they nearly always seem to be, on the hunt for a new house and, according to scuttlebutt passed along by Platinum Triangle real estate mover and shaker Peter Propertyseller, the famously nomadic couple are rumored to have surreptitiously initiated the purchase of a 1960s contemporary in a particularly plummy pocket of Beverly Hills. The residence in question, down an extra-long driveway and invisible from the street, is not listed on the open market, but the asking price is whispered to be somewhere around $16 million. According to property records, the low-slung and glass-walled dwelling comes in at a tetch less than 5,300 square feet, with four bedrooms and eight bathrooms, and the nearly three-quarters-of-an-acre property is slightly elevated above the estates to the south, and includes a tight motor court at the front and a small, dark-bottomed swimming pool at the back. Some of the other plush pads in the immediate area are owned by Freddy DeMann — his John Elgin Woolf-designed house was once owned by Shirley MacLaine, and is currently listed at a hair under $13 million; and uber agent Kevin Huvane, whose fastidiously overhauled Tudor manse is available off-market at $50 million.

Over the past 10 or 12 years, the almost pathologically peripatetic DeGeneres and de Rossi have owned and sold more than a dozen mansions, estates and ranches across Southern California. They currently preside over an impressive portfolio that includes: a 13-acre estate in the moneyed seaside enclave of Montecito, acquired in 2013 for $26.5 million; two adjacent condos purchased in July 2014 for a combined $16 million in a swanky high-rise along the Wilshire Corridor near Westwood, and almost immediately put back on the market — last available over the summer for a total of $15 million; and a low-slung ranch house on a prominent promontory in the Hollywood Hills. That nugget was bought in 2005, sold in 2007 and, curiously enough, re-acquired late last year for $8.75 million

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  1. dane says:

    Just looked at the aerial of this place. Celebrities seem to love these flag lots with no road frontage, save the driveway entrance. Tom Cruise is almost within softball throwing distance (that would be Ellen throwing, not Portia) in the same kind of situation. Yeah, I know about the tour buses. Just seems very hemmed in to me.

    Several commenters seem to know the house. I’d appreciate some insight into its charms as they’re not readily apparent from the air. If this is 16m, then the interior must be solid gold. Looks like a poor man’s version of the Reagan place in Bel Air — really! Google the two and you’ll see what I mean. Patti Reagan was very smart to mend fences with her mother.

    Anyway, I digress. It’s a tight lot with very little in the way of outdoor living areas beyond the obligatory pool. And although Mama said it sits above the surrounding houses, there is an horrendous monstrosity sitting what looks to be, at least from the air, very much above, as in looming over, it, to the north. In addition, said neighboring house rises from the middle of a ginormous concrete platform that must be seen to be believed. I can imagine the run-off implications of that should the rains ever arrive out there. Hard to believe the city of BH allows that much hardscape on a lot that size. . .

    The property/compound that Ellen sold, in part, to Ryan Seacrest was a very unique place that, from what I’ve read, they themselves had a major hand in creating out of who knows what. They bought up adjacent houses, tore at least one of them down and installed a garden, owned enough of the street to gate a good portion of it. Now that was impressive. Since then, it’s just been houses. Yeah, some were “good” ones — the Brody house. But along with the Kelly Wearstler in Trousdale that they owned for a nano-second, these place were done. As gorgeous as it is, so is the Saladino property they bought in Montecito. Seems like she needs more of a project, then the interior decoration of these places present.

    And since somebody brought it up, I too lament the good old days of the blog. For some reason, the comments section attracted some extremely troubled people, and thus became problematic at times, but it also was a place where people with insight conversed back and forth. Sometimes there would end up being dozens and dozens of comments for a single post. I commented fairly often. Now, rarely ever, as it appears is the case with everyone else. Why, I’m not clear, but I do know that I am not interested in boiler plate descriptions of double height entries, en suite bathrooms, etc. that are essentially no different than straight listing verbiage.

    As for the suggestion that this publication is providing significant remuneration to Mama. . . Well, if she pulled that off, it would be quite the feat.

    • Wrinklebottom says:

      I used to comment all the time, but after the blog shifted to Variety, it seems more often than not my comments either seem to get deleted or never posted, so essentially I gave up, and if I do comment, I tend to keep it short because I don’t want to waste a lot of time typing just to have my comments removed or never posted.

  2. lil' gay boy says:

    Ought to make another stunning makeover…

    • Wrinklebottom says:

      I used to comment all the time, but after the blog shifted to Variety, it seems more often than not my comments either seem to get deleted or never posted, so essentially I gave up, and if I do comment, I tend to keep it short because I don’t want to waste a lot of time typing just to have my comments removed or never posted.

  3. Rick W says:

    This is definitely the Goldschmidt house.

  4. Petra says:

    Mama, I think I know the house you’re talking about and it was owned by the late, great Anthony Goldschmidt until his death a couple years ago.

  5. Dunstan says:

    Ellen DeGeneres has done many good deeds via her show and she’s to be applauded for them. And i completely get that when you’re making lots of money, you have to put it somewhere. But this article points up the problems of being too wealthy and not knowing what to do with yourself.

    • Desert Donna says:

      The problems with being too wealthy?? Are you Dunstan or Dumbstan? Those problems are what? That these ladies work for a living legally, spend their income as they choose, have fantastic taste and make more money when they sell?? Pick one. You must be from Canada or occupying the White House.

    • Michael anthony says:

      Actually, she does know what to with herself. Portia and her live to buy properties, then overhaul and then later, out it back on the market, usually for a nice profit. They’ve said its like a hobby for them. Look it scsubject before you feel the need to take them to task.

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