Charlie Sheen To Sell Two of Three Beverly Hills Mansions (EXCLUSIVE)

Charlie Sheen Plans to Sell Two
Hilton & Hyland (via Movoto)/Rex Shutterstock

Right about the time rumors began to leak in earnest that Charlie Sheen had contracted the HIV virus, which he confirmed to the world this morning on “The Today Show,” this property gossip heard through the celebrity real estate gossip grapevine that the 50-year-old Tinseltown scion and veteran sitcom star is planning to pare down his property portfolio and sell two of the three mansions he owns in the guard-gated and celebrity favored Mulholland Estates enclave in the Beverly Hills Post Office area. Details are admittedly slim but, so the scuttlebutt goes, Sheen plans to keep the 7,924-square-foot mansion he bought in April 2006 for $7.2 million and sell a 6,625-square-foot semi-Spanish villa he acquired up in October 2012 for $4.8 million from billionaire investor Tom Gores. He also plans to unload his 9,020-square-foot mock-Mediterranean with six bedrooms and nine bathrooms that he picked up in March 2011 for $6,999,999 from Hollywood mover and shaker Mike Medavoy. Until earlier this year, the mansion was occupied by his ex-wife Denise Richards while her Hidden Hills mansion, currently on the market at $7.749 million, was under renovation.

Some of the other high-profile peeps who own big and fancy pads in the Mulholland Estates development include Judith Light and Robert Desiderio, British pop star Robbie Williams, American pop icon Christina Aguilera, businesswoman and former “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast member Adrienne Maloof, and entrepreneurial hotel heiress Paris Hilton.

Sheen, a property gossip column regular who once raked in as much as $1.9 million per episode as the star of “Two and a Half Men” before he had a highly publicized meltdown in 2011 that got him axed from the wildly popular program, has owned a number of high-priced residences across Los Angeles including a three-bedroom condo in a luxury high-rise along the Wilshire Boulevard corridor near Westwood as well as a celeb-pedigreed estate in Encino he bought in June 2004 for $4.2 million from actress Katey Sagal and sold just about two years later for $6.62 million to television writer/producer Michael Jacobs. The estate, once owned by Al Jolson, was scooped up in 2011 by entertainment news reporter Leeza Gibbons who, in turn, sold it over the summer of 2015 for $5.77 million to its current owner, Jessica Simpson’s mother Tina Drew.

Charlie Sheen Preparing to List Two of Three Los Angeles Mansions?

Listing photos: Hilton & Hyland (via Movoto) and Coldwell Banker (via Redfin)

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  1. wiles11 says:

    Just look at that face, man. I’m surprised he’s even keeping the third house . . .

  2. xyz030 says:

    Why did this site delete the article that reported how Sony joked about Sheen’s HIV status in emails?

    Stop censoring. This site and Deadline have zero credibility. Quid pro quo “reporting” is a joke.

  3. Jo says:

    I’m guessing the ex that was living in the Spanish is being evicted , hmm

  4. Mama's Black Sheep says:

    My comments were removed after a few short minutes of being up there. I guess I was a bit too much. This is supposed to be about real estate mainly now. *Sigh* Not a snarky thing to piss off celebrities.

    Our Mama’s got to do what she has to do to keep those long boddied bitches vet bills paid in full. Hobby’s are cute, but Momma needs her golden parachute too.

    Happy Holiday’s momma!

    Mama’s Black Sheep in WEHO. Still here but not posting due to censorship.

  5. Longtimelistener says:

    I too miss the old blogspot days. There was much more snark (and more than a few paragraphs of content) and the best thing was reading the comments.
    With gawker changing their entire model and Zach L not posting to OLI anymore (except here and there) I don’t have any favorite sites left.
    The Internet is a sad and lonely place.

  6. opinionfree says:

    Last time I checked, food was expensive. Much love and warm wishes to Mama for keeping her particular brand of dog and pony show a go-go.
    Never forget: it’s not nice to point out the obvious.

  7. Desert Donna says:

    Brother LGB and Sista Petra I hear you. I miss our Mama.

  8. lil' gay boy says:

    Ditto — the new slide show (a very lame effort to increase click thru) sucks — as does the rest of the site.

  9. Petra says:

    Mama, you know I’ll always love you, but I’ve just about had it with Variety’s nonsensical layout and how much (it appears) they’ve neutered your stories. I’ll still be around, but infrequently. Hope you resurrect your blog someday.

    • Rabbi Hedda LaCasa says:

      Dear Petra,
      I appreciate your insightful comments, and hope you’ll continue to post far more than infrequently. I also miss Mama’s saucy sassiness, and agree navigating the Variety site is annoying.

      • lil' gay boy says:

        Hear hear!

        I suspect Mama was sold a bill of goods (“…sure, we’ll give you a free hand…“)

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