‘Sense8’ Co-Creator on Potential Season 2, Long-Term Plan

Sense8 J. Michael Straczynski
Eric Charbonneau/Netflix

Sense8,” the sexy sci-fi series created by Andy and Lana Wachowski and J. Michael Straczynski, hasn’t officially received a season two renewal. But that hasn’t stopped the producers and cast from reveling in the first season’s devout fanbase and enjoying any speculation about more episodes.

“We’re still awaiting word [about season two], and we’re cautiously optimistic, but it’s Netflix’s call,” Straczynski told reporters on Tuesday at the show’s Television Critics Association panel.

And do they have a long-term plan for the intricate plots in the series?

“The way that the Wachowskis and I tend to work — we created the show together and we are running the show together — we are long-thinking people,” he said. “We look down the road and we say to ourselves, ‘Where is this going to go?’ … Season one is like an origin story and season two has some particular arc and we figure it out from there. But to spoil that here would not be the best interest of the surprise at the end.”

Continuity wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to work out, given that “Sense8” deals with people living in different parts of the world.

“As we broke out the story, we had the characters in Chicago,” said Straczynski. “We had these huge metal boards with all their plot information and character. So it was characters going this way, timeline going that way, working out every single character arc, covering the entire walls with this. And we had just finished up pretty much the entire thing. And I looked at the walls, and I go, ‘Oh, crap.’ Lana said, ‘What?’ I said, “Time zones,” because if Nomi is in San Francisco and needs help from Sun, she’s asleep. So how is this go going to work out? Had to break it all down. We put clocks in the room to track everything by time zones.”

He added that the show’s scenes now go “from day to night to day to night to afternoon to morning.”

The panelists also addressed the show’s sometimes graphic sex scenes, including an orgy scene.

“We wanted to do a show that was really for adults and grownups,” said Straczynski. “There’s a tendency for science fiction to be seen as something other than for adults. It tends to be the McGuffin, the device, the gadget, the gimmick, the mission and not the journey so much. And we thought we want to make this show about the journey. We want to make it about adults, deal with adult issues transgenderism, identity, privacy all these things that are right now the topic of discussion.”

The show also broke ground by not only having a transgender character, which is the TV troupe du jour, but also finding a different way to focus on her.

“There has never been a trans character in a movie or on a show before that didn’t revolve around his or her transition,” said Jamie Clayton, who plays the character. “No one cares because, at the end of the day, we shouldn’t care that she’s trans.”

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  1. loco73 says:

    Just finished watching “Sense8” and I have to say that while at first I wasn’t sure about the concept, idea and storyline of this show, it really grew on me. I really dig the characters, the locations and the different set-ups, plots etc. I also love the background stories of all these characters and how they end-up interacting with eachother. I like the fact that while it uses sci-fi as its background, it also has a message or messages to impart on its audiences and it pulls no punches or apologizes for that, or the fact that this is a show, as mentioned, for grown-ups and adults.

    I find that “Sense8” really speaks to the here and now, to the urgency in our world, to the crazyness, the convolution, uncertainty and complexity of it, such as it is in the 21st century, now almost two decades in, and that inspite of all the changes, the sometimes overwhelming odds stacked up against us, it is by discovering that we have more in common than appart, that we can make it through together.

    And in these times of banality and mediocrity, that is not an easy feat to achieve. I hope there is a second season, I am looking forward to it, and I will be watching!

  2. Bill B. says:

    I’ve only seen the first two episodes. Had to watch the first one twice as it took me a month to see the second one & could no longer remember much about the first one. While interesting, it hasn’t really grabbed me, but I hear it gets better in later episodes, so I may try some more without so much space in between. An awful lot of characters to keep up with.

  3. I binge watched this show! Couldn’t get enough and was sad I missed them at San Diego Comic Con I had some questions!

  4. uhrenportal says:

    I am 100% sure that there will be a second season. The series has already a lot of Fans and is very well produced. Netflix would be dump to give this away

  5. Chrissy says:

    Omg I hope they put more seasons for Sense8 I am anxiously waiting..I absolutely love the show and think its fantastic!!!

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