Sarah Palin Pulls Plug on Internet Subscription-Video Channel

sarah palin

Former Alaska governor's video to be available free on Facebook and

Sarah Palin’s views on America, politics, immigration and family values may not have been compelling enough to convince many people to fork over $10 per month.

Last summer, the conservative former governor of Alaska, ex-Fox News pundit and one-time U.S. VP candidate launched the Sarah Palin Channel, which she promised would deliver perspectives that “cut through the media’s politically correct filter.”

But after one year, Palin is ending the subscription service. She announced in a July 4 post that her video content will be distributed free on her political action committee’s site and Facebook, on which she has 4.4 million followers. “Effective August 1st, the governor will be making all of her content free on her Facebook page and at,” said a message posted on

With the change, Palin will end her partnership with Tapp, the online-video venture formed by Jeff Gaspin, former chairman of NBCUniversal Television, and Jon Klein, former president of CNN U.S.

Palin “won’t be working with Tapp moving forward,” a company rep said, given that the startup is focused on subscription-based services. Tapp did not disclose how many paying subscribers the Sarah Palin Channel had signed up.

Access to the Sarah Palin Channel had cost $9.95 per month or $99.95 for a one-year subscription. According to the message on the site, monthly subscribers will no longer be charged after July. Annual subscribers can opt to either have the remainder of their subscription fees refunded or apply it to one of Tapp’s three other over-the-top services: Alive with Joan Lunden, focused on breast cancer patients and survivors; New Life TV, hosted by Christian relationship counselor and radio host Steve Arterburn; and K-Love TV, a Christian music channel.

Investors in Tapp include Discovery Communications, Luminari Capital and individuals including investment bankers Ken Moelis and Peter Ezersky.

The Sarah Palin Channel has featured her commentary on “important issues facing the nation,” including videos with such titles as “Still No Obama Plan to Defeat ISIS,” “Gun Free Doesn’t Equal Crime Free” and “Spending Snafu Benefits Spanish Speakers.” It also offered a glimpse into Palin’s personal life with segments like “The Joy of Christmas” and “Moose Meat: It’s What’s for Dinner!”

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  1. Liam says:

    Problem was that she felt she could be like Glen Beck who makes tens of millions with his internet channel, but didn’t want to do her homework and any work for it. I saw one embarrassing clip of Palin’s channel where she looked under the influence and was totally scatterbrained. No wonder people started to drop their subscriptions. She’s just a grafter. This grift didn’t pan out.

  2. Jan says:

    She does not want to work. She just wants money and fame.

  3. Robert Lloyd says:

    Now it make s sense, the Trump, Palin lovefest. Trump likes Palin because she uses the same business model he does, con people out of their money! I bet Sarah made a bunch of money up front, like the Donald does before his ventures go bust. Then he blames it on someone else, just like the typical repub!

  4. arnastu says:

    Palin is completely and utterly unoriginal, is the thing. She repeats the top 40 right wing memes with a brand of spunky mean-girl sarcasm that plays ok, but she’s never the least bit edgy or surprising. She says things like “All these Washington types, with the lobbyists and I mean the, gosh, are we so far from those words used by the Founders when we say, you know, let’s stop free speech in the media …” and so on. Random semi-coherent pushing of well-worn buttons.

    Now that we have Donald Trump, we can see what people really want to pay for. Being “un-PC” means being offensive. If you aren’t offensive, then you’re safe and correct. Palin just didn’t have the nerve or the wits to say anything really outrageous, so she quickly began to sound tame, bland, and just a bit forced and desperate. Just another person saying all the same stupid stuff as everyone else just like her, and trying to somehow get people to give her money for it.

  5. Well gee, considering her daughter is giving it away for free I guess it’s time for Sarah to follow suit.

  6. I like Sarah Palin…..she is saying the same things most average decent Americans are saying. This Country has serious problems……… making fun of her hair and clothes and her speech is hardly productive.

    • barryyoungtv says:

      “Decent Americans”
      As defined by whom?
      To me- father, professional, historian- she is a travesty, bordering on an obscenity.
      Mean this in the nicest way possible, of course.
      SO surprised her insightful and unbiased subscription folded. At only $10usd/month.

  7. Chad Hanson says:

    Being a book writer now, has she written a book on how to translate word salad yet?

  8. Jose Guzman says:

    Just one or two more rabid anti Obama comments and she will be back in business in tea party land.

  9. Cat Door says:

    I hate to say “I told you so!”, but I told you so! She is not worthy of admiration for: Her appearance (I am not a man, but, she does not look sexy to me!), her speaking ability (She uses slang and says inane things), her ideas (She favors lots of stupid and/or crazy things.), or her political ability (She quit being Governor after only part of 1 term, she failed miserably as the VP Candidate, and she did badly on Fox). She also has had a strange family. Her daughter had a baby out of wedlock, despite Palin running as a Tea Bagger, which group tends to give lip service to being so very moral!

    Who would want to pay $10 to watch her shows? That is what I asked when it started and that is what I think now!

  10. Buddy Tubarello says:

    What a shock….the Palin channel goes bust. Her ego knows no bounds……

  11. TJ O'Hara says:

    poor gal….she STILL doesn’t understand her 15 minutes were up years ago…..her family is embarrassing her, the lies are mounting, and the ratings of people watching / listening to her are equivalent to household pets accidentally stepping on remotes…….
    she’s no longer hot; her voice has become grating; and her ideals are laughable…….
    will someone PLEASE tell her that she is / was / will be IRRELEVANT and should just STFUP?!?!

    • David E Poston says:

      Her voice was always grating. Hetero men didn’t notice because their genitals don’t have ears.

      • Bones Rhodes says:

        —- any male whose genitals are affected by Sarah visuals has way worse problems than poor hearing.

  12. Just wondering says:

    Is there a reason that no site uses a picture of Sarah Palin that was taken any time in the past six years? They are all from when the GOP bought her clothes and fixed her hair. Does she buy people off so the world won’t see that she raids Gemma Teller’s closet and wears cheap wigs?

  13. Politics = Fail
    TV Commentator = Fail
    Subscription TV Channel = Fail
    Parenting Skills = Fail
    Common Sense = Fail
    Human Being = Fail

    Sarah’s next venture has just been announced = In October’s Playboy Issue Sarah will be posing nude as “Ms. Halloween”. The worl anxiously awaits!

  14. Stan says:

    That was a very long 15 minutes.

  15. Jerry says:

    Hot damn, now her 3 subscribers can get it for free!

  16. dan says:

    Her karma is catching up with her. So is her drinking and pills. The few segments I saw were tough to watch.

  17. So, she is done squeezing money from this project. On to the next squeeze money from the suckers endeavor.

  18. She’s lost her contract with Fox, and, now does not have her subscriber tv channel. What’s the poor woman to do? She may have to go on welfare! She may have to get food stamps!

  19. davet358 says:

    She will miss both of those paying customers !!

  20. It is time for the Grizzly Mom to take her pregnant daughter and Donald Trump, lick her wounds, and go home to wherever It is that she lives now. She and The Donald are the perfect pair.

  21. lenbilen says:

    The Grizzly Mom is ready to roar!

    A gal from the forty-ninth state made “leaders” all bristle with hate. She resigned from her post to accomplish the most. And now, she’s the Grizzly Mom Great.

    With some thoughts from Canada about America:

  22. farrelli says:

    Is she Bristol’s mother?

  23. PJ the WB Lefty says:

    Because really, how many different ways can you say the same thing about the ‘lamestream’ media and evil liberals? Evidently about 12 months worth of ways…

  24. Jeff Schultz says:

    this is because she is going to take on advertisers to her web site. It is not because she is trying to help the lil folks, she is helping herself, helping herself to advertising revenue. what a scam

  25. say it isn’t so!!!! arrrrrr

  26. Rita Taylor says:

    At least now the videos’ price will reflect their value. Stupid should always be free.

  27. This is obviously all part of her preparation to jump into the 2016 election. Go Sarah!

  28. boraxo says:

    It was her hope to collect her fans’ spare change. Hey Sarah, how’s that workin’ out for ya?

  29. Gee, what a surprise. There aren’t enough right wing groupies to keep this shallow, boring, ridiculous woman on the air. That’s sad.

  30. vavikingfan says:

    She had subscribers?

  31. Shannon says:

    Nice to know there aren’t enough idiots to keep this channel going.

  32. Jim Phillips says:

    She does keep comedians in material.

  33. Evan says:

    I get it…. next step is she starts paying people to listen & watch her?

  34. Does this mean the Bristol Palin Abstinence Hour is not going to be on next season?

  35. I can see her saying,” goodbye cruel world as she circles the toilet bowl. Last comment ever on snooky.

  36. Mark Crosby says:

    I recently watched a video of her from her pay channel. It was gibberish, barely understandable. I think she’s crazy as a loon and a terrible parent besides. Toodles, no one cares about you anymore. Well, maybe a few wacko right wing GOP nuts.

  37. avenger07 says:

    SOOOOOOOOOO SAD! , she should had partnered with Trump and have the Miss Universe thing on her channel, that ladies and gentlemen would’ve been Yuge, Yuuuuge!

  38. Brice says:

    She would have been more successful had she deleted a few thousand emails and came under sniper fire.

  39. KevBomb says:

    Still referring to herself as Governor huh. I guess I can therefore refer to myself as baseball great, seeing as I played half a season when I was a kid.

    • mcflyer54 says:

      Well, she did the people of Alaska a huge favor by resigning so they probably don’t care what she calls herself as long as she doesn’t actually have any power.

  40. Richard says:

    Before pulling the plug,she had to be told where the plug is and how to pull it..Not to mention the date and her location at that moment.

    • MB says:

      Poor Mrs. family values, so busy these days prepping for her yet another “planned” grandchild out of wedlock. When you take the trailer away, all that remains is the trash.

  41. Bill B. says:

    Thankfully her fame is slowly, though it’s been very slow, slipping away. She is a buffoon of the highest order and someday will just be an anecdote of this era. However, I almost wish she’d run for the Republican nomination this year. I would absolutely LOVE to see her and Trump in the debates! This potential spectacle would have huge ratings.

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