Netflix Reboots ‘Mr. Peabody and Sherman’ in Series from DreamWorks Animation (Exclusive)

Netflix - The New Mr. Peabody
Courtesy of DreamWorks Animation

The world’s smartest dog and his boy will star on Netflix in “The New Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show,” a new original series from DreamWorks Animation set to debut on the streaming service Oct. 9.

The 13-episode half-hour series is based on the ’60s four-minute shorts from animation legend Jay Ward that first aired in his “Rocky & Bullwinkle Show.” In the show, bespectacled canine Mr. Peabody and kid compadre Sherman travel through time and meet famous historical personages.

The New Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show” sets the duo as hosts of a latenight comedy show broadcast from their swank Manhattan penthouse in front of a live studio audience. Guests from bygone eras will include Mozart, Napoleon and Edgar Allan Poe, as Mr. Peabody and Sherman embark on new adventures using their famous WABAC machine.

The series keys off the DreamWorks Animation’s film adaptation of the time-traveling duo — which was a box-office bummer. The studio took a $57 million impairment charge for the first quarter of 2014 because of poor box office results for “Mr. Peabody and Sherman.” The movie grossed $111.5 million at U.S. theaters on an estimated production budget of $145 million, per Box Office Mojo. It’s currently available for streaming on Netflix.

Mr. Peabody is voiced by Chris Parnell (“Saturday Night Live,” “30 Rock”), while child actor Max Charles (“American Sniper”) reprises his role as Sherman from the 2014 film.

The new series comes to Netflix under its multiyear pact with DWA, which is producing more than 300 hours of TV shows for the streamer. Adding kid-focused programming like “The New Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show” is key for Netflix, as both tykes and their parents appreciate that the service carries no ads.

“The New Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show” is aimed at DWA’s target demo of kids 8-12, but executive producer Dave Smith said the hope is that it appeals to all audiences, including grown-ups with fond memories of the original cartoon.

“The love I have for Jay Ward and his creations, and his comedic tone, have been an inspiration for me ever since I was a kid,” said Smith. He previously worked at Turner’s Cartoon Network, where he directed “The Powerpuff Girls: Dance Pantsed” TV movie as well as storyboard-driven shows including “Steven’s Universe,” “Amazing World of Gumball” and “Dexter’s Laboratory.”

The show uses 2D animation, instead of the 3D CGI used in the film, for a “hand-drawn look” echoing Ward’s original shorts, Smith said. DWA worked with DHX Media’s animation studio in Vancouver to produce the series, which required about three and a half months per episode.

“The New Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show” is inspired by the original shorts and also weaves in elements from the film — they launch the TV variety show because at the end of the movie they’re outed as time travelers, so they decide to capitalize on that. “We loved the straight-up lampooning of historical figures,” Smith said. “We mixed it up a lot, while retaining the comedy of the Jay Ward show.”

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  1. Phy says:

    I’m just giving my opinion here because there is 2 seasons of Mr.peabody and Sherman wich I love. But they did so well with the show and put so much time and detail. But then in the movie it looksd like it could have been longer and more detailed. Which it could have. All I’m saying is that they could have made Penny get lost in time again or Sherman go back in time to when Mr.Peabody “died” or something. It would have made it way more detailed and longer. I think that they should do a second movie . I personally think it would have success because it’s a heartwarming movie and people love it from 2014-2016. So just give it a chance and I garentee it will be great!😊

  2. shawnee says:


  3. Not Oblivious says:

    The neighbor downstairs is ana two decades old caricature of African American women. Large framed – which is constantly focused on – frames of literally just her big round butt, the back of her head, and her feet, loud, and encroaching. Sad I just watched this with my daughters (7 and 8) who both were slack jawed with grimaces on their faces watching it in silence. Oblivious people would never see this. It’s just an annoying side character for comic relief. But no. She isn’t “generally” annoying, she is fulfilling a stereotype. In a rebooted show for 2015. Of a decades dead mischaracterization of women of color. It’s not only unnecessary, the show would be the exact same without it, but hurts it and the people watching it who are either aware or share skin tones with this negative imagery. Sorry that you probably don’t understand. Sorry for my wife and my daughters. They have more of the same to look forward to when they and as they grow up. Thanks folks for trying.

  4. Jimmy McKee says:

    I just hope this better than the LAST Jay Ward based reboot DHX produced, George of the Jungle
    the George of the Jungle reboot sucked majorly, gone was Tom Slick, Super Chicken and the charm and in comes Fella and Ursula as separate characters and George reduced to an annoying, wimpy crybaby

  5. SureShot says:

    I really enjoyed the film. It deserved better than it got at the box office.

    Hmmm….can’t say I love those 2D character designs though. Not very appealing. I wish the animators would take a look at the pilot episode of the original P & S show. Those designs look much better, especially for Peabody.

    Glad the kid voice actor has returned. He was great as Sherman.

  6. Jason says:

    I really liked the 3D show. I think it was highly underrated.

  7. Murray says:

    Should be better than that awful CGI animated piece of crap movie that came out last year.

  8. Jon Meyer says:

    I think this show would be great. And i sure hope Penny would be in the show. Also i have a dream to make a movie of Rocky and Bullwinkle at DreamWorks Animation which will focus on Rocky and Bullwinkle and Mr. Peabody Sherman and Penny. It may seem like a crazy idea but that’s all i got.

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