Katie Couric Renews Yahoo News Anchor Deal

Katie Couric presented to actress Claire
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Katie Couric will remain the face of Yahoo’s global coverage, thanks to a renewed deal between the veteran news anchor and the Internet portal.

Yahoo agreed to pay Couric $10 million a year, up from the $6 million both sides agreed on when she first signed up with in 2013, according to reports. A Yahoo spokesperson sent us the following statement confirming the deal:

“We can confirm that Katie continues to be Yahoo’s global news anchor. We don’t comment on rumors, speculation or personnel matters.”

Couric has been interviewing well-known political figures like former defense secretary Robert Gates and Secretary of State John Kerry for Yahoo, which has been promoting Couric’s interviews on its massively popular home page. Before joining Yahoo, Couric’s home was ABC, where she worked as ABC News anchor as well as host of her own talk show, “Katie.” Previous stints as anchor of the CBS Evening News and NBC’s “Today” also made her quite a get for Yahoo.

Couric’s move to Yahoo has been seen as a sign for the growing importance of original content to Internet companies, as well as an erosion of TV eyeballs — but she hasn’t disappeared from the TV screen altogether. As part of a partnership between Yahoo and ABC, Couric is still a special contributor to ABC News.

For Yahoo, signing and renewing with Couric is also about shifting ad revenue from display advertising to more profitable video ads. Case in point: Couric was one of the better-known faces at Yahoo’s Newfront presentation for advertisers in New York this past April, and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer called Couric “a very profitable and good investment” in a recent interview with Fortune magazine.

Other big media bets made by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer include the hiring of New York Times technology journalist David Pogue, and picking up a new season of “Community” after its cancellation by NBC.

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  1. Sam America says:

    and when is the other no talent annoying BALD LITTLE BOY Matt gonna get his walking papers?

  2. ima right says:


  3. Myron Monk says:

    Goodgawd, she is terrible… stiff and boring.. a human cliche.

  4. Elsewhere says:

    So no one, even NBC wanted her back. The Yahoo board of directors should take a long look at the contract of the CEO who negotiated this deal.

  5. johnnygreen101 says:

    Oh thats right she is on yahoo news. Silly me I kind of stop using yahoo last year when they went from the best email service down to the worst. This is what happens when you use sub standard programmers from another country. Oh well!

  6. Richard 1725 says:

    A prime example of a liberal/socialist propagandist!..

  7. Tom says:

    Yahoo has its own news? Who knew? Certainly no one of consequence or serious reader of the news.

  8. anon says:

    I wonder how Yahoo tech employees feel about that wrinkled old ditz getting $10m/year to spout her bird-brained progressive nonsense while they work in the trenches for one percent of that?

  9. Kenny says:

    Who would pay this idiot so much for has got a screw loose at yahoo. Then again who listens to yahoo and Ms. Meyer anymore? Goes to show what happens when you put progressive Hillary Clinton liberal woman hacks in charge. Katie Couric isn’t worth a dime and has about as much credibility as Brian Williams on NBC.

  10. Ken says:

    I get pleasure in deleting this pig’s comments. Like she ain’t worth minimum wage…………………….

  11. Paladin says:

    She used to be cute… her only positive… further proof that libs use their heads for suppositories!!!

  12. Hobo Bill says:

    She’s a global kind a gal spreading her love everywhere huh?

  13. Just switched my homepage. I hope Yahoo goes bankrupt!

  14. denno says:

    the woman is one of the biggest ratings losers in the history of news media yet she keeps getting hired. if yahoo wants anycredibility, stop recycling these progressive losers and start concentrating on putting out good quality product without the ideological propaganda. hollywood would be advised to do the same. good story-quality people-no progressive ideological propaganda. couric is a progressive loser that no one will just cut loose,like george Clooney.

  15. Vincent says:

    Yahoo needs some conservative voices. They do make a pretty pair, though. Hypocritical, dishonest, vapid and mediocre, but pretty.

  16. Morris Minor says:

    I had no idea Yahoo had a news program. But then again, why would I? I prefer getting my news from real news channels.

  17. redwood509 says:

    Utterly inconsequential, she & Ms. meyers are utterly uninteresting, who watches her crap anyway?

  18. Flannigan McGaffigan says:

    Why wouldn’t Couric continue this gig? She’s overpaid, conducts softball propagandist interviews and we viewer/readers are NEVER allowed to post comments. This thin skinned “liberal stooge” is protected, by Yahoo, from our criticism: COWARD!

  19. jona says:

    She’s a dope. Likely, people who watch her simply don’t know who she is and think she’s just another internet airhead in front of a camera.

  20. Hao De says:

    best reason yet to 86 anything to do with yahoo on one’s internet connected device.

    better source for “progressive” spin is straight from “the world headquarters of the progressive political movement”.

    junior un has an english edition available on line through its tokyo news bureau.

  21. Katie Couric is a lib hack. Who hires her does not matter. I have no desire to ever hear her name again. For the person who said this website was taken over by republican, old, white people, sorry, I’m a woman in my forties and I’m an Independent. I still don’t like Couric.

  22. David K says:

    looks like Variety is the victim of “Conservative” trolls yet again. I believe this story is about Katie Couric and Yahoo, not politics. Another chance for old, white, racist homophobic geezers to complain. Guys-can you get the door-the cryptkeeper is waiting.

    • denno says:

      looks like a white progressive loser can’t stand alternative opinion-and speaking of old-have you seen the old white geezer squad the dems have running for president- the new one-Bernie saunders and his published memoirs of his rape fantasies from the 70’s. he and bill Clinton should get together. or maybe they already have

      • ima right says:

        the progressive liberals make everything about politics except when it comes to them paying their
        fair share and taxes and following their own Nazi rules that the rest of us pay for! dope!

    • John D. King says:

      Of course, poor old Yahoo is a “victim” of someone who doesn’t admire it. Ooh, the swinishness of these right-wingers never ceases.

  23. Joe Drager says:

    A match made in heaven – dumb and dumber. Appropriate for the low information readers of Yahoo – whose creed is all the biased useless information your will ever need.

  24. bobo says:

    Yahoo “news” is a joke and so is Couric. She’s dumb as a box of rocks and her voice is like fingernails on a blackboard.

  25. Hao De says:

    best reason so far to delete any yahoo baggage from one’s pc.

  26. Jeff Shaffer says:

    I have one question for Yahoo, Why do you not allow comments on KC’s reports? It is almost the same question that you could ask Hillary’s campaign. The truth is that her leanings are well known and without something to balance her reports all you get is her illusion of the truth.
    When she went to work for Yahoo did she say I will be happy to work here but I do not want any comments from the Peanut Gallery. Yahoo, her reports are not in line with the Howdy Dowdy Show.

  27. r blome says:

    i’m sure there were so many others fighting to hire her

  28. srvwp2013 says:

    Just as Barack got taken down by his Democrats today, on Fast Trak, so has Katie been taken down from the highest floors at 30 Rock and now cast into one of Dante’s Circles of Hell. These people who see fit to lord it over us lowly citizens for years on end finally get theirs IN THE END. America does not like divas and prima donnas. We only put up pedestals for those Americans who have really mattered to this country. All others we tear down.

  29. T says:

    Grab the first bug-eyed flat nose you see off the street and have them read the news for you. Who reads the news is not important, it is who you can bich out because they didn’t watch the same bug-eyed flat nose read the news is WHAT MATTERS!

  30. fribble says:

    $10 million a year and she now reaches no one. Talk about a Yahoo.

  31. Miles Hession says:

    Total waste of money. She is a great example of lousy “journalism”

  32. naro says:

    Has one person sought Couric on Yahoo. Has anyone watched her there? Yahoo is insane.

  33. The woman is an imbecile. She is stupid enough to be a California senator.

  34. RDP says:

    You really cares…

  35. Nanny Mo says:

    I’m blown away how we recycle the same baboons but then expect the tree to smell different. I hope they put her name on the articles, it will make it faster to skip over them.

  36. T says:

    It horrifies me that people actually watch this witch. Sad!

  37. sailordude says:

    LOL, Katie is slumming over at the Obama endorsed Yahoo “news”. Hey, it’s a living and gotta pay the bills. Just ask Bill Clinton about all of that. Oh wait, Yahoo and her would never care.

  38. One has to wonder how people like Katie Couric get to where they are. No one I know can stand this annoying b!tch. Yahoo could hire any girl off the street for millions less and she could easily fill this halfwits shoes at a bargain rate. Bob Costas is another one. No one can stand the pretentious d!ck yet somehow he continues to be employed.

  39. 66stang says:

    Yahoo is still in business?

    • Nanny Mo says:

      Barely, they gave me a free email, so I use them, but then so do a lot of people nowadays. Well Oblah-Oblah and the dumb GOP get done giving away the internet to foreign powers, I guess the Arabs or China will give me a free account. Dumbest country, ever!

  40. andy says:

    I will not be buying Yahoo stock. When will Yahoo dismiss their CEO?

  41. Centurion53 says:

    I HATE this Liberal Progressive C @ # T!! She AND Yahoo can both go to H E L L!!!

    • Old Vet says:

      why would anyone pay that kind of money .no one watches her show. You could replace her with the three stooges and draw a bigger audience.

  42. Junebug says:

    Has-been wash-ups and MSNBC rejects all end up “working” for Yahoo.

  43. chris says:

    Following the liberal course… Yahoo is practically more left than Google…. If that could be possible….
    She will fit right in… Pro open borders and pro drug… Just another day.

  44. Chris says:

    “Katie Couric will remain the face of Yahoo’s global coverage.”

    Really? Yahoo has “global” coverage? Katie Couric is still working? How interesting. I have no idea where to find it/her (nor, I bet, do 99% of your readers.)

    And how is Yahoo paying her $10 million salary? It can’t be from advertising revenues from her “show.” Because no one is watching.

  45. Bubba big stick says:

    Useless begits useless

  46. Nauseating, especially for such a light-weight

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