Joan Lunden Launches Internet-Video Channel Focused on Breast Cancer

joan lunden
Courtesy of Joan Lunden

Joan Lunden, former host of ABC’s “Good Morning America” and a breast-cancer survivor, has launched an online subscription-video network dedicated to providing information on the disease and fostering a community for women who are fighting breast cancer.

Lunden launched “Alive With Joan” last week on the Tapp subscription-video platform. Tapp was founded in 2014 by former NBCUniversal TV chairman Jeff Gaspin and ex-CNN U.S. president Jon Klein. “Alive With Joan” costs $10 per month; Lunden said 15% of the proceeds will go to breast-cancer research.

“I want to create a community for women who feel like they’re going through this alone,” Lunden said.

Susan G. Komen and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation have teamed with Lunden on the channel. In addition, Ford Motor Co.’s Ford Warriors in Pink is a charter sponsor of “Alive With Joan.”

Lunden, 64, is launching the channel one year after her diagnosis of triple-negative breast cancer. “Alive With Joan” will provide info ranging from how to break the news of a cancer diagnosis to family and friends to how to shop for wigs. Subscribers will be able to connect with Lunden and other breast-cancer survivors via video chats, town-hall meetings, and “ask-me-anything” segments.

“There are 3.5 million (breast-cancer) survivors in the U.S.,” Lunden said. “When you get to that stage, you need hope – you need community.”

Lunden said YouTube approached her about creating a channel dedicated to breast cancer stories. But, she said, she opted to launch a dedicated site in the belief that it would provide a better forum for cancer survivors. “Alive With Joan” is produced by Lunden’s daughter, Sarah Krauss, from L.A.

“Joan has been a source of education and inspiration for millions of people living with a breast cancer diagnosis, and we’re honored to be a part of this groundbreaking channel,” Susan G. Komen president-CEO Judy Salerno said in a statement.

Tapp last summer teamed with Sarah Palin to launch her dedicated SVOD “Sarah Palin Channel.”

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  1. Mary Brandes says:

    I am appalled that only 15% of your proceeds will actually benefit TN breast cancer patients, you say, ““I want to create a community for women who feel like they’re going through this alone,” Well, ma’am, I hate to tell you this but most of us are NOT movie/actress stars, we struggle to put $10 in our gas tank to go for the next treatment. Could you not have found sponsors for that?? Really?!! I get my TNBC support from my breast cancer group FREE….there are over 2000 of us…and a nurse navigator FREE….I do not agree with the way you are presenting this….unless you’re rich, you won’t get to watch it….well, if I had the money, I still wouldn’t watch…this is not support….

  2. Cynthia Vardon says:

    Sorry to hear that you have joined the TNBC group but i think you could use your fame and rolodex to have other celebrities help fund the expense rather charging those in the fight struggling to choose between paying for chemo meds and paying rent to pay to listen to this service. There are other free options out there and i think that the fact that a mere 15% is going to research speaks volumes. This is very disappointing and i won’t be watching!

  3. Denis Halliwell says:

    Joan, I think you had poor advice when it was suggested you do a subscription program on TNBC…a supportive program, yes. But the fee is a no-no in this support field. Many of us spend hours each day holding hands and even drying tears of fear…no fee. Bag the fee!

  4. I also am a TNBC survivor. My question why would we pay a fee every month for information about TNBC, when there are so many websites we can go on and get all the information er need for free. $ 9.95 is not that much for me, but for a single mom with children, this amont could add up. Shame on you Joan Lunden to tray to make money this way. And better do some re search on the Suzanne Kommen foundation, you could be surprises.

  5. Lisa Mason says:

    Joan…..I assume you put your name on this to support survivors, as opposed to making a profit. However, I wish you had thought a little harder about charging us. In my naive mind, I just assumed you could garner enough sponsors to pay for the costs.$9 is not a whole lot of money for me, but I would venture to guess the majority of us can’t say that……and we have very informative free online communities already that provide a wealth on information. Please reconsider!

  6. Carrie campbell says:

    Joan I am a TNBC survivor, also work in a cancer tx center for 31 years and an advocate for women in the pittsburgh PA area. I was saddened by the news that u had Breast cancer but at the same time thrilled that TNBC would finally have a famous voice. When I heard that there would be a channel for Breast cancer called alive I was ecstatic. But then I found out u would charge $9.95/month to watch this channel. What a disgrace. U should be ashamed of yourself. And great a mere 15% goes to research what about all of your triple negative sisters. We deserve better that this. What a let down.

  7. Jennifer Diabo says:

    Shame on you for trying to profit off us survivors. When struggling to pay medical bills, and just meet basic needs after a cancer diagnosis, $9 per month is expensive. I don’t understand why she thinks this is ok. Offering a free service would have garnered her the respect I just now cannot give. From survivor to survivor, I can say this is a disgrace.

  8. Knowledge is empowerment.. If you are BRCA positive or at high risk due to family history, please go to the My Destiny Foundation, Inc. webpage and learn more about how you can protect your future. We emotionally and financially assist women who are at high risk for breast cancer. We also have an amazing, private online support group for women only through FB with over 2000 women from all over the world supporting and empowering one another through their journey.. To learn more about us, please visit:

  9. Sofia Reino says:

    Love the idea but hate the fact that we would have to pay. I belong to a FB TNBC gp and we have an amazing and tight community where we all help each other. I would be ok with donations that would go straight to research, but not as a business. Sad, Most that are dealing with cancer already have enough financial burden and last thing we need is $120/yer more to add to our burden.

  10. I am associated with a group of TNBC survivors on Facebook. There is no cost in belonging to this group where members share their experiences with TNBC with one another. There is no cost involved. Comments in the group about Jonan Lunden charging a fee for her online program have all been negative. We want her to know this.

    • Mary Brandes says:

      FREE support….24/7’s… Denis is our hero…we are each others strenght, we are NOT alone and it doesn’t cost a thing!!

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