Google Chrome Filter Blocks Donald Trump From Your Internet

donald trump
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Donald Trump’s presence in the news in the past few months has grown astronomically. For those sick of reading about him, an unsung hero has emerged with a Google Chrome extension called the Trump Filter.

The Trump Filter does just what the name implies: It filters out references of The Donald from any web browsing search. There are three levels to the filtration: mild, aggressive and vindictive.

According to CNNMoney, the filter was created by Rob Spectre, a self-proclaimed Internet Mathemagician, who did so “out of a profound sense of annoyance and patriotic duty.”

“I hope folks will take this opportunity to learn more about the wide field of candidates out there,” Spectre said. “People are looking to turn him off.”

Users can avoid Trump stories such as his recent scare with a 27-year-old bald eagle named Uncle Sam during a photo shoot with Time Magazine. The resulting video became an instantly popular GIF.

He also called out President Obama earlier this week about spending time to watch the new “Star Wars” movie. “We are in a serious war,” a video released by Trump said. “Our president is busy with another war.”

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  1. Jay Villwock says:

    Donald Trump is a daily embarrassment for the country sure people are frustrated and many are very angry at a government that seems out of touch and useless but to turn to Trump is like jumping into an active volcano. I’m convinced that he can’t do the things he promises and I have no idea what he would really do if elected . Just say no to Trump do it for the nation.

  2. zerozumbo says:

    This is great!

    How about an extension that burns books!!!

    It’ll be an instant hit.

    Excuse me, I’m late for my lobotomy followup…

  3. Matt Young says:

    Trump Tells it like it is…like it is in his own head.

  4. TT says:

    I see it’s upsetting people miserable enough to vote for him – their comments are always fun to read

  5. Donald R. DeCicco says:

    The liberals must really be afraid of Trump. Why else would they create a computer program which censors all references to Donald Trump? This is exactly why Trump must be elected President… He’s making career politicians on both sides of the aisle very nervous, which is good for the people and good for the political process.

  6. Wow! Like, he becomes an ‘Unperson’? Stalin did the same kind of thing, people were disappeared from photographs who fell to his disapproval. How very democratic of Chrome… Not!

  7. 567 says:

    How about a whiny liberal blocker?

  8. Ancient Briton says:

    Having watched a BBC World Service report suggesting that Mr Trump’s messages are being used by a Somali terrorist organisation called Al Shabab to encourage recruiting, may I suggest he must really be a guy well worth paying attention to! He’s obviously a danger to ISIS and suchlike ‘friendly’ powers!!

  9. Lena says:

    He is a disgusting piece of trash and good for Chrome. He is the most boring, obnoxious creature that has ever walked the earth and spews nothing but garbage…America is more intelligent than to nominate a disaster in the making in!!!

    • Donald R. DeCicco says:

      If you have such a poor opinion of Donald Trump,then I’m sure that you have similar feelings about the immoral political gangster and lying thug, Hillary Clinton!

  10. iiifrogs says:

    Who the hell do they think they are? And what country are they based in now? Must not be America. We don’t need their supervision or poorly-intentioned coddling censorship. We all grown, here. Mind your own business, Google.

  11. Henry says:

    Where’s the one for Clinton. I’d definitely like that one.

  12. Ray says:

    Can we get a filter for the Kardashian family…oh, and of the Jenners, Pleeeeeeeeeese.

  13. Amy says:

    I thought a search engine is supposed to PROVIDE information…not censor it! I’m not interested in Google’s liberal political agenda and as a Conservative voter I’m offended by this app. NO presidential candidate information, including information regarding liberal candidates, should be “filtered” from the Internet.

    • rkossik says:

      Seriously? You actually think that giving people the ability to choose for themselves what they want to see is censorship? LOL!

      • Bob Lee says:

        LOL Lena Trump is not a war monger he was a draft dodger and so was your Boy Bernie Sanders I have no respect for both. Why do we have to choose between two Draft Dodgers, a Criminal, a Canadian, two doctors (a least they are trustworthy), a person who Ditches Work, a Corrupt CEO, a Crybaby, a Unknown Governor from Ohio, and some person that looks like they haven’t left Hometown Buffet. Ever since we let Frank Marshall’s Love Child control this country we have been more divided in this country its a sad day when Vladimir Putin is fighting on the right side shame on you President Obama, Shame on you Angela Merkel, Shame on you David Cameron, Shame on you Francois Hollondae, Shame on you Justin Trudeau.

      • Lena says:

        He is not a serious candidate…he is a war monger and people should have the right to shut him up and this is a good start!!! No-one takes him seriously…well maybe a few lost souls do…but he sounds like a broken record. The election is about America….not about him!!!!

  14. Patricia Hamilton says:

    This creator, Rob Spectre, is probably seeing a huge lawsuit for this, and well he should. This is illegal.

    • Dorian Gray says:

      No it isn’t, he is not stopping anyone from reading about the “hairdo” if that is what they want. It is for people like me to CHOOSE to have “hairdo” removed from my Google reading. Won’t affect anyone else who wants to read about the “anti-christ”. Stay calm?

    • it cant be illegal for a number of reasons. First, google is a private company and so is their search engine. There is no free speech issue that would make it llegal. Even assuming it was censorship (it’s not since google is not the government and no free speech right exists against private parties), the First Amendment certainly doesn’t guarantee the right to be heard. This app merely allows people who do not want to hear speech related to trump to filter it out. Second, it is a voluntary plugin. Where do trump supporters get off claiming that I can’t use a voluntary plugin on MY COMPUTER to filter his cheese whiz headed self from GOOGLE’S PRIVATE SEARCH ENGINE when I conduct searches on MY PRIVATE INTERNET CONNECTION?

      When you put it in perspective, it becomes clear nothing illegal is occurring.

  15. conga1 says:

    Ignore the asterisks and type the actual word in the Chrome Store search box for a Chrome extension called “Some rich a**hole” that substitutes “Some rich a**hole for any mention of “Donald Trump” in Google Search results, web text, Twitter, YouTube, to name a few.

  16. Freedom lover says:

    I don’t enjoy listening to the Donald or lots of others also. But when a search engine decides who and what goes on the Internet, haven’t we become the same as China and N. Korea. With Google taking the place of the tyrant dictator?

    • rkossik says:

      OMG, can anyone read? Google isn’t doing anything; this is a Chrome extension that was created by someone else. And extensions don’t affect anyone except those who install them because they want them.

    • Patricia Hamilton says:

      I agree with your comment “Freedom lover”.

      • calipatti says:

        freedom lover You are a idiot.
        No one is censoring anything,
        it is a choice.
        Get the APP or do not. Choice!

        Trump fans apparently can’t read.

  17. Whisper Willow says:

    Delete the liar, Hillary Clinton too.

  18. April says:

    While you are at it Google….take out the Kardasians too please!!!!

  19. Bill B. says:

    A truly awesome feature. I am so tired of reading & hearing this madman’s crazy rants & the comments from his lunatic followers.

  20. Jinxi Richow says:

    Awesome feature. I would love to have an ‘app’ that could delete Donald Trump from the entirety of American History.

    Imagine if Germans could expunge Adolf Hilter from their history.

    • Patricia Hamilton says:

      To ignore or block historical facts would be a travesty. That is why this Google Chrome app is illegal and probably will be discontinued, hopefully!

      • rkossik says:

        Dorian, yep, the ignorant are emboldening the ignorant!

      • Dorian Gray says:

        Okay you really are not getting this. You can read all you want about “hairdo”. I and it seems many others, choose not to. That is called living in America. I don’t need to read, listen or see anything I don’t want to AS long as I don’t stop you. So I will add the Google extension and you, freedom lover and whoever else do not have to.
        I do find it amusing that all the “hairdo” lovers have no actual comprehension of what they are reading. It explains why he keeps getting people interested. They have no real idea what he is saying or in most cases NOT saying. Hopefully they all come to their senses.

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