CNN to Live Stream Democratic Debate In Virtual Reality

Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus

CNN is going up close and personal for the Democratic Debate on October 13: The news network will stream the debate live in virtual reality (VR), thanks to a cooperation with VR live streaming company NextVR.

Owners of a Samsung Gear VR headset will be able to pick their own point of view during the debate, and for example focus on candidates while they are not speaking to find one of those unguarded moments that get lost in a traditional telecast.

The live stream follows a little experiment CNN and NextVR did during the latest Republican debate: NextVR captured the debate at the Ronald Reagan library earlier this month in 360-degree VR video, and then made it available for download through the NextVR app on GearVR.

It’s unlikely that a lot of viewers are going to tune in for the debate live stream next month, as not many people have bought a VR headset yet. However, audiences for these kinds of live streams could grow as headsets become more affordable and widely available. On Thursday, Samsung announced that it will start selling a consumer-ready version of GearVR for $99 this fall.

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  1. Mark says:

    Wow, so many people who are set off by innocuous things such as a virtual reality headset. Quick to shout during an argument and cry that the sky is falling as well?

  2. 85wzen says:

    But it’s just Hillary, more Hillary, and still more of Her. Who’s the star here?

  3. Jake Wood says:

    Will not watch this debate. Nothing good

  4. scottyp says:

    Be it Virtual, TV, or any other type of viewing technology, Debbie whatshername Shultz will still look like the skank moron she is!

  5. Fragulator says:

    Live streamed in virtual reality. Thats about all the libtards have is “virtual” reality. They live in a land of lollipops, and bunnies.

  6. Of all the events that might provide a good VR opportunity, the least likely to spark an interest in VR technology would be a debate between a 70-year old lying female, a mentally challenged career politician, and a Socialist who even o’bama considers radical.

  7. Joshua Sand says:

    No one will watch the democratic party’s “two white billionaires and a Clinton” show so they have to resort to trying to make it “cute” with the VR. This’ll be the lowest ratings ever. But what does it matter anyways? Regardless of how many people watch this all the dems are just going to blindly vote for Hillary anyway. And even if no one watches the debates, no one vote for Hillary, it doesn’t matter. Hilary has already been “selected” for president. Just like Obama: the president nobody wanted. Twice. Voting doesn’t matter.

  8. Flannigan McGaffigan says:

    More appropriate is to say the debate will be streamed in “pseudo reality.”

  9. gphx says:

    ‘CNN to Live Stream Democratic Debate In Virtual Reality’
    I’d settle for it being streamed in reality.

  10. It should be streamed in virtual comedy!

  11. Claudia Houston says:

    what kind of tv do you have to have?

    • Fragulator says:

      Some type of 3d glass, like the $1000 OculusRift I imagine. The left will provide those to anyone who gives a $2500 donation to the DNC.

  12. Josh biggs says:

    Why not, that is where democrats live most of their lives anyhow.

  13. Appropriate… The friggin Democrats live in a reality that no rational, sane, law abiding ,ethical person could inhabit.

  14. Buzz says:

    Wonder if I can keep up with the number of lies Hillary will tell?

    NEVER expect a democrat, especially Hillary Clinton, to tell the truth.

  15. virtual reality is the only place socialism actually works

  16. antirap says:

    science fiction always looks better in Virtual Reality…so this will be a thriller

  17. Blandly Urgane says:

    If there were ever a place for “virtual reality” it is definitely in this realm

  18. Walter Mitty says:

    More like, “Geriatric Reality”…

  19. Newzapalooza says:

    7 years is enough liberal reality!

  20. Mike says:

    Glad to hear that there will be at least some version of reality at the upcoming Democratic debate! :-)

  21. It will be interesting to watch how the Communist News Network handles this debate. Their strategy during the Republican debate was to try and make those candidates look bad by stirring up any “bad blood” between them, thus trying to make them look bad, and to foster divisiveness. Ten bucks says CNN will soft ball the Democrats debate. It is tiring and infuriating how propaganda machines like CNN choose to attempt to lead American’s around by the nose. Karma will eventually have consequences for this patently immoral behavior.

  22. The world is finally catching up to today’s REALITY. The Liberal Democrats have for quite a while been nothing but “Virtual Reality”.

  23. surfpick says:

    My domain name 3DThrills would be perfect for this industry.

  24. Mike Herman says:

    All Democratic debates are about virtual reality.

  25. jiminhouston says:

    Any reality among dimoCraps would have to be virtual.

  26. Eskyman says:

    This is the Democratic “debate”- so I’m quite sure there’ll be a virtual audience in that virtual reality. Who needs meat people?

  27. HalfNorsk says:

    “Virtual reality.” Pretty much sums up the Democrat party.

  28. M S says:

    How appropriate.

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