Chelsea Handler Rips E!, Says Upcoming Netflix Show Like ‘60 Minutes’ But ‘Faster, Cooler’

Chelsea Handler TCA
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Chelsea Handler doesn’t yet know what her Netflix talk show is going to be like, but here’s a safe bet: It won’t be anything like her E! gig.

The comedian ripped her former employer repeatedly in an appearance Wednesday at the Code Media conference, where she indicated her interest in taking her act in a more serious direction that she even compared with doing a cooler version of “60 Minutes.”

Handler alternated between waxing rhapsodic about her experience working at Netflix with trashing her time at E!, where she hosted a latenight show for seven years that ended in 2014.

“It’s such a different relationship than with E!; it’s nice to be involved in a show where I do respect their opinions,” she said. “It’s like going out with a guy that you’re proud to be seen with.”

Handler expressed her excitement at being able to break away from the tabloid fodder that she often focused on at E!, joking at one point that she had tired of that content by the second season of her series. Singling out the drama of Bruce Jenner and the Kardashian family, she remarked: “I just don’t want to ever have to see that again. I don’t care. I don’t care about that.”

She was dismissive of the network-TV development experience, rejecting the creative notes of executives whom she labeled as either not being funny or having the correct experience to oversee an entertainment program.

“Network TV is so limiting. There are so many parameters,” she noted.

But one element of network TV that is providing her inspiration for her Netflix project, scheduled for 2016, is “60 Minutes,” though with a distinct twist that she also compared to “The Daily Show” in its focus on current events.

“I would like a healthy mix of everything that goes on around the world,” she said, mentioning Syria and ISIS as potential subjects, “mixed with interesting stuff in our country. The well-roundedness of ’60 Minutes’ but faster, quicker, cooler.”

She envisions the project having a correspondent and not airing five nights a week.

“We don’t have a clear idea of what my talk show is going to be at 2016,” she said. “We’re trying to find a format. I don’t want just my audience that was there at E!; I want to grow up.”

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  1. Brian Miller says:

    Ahhh not 5 days a week? So like everyone else these days…..Granted she had only been doing 4 days at E! but I hate the trend to 4 days per week for talk shows. I know Friday is a dead night for TV across the board. I hope she finds a balance between seriousness, and bashing Honey boo boo, or Khardashian types. That’s what I liked about her show, her comments on all that, and the fellow comedians. Miss the hell out of her usual cast of comedians, they were what often made the show. And Dave Grohl was probably THE BEST guest host she ever had…..

  2. Bill B. says:

    She’s clearly very intelligent, but I don’t know how I will feel about watching her in a more serious vein. I like her & thought her very funny, so I hope whatever they do works, though it sounds like they have a long way to go in deciding a format. She’s right about TV Networks. Executives are not creative people for the most part. She always seemed a bit bored, and sometimes hungover, on her last show, but I always thought it was just part of the act and really enjoyed it. Apparently more than she did.

  3. Jacques Strappe says:

    It’s one thing to be excited and complimentary about your new employer and gig but why so pissy about the E-Network? If she despised it that much, why did she stay so long in the first place. Good luck to Netflix in handling this troubled individual. I can’t imagine Handler lasting beyond a year or two until she either burns bridges at Netflix as well and is canceled or bolts due to creative differences. Whatever. She seems as screwed up and needy as the reality stars she smugly trashes.

  4. Guest says:

    Uh, it’s E!, what did she think it would be like??? It’s E!-Entertainment Television. Home of Wild On! with Tara Reid. Home of the Kartrashians. It’s not a “news” network at all. Stick to the topic on hand.

  5. Julienne says:

    Too many cooks in the kitchen. That’s why Network TV is soooooooooo bad!

  6. Julie says:

    Sorry, but she is not on the level of anything resembling 60 Minutes.

  7. sharon walker says:

    Anyone could tell she was tired of talking about the Kartrashian’s. Now when is the talk going to grow up and stop making them headlines!

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