Apple Music Won’t Work With Your Sonos Speakers At Launch

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Photo: Janko Roettgers / Variety

Don’t expect to listen to Apple’s new music service through your Sonos speakers when it launches later this monthApple Music subscription speakers won’t work with internet-connected loudspeakers from Sonos at launch, confirmed a Sonos spokesperson Monday afternoon.

Asked about any partnership with Apple, Sonos’ spokesperson sent the following statement:

“Sonos will not have Apple Music on it at launch but we fully expect to support them when they’re ready to focus on the home listening experience. Right now they’re fully focused on mobile .”

Sonos has been supporting Beats Music’s subscription service, which Apple bought as part of its Beats Electronics acquisition a year ago. However, Beats is expected to shut down following the launch of Apple Music, with Apple automatically transferring Beats Music playlists and other user data to its new service.

Apple executives made no mention of Sonos or any other connected audio platform during the keynote announcement of Apple Music, but the new service will support AirPlay-certified speakers as well as beaming music to Apple TV.

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  1. JEfke says:

    Never believe what media writes …

  2. peterplant says:

    Apple has confirmed that Sonos support is coming ASAP

  3. MrG8000 says:

    Lack of Sonos integration means Apple Music is a no-go for for me. Sorry, Apple. I love your products, but we;ve got too much invested in Sonos to jump ship. Loos like we’ll be sticking with Spotify until you play nice with Sonos.

  4. Steve says:

    Is this an issue? I’ve never even heard of Sonos speakers, and don’t care if Apple products allow Sonos to integrate with Apple. News Flash: Sonos (whomever they are) don’t hold a monopoly on speaker technology.

  5. Luis says:

    Apple Music must be on Sonos, that’s a fact. It will be a huge mistake if that doesn’t happen.

  6. praxiz says:

    For me for years now, the combination of our Apple environment – several Sonos speakers in every room
    and several Synology NAS in different cities – generating our own independent private cloud… this
    was one of the most genius solutions, ever!

    But now, when I must choose between supporting Apple or Sonos, Apple will win and Sonos can stay out in the cold. Why?
    I can always play Spotify and so much more on my Mac and iOS devices – but if I can’t play Apple Music on my Sonos, my speakers getting fu… worthless!

    Apple is huge enough, they don’t care about a little speaker company down the US-101 S in Santa Barbara. I hope this clever guys from Sonos do know, they going down when not supporting very fast the new Apple music service. They can flirt a little with some flatscreen producers from Asia, but this guys have own bluetooth solutions too.

    But iPhone and iPad without Sonos speakers doesn’t work….. There is the true marked for Sonos.

    Flirting with the wrong companies will kill Sonos. I hope this guys are more clever then that and support Apples new revolutionizing service. There is truly a revolution on its way and Sonos has to follow or die
    when people finding other solutions.

    • I sure hope what you are spewing is sarcasm. Sonos would love to support Apple Music just as they would have loved to support iTunes Radio. Apple is the one not opening up their products to play on third party products. Unless of course you pay the Apple tax in the form of Air Play certification.

  7. Apple Music will have a hard time surviving if it doesn’t add SONOS support. I firmly believe this is why iTunes Radio didn’t take off at all and why Spotify and Pandora have taken off. It will be a huge mistake to not open it to SONOS. Seeing how there will be an android app, I remain hopefull.

  8. darcihanning says:

    >>we fully expect to support them when they’re ready to focus on the home listening experience. Right now they’re fully focused on mobile .

    What a ludicrous statement. How did Beats focus on the “home listening experience” exactly? It doesn’t have a desktop app (Apple does, it’s called iTunes) and you can hardly call Beat’s web app the end all be all of the home listening experience. And ultimately, all these streaming services that Sonos supports are accessed from Sono mobile and desktop apps so what the eff, Sonos??

  9. Apple Music will make it very difficult for the other streaming providers to survive as Apple already has millions and millions of credit cards on file, making it that much easier for an individual to use Apple music rather than subscribing to an outside service.

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