Amazon Studios Scraps Series Order for Chris Carter’s ‘The After’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Amazon Studios The After Cancelled

Amazon Studios has dropped its series order for the Chris Carter drama “The After.”

Amazon ordered the show to series last March, along with five other projects, after getting strong viewer feedback to the pilot that debuted on Amazon Prime last February.

Amazon would not elaborate on why the series was tabled but offered a statement from Roy Price, veep of Amazon Studios. Only the pilot was produced.

“We have decided to not move forward with ‘The After,’ ” said Price. “We would like to thank Chris Carter, the phenomenal cast, crew and producers for all their efforts.”

The pilot produced last year featured a large ensemble cast including Adrian Pasdar, Sharon Lawrence, Jamie Kennedy, Aldis Hodge, Andrew Howard, Arielle Kebbel, Sam Littlefield, Louise Monot and Jaina Lee Ortiz. It first aired on the Amazon Prime platform in February.

Amazon gave “The After” a platform as part of its presentation at last summer’s Television Critics Assn. press tour. The drama revolved around eight strangers forced to survive in a violent world that defies explanation. Carter, creator and exec producer of “The X-Files,” said at TCA that he was using Dante’s “Inferno” for inspiration.

Amazon’s most recent original series entry, the comedic drama “Mozart in the Jungle,” has been generally well received by critics. And the Jeffrey Tambor starrer “Transparent” helped put Amazon Prime on the pop culture map last year thanks to the critical raves for the Jill Soloway dark comedy about a family man who comes out as transgender.

The netcaster ramped up its series efforts for Amazon Prime in late 2013 with the comedies “Alpha House,” which was renewed for a sophomore season,  and “Betas,” which was not.

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  1. Dreamer202 says:

    Well, leave it to amazon to cancel a good movie. All of the prime movies suck on amazon like 80% do. Finally found this movie to watch and now it’s cancelled. Please please bring it back.

  2. Terrez says:

    Way disappointed was looking forward to watching this show. Amazon is truly wrong for not going ahead with this show.

  3. Jerry says:

    Very disappointed. “The After” pilot let me very excited for the series, and seeing the actor who played Heroes’ Nathan Petrelli in one of the main roles was a special highlight for me.

  4. Thomas Moore says:

    This is truly disappointing. I watched the pilot and thought that we had another great show to watch from Chris Carter. Watch these comments! This needs to be made into a show! Leaves you hanging on the edge

  5. Maahu says:

    Ugh. i have been looking forward to this. Bummer!

  6. Karin says:

    So viewer voting is clearly bullshit. Thanks for nothing, Amazon. I think you are making a huge mistake. But hey, better to try to be like everyone else than be original.

  7. Violet says:

    Oh come ON! I’ve waited a bloody YEAR to watch this and you drop it NOW?!

  8. dan says:

    cant beleave it ive been waiting for this to come out and now to be told its been dropped your fecking me it had me on the end of my sofa wanting more

  9. Martha says:

    I just saw the episode and loved it, loved the cast. I was looking forward to more episodes. I hope someone else picks up the show.

  10. Michael Knight says:

    This really pisses me off. The most interesting show, plot, storyline I have seen in ages and what do they do: pull the rug out from under our feet. Another strike against Amazon. I would much rather have a full season of The After than that of Bosch! You guys are weird.

  11. Kathleen Swapp says:

    I am very disappointed just like most of you who have commented. I have watched The After several times since it was released and was looking forward to more episodes. I loved the charaters and the story and it sucks that it was cancelled. I think this show would have found a great following if given half a chance and I think Amazon really blew it. I love the vision Chris Carter has and I love his work.

  12. laurie says:

    I have to say I am so disappointed. I have been looking forward to a series. I guess Amazon is just like every other television station. It gets you hooked on something and yanks right out from you.

  13. Steve says:

    No way, I have been looking out for The After for months.. they always cancel the ones that I look forward to the most.. Will no other company pick this up?! Please!

  14. SS says:

    Bummer about walking away from “The After”. I want impressed with “Mozart in the Jungle” :-/

  15. Daniel James says:

    Great pilot, great show, amazon executives are idiots, really bad choice. This one the only show they produced with that had any imagination. Amazon doesn’t know anything about the tastes of tv viewers today. I cancelled my amazon prime membership

  16. Michele Antonio Indelicato says:

    Glad that Amazon did not produce this series, they proved a complete incompetence as regards productions tasteful probably etorala will specialize in taste productions and unreliable or low-quality. at least should have the dignity to provide for a producer of quality to continue what he ought to certainly be the best series of genre on TV in recent times. Well at least had the dignity of incompetence.

  17. Patrick Potter says:

    The irony that I am dreadfully sorry that this pilot will not continue as a series is in the fact that it’s been out for 11 months, and I only just found out about it because the news broke on Facebook that it was canceled. Perhaps if Amazon had done a better job promoting their new streaming “TV” series, they would have pleasantly discovered that this, as well as their other pilots, are actually worthy of having full episodic orders. This was certainly far more engaging and intriguing than many of the series pilots I’ve seen in the past. I’d love to see Chris Carter take this series to Netflix or a cable channel and score big with it.

  18. Christian says:

    Truly that’s why when it comes to stream service, Amazon sucks!!! The After was the best of the pilot series it offered and for them to cancel it instead of the other is just stupid. Amazon has the worst movie and show selections and the good ones that they have you have to pay extra to watch. Netflix and Hulu are far better….hell, Crackle is on the same level as Amazon and it’s free!

  19. Mike says:

    I second that! Nooooooooooo! 😩

  20. Jo B says:


  21. Warner Brown says:

    Vague synop “eight strangers forced to survive in a violent world that defies explanation” That could mean anything, it sounds post apocalyptic. We’ve seen those. More original ideas than that need to be mined and discovered. I have one. HW seems to forget to take risks and play safe. Come out with a bunch of zombie films because that’s “safe” boring and tired. The greatest successes come from the greatest risks. The question is who is willing to risk to gain everything? Take Breaking Bad as the prime example of a great risk.

    • ericcartman23 says:

      Ahahaahha. Breaking Bad? Great risk? Are you kidding? They took the same character plot as Mad Men and Dexter, created a black comedy that had very few viewers and then the AMC FORCED Vince Gilligan to turn it into a viewer friendly, crowd-pleaser bleak drama because they saw what happened when they did the same thing with Mad Men. MORE VIEWERS. MORE SUCCESS. When AMC imposed Weiner and Gilligan to change their series they even changed their motto: “Stories Matter Here”. Breaking Bad took no risks, it did things that were already been done so many times on TV and Vince Gilligan himself re used a script and other ideas that he had already developed on The X-Files.

  22. John says:

    Best news I’ve heard all day. “The After” was dreadful and silly – an open-ended mish-mash of incomprehensible, spooky ideas with no real logic and no end in sight. I was disappointed when they picked it up to go to series, but now that they’ve dropped it, I’m thrilled. My faith in Amazon has been renewed.

    (BTW, the basic concept for “The After” was somewhat stolen from the classic Twilight Zone episode “Five Characters in Search of an Exit.” So the idea itself wasn’t even original. Sorry Chris, you’re busted.)

    “Bosch” on the other hand, was excellent. I’m looking forward to that one with great anticipation.

    • ericcartman23 says:

      You’re stupid for the first part. And you’re even more stupid if you think that stealing a plot(which he didn’t do since that Twilight Zone episode was different) is a sign of not being original. You do know that Stanley Kubrick stole the entire bathroom sequence in Full Metal Jacket from The Human Condition Part II, right? But that doesn’t change the fact that FMJ is a great film.

      • Anthony says:

        First of all, anyone that uses the phrase “mishmash” is an idiot John and second, we don’t give a shit what you think. Amazon sucks.

  23. You know what would work with Amazon? Chris Carter’s cancelled series “Harsh Realm.” Just 9 episodes produced for Fox, but a very interesting show that could simply be continued with a “Fifteen Years Later” graphic on a new episode 10. The premise probably was too far ahead of its time and pre-dated “The Matrix.” In 2015, the show would be perfectly in line with all the malevolent artificial intelligence movies pitched and produced. Chris Carter is primarily a writer. If he can re-assemble his great writing teams from “X-Files” and “Millennium” Amazon would have a winner in the class of “House of Cards.” Writing, writing, writing. Just about any kind of story fits into “Harsh Realm’s” format. It’s an ideal online series. “The After” was just too unoriginal to bother with.

    • ScreenPhiles says:

      Chris Carter “stole” the idea for Harsh Realm. It was actually based on a comic, if I recall, which went uncredited. It goes without saying that the creators were a bit miffed.

  24. Kyle says:

    Really disappointed with this news—The After was my favorite of that batch of pilots and was really looking forward to it. (Though the twist at the end lessened my interest a bit).

    I actually found the Transparent and Bosch pilots excruciatingly boring/awful and was shocked those were even picked up.

  25. Not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, the show was nightmarishly awful. Just a big stew filled with rotten vegetables. On the other hand, though, I kind of really wanted to see it. “Incompetent Scumbags vs The Biblical Apocalypse: The Show”. It would be a challenge NOT to watch it. Oh well. Out of my hands now. I guess Chris Carter can just go back to polishing scripts for more X-Files movies that resolve nothing. The world returns to stasis.

    • ericcartman23 says:

      I Want to Believe alone, which by the way is not a great film, completely destroys five seasons of the crappy Breaking Bad with its writing. I Want to Believe, made with only 30 million bucks, dared to treat themes that a very good film like The Dark Knight, which came out in the same week, would have never had the courage to treat.
      The After didn’t move forward because Amazon promised artistic freedom to Chris Carter. That promise was NOT kept and he started focusing much more on AMC’s AREA 51(his next series).

      Wash your filthy mouth when you talk about the most legendary TV Author of all time, kid.

  26. Doc Patt says:

    Well, Jason, that was funny…but not accurate. Bosch is well-scripted (with strong involvement by creator M. Connelly), superbly cast and acted (recognize the lead as Mr. Black from ‘Lost’?), and has strong support both by viewers and it’s producers. “The After”…ehhh, not so much. Much as we all love Chris Carter for his groundbreaking X-Files (both TV and filmic), the newest effort from him seems…effortless. Derivative. Poorly scripted, and poorly acted. Need I say more? On to the next, and Chris, if you’re listening, WAKE UP!!!

    • ericcartman23 says:

      Bosch is the same series that people have made in the last eight years. Same crap made over and over and over. Nothing new. Nothing special about it. The writing is honestly insulting, it’s cheaply shot(as any other Amazon series, though) and the cast is nothing special, either. I just watched it for Jamie Hector, other than that it’s just another “move along, there is nothing to see here”.

  27. Jason says:

    ‘Bosch’ cancellation in 3… 2… 1…

  28. cdhaskell says:

    Good luck to Chris Carter to his next series. I can’t wait to see his next series developed.

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