Amazon Removes All Apple TV, Chromecast Listings From Its Website

Amazon Removes Chrome Products
Courtesy of Amazon/Google

Amazon has followed through on its plans to go nuclear on its competitors: The company removed all listings of Apple’s Apple TV and Google’s Chromecast streaming adapter from its website Thursday.

This includes listings from third-party resellers, as well as used and previous-generation devices sold through Amazon’s marketplace. Users who search for Chromecast of Apple TV instead get recommendations for Amazon’s own Fire TV devices.

Amazon told resellers earlier this month that it was going to discontinue the sale of both Apple TV and Chromecast by the end of October. The company confirmed the decision to stop selling both devices when contacted by Variety, sending a statement that read in part: “It’s important that the streaming media players we sell interact well with Prime Video in order to avoid customer confusion.”

Blaming missing support for Amazon video on Google and Apple is somewhat misleading: Chromecast has long had an open SDK, allowing any publisher to add casting to their mobile apps. And the newest Apple TV, which Apple is starting to sell this week, also includes an app store that Amazon could use to distribute its own app.

It’s much more likely that the real reason for the removal has to do with backroom business: Amazon has long feuded with Google over Android and Google’s app store rules, and the e-commerce giant may balk at Apple’s revenue sharing demands. Amazon didn’t respond to follow-up questions about the product ban. A Google spokesperson declined to comment, and Apple didn’t respond to a request for comment.

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  1. ramadhan says:

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Very well written!

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  7. Jeremy says:

    Amazon is a bunch of sore losers if you ask me. I’ve bought 5 Nexus Players and 2 Chromecasts for myself, friends, and family from them. If they don’t have the product I want I’ll just have to buy it elsewhere…their loss I guess. Their decision isn’t going to make me choose their product instead. This isn’t the same thing as buying store brand over name brand in the grocery store. If they want me to buy their devices they should make them better than the competition.

    Next, they’ll stop selling name brand HDMI cables because they have their own to sell. I’m surprised they didn’t remove all other cellphones when their crappy phone didn’t sell. Were does this end?

    Google should drop them down their search results and remove the Amazon app from the Google Play Store if they want to play these games. Let’s see how their sales fall if they don’t have an app out there that people can just click and instantly purchase (most) anything they wish.

  8. Ryan says:

    I shop on Amazon due to the vast variety of products and because it ships internationally.
    Banning products just because your own version is not selling is simply bad management.
    Improve your product, lower your price and stop being an idiot Amazon.

  9. Drew says:

    The entire point of Amazon is that I can go there and get virtually anything I want and have it delivered fast. I don’t want Amazon’s craptastic Fire TV, I want an Apple TV. Yes, I have no problem finding it somewhere else, but again, Amazon is a major go to because people know they can get basically anything. So because you’ve decided to dabble in your own, effectively “store brand” junk you’re removing the name brand stuff from your shelves? Really dumb. Who’s getting fooled into buying generic soda b/c the grocery store doesn’t sell Coke? No one. They just stop shopping at the store that doesn’t sell the brands they like. Whatever, hardly world ending and it’s by no means going to really impact their bottom line one way or the other, but it so reeks of corporate, head-up-our-assedness.

  10. spkmtc says:

    Maybe Google should remove all mentions of Amazon from it’s web services. No search for a product ever again should turn up an Amazon link.

  11. gnilesh says:

    Don’t support chromecast or apple tv but its stupid and childish to stop selling these devices on I am long time prime member but do you think u not making this product available on your site will stop me from buying it from somewhere else. I got it from bestbuy day before yesterday.

    Grow up!!

    • peterblood71 says:

      DO support the new and highly praised Apple TV or Roku or Chromecast. Do NOT support Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Prime you mean. This poor behavior on the part of a tin-plated CEO with misguided delusions of grandeur needs to stop. Or be forever be known as “the everything store which doesn’t have everything.”

      • ohokyea says:

        Cry me a river. Then simply don’t buy Amazon products. Yes, it’s that simple. I’m still using my Fire TV and my ROKU. I’m still shopping at Amazon, Newegg, etc. So what if they aren’t selling Google products…boo hoo. It still doesn’t affect anything. It’s not like you can’t buy those products elsewhere. I can’t buy itunes music on Amazon, should I be mad about that? Well I’m not. As a matter of fact, with Prime, I stream music just like PANDORA without the ads. You guys complaining for what? Just shop somewhere else!

      • peterblood71 says:

        The old brainless crybaby argument? I’ll be sure to bring it up next time you are critical of anything. Disingenuous much? There’s no reason at all Amazon shouldn’t support their Amazon Prime network on any device that can handle it – it’s a customer convenience and a service I pay to use and should be able to use it without transparent marketing restrictions on a frivolous whim..

  12. NatsJim says:

    Incredibly weak Amazon, put them back on the store and make the Prime Video app available on the new Apple TV or I’ll just cancel my Prime subscription – it’s a dangerous game you’re playing with long-time customers.

  13. Andy Kuiper says:

    ‘sort of’ like VHS/Beta wars ;-)

  14. John S says:

    You know my issue with this is that its OK to push your devices Amazon. I get your pushing a ecosystem too. Maybe you make so little on a Chromecast device or a Apple TV device that removing them means little to you. But Amazon is also a online retailer who should not be so selective about selling other companies products that may compete with your own. I buy a lot from Amazon and one reason is because of the selection of products available. Now if Amazon is going to expand its product line while reducing or eliminating competition products. I may reconsider shopping at Amazon. If I want a product I don’t want to be steered into buying a Amazon product because Amazon wants me too.

  15. nerdrage says:

    Stupid feud. Makes me not want to buy Apple TV or subscribe to Amazon either. A pox on both their houses! I’ll stick with Netflix on my Roku.

    • peterblood71 says:

      This is not Apple’s fault. They welcome an Amazon Prime app on their new Apple TV (as would I). This is ALL on Amazon who is screwing their customers trying to push their own unpopular devices. Amazon better reconsider their position FAST. There are implications if they don’t. Customers will speak with their wallets & purses.

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