Trashing Myth That Republicans Don’t Support LGBT Equality

Charles T Moran LGBT Republicans
Joel Kimmel for Variety

For many in Hollywood, the thought of a gay Republican is met with a look of oxymoronic bewilderment. But the fact is, there is as much political diversity within the LGBT community as exists in society. In fact, modern Republicans are helping lead the way toward broader acceptance of LGBT equality.

While it is true that our community still has many foes working to marginalize our voice both here and abroad, the culture wars of the 2000s (started by Republicans) have been replaced with a generalized acceptance of the LGBT community by Republicans. Today, many in the conservative community know that advocating for LGBT Americans’ equality isn’t just politically expedient, it’s also the right thing to do.

Earlier this year, over 300 notable Republicans signed their name to an amicus brief to the Supreme Court that signaled the creation of a beachhead in the Republican Party — that support for LGBT equality will no longer be used as a wedge issue or litmus test. Prominent Republican Party leaders and elected officials from every level, think-tank academics, legislative advocates and movement heads from across the entire conservative spectrum proudly stood up for our community.

So let’s drop the righteous indignation from the left, please. Lest anybody forget, former vice president Dick Cheney came out to support marriage equality well before President Obama or Secretary Clinton.David Koch, one-half of the much-maligned GOP money brothers, publicly supports marriage equality.

One of the most interesting cases involving the unraveling of the liberal storyline came from the Diane Sawyer interview of Bruce Jenner. As a transgender individual now identifying as Caitlyn, she made it clear that her Republican politics weren’t changing. The howls from the left were so predictable: “How dare she be a Republican?!” It seems open-mindedness and tolerance for liberals only applies when you agree with them.

For those of us who identify as conservatives and/or Republicans, we are not single-issue voters and we dare to defy convention. As President Reagan said, “80% my friend is not 20% my enemy.” We believe in family values, but that includes our families too — be they two men, two women or a man and woman. That is the message we communicate to the Republican Party and to the LGBT community.

It’s time to trash the myth that Republicans don’t support LGBT equality.

Charles T. Moran is a national GOP political strategist based in Los Angeles, and is the immediate past chairman of California Log Cabin Republicans.

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  1. Rebecca Juro says:

    You can’t possibly be this clueless, can you? Caitlyn Jenner isn’t being called out because she’s a Republican per se, she’s being called out because in one breath she claims she wants to help the trans community and in the next breath she voices her support for a political party which is not only trying to legislate trans people out of existence, but is using innocent trans schoolchildren as their level to score right-wing political points.

    I’d suggest you actually do some research next time before you spout off. Here, I’ll get you started:

    1. Go to google

    2. Enter the search term “transgender” and couple it with terms like “South Dakota”, “Title IX”, “Houston, “bathrooms”, “students”, and of course, “Republican”.

    3. After reading and digesting the information you will find in the results, go back and write a piece based on actual facts.


  2. Cathy says:

    Some of the “tolerant” liberals here need to learn a lesson in tolerance. Gay Americans are not all the same. Some of us are Democrat, some Libertarian, Independent, and yes, god forbid, Republican.
    The Republican Party is changing because of the gay Republicans who work on the inside, slowly changing hearts and minds.
    I appreciate Charles Moran’s efforts. Keep making a difference!

  3. Patrick says:

    Great article. Gay Republicans are everywhere. One is running for US Senate, and at least two so far are running for House seats. This feigned surprise by liberals is so stupid and basic. They need to grow up and get a life.

    • Joe says:

      Really ? You’re the one that seems to grow up and get a life. With hate speech like this your really on a fast track to winning friends and influencing people.

  4. Randy L says:

    Im a registered gay independent who voted for the President 2x because I truly felt our country needed change from the disastrous policies of George W. Bush.
    Now, here we are, 7 years later and our country is more polarized than ever before, especially here in our gay community.
    I’m disappointed with the leadership of President Obama and Congressional Democrats. We must all find a way to come together and work for the greater good of our fellow man.
    I have to admit, I don’t understand Gay Republicans but I have to give them tremendous credit. They are fighting for us in a party that is still evolving and that is a good thing for all us of, Democrat, Independent or Republican.
    Let’s not attack them, but instead encourage them.

  5. M Todd says:

    If the left preaches equality, shouldn’t I have the LIBERTY to be a gay republican???

  6. John D says:

    Note what Don Lemon recently observed: liberals and progressive are the least accepting of the ideas of others. If you are so desiring of tolerance, then be sure to display it equally. Those who demand it the most often demonstrate it the least. The republicans of the new generation are extremely diverse and accepting of all backgrounds…last year’s election results validated that. Diversity is alive and well in the party. It is essential that LGBTs stop being so hateful towards conservatives that truly desire their best interests.

  7. Thank you for writing this! You are so right. It has been my experience that far more Republicans are supportive of LGBT rights than the media would have you believe. Why? Because, if you’re truly conservative, you believe in Liberty and Justice For All, not just liberty and equality for those you like or for ideas with which you agree. It will take ALL of us who feel this way to be willing to post stories like this, write stories like this and have discussions with people from both sides of the aisle on the issue. I find that telling liberals that conservatives support LGBT rights is far more likely to draw a histrionic response than when explaining to a conservative WHY it’s actually a constitutional conservative principle to understand that all must be treated equally under the law.

  8. Kevin says:

    I’m so glad to see fellow gay Republicans willing to stand up against the militant gay left who have consistently used the heroic rainbow flag as cover for their far left wing anti-american failed socialist beliefs! I have received nothing but support and acceptance as a gay man from my republican friends that was almost equal to the insane level of hate and vitriol I’ve received from leftist gay activists for being Republican!

  9. Rick B says:

    The comments alone show you what the gay “Left” is all about. A group of militant individuals, that have lost their way. They once wanted to be accepted as PART of society, as they have jobs, families, lives, like everyone else…but they have now morphed into world domination. They’re sickening. As a gay men, they make me sick to my stomach. They want everything legislated to their liking so the nation can bow to them. What was once a group that was happy, carefree and “gay”, has turned into a bunch of angry, hateful, nasty people pushing and pushing and pushing. As a gay man I have said time and time again…I am a helluva lot safer, walking in a parade in the the most conservative of states, waving a rainblow umbrella, where guns are legal, than I would be in a gay parade in NYC waiving a Republican flag. In fact, they would probably go to court to keep me out of the parade similar to when St. Patrick’s Day planners try to keep them out. The most disrespect I have EVER received in my life has been from gay men and not str8 men. Gay men are some of the most intolerant people I know. Why do you think there are so many subgroups such as “daddy’s” “fems”, “queens”, “trannies”, “twinks”, “bears”, “butch”, “leather” “jocks”, etc.. Why do you think gays and lesbians don’t share bars? Totally intolerent of each other. Hypocrites. The worst of the worst. They have taken the Rainbow Flag, and turned it into a sign of hostility, anger, and non acceptance. Unless you have (D) after your name…there is absolutely no room for you in the LGBT community, nor within any of the organizations that are their mouthpieces…LGBT, HRC, PRIDE, etc…

    • Russell clark says:

      There’s some trolling going on here. To say the Republican Party is advancing LGBT issues is just plain UNTRUE. Yes, there are gay republicans who do their part, but the party itself??? Come on, get real.

    • Bastian says:

      Oh boohoo, the left is intolerant!

      Actually, no, it isn’t. Being pointed out for your own incoherence: being gay and supporting and standing by individuals that stomp on the LGBT community and being criticized for it is all but to be expected. And what is it you do when confronted with this factuality? You deflect. You whine the left is intolerant, you point out the mistakes of liberal leadership, always avoiding to acknowledge the issues with your own.

      Furthermore you can’t claim intolerance when your freedom of speech is protected. You’re free to align yourselves with whatever party you want. You’re free to say whatever you want. You’re just not free from criticism, but then again, that’s freedom of speech being used by someone else, to criticize your own choices. Just because you don’t like it when that expresses in the form of a criticism to your character or lack of thereof you don’t get to whine and throw a tantrum. Take it like an adult.

  10. El says:

    Republicans support LGBT equality far more than the LGBT community supports diversity.

    • Bastian says:

      Right. Because all of the GOP’s presidential candidates are all for gay marriage, gay rights and not taking them away, aren’t they?

  11. I find the vitriol directed at gay Republicans in these comments similar to what my partner and I have experienced in real life. We participate in our church and Republican functions and no one calls out, or disrespects us or our relationship. They may not agree, but they are polite and show tolerance. What happens when we go to gay events and express our conservative opinions? As you see here, the results are usually rude, disrespectful, and completely intolerant. To the point we’ve had to leave social events due to being “shunned”. This simply does NOT happen at conservative events – trust me. And why is everything GAY GAY GAY all the time? Our country is falling apart – primarily due to hyper identity politics – and we continue to marginalize ourselves into tribes. I am primarily a proponent of LIBERTY. I believe it is best preserved in a REPUBLIC, not a democracy, with guarantees of personal liberty. The lefts views on redistribution of wealth and thought control are anathema to me – I don’t care how gay “friendly” they may seem. You can’t be gay friendly and an enemy of liberty. When you rob from Peter to pay Paul you are violating someone’s liberty. Oh, and also try being pro life around many gays. Because the first thing our Declaration of Independence states is that we have the right to LIFE, liberty and the of happiness. The right to life is above all. Try and practice a little of that tolerance you so preach.

  12. mimi says:

    YES AND YES!!! In Miami Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Congressman Carlos Curbelo – BOTH support LGBT right, Gay Marriage, ENDA, etc. This is just in Miami. The only thing the left wing media will show are those Rep that do not support it. Did they make a big deal when both Hillary AND Obama were against it? Or when Obama’s justice department kept sending attorneys to DEFEND DODT? It was Log Cabin Republicans who FINALLY got that overturned in the courts leaving the senate nothing left to do but to vote on it! The Myth is DEAD. Some Republican may not agree, but trust me some Democrats do not either. You have all been lead like sheep to drink the cool aid. But many have opened their eyes! 36% of the gay community voted Republican in 2012 and 38% in 2014. I am a gay Republican… let’s roll

  13. The part of this issue that is beyond my capacity to understand is the raging of the “Liberal” left gays whenever a gay person declares they are Republican. I am a gay Republican and i try to see the point of the rhetoric from all sides. However, even my niece who is a gay democrat has vilified me and had her friends attack me online solely because I am a Republican and think for myself because there are many issues to ponder other than the one that seems to marginalize and separate the lgbt communities. I am sure that the current president is very proud of the gay democrats for their stance of division. It is another wedge to drive between the factions inside this country. We need to wake up and realize that it is just another push against inclusion because that would be too hard to overcome when someone is trying to divide the country into fractions. Race, gender, wealth, religion, ethnicity sexual diversity as well as any other possible candidate for division. I am a gay Republican with a same sex spouse, so, can all you flamers who do not believe in monogamous relationships please tone down the rhetoric and try to understand that we need to be united in order to make this a better country than what has been handed to us from this turncoat regime. All of the supposedly pro gay Democrats have just in the last election cycle, in order to garner votes from our community, changed their stance on marriage equality and now are pandering to lgbt issues. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  14. Shane P says:

    Seriously, some of the most INTOLERANT people in our country are right here in our own LGBT community. You demand acceptance from those who marginalize and defame us, yet none of you will give it to the courageous LGBT Republicans who fight every day for a more inclusive Republican Party. The BOTTOM LINE is the GOP is evolving, and is a far more inclusive and welcoming party than they were just 5 years ago. Just remember, the Democrat Party, just 3 years ago, wasn’t on our side either, and it was Bill Clinton’s administration who gave us DADT and DOMA. You can try and convince yourselves that Democrats were always our allies, but you cannot erase their history, or the truth.

  15. Bastian says:

    There’s not a single republican presidential candidate that has not made one single derogatory remark regarding the LGBT community or same-sex marriage-

    The US Senate – 45 republicans and JUST the republican senators voted against an anti-LGBT bullying measure.

    Scott Walker, the latest to ride the GOP clown car has stated that boy scouts need to be protected from gay men.

    How can someone be so tragically stupid to the point of being oblivious or downright blind to their own party’s prejudice is beyond me.

    • Rick B says:

      Really…kinda like Bill Clinton’s law, Defense of Marriage Act, that defined marriage as between a man and a womanb? Is that the derogatory remark you’re referring to? Oh wait, maybe it was the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell law he laid out for the miliatry? That remark? Oh jeez…I’m confused…I think you mean when Obama and Hillary said up until 2012, that while they support civil unions, they believed and support traditional marriage, which is beween a man and a woman. That’s what you must mean when you say republican’s make derogatory remarks against gays/lesbians. I wonder when was the last time you said something nasty about someone that didn’t see things your way.

      • Bastian says:

        Bill Clinton isn’t the current president, now is he? But it was under the current president (a Democrat) that DOMA was repelled, wasn’t it? I seriously doubt seeing a republican president not viciously standing by DOMA.

        Oh, and at least Clinton, unlike so many other presidents who claim to have God on speed call acknowledged to have made a mistake. It takes character to be able to acknowledge that too.

        And it’s funny that you mention the DADT. Congressman Patrick Murphy, the log cabin member that led the repeal DADT, that’s true. And after having managed to do so what did the LCR do? They went to endorse his opponent, someone who claimed to have thought, eventually to maybe try to repeal DADT in the possible foreseeable future.

        Wow… if that ain’t biting the hand that feeds ya. But then again, that’s what you get when you try to validate an oxymoron such as the concept of a gay republican. It’s like if you people actually like to be stomped upon. And not that there’s anything wrong with it… just keep it in the room, not somewhere else where it might do actual damage to other people in the LGBT community.

  16. Russell clark says:

    I thought this article was a joke. It’s not?
    I assumed Joel Kimmel was an alter ego of Jimmy Kimmel. What a stupid thing for Variety to print. Not because I disagree with it, which I do, but because it’s so poorly written. Just bad.

  17. 1favored says:

    Not all gays are in support of gay marriage. Not all of anything is the broad stroke we use to define. It is a dangerous slippery slope to do so.

  18. josh silver says:

    Most if not all of the currently declared Republican candidates have declared their opposition to same-sex marriage and has excoriated the Supreme Court decision. Not to mention their other stands against the right to abortion and their general anti-science views. I can’t imagine what the Republican party can offer to offset those positions to a gay person.

  19. percysowner says:

    Until those voices move to change the position of the Republican Party, all this means that they have a few personal opinions that are not important enough to push within their party.

  20. Alex says:

    If a gay Republican got the GOP nomination for President the Hollywood left would call him or her a sell out. I know this because they say black Republicans are not REALLY black. It’s a waste of time talking to these people, the Hell with them.

  21. Bryan says:

    What’s missing from this article is plenty

    Every Single Republican Presidential candidate is running on some form of an Anti-Gay platform. And not a single one endorsed same-sex marriage. In contrast Every democratic candidate supports Same-sex marriage

    Only 1 Republican majority legislatures has ever passed a piece of Pro-LGBT legislation (ENDA, Bans on Conversion therapy, etc)

    The Republican party platform (the official stance of the Republican party) is still very anti-gay. Worse, a # of states actually encourages recriminalizing homosexual acts, passing a constitutional ban on LGBT unions, and/or promote legalizing businesses ability to refuse service to LGBT patrons

    The 300 people who signed the brief for the Supreme Court were almost all former office holders or people who have never held public office. While some congressional Republicans support LGBT rights they are an extreme minority. There are not even 5 GOP sponsors of ENDA in the House.

    Yes, younger Republicans are changing course but the fact is the GOP well behind the times and continues to profit from promoting discrimination. It is one thing to say I’m going to try to change the institution from within and another entirely to imply it’s been fixed

  22. this article has no links. it makes broad claims without giving us any data, even anecdotally, to back up its counterintuitive point.

    what it does do is truck in misplaced synecdoche–“the left howled”… Did it? who represents the official left position on Caitlyn Jenner? was it too hard to provide one name, one link, to back this point?

    it was. this is just terrible writing, terrible argument, and beneath the level that one should expect from a magazine that asks for quite a bit of my money to read. “oxymoronic bewilderment” also should not have passed editorial muster as it makes no sense, but then there is no way this article was edited. dude wrote it, sent it in, it got posted, the end.

    grade: F
    Variety must do better.

  23. Brown Noise says:

    Yes, I’m sure you would find a small minority in any group that opposes the mainstream opinion of that group. But the fact remains that the vast, vast majority of Republicans are totally against gay rights, or even treating gay people as human beings. It’s written into the official party platform. You need to clean up your own log cabin before you start pointing fingers at others.

  24. This is good. This is very good. I am glad to hear this.

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