President Obama Skewers GOP for Complaints About CNBC Debate

White House Correspondents Dinner Obama
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President Obama, appearing at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in Manhattan on Monday, skewered Republican complaints about last week’s debate on CNBC.

According to a pool report, Obama noted that some of the GOP contenders vow to talk tough with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. “They say, when I talk to Putin, he’s going to straighten out … And then it turns out they can’t handle a bunch of CNBC moderators,” Obama said.

“If you can’t handle those guys, I don’t think the Chinese and the Russians are going to be too worried about you.”

The DNC event was tied to a performance of “Hamilton,” the hit Broadway musical that is a hip-hop take on the life of Alexander Hamilton and has won praise from many D.C. politicos.

Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama saw the musical earlier this year, although he did not see it again on Monday.

“What’d I miss?” Obama said after taking the stage following the show, according to the pool report. That was a reference to the title of a song sung in the musical by the character of Thomas Jefferson.

He added, “I am annoyed that I did not get to see this show again. Michelle and I love this show. It also happens to be the only thing Dick Cheney and I agree on … that is a cultural landmark.”

Cheney has also seen the show.

Obama said that the musical “reminds us of the vital, crazy, kinetic energy that is at the heart of America. That people who have a vision and set of ideals can transform the world. That has always been true.”

Among those at the fundraiser were Kerry Washington, Vincent D’Onofrio, Martin Scorsese and Scarlett Johansson.


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  1. Emilia says:

    And when you have finished your anti- Russian rant , can we assume you will be putting on some webbing to demonstrate the strength of your anti – Russian commitment?

  2. Henry says:

    Worst. President. Ever.

  3. doughpro160 says:

    Always the clown, isn’t he?

    • Silvio Maia says:

      I´d say ‘comedian.’ You want clowns, look over at the GOP primary. Or Palin´s drunken outbursts, or Romney´s magic underwear, or Cheney shooting a friend in the face, or Bush´s false war pretenses–oh wait that last one just wasn´t funny at all.

  4. The Truth says:

    With the exception of a few lighthearted ripostes, this thread features a truly awesome collection of delusional losers, just like the Republican debate did. If you think Putin and the rest of the world isn’t belly-laughing at the empty bluster of the Republican Party’s clown candidates, you need more than artiewhitefox’s upper cervical specific chiropractic. You need a brain transplant.

    • Henry says:

      Oh, and YOU’RE the big, wise winner. Got it, clown.

    • Sandra says:

      If you think Putin and the rest of the world isn’t belly-laughing at the empty bluster of Barack Obama and licking their chops at potential president Hillary Clinton, you need more than artiewhitefox’s upper cervical specific chiropractic. You need a brain transplant.

  5. David Honeycutt says:

    I think they handled the liberal punks very well. You liberals are the ones always crying foul, boo who. You couldn’t handle a cake eating contest. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time. If you’re proposing that those idiotic questions they ask had any substance to what concerns our nation, you would be a good comedian. Get Bill Cosby to help you out, you both have the same tactics. Bait and switch, make them feel good before you stick it to them.

  6. stella says:

    This coming from a guy who doesn’t speak to many members of his own party. He ‘s the worst POTUS in a lifetime & has destroyed any possible unity for this country’s immediate future. BTW, Putin just laughs at this empty suit.

  7. Molly says:

    Our country is in the toilet, and Obama’s making fun of CNBC Liberals asking stupid questions, instead of GOOD Policy questions, of how we turn around this mess Obama created.

    DENY, DEFLECT and Change the subject. The Liberals method of leading stupid people.

  8. Shein Ariely says:

    • Obama said and Obama does:
    “” Obama said the 2016 Republican presidential candidates seem to occupy a different reality” in which the country has taken a perilous turn since he took office nearly seven years ago.””

    Obama said and does -his entire policy from the very begging.

    1: Obama=Churchill out:Islam in
    1;1Churchill,the symbol of standing firm against NAZI totalitarian ideology.
    Churchill statue was lent by UK to white house in the wake of 9/11-a signal of the strong relationship.
    In 2009,after Obama took office he send Churchill’s statue to UK.
    1:2Obama issued the Directive 11,concluding that USA should shift its policy and back Islamic movements.

    **The symbol is that standing against the modern times NAZI ideology-Islamism is not Obama strategy-in the contrary Obama strategy is Islam.

    2:Obama-free world leaders out-and–bowing Saudi king in.
    2:1 Obama didn’t join Paris world leaders walk opposing Islamist killings of the caricaturists and Jews.
    2:2On the same weak Obama flied to Saudi Arabi –bowing while paying tribute to Saudi king.
    (Remember: Saudi is the home of Wahhabism- one of the most dangerous Islamist ideologies,a the worst country regarding freedom,human,rights,only 1 religion Islam)

    ** The symbol is that unity against Islamist terror– is not Obama strategy- in the contrary Obama choice is Saudi house of Islamism.

    3:Obama–NUK to Islamist Iran in–and–death to America ignored:
    3;1:Obama,several years ago-asked Argentina to supply Nuk fuel to Islamist
    Iran.Said by Argentina president at the UN.
    3.2:Obama forced by minority the NUK agreement, protecting Islamist Iran NUK infrastructure, saving their crumpling economy with$150billions–proceeds with the agreement despite Iran violations:
    – Iran develops and tests ballistic missiles rang London and beyond.
    – Iran supplies weapons to Assad the butcher despite the arm embargo
    – Iran said it will not abandon the slogan of “Death to America” despite its nuclear accord. They said the slogan,chanted at the weekly Friday prayers in mosques and at protests,had “turned into the symbol of the Islamic republic”
    This is not a symbol_ it is rather a summary of Obama not hided, but cleverly played- Islamic agenda.

  9. linda mims says:

    How dare Obama to polk fun over the debate. Yes it was childish but who is he to judge anyone. Everything out of his mouth at every debate was a lie and what a no nothing president he has been. You are leaving Hallalujah. How does it feel to be the last of four no nothing presidents ever. It will take miracles from God to save America.

    • GKN says:

      The correct terms are “know-nothing,” “poke fun,” and “hallelujah” for starts, (whatever “leaving it” meant), miss know-it all, the poster child of lame and childish judgments.

      • Zeeenith says:

        @GKN — “for starts”? Did you learn that getting your PhD in Grammar Policy? Nothing better than a grammar-pedant whose own usage is suspect.

      • linda mims says:

        Ok miss grammer teacher of the year. While u worry over my comments your life is one of billions at risk with Iran. We are this close to a nuclear attack. Sweat the big things miss marm.

  10. spiris333 says:

    As the worst and most racially divisive president ever, Obama has shown that he was never qualified to be president. He has saddled the country with more debt than any other president and America’s reputation in the world has taken a big hit with Obama’s lack of foreign policy. He’s a lying flip-flopper and we will be glad when he’s gone.

  11. James says:

    Excuse me. What the hell does that have to do with running a country?

  12. James says:

    Okay first off the majority of the questions were of trivial matters that had absolutely nothing of value to politics, presidency or even self respect. Questions such as “Who of you do you think is most handsome?” Excuse me. What the hell does that have to do with running a country?

    Hell the question. “Is this the comicbook version of the election?” Directed to Donald Trump was neither a valid question or a respectful remark. It was a flat out insult.

    I always found Obama an Arrogant disrespectful and incompetent leader who treats the role of president more like the role of “Dictator”.

    Looking at the questions from the transcripts it’s like those moderators were hand picked by Obama.

    The GOP Candidates were not asked “Gotcha Questions.” A Gotcha question would be something like. “Is it true that your policy is pro amnesty?” Following a prior comment about increasing border security.

    Those questions are not gotcha questions. Those were disrespectful, and the few questions that were not insults were about trivial drivel that has absolutely nothing to do with anything.

    I don’t recall Obama being asked if he was a racist? Or if he was a Tyrant?

    Know what Obama is the worst President to date.

    I’m an Independant and I vote for the best possible candidate. Democrats it’s just Hillary Clinton the most self entitled incompetent and deceitful Obama Crony around. And a bunch of nobodies.

    Personally I’m fine with either Donald Trump as President or Ben Carson. It’s a shame they’re both Republicans. If one of them was a Democrat maybe we’d have an even split of two good candidates. Instead of one decent Candidate vs Benedict Clinton.

    I think the US is ready for a Woman President. Hillary is not that Candidate however.

    Obama may be the First Black President. However Carson would be the First good Black President.

  13. Bill says:

    I don’t recall any of the GOP candidates bowing to foreign leaders.

  14. Sgt. Slaughterhouse says:

    Obama is like Stalin, he’ll take pics with children and act happy and nice. In reality he hates the Useless Eaters. This is HIS planet Earth! The Ruler of the Ruling Elite talks to the little people on CNBC and like a dictator he demands to be on NBC’s Today Show! Like anyone with half a brain knows NBC/GE shills for Obama. The RINOs don’t mind doing Obama’s bidding. There is NO Political Opposition to him. He is a citizen of the world. Both the GOP and Obama are Globalists who support Illegal Immigration and One World Government. Not to mention One World Carbon Taxes who benefit the Ruling Elite and Fascist Corporations not to mention Special Interest Groups. Then they will tax when you breathe! All the while the Rich grow richer and the Middle Class is destroyed….

  15. Leave Putin alone. If you are going to do anything speak up for the homosexuals and other sexuality names. Talk about this for health care. People of all ages need UCS Upper cervical specific chiropractic now. They make sure that the top bone on the spine is in the neutral position under the opening at the base of the skull. The sooner in life that is done the better. That can prevent, lesson or eliminate the symptoms of what is called AIDS and a whole lot more. That type will not twist or Pop anything. X rays of the neck from varying angles must be taken. Base posterior under the chin is the most important one. Adjustment is quick on one side of the neck or slow repeated movements a cording to X rays. Post X rays are not needed when the body symmetry is measured and when the Tytron infrared scanner is used. Upcspine practitioners, Upper cervical heath centers zip code. NUCCA and Grostic are the slow repeated movements. Birth itself can cause all kinds of symptoms immediately or show up later in life. Atlas needs to be in a neutral position under the opening at the base of the skull. The head does not move when a UCS adjustment takes place. The Pisiform bone on the wrist is expertly placed on the transverse process – wing of the atlas. The movement is quick as in the HIO, Toggle, and Blaire technique. NUCCA and Grostic are slower repeated movements. The sooner the atlas is in the neutral possession under the skulk the better. Don’t go to see one the day you have a fall or some mishap or strike to the head. Wait 3 – 4 days. It takes a while for internal changes to show up externally. People who head the ball in soccer will shift that top bone not even knowing it. Upcspine, Upper Cervical Heath Centers and The Specific Chiropractic. They are web pages. Stephen Duff, Windsor California and Richard Duff, San Francisco California, are excellent UCS precision DC chiropractic practitioners.

    • Mike says:

      I think you might need to get your head checked out.

      • Do more than check out what I say. Do what I say. When you do you will thank me refusing to curse like a devil.

      • People need to check out what I take about. I am covering more ground than others would cover. Putin is doing what the Quran lover Obama does not want Putin to do. We should what Putin is doing to ISIS. Putin needs to be good to the Homosexual that ISIS is not good to. I know what preventative care is. I know what can help many. Don’t knock it.

    • Wow, thank you so much for that completely unrelated word salad of paranoia and all around bullshit. This is like the work Kramer turns in. “I’m not even sure what this is supposed to be.”

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