Macy’s Cutting Ties With Donald Trump

Donald Trump Celebrity Apprentice
Courtesy of NBC

Macy’s is the latest corporation to cut ties with Donald Trump following his controversial comments about Mexican immigrants.

The retailer is pulling Trump merchandise from its stores after a petition asking the store to sever ties with the presidential candidate received more than 700,000 signatures.

“We are disappointed and distressed by recent remarks about immigrants from Mexico,” Macy’s said in a statement first obtained by CNN. “We do not believe the disparaging characterizations portray an accurate picture of the many Mexicans, Mexican Americans and Latinos who have made so many valuable contributions to the success of our nation.”

“In light of statements made by Donald Trump, which are inconsistent with Macy’s values, we have decided to discontinue our business relationship with Mr. Trump and will phase-out the Trump menswear collection, which has been sold at Macy’s since 2004.”

Trump has appeared in several Macy’s commercials for his menswear line.

This is the latest fallout after Univision announced last week that it would be dropping the Miss USA telecast, which was scheduled to air on July 12. The real estate mogul, however, is fighting back. Trump sued Univision for $500 million on Tuesday.

NBCUniversal — a 50-50 owner of the pageant franchise with Trump — has also cut off ties. Mexico’s largest broadcaster, Televisa, a part owner of Univision, has scrapped plans to carry the Miss Universe pageant as well.

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best,” Trump said in a speech announcing his presidential bid on June 16.”They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”

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  1. Mary Gonzalez says:

    I completely agree with Macy’s in cutting off Trump.

  2. Marlene says:

    This is ridiculous. He wants people (immigrants) to come here legally, going through lawful process. Not like the illegal alien who killed Kate Stienly. Macy’s stores are shooting themselves in the foot. I as well as my family and friends will never shop in your stores again.

  3. MBS says:

    I’m done with Macys! Freedom of speech! At what point do law abiding, tax paying citizens get some respect!!! Follow the law people!!! If you want to come here, do it legally! And Macy’s–shame on you!!! Just because someone is against illegal immigration, doesn’t make them racist! Who do you think is bringing business to you? Law abiding citizens!!!! Show some respect for your customers!

  4. trump for president says:

    I will no longer shop at Macys. You lost my families business with your terrible business decision. Go Trump!

  5. Diane T. Walker says:

    As a long time supporter of the RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH as guaranteed by our constitution, I will no longer shop with Macy’s or the other stores under the same umbrella. What Mr, Trump said happens to be the truth whether anyone wants to hear it or NOT. The illegal aliens who have invaded our country are draining all our resources, using the services which should be reserved for citizens and those here legally. Our country has begun a long slide from which there will most likely be no return.

    • Andre H. says:

      It’s not about what you say but how you say it, Diane. Though I strongly agree that there is a severe immigration problem in the US, there is also absolutely no need to condescend people in your efforts to fix it. You can say whatever you want in this country, and I appreciate our freedom of speech, but please do not think there will not be consequences from the words you spoken. If I said certain condescending words to my wife, I cannot expect to be left off the hook so easily because of my freedom to speak in that manner.

  6. Tom Brune says:

    Boycott Macys money talks

  7. t says:

    MACYS you lost your mind…stick to selling clothes.. Sad not to shop at your store anymore

  8. I applaude Donald Trump. He is saying it like it is. Where is the outrage for the raped women? What about the murder and stealing by these people. Yes some are good but they broke the law getting here. I adopted afrom overseas and did it legally. I waited and did it correctly. Where is the outrage over people being here ILLEGALLY. Let me guess if someone broke into a Senator’s house and decided he like it there, would the Senator call the police and have his removed(deported) or would the Senator say “Oh I feel sorry for you, even though you broke the law you can stay in my home as long as you want and by the way I will give you free health care, unemployment money and pay for your kids to go to school”. I think not but that is what the Senator{s} are doing with our country and our taxes that we pay.
    I am breaking my ties with Macy’s. That is how it is. Thank you Donald.!!!!!!

  9. Tom says:

    Where is Macy’s, NBC and Univisions concern about women and girls being raped and killed in this country by illegal aliens coming in from every part of the world, WHERE IS YOUR CONCERN FOR AMERICAN WOMEN??? I don’t here them SPEAKING ABOUT them and all these Latino political groups where is your concern about your own women and girls coming to this country 80% of whom get raped and this is a FACT. Where are your tears for these women. NO BUT when Donald Trump says it like it is everyone all of a sudden is outraged……is that not just SAD? Don’t blame DONALD TRUMP for pointing a problem that is getting worse by the day and its costing America and its people billions of dollars to feed and jail these people that commit so many crimes. WAKE UP people and do a bit of research on Google about what is happening at the border or go talk to the brave border guards before you make such stupid statements about DONALD TRUMP for speaking the TRUTH!

  10. A fine decision, if only because carrying ‘Trump Menswear’ would make me actively avoid a business

  11. Web Guru says:

    There has never been a time in US history where heterosexual males have been under more scrutiny than now. Oh wait, yes there has we built civilization, entertainment, sports, business, science, geopolitical stability, domestic abuse, homosexuality, the fear of homosexuality and excuses.

    Carry on then.

  12. Sean Kennedy says:

    Beautiful Macy’s!! In Trumps law suit against NBC, he seeks $500 million in damages for breach of contract, defamation and intentional interference with a contractual relationship. I’m not an attorney however, it appears that NBC has the same allegations agents Trump, for breach of contract, defamation and intentional interference with a contractual relationship with Univision! Query, in the past when employees of a network make disparaging remarked vis a vis, gender, race or other statements including remarks unbecoming and detrimental to the network! Some of those individuals have been fired:
    Broadcaster Jimmy “the Greek.”: Jimmy made a comment to the effect that “The black athlete has an advantage in the NFL, cause of the extra muscle in their legs from running away from the animals in Africa”. The next week he was gone!

    Univision host Rodner Figueroa was fired Wednesday :After comparing first lady Michelle Obama’s appearance to that of someone from the cast of the “Planet of the Apes.” “Mind you, you know that Michelle Obama looks like she’s part of the cast of ‘Planet of the Apes,’ the film,” Figueroa said was fired by the Spanish-language network for remarks he made on-air Wednesday.

    Al Campanis: “Mr. Campanis’ statements on the ABC Nightline show Monday night were so far removed from the beliefs of the Dodger organization that it was impossible for him to continue in his duties. But pressure mounted as some African-American community leaders called for Campanis to be fired. Understandably, it was widely reported as a firing.

    Since April 6, 1987, every time a Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder, Marge Schott or Reggie White made insensitive, inflammatory remarks, the Campanis “Nightline” episode was invoked.

    Jian Ghomeshi “Q” radio host: has been fired from the CBC because they believed his “sexual behavior was unbecoming of a prominent host” on the public broadcaster.

    Fox Sports broadcaster Craig James: Was fired from his job covering college football after just one appearance, because of remarks he made on the campaign trail during his unsuccessful run for U.S. Senate back in 2011. Thou shalt not refer to homosexuality as “a choice” – at least not if you ever want to work for Fox Sports

    Susannah Collins: Comcast SportsNet Chicago reporter/anchor made an accidental name for herself Tuesday with a Freudian Slip that quickly went viral. By Thursday night, the Downers Grove native and University of Illinois graduate was off the air and out of a job. “Due to circumstances unrelated to her on-air remarks Tuesday night, Susannah Collins and Comcast SportsNet Chicago have parted ways. We appreciate everything Susannah has contributed to our network over the past year and wish her the best in her future endeavors.”

    Carrot Top Trump, is barking at the wrong dog, NBC Comcast is a bigger dog in this fight and in my humble; NBC Comcast has the legal right to fire Thumping Trump!

  13. us citizen tired of supporting freeliaders says:

    Trump spoke nothing but the truth!!! I’m sure he doesn’t need Macy’s!! I haven’t for years!! Take Macy’s and your own selves and sett up house with your pals in Mexico!!

    • Tara Watson says:

      I totally agree with you. Hopefully enough people will shop with Macy competitors. We know they don’t have enough Mexican salaries to keep them in business

    • Tara Watson says:

      If I were a man I would deliberately buy every suit by Trump. As a female I will NO LONGER SHOP AT MACY’S!!!!!! I live in New Mexico, I gave a home in Henderson, NV. Donald Trump accurately depicts a great portion of the criminals and dependants we the taxpayer support. HE ALSO STATED THERE AS RE GOOD MEXICAN IMMIGRANTS….WHY ISN’T THAT REPEATED?!

  14. TrumpisAmericasChampion says:

    I stand with Donald Trump. VIVA TRUMP! Return America to Greatness. Trump is America’s Champion!

    • Tom says:

      I agree as well. We don’t need another lying politician selling us magical solutions that don’t exist. At least with Donald Trump he is a person that will get things done! Change in Washington can only come from the outside not and that change can only be DONALD TRUMP. Every other republican and democrat will always have to return favours, to donors, lobbyists, special interest and they will NEVER SERVE America well. have a look at a video of Harry Reid’s assistant telling it like it is, politicians NO.1 Goal is GET RE-ELECTED words from his own mouth. If he thinks like that how much worse would politicians think. Do everything you can to help DONALD TRUMP WIN and WIN BIG! Time for the people of America to take back our country from these fools who are running into the ground!

    • Tara Watson says:

      I agree!!! He’s got mine and my husband’s vote.


    Where Donald Trump is concerned, I am not going to write a narrative on what he will do for America. I know he doesn’t back down from what he has to say, as he has proven that to me from the backstabbers in Univision, CBS, Macy’s and the rest of the distorted media and the mega corporatist’s. Illegal aliens flying their foreign flags and demand from the American public a pathway to citizenship and welfare. They get it too, because our docile politicians have used the misinterpreted law of birthright citizenship was meant for descendants of slaves—not foreign nationals who desecrated US immigration laws.

    Obama’s abuse of power and the blatant disregard for the office of the president of the United States has shocked Patriots everywhere; embarrassed America and fractured the freedom that we have all come to love and embrace. Obama’s actions are utterly disgraceful, with his violation of law in his actions to legalize illegal aliens. I really trust Mr. Trump as he doesn’t pander to businesses large and small that have attracted cheap labor to our country.

    Wealthy donors offering secret incentives to legislators in congress, if they play by their rules and vote on bills they demand. Every day I hear more stories of how Congressmen are worrying about the shockwave—economically and Communist tendencies that could smother America and turn our great land into a Third World nation overnight. Ann coulter, author and advocate hit the nail firmly on the head, with her starred book “Adios America”. Never surprise me if the Political Correct Police tried to harass her, as they are with Donald Trump. IF you really want to know the number of illegal aliens incarcerated and much more statistics go to “The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration” Learn the truth?

    Building a real double layer fence at the border, or a towering wall would be a deterrent of the poor, mostly illiterates. Illegal immigrants/migrants should straighten out their own nation. We have enough freeloaders here, which hate work and live off the honest millions who are unemployed/underemployed. Right now along the border it’s a war zone, with highway signs emphasizing not to enter because of the drug cartels. IN OUR OWN COUNTRY? Unless he fades out, which seems improbable now? Donald Trump has my families vote.

    Mr. Trump has pledged to end the corruption in Washington, to renegotiate tough Trade agreements with foreign nations, that includes China. What he has to say: “Look at what’s happening with Mexico. Mexico, believe it or not, is just killing us economically and also killing us at the border. What they doing on the border, everybody knows. But there becoming the car capitol of the world. There taking our automobile business away from us.”

    Trump is willing to give up his TV show, his pleasant life outside wash the dirty linen that is Washington politics? Oh! Yes! State assembly’s as well. What is really raging amongst the radical Socialists, he cannot be bought. There dollars, Peso or Yuan cannot by his fidelity? For once we have a hard, tough male ready to fight for America and take on odious tasks, like Russia’s dictator Putin or the habitual liars in Iran. The man is showing to have the character and passion for the women, children and families of America, not the transnational corporations.

    • Tom says:

      YES and it costs billion of dollars to house and feed 100’s of thousands of them and Texas just released 165,000 criminals who have committed serious crimes as they cannot afford to keep them in jail. Can you see the BIG problem illegal aliens COSTS BILLIONS of dollars in social welfare, that money is paid by hard working Americans of all races, WHY SHOULD THAT we give the government be spent on housing and feeding criminals. WORSE in many cases you cannot deport them because the countries they come from DON’T WANT THEM BACK. So really Donald Trump speaking the TRUTH about just one issues gets people MAD……i think its all Americans who are legally here should be the one’s getting MAD.

    • Tara Watson says:

      My family will vote for Trump. We do not want another professional politician that kisses everyone’s ass but the American citizens! Trump ALL THE WAY

      • Tom says:

        Millions will, just like you. God Bless.

        Only really stupid people who don’t understand the difference between illegal people and legal people would get upset about what Donald Trump said. I hate this bullshit pretend outrage that all the Mexicans and others are showing towards DONALD TRUMP who in all fairness just wants to make life better for all Americans that are already living here and also to STOP this terrible crimes that are also happening to these women and girls that travel through mexico. Donald Trump could be doing many other things he does not have to run. BUT HIS HEART IS BREAKING SEEING THIS COUNTRY THAT HE LOVES GO TO HELL and that because he LOVES America and the American people he is running as our politicians WILL NEVER change anything. Every 4 years they tell the public exactly what they what to hear to get elected and once they are in office they forget about the public and people.

    • WTF Guy says:

      Blow. Harder.

  16. joe freedman says:

    Macy’s has seen my last $ until they retract their pro-illegal alien posture.

    • What the hell! is everybody in the political arena, what ever happened to freedom of speech in this country. Anybody can make fun of the Pope; the Jews ; the Christians, but OH NO… ! dont dare even mention empty words about Mohammad..Isis will come and bomb you…..Are we a nation of cowards since Obummer came into office…I am happy to see Mr. Trump fight back ecactally what the rest of us should do…We have turned into a nation of pussies…literally……

      • Tom says:

        Liberal cowards, that’s what they are. How stupid are these people. I just loved the pretend outrage by NBC two weeks after it happened and now Macy’s. You really know who your friends are. Macy’s, NBC and Univision are a disgrace by the way did you know that Univision is owned Haim Saban’s who JUST HAPPENS to be a VERY BIG HILLARY Clinton supporter! Macy’s can go to hell. Donald Trump is better off without them, they are not loyal friends, as soon as the first sign of trouble they cave in like COWARDS.

  17. In todays world the less said the better – Trump – trumped himself into a big mess-Most latinos I know are hard working people trying to raise their families in this hard economy –

    • Tom says:

      People should get the facts right before bashing Donald Trump, it would politically incorrect for EVA to say anything else. Where is her concern about women and girls being raped and killed in this country by illegal aliens coming in from every part of the world, WHERE IS YOUR CONCERN EVA??? I don’t here you SPEAKING ABOUT them and all these Latino political groups where is your concern about your own women and girls coming to this country 80% of whom get raped and this is a FACT. Where are your tears for these women. NO BUT when Donald Trump says it like it is everyone all of a sudden is outraged……is that not just SAD? Don’t blame DONALD TRUMP for pointing a problem that is getting worse by the day and its costing America and its people billions of dollars to feed and jail these people that commit so many crimes. WAKE UP people and do a bit of research on Google about what is happening at the border or go talk to the brave border guards before you make such stupid statements about DONALD TRUMP for speaking the TRUTH!

    • Tom says:

      What he said is nothing but the TRUTH, people don’t like TRUTH and he was not speaking about people that are legally here. He said illegal people – just do a search in Google for “illegal alien rapists” and you will see horrific stories of young American women being gang raped and raped. These are true stories of actual people…….NOT stories made up by Donald TRUMP. Donald Trump may be a bit blunt about how he says things But that’s what we needed instead of having people say NO there is NO PROBLEM everyone coming over the border are amazing people. If they are so amazing why don’t the countries they coming BEG them to stay?????

  18. Daniel says:

    Well I guess it’s time to stop shopping at Macy’s since they like supporting turning our nation into a 3rd world country!

  19. hollywood says:

    We are constantly told to watch, read this news material? Trump, Jenner, Kayne, Kardashian, Celebrity divorces.

    Variety should change its name to Fast-Food Entertainment News

  20. Jacques Strappe says:

    Well, Donald, you can always sue MACY’s, too. Isn’t that your thing? Trump will always be an apprentice in life and politics. Trump doesn’t speak the truth, he speaks “The Donald”, nothing more. Just when you think it isn’t possible for him to go any further off the cliff of reality and civility, he tops himself. Get this nut job committed, asap. Trump IS the Republican party.

  21. Dunstan says:

    Jackson, glad you think that a bigoted lunatic like Trump is a “rare gem.” First of all, he hasn’t filed papers to run. Secondly, he will never run officially. And thirdly, I stand a better chance of getting votes and I’m not running. But keep parroting the party line about how things are bad in the country. I guess you’ve forgotten how bad things were during the Bush administration but that’s typical of rightwing loons like you. Stay in your Fox News bubble and watch the Republican party slowly disappear as they collapse under the weight of their twisted economic policies, their deranged social policies and their embrace of big business at the expense of all else.

    That sound you hear is Donald Trump placing his head between his legs and kissing his ass goodbye.

    • Tom says:

      I mean i have seen stupid comments but yours takes the cake. He has already filed his papers. Which planet are you living on. You must think a lot of yourself if you think people will vote for you. I don’rt even know and i already think your word’s speak a lot about yourself. Bush was bad because he had bad advisers and if your going to talk about bush why not talk about Bill Clinton and how he almost got impeached when he got caught with pants down. We all have faults, nobody is perfect. A little humility would do you much good. Enough with the stupid comments. Got something good and positive to say, speak others just please shut up… offence intended.

    • Caitlyn says:

      He has officially filed papers to run. He filed on June 22, and it’s available on the FEC website.

    • so right Dunstan…… Just a LOUD MOUTH….well his BIG mouth got him once again in a pickle…..good. he deserves nothing better. If he is the answer to being next president, I’m moving to Mexico LMAO! Just imagine all the immigrants he hired to work in his hotels…….To do his lawn, laundry and feed his UGLY BIGOT MOUTH? If I were him, I would be checking on who is putting what on his fine thread count hotel sheets right about now….LMAO!

      • Tom says:

        Why are you talking about yourself so proudly? Its a real shame that your words reflect who you are, really pity you don’t have a brain or are to stupid to use it. Don’t wait PLEASE MOVE to Mexico today i’ll even pay for your bus fare. If anyone is a loud mouth fool it is you and your words have only help prove it. If you don’t LOVE America just LEAVE and DON’T COME BACK!

  22. jackson chang says:

    Finally, a Republican who is not intimidated by the Liberal media. What a rare gem!

    We need to get Obama out of office and not let another Democrat take his place. No Hillary. No Warren. No Sanders… TRUMP

    The middle class is shrinking in Obama-America because Obama is taxing them to oblivion and taking away their healthcare. To be middle class in today’s America is to be poor.

    A large percentage of us are on public welfare programs like food stamps, section 8 housing, and SSI, because of low wages. Health insurance is unaffordable (mine is $450/month… contrast this to my $24/month auto insurance from Insurance Panda… or my $11/month life insurance from Ant). Two thirds of young adults have student loans to which they cannot pay back due to lack of good jobs in the community.

    It is a shame what the government of the greatest country in the world has become.

    I like how Trump doesn’t allow himself to be steamrollered by media types and won’t meekly accept their characterizations of his positions like some other Republican doormats of the past.

  23. MiMi says:

    I’m happy Macy’s dumped Trump. Macy’s you did not right thing by disassociating your name from trump. I am a Macy’s buyer and a proud Mexican. Thank you Macy’s for your support. We can’t let racist people like that defame up standing good, hard working immigrants. Thanks.

  24. Mike says:

    Trump was speaking about the criminals crossing the border. He never said all Mexicans are rapists. He said the criminals are rapists. According to homeland security reports over 300000 illegal immigrants are in prison for rape!

  25. yirmin snipe says:

    What a world we live in when speaking the truth pretty much gets your crucified. The simple fact is people with a good life in Mexico do not want to cross the border and get into the US. The only people that are trying to cross are the dregs of Mexico and they only do it because the US has a welfare system and Mexico doesn’t.

    • Mike says:

      Are you referring to the Rich Mexicans who can barely leave their compounds because of kidnapping fears or the ones who bought their way into the U.S.?

      Btw, there were racists just like you back in the early 1900s who said the same thing about all of the Irish and Italians who came through Ellis Island.

      • B says:

        At least back then we HAD an Ellis Island, where criminals and sick people could be screened and sent back. We need that again. Trump has some very valid points and I hope he’s serious, and I hope he makes it in. I’ve never voted in a single election, because like Trump, I believe both the republican and democrats are a bunch of idiot buffoons who do nothing to help those who elect them. Trump has much experience running businesses, and making his companies great. I hope he can do the same for this country, and if you just LISTEN to what he says, you’ll see that it’s possible. We need our borders properly controlled, yes, let all races in, but SCREEN them properly. I believe Trump means it in this way, he just has really shitty speech writers who should be fired. He has no edit button either, and really does need to learn how to sugar coat his messages, or he may lose everything due to the people’s inability to hand the truth when dished out without a filter.

  26. Gahan says:

    The Mexicans in question are not “immigrants”
    They are Illegal Aliens who broke US law when they entered this country and continue to do so by staying. They will be thrown out.
    Liberal Corporate America is really terrified of Donald Trump because he speaks the truth and a majority of Americans are with him.

    • Christopher says:

      “A majority of Americans are with him” -Citation needed

    • MiMi says:

      You ignorant jerk. I am a proud Mexican brought here legally at three months old. I have a Bachelors Degree in Science and a good job. I am a long abiding citizen and pay taxes like you do. There are millions of Mexicans who come here to get an education and work hard and have earned the right to be here.
      By the way, why didn’t trump mentioned the Canadians, Central Americans, South Americans, Europeans, Africans, Asians… Who also come here illegally. Why is always the Mexicans? Don’t answer if your just a stupid racist who like trump is just trying to insight a racial war.

      • Riff says:

        Thanks, MeMe, for your extremely well-reasoned sermon on the virtues of illegal Mexicans, to whom you seem upset that Donald had the audacity to single out, because darn those statistics. Your keen ignite (sic) trumps all. But you know who would love to offer up a counterpoint to this debate? Bob Clark. Let’s see what he has to say on the matter. Bob, what do you say about it? Bob? Hello? Hmm, that’s strange. For some reason, he’s not answering.

      • Tom says:

        Well if everyone was good like you there would not be a problem BUT not everyone is like you. That is the problem. Donald Trump does not want to deport people like you, he just wants to STOP the illegals coming over and its not just Mexicans its people from all over. The other thing is once you moved to America why are you still calling yourself Mexican, you an American now be PROUD of that. This is your country now, your loyalty should be to the United States no one else.

      • yosemite sam says:

        mimi are you mexican or american? and that is one of the problems with south of the border immigration, they don’t seem to want to be americans and adopt our way of life, they want to bring their crap with them. Have any of you libbies read this? (or any of the other realities south of the boreder that make isis look like choir boys) who would be proud of this?

      • B says:

        Another Moron who didn’t listen to Trump, just quotes what the Media told us. Trump said, “It’s not just Mexicans, they’re coming from other places, from all over the world.”… Have you any idea how the Eastern Bloc Smuggles it’s whores over here? They send them through Mexico. Go watch a movie called “Human Trafficking”… It’s a true story about an ICE agent and her struggle to help Eastern European Girls brought here to work in Brothels. They bring them through Mexico, and the Coyotes (name for smugglers) RAPE them. Yes, Trump speaks truthfully, he just does it too cleanly for the average american to deal with.

    • Mike says:

      Macys is a liberal corporation? If that were true they would have never gotten into huskiness with this sexist bigot in he first place.

      live in NYC. I have seen all of the illegal immigrants Trump used to build his buildings. Probably saved himself a bundle and now wants to pretend like he hasn’t employed all kinds of undocumented workers.

      This egomaniac is playing you. Kind of like Mitt Romney had to let go of all of his undocumented workers right before he started running for President. You’re proof that there literally is a sucker born every minute.

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