Reverend Jennifer Crumpton: ‘Jesus Would Have Baked a Cake for a Same-Sex Couple’

Religious Acceptance of Gay Marriage

Americans today seek belief in our worth from both God and Hollywood. And our political system codifies our legitimacy.

Ironically, many Christians and politicians reject marriage equality. Hollywood is another dangerously distorted lens for humanity since it perpetuates the antiquated patriarchal structure of the traditional Christian church: white, Alpha-male hetero-normativity that diminishes others’ stories. Gay artists still must contort to stay viable in the framework of falsely idealized American manhood and womanhood — trapped artistically, socially, spiritually.

Hollywood is considered to be sexually open, but sexual expression onscreen is typically exploited for “red-blooded American male” sensibilities, while the authentic sexualities and complex anima of LGBTs (and women) are caricatured. Because Christianity and Hollywood haven’t represented gay people thoroughly and honestly, American policy doesn’t reflect empathy and identification with the reality of their full humanness.

I wrote “Femmevangelical” to inspire spiritual (but perhaps not religious) folks to reclaim the original evangel of Jesus. It’s the unorthodox good news that the God of justice ordains freedom, equality and wholeness for all people. It’s opposite of the traditional Evangelical rusty-chastity-belt-laden construct of damnation.

If we ignore separation of church and state, and make equality about religion, we must note that in 2005, the United Church of Christ was first to vote for gay marriage, making it a First Amendment-protected right of an established religion. Religious freedom is often misused to violate LGBTs the way the Roman Empire attacked Jesus. Jesus vexed the powers that persecuted marginalized people in first-century Roman-occupied Palestine, announcing: “God’s spirit anointed me to release captives of a society that strips people of dignity, opportunity and agency.” He indicted a culture that politically oppressed unprotected out-groups. Like turning water into wine for the wedding, Jesus would have baked a cake for a same-sex couple. He went to the cross for deeds like that.

My faith was restored June 26 as the U.S. redeemed the patriarchal Christian “God” and Hollywood boys’ club, upholding justice for all by recognizing marriage equality. LGBT people aren’t sidekicks or sinners, comedic relief or apocalyptic signs. The highest form of divinity — and the American Dream — lies in being included as diverse human beings and free to take our rightful place.

Jennifer Crumpton is the author of “Femmevangelical: The Modern Girl’s Guide to the Good News.”

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  1. Placing Beastiality in the same sentence as Bisexuality or Homosexual is like placing PROSTITUTE IN THE SAME SENTENCE AS A WOMAN……LOVE is an unconditional TRUTH that cannot be programmed by any computers or any books, or any court orders or any limited thinkers but those that take ONE day to DRINK OUT OF A SEPARATE WATER FOUNTAIN FOR BEING A HATER and FIRED FROM CAREERS and TAKEN OUT OF THEIR COMFORT ZONE and be in the SHOES of MATTHEW SHEPHARD…….imagine being hung like a SCARE CROW or beaten over the skull for wanting to love in pure truth, and then MURDER IN THE NAME OF JESUS is your new life….HATE is never going to be taught at BIBLE STUDY so try to get into THERAPY at the PFLAG or LGBT CENTER or MCC CHURCHES to learn how IGNORANCE can harm our PLANET… scare us all!!!!!!

    • Hamshire says:

      You have that therapy thing all wrong. It’s obvious who really needs therapy. And no one kills in the name of Jesus, that’s all in your head. You are too much of a coward. You pick on Christians because you know that is a religion of love and they turn the other cheek. You are a coward.

  2. This is the most BEAUTIFUL ARTICLE as for those 100% straight or in the closet bi, we encourage you to truly invite, welcome and advocate behind anyone you hear is not being respected of Equality or outcasted, silenced or just treated different, remember the love of a Pride of Cats is for all the Pride. We honor your courage to write this, as we have seen some very sad opposites, including our own attacks to almost murder and worse and loss of a former L- Sista to Hate Crime attack – death.I share my Bday on July 7 with RINGO STARR & wish others had time to share “ALL U NEED IS LUV” singalong party! I have not shared a walk on a beach or just a day of laughter on my bday in over 15 or more years so RINGO and I need a laugh a thin…today.

  3. Chris B. says:

    Thank you Ashby. We cannot rewrite scripture to fit whatever our whims are. I would love to rewrite it so that football games could supercede everything in importance, but thankfully I am not God. Instead, I do what He says: I put HIM above all things. I am not so drunkened by my own life choices that I start to spout heresy in order to justify myself. This woman will pay for using her platform this way.

    A cake? Perhaps he would, out of a servants’ heart; but he would not be there celebrating. He’d be there doing the Father’s work, telling people to “Go and sin no more,” like has been said on this topic.

    There is NO AVOIDING the trend of the Bible, which clearly says that homosexuality is wrong. From Exodus 13 to Romans 1 and 2 to 1 Corinthians 6:9, it is clear.

    Homosexuality is the FALSE civil rights movement.

    • Denise says:

      Chris and Ashby:

      Thank you both so much for speaking the truth. I just learned something very important and it helped me make up my mind on this issue. I will serve God, not man.

  4. Ashby says:

    Actually, Jesus spoke for Himself saying that marriage is between one man and one woman and no one but God had the right to change that.
    “Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female, and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’ So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”
    Matthew 19:4-5

    So no, Jesus would not make any cakes for gay couples, and that’s directly from Jesus Himself.

    • Massie says:

      That is exactly right. Not only would Jesus NOT bake a cake for a gay wedding, He would absolutely condemn it and tell them to sin no more. He said only the bed of a man and his wife are “undefiled.” That Scripture is DEAD on.

      • Denise says:

        Dolphin- If YOU followed Scripture, you would know that it was for ANY man and ANY woman, as God supported interracial marriage like Moses and his Ethiopian wife. God never did, and never would, support marriage between lesbians and homosexuals, however.

      • If you only follow scripture then you might like to know black, asian, native american, latin & LGBT were not included in that scripture so are only WHITE PEOPLE the scripture to follow…your thoughts are archaic as if we did follow the “Bibles Scriptures” we would all be on our knees rubbing mens feet. Wake up to the reality that LOVE is the ultimate religion and will always be before HATE as when you MURDER a sister or brother like Matthew Shephard or my roommate Rita Robinson as CHRISTIAN HATE ATTACKERS did, Im sorry we want no part of your books, we prefer LOVE and it is honest and unconditional and if you would rather see MILLIONS of CHRISTIAN MEN ON THE DOWN LOW in shame …go for it lady…..but Senator Sheila James Kuehl, Jodi Foster, Lily Tomlin, and millions of others including the David Geffen billions funding your hospitals should all be KILLED FOR SIN according to your ultimate Preaching…..try a THERAPIST FOR HOMOPHOBIA lady…and please get help before you harm our children with HATE VALUES…..LOVE WINS…always and forever.

  5. Compton says:

    And then would have said, “Go, and sin no more.”

    • Hate is not a CHRISTIAN VALUE – it is pure HATE and always will be, please get HELP for HOMOPHOBIA as we will always be a Lic Therapist for a reason….LOVE is a CHRISTIAN VALUE

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