Hillary Clinton Announces Presidential Campaign

Hillary Clinton announced her presidential campaign on Sunday, ending what may have been the longest period of speculation over the plans for a prospective contenders for the White House.

“Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion,” Clinton said in a video released by the campaign.

In contrast to the announcements of Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, who held large rallies to launched their bids for the GOP nomination, Clinton’s public rollout of her campaign was more understated, via a video released on social media. She will travel to Iowa this week, “engaging directly with voters,” according to her campaign, and hold an official kickoff in mid-May.

“I’m hitting to road to earn your vote, because it’s your time, and I hope you will join me on this journey,” Clinton said in the video posted on her website, now a campaign site for Hillary for America.

The campaign is trying to emphasize that Clinton is not taking anything for granted, and that her focus will be on listening to voters.

The video was a contrast to her campaign launch video in 2007, in which Clinton said, “I’m in, and I’m in to win.” Instead, this video focused on average citizens.

It didn’t even feature Clinton until about a minute and a half in, instead showing a diverse series of largely younger middle class citizens talking with hope about their plans for the coming months. That included a man who was getting ready to marry a same-sex partner. The couple was later identified as Jared Milrad and Nathan Johnson of Chicago. Her campaign logo features an “H” with an arrow through it, directing forward.

Clinton also signaled that her campaign would focus on the middle class, with a populist message to counter early criticism and concern from the left that she will be too beholden to Wall Street.

“Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times but the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top,” she said in the video.

The initial low-key approach of her campaign rollout certainly was not true of media coverage, which for months has taken a granular look at her potential candidacy and several days ago signaled that an announcement was likely on Sunday. An expected noon ET release of a video came and went. Instead, the announcement came just before 3 p.m. ET, initially via a message from adviser John Podesta to supporters via Twitter.

Given the buildup, “Saturday Night Live” even spoofed Clinton’s announcement, with Kate McKinnon as Hillary struggling to tape an announcement on her cell phone video with her husband Bill (Darrell Hammond) lurking in the background.

Hollywood is expected to play a significant role in what has been billed as an unprecedented fundraising push, with events already in the works for early May. Given their years on the political stage, the Clintons have no shortage of fundraisers to draw upon, with figures like Jeffrey Katzenberg and Haim Saban pledging their support.

Paul already made Clinton the focus of an attack ad, and former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-Fla.), who has all but said he is running, released a video in which he criticized the “Obama-Clinton foreign policy.”

“She’s going to get hit hard 24/7, but she’s going to stand with America’s families,” Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) told CNN’s “State of the Union.”

That also was reflected in a fundraising email sent out by California Republican Party chairman Jim Brulte, who warned of facing the “massive political power of the leftist Hollywood elite.”

“Hillary will be saying ‘Hurray for Hollywood’ after the glittering Tinsel Town limousine liberals pull out their check books for Barack Obama’s ‘inevitable’ successor — she’s waited so long to return to the White House,” Brulte wrote.


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  2. catherbo says:

    Hooray! Can we vote now? Yes for Madame President Clinton!

  3. KTA says:

    Imagine this chick after she wins and someone calls out out her terrible work, like how she ridiculed Vince Foster and called him a hick in front of staff.

  4. KTA says:

    I’m voting for a box of rocks not her.

  5. yankeedjw says:

    How is this industry news?

  6. Lisa says:

    I guess we could always take the easy route and make it into a Democrat vs Republican argument. Sigh.

  7. srvwp2013 says:

    We need and would welcome a viable woman president. Again the United States ranks in the bottom feeders as far as having women chief executives. But we don’t want and don’t need Hill the Pill. She has not made a single gesture on behalf of America as far as this candidacy is concerned. Her candidacy is “all about Hillary”; her ego and hubris are the only fuels firing her ambition. Her campaign is not about America; it is not about betterment of the world. I would not vote for Hill the Pill if she were the last human being left alive in the universe. There are hundreds of women in America who would make excellent presidents; there are thousands of women who would make very good presidents and there are millions of American women who would make good and better presidents than Bill Clinton, “W” Bush and Barack.

  8. Jae Chon says:

    Why is this political news a subject for Variety. I don’t remember you announcing news of Cruz, Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, etc running for President. Could it be she’s more of a celebrity than a candidate?

    • Lisa says:

      Leave it to a man to completely miss the entire meaning and enormity of this. It’s because she’s a female. Most women wouldn’t stand up and cheer for Jebby Bush, but for Hillary, yes.

      • Lisa says:

        @Anonymous Gender inequality IS an issue that is affecting 52% of the population. How about identity AS an issue?!

      • Lisa says:

        @Bob Firstly, anyone standing and cheering for Jeb might as well be cheering for Hitler since the Bush family was one of Hitler’s major funders during WWII.

      • Lisa says:

        The problem with the internet is most things are anonymous, so I don’t believe you’re a woman even if you say you are. The very fact you say I am gender biased is telling of that. An oppressed population cannot be gender biased or racist because the said population has been victimized by the white-anglo-saxon male power for thousands of years. Being gender biased would indicate I would have equality, the very thing that I, as a woman, do not yet have. It would also indicate that there would be no need to post Hillary Clinton’s running for presidency, but obviously there is a need Lastly, if you were a woman, then you certainly would not be saying what you’re saying without being somehow overly influenced by our male dominated society.
        I would vote for her because she, as most women, has worked twice as hard as any man and has gotten half as much credit. How many women have been qualified to be president but not even had a chance because people like you downplay their qualifications? The fact she went to an ivy league school and earned her law degree before marrying Bill proves she is a lot more qualified than Jebby.
        But alas, I’m not even American, so what do i know

      • Jae Chon says:

        First, I am a woman. Second, she ran for a shot at the Presidency and lost to B.O. Third, the “enormity” of her throwing her hat into the ring is overshadowed by her mere inability to do the job, woman or not. She did nothing as senator or secretary of state and I don’t think hosting parties at the White House as first lady qualifies her to be the POTUS. Why anyone would vote for her based solely on her gender make no sense. The fact that you dismissed my comments because you thought I was a man and “didn’t get it” shows your own gender bias. Vote for the best candidate, not who wears lipstick best.

      • Alex says:

        So than why didn’t she make her speech in front of a cheering crowd? I saw plenty of woman cheering at Paul and Cruz when they made their speeches.

      • Bob, NYC says:

        Apparently lots of women like you would also stand up and cheer for Hitler; I mean, if he were a woman this time around. What really are your principles, and Clinton’s?

      • Anonymous says:

        Interesting to see identity politics are more important to you than what’s best for the country. I’m not going to assume, as you seem to, that ‘most’ who share your identity share your opinion, and look forward to actual debate about the significant challenges facing the United States and the world.

        Issues, not Identity, 2016.

    • Lisa says:

      If she’s got a wee bit of maternal instinct, perhaps now the preemptive wars will stop.

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