French Prime Minister Warns of More Terror Attacks

French Prime Minister Warns of More

PARIS– French Prime Minister Manuel Valls Monday warned that more terror attacks are expected in Europe.

Valls told French media that intelligence services knew that attacks were coming, that they were planned in Syria, and that more may come in the next days and weeks.

He confirmed that over a dozen people had been arrested this morning following more than 150 pre-dawn police raids made across France in connection with the deadly attacks on Friday night that left 129 dead.

Police has proceeded in seven arrests in Belgium and has identified three suspected terrorists who resided in Brussels. One of them is the suicide bomber who severely injured a few people at a cafe near Place de la Nation, another was arrested and a third one is being tracked down by police, according to Le Monde.

Another suicide bomber, who is also French, has been identified, as well as a French man born in Syria who participated in the attack at the French stadium.  Authorities have just identified another suicide bomber involved in the Bataclan attack: A 28-year old man who was born in Paris and lived in Drancy. He was known by French services who had issued an international arrest warrant in 2013 to track him down.

The police moves came as France also renewed its air strikes in the Syrian town of Raqqa, against Islamic State, the seat of the radical organization that has claimed responsibility for the Paris carnage.

On top of the 129 casualties, there are still over 250 people hospitalized in Paris, according to the police prefect.

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  1. Challie Spiteri says:

    When governments of the European Union significantly infringe, restrain, or suspend the freedom of travel, movement, commerce, and liberties of its EU citizens because of fear of the unknown, they give credit and acknowledgement to the terrorists. FEAR for me represents “Freedom Eradicated At Random.” Terrorism is not just aimed at destroying physical structures, that is just a collateral consequence of such an act of destruction. The specific intent is to destroy the “Will, Spirit, Liberty, Commerce, Association and Freedom” of a civilized society as we enjoin as members of the European Union and the International community.

    When the acts of terrorism force a reaction by our EU governments they effectively imprison the right to through FEAR rather to continue to preserve for our society’s freedom of expression, association, commerce, liberty and livelihood, then we already have lost the fight against the terrorism.

    We are seeing many restrains that prevent our EU citizens from continuing to physically interact with each other. Security of a Nation can never aim to restrain the right of liberty, freedom, commerce and travel. Once those human, civil and constitutional protected rights have been restrained the terrorists have won the Battle not necessary the War. Only the aftermath of these fundamental human, civil and constitutional rights long lasting restrains will History declare if the terrorists have also won the War.

    United States President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in his Presidential address said, “So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is…fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”

  2. LisaASheppard says:

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  3. This is getting a bit silly. Is this or is it not an entertainment news platform? You don’t care about these people or you would always write stories of human suffering. You’re writing about gun control, plain and simple. Stick to entertainment news, rather than some lame tidbits of info on a much larger issue. Imbecilic.

  4. Lisa says:

    I sound anti-American when I say this, but the US gets involved in other country’s business for it’s own gain, such as to gain control over oil. It invades countries, it takes over, it dehouses citizens and ruins countries, then wonders why countries are angry. Then, when anybody tries to say anything about it, they are called terrorists. Other countries such as France are put in dangerous situations because they have to side with the US for fear of American retaliation. Maybe people are just sick and tired of the freaken’ Americans bullying their respective countries.

    • Yes, it’s all unraveling. In a generation or so no Americans will be joining the military, and it’ll be comprised of people who can’t get a job or have checkered pasts. Oh, wait, it’s like that already. What do you think these guys do to let off steam? Horrible things, to whomever they want. And to think that every now and then photos are taken, it leads one to assume countless indecencies and atrocities. Which contributes to massive suicides of our armed forces, which doesn’t make the news. Japanese businessmen have nothing on American soldiers when it comes to offing yourself.

      The entire “we’re gonna help you guys and protect you from x – even though we sold x the guns. But to ensure you’re safety from x (our secret allies) we’ll build an army base and stay here forever. But we’ll call it an embassy. Fair?

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