ESPN Moves ESPY Celebrity Golf Classic From Trump National

Trump National Golf ESPN Removal
Scott Olson/Getty Images

ESPN is moving next week’s ESPY Celebrity Golf Classic from Trump National Golf Club following owner Donald Trump’s disparaging remarks about Mexican immigrants. The charity event will instead be held at Pelican Hill Golf Club on July 14.

“We decided it was appropriate to change the venue, and are grateful for the opportunity to stage the event at Pelican Hill on short notice,” ESPN said in a statement. “This charity outing benefits the V Foundation’s Stuart Scott Memorial Cancer Research Fund, providing resources for important cancer research for minority populations, including Hispanics and African Americans. Our decision reflects our deep feelings for our former colleague and support for inclusion of all sports fans. Diversity and inclusion are core values at ESPN and our decision also supports that commitment.”

The annual charity outing honors athletes, teams and organizations that have made a difference in their communities through sport.

ESPN is the latest company to distance itself from Trump. NASCAR and Macy’s have also cut ties with the real estate mogul.

This is the most recent fallout after Univision announced two weeks ago that it would be dropping Trump’s Miss USA telecast, which Reelz will now air on July 12. NBCUniversal — a 50-50 owner of the pageant franchise — has also dumped Trump. Mexico’s largest broadcaster, Televisa, has scrapped plans to carry the Miss Universe pageant as well.

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best,” Trump said in a speech announcing his presidential bid on June 16. “They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”

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  1. Argelia says:

    As Always… The stereo type will never change…It does not matter how many successful Hispanics we have in this country… people like Trump all they see is the bad… There is no chance in He77 that he will ever be President… How can someone that that mentality think that WE would ALLOW him to take charge of this country….. ANd I am NOT saying that Mr Trump is not a SMART/INTELLIGENT …. actually , YES I guess IAM saying THAT..
    Hope the next person that is running for President thinks before he puts his foot in his mouth..
    I WISH and HOPE that Hilary Clinton is our next Lady PRESIDENT..

  2. Trump does not care that they are hurting themselves, not him.

  3. Paul says:

    Trump is right…you people are ball less. This is a country of free speech for all includeing white American citizens. You don’t like what he said then don’t vote for him; before you showed how spineless you folks are you should have spent a few days checking his facts. You think your helping but you are really destroying that madr this country great…free speech the right to have an opinion and express your self with out persecution.

  4. eddie willers says:

    We’ve become a nation of precious little snowflakes carrying fainting couches with us.

  5. toosano says:

    Right or wrong he F#%ked up!

  6. jim christopher senior. says:

    a lot of people misinterpreted mr trump, he did not say all, , some illegals are criminals, if you don’t come to america legally you are breaking the law, my father’s family came here from italy, arrived in ellis island and became an american citizen for world one was drafted in the army for world war one. i think mr trump is an american patriot,

  7. Ali says:

    Everyone agrees with Mr. Trump!

  8. lizzy says:

    Everyone that agrees with Donald trump are as ignorant as he is! #vivamexico

  9. maria says:

    Oh don’t make excesses for being controlled by the media! You know it that what Donald Trump said is dead on fact and not fiction. Stop ganging up on the wrong people stand up for the truth from our supposedly leaders who are paid well and their families to represent the American people. Remember, you come to this country to bring something with you, you come to this country to be an asset and that isn’t the case. Yes, some come and work hard but we need to focus on what is happening within our country to the citizens already here trying to make a living. ESPN I will never watch your channel or events until you stop this and put a backbone back where it suppose to be.

  10. John Smith says:

    Where was the outraged when White “Chrsitians” murdered millions of Natives to steal their land? Let’s sugarcoat our History books.

  11. Don’t know why everyone is placing the blame on Trump for the comments as they were pulled directly from the Immigration Department’s reports.

  12. Steve F says:

    Since he’s going to be suing so many companies, ESPN will be the latest, how will Trump have time to run for president?

  13. Dan says:

    So ESPN, which is owned by Disney, which was just in trouble for trying to lay off American workers for immigrant workers, is dumping Trump. But yet they run segments on their ABC News promoting American jobs.

  14. Jon says:

    Support Trump and boycott ESPN people….. I will no longer watch any of their sports. Maybe when these corporations do this then they will think twice that they will lose viewers, customers, etc. Tell it like it is Trump. I like your style.

  15. Offending large numbers of people is bad for business. Even when a careful reading of the offense shows it to contain truth and be overblown in its offense, as in this case. So in avoiding controversies, corporations appear sensitive to pressure and public opinion, and largely gutless. And moves like ESPN’s, Macy’s et al. are almost meaningless since they are so easily moved or pressured to react.
    It’s just business.

    • Todd says:

      Kenny you are in denial and the polls show it. Illegal immigrants is the problem and the left wing media is directing the fan fare. NASCAR. For example uses gas and supports Saidi Arabia which is a country that shames women, kills you if you are Gay.

      So the recent killing of a beautiful 32 year old women by a convicted criminal of 7 fellonies and deported 5 times isn’t a problem? Just last week a store worker was shot and killed from a illegal immigrant robbing a store. Thousands of these every year. Oh ps my daughters are quarter mexican

      • argelia24 says:

        whats a quater mexican?

      • jsm1963 says:

        I’d be interested in seeing those polls you mentioned. Studies show that first generation immigrants – documented or undocumented – are the least likely to commit crimes here.

    • Boowho says:

      Saying some Mexican immigrants are criminals isn’t racist. It’s fact. You’ll are sheep.

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