Donald Trump Kicks Univision Anchor Out of Event

Jorge Ramos Donald Trump
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Univision anchor Jorge Ramos was thrown out of a Donald Trump event on Tuesday when he tried to ask the GOP presidential candidate a question.

Ramos, who accused Trump on CNN last night of “spreading hate” with his controversial remarks on immigration, was immediately removed by security from the early evening press conference in Dubuque, Iowa.

“Excuse me, sit down. You weren’t called,” Trump said. “Sit down. Sit down. Sit down!”

“No you don’t. Go back to Univision,” Trump said when Ramos protested that he had “the right to ask a question.”

Watch the video:

“I don’t believe I ever met him, except he started screaming and I didn’t escort him out, you’ll have to talk to security,” Trump later said when another reporter asked about Ramos’ removal. “Certainly he wasn’t chosen. I chose you and you’re asking me questions. He just stands up and starts screaming so, you know, maybe he’s at fault also.”

“You can’t just stand up and scream,” he told another journalist. “He’s obviously a very emotional person. So I have no problem with it.”

Ramos eventfully returned to the room and confronted Trump directly about his immigration policy and his use of the term “anchor babies.” “How is he going to deport 11 million people? By bus? By plane?” Ramos asked on CNN yesterday. “Is he going to bring the army to do that? Can you imagine the human rights violations that would create?”

“I have a bigger heart than you do,” Trump told Ramos, referring to his plan of curbing illegal immigration. He then said that Ramos used the term “illegal immigrants.” When the journalist denied using the words, Trump said, “Well you should use it. That’s what they are, ‘illegal immigrants.'”

The press conference followed a rally that draw almost 3,000 people.

“We’d love for Mr. Trump to sit down for an in-depth interview with Jorge to talk about the specifics of his proposals,” Isaac Lee, Univision’s president of news, said in a statement about the incident.

Trump sued Univision in July after the network dropped its coverage of Miss USA and Miss Universe, two pageants owned by the real estate mogul. The Trump Organization said the Univision decision was a “politically motivated attempt” to suppress his freedom of speech.

Univision cited comments that Trump made about Mexican immigrants in his campaign announcement speech in June. When his lawsuit was filed, a Univision spokeswoman said that their “decision to end our business relationship with Mr. Trump was influenced solely by our responsibility to speak up for the community we serve.”

This is Trump’s second major fight with a journalist today. He attacked Megyn Kelly in a tweet after Fox News Channel chief Roger Ailes urged him to apologize for criticizing the “Kelly File” anchor.

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  1. JC says:

    Trump has some hidden agenda running for politics. Trump is a successful business mogul and we get it but politics???? Man thats a whole different animal that Trump can’t pull off because of his attitude and views toward average hard working people …. He just can’t get that low to the ground and be humble…. Its NOT IN HIM

  2. Proporre says:

    Granted Trump could of been a bit nicer to Ramos with how he abrupt him when Trump asked who’s next, but Ramos should of noticed a gentleman caught Trump’s attention first. To be honest I really don’t care how Trump handled that situation, that’s his character, he’s blunt and yes he can be a bully with how he expresses himself but that’s not what to look at. Look, what confuses me the most guys, where did everyone’s manners go? If you’re not called yet to express your concern, shut up. That simple guys… just wait. Maybe Trump was going to completely ignore him and that was Ramos’s only way to get into the spotlight I don’t know. In the end Ramos got his question out but it really baffles me that it doesn’t bother anyone that Ramos’s patience ran out and acted like a kid. Act like a kid, treated as a kid.

  3. Fran Bach says:

    Donald Triumph
    Your fired !!

  4. oka says:

    I didn’t like Donald for president before, but I like him now. He is funny as hell. And to the point. I love it when he snubs the PC bullshit …LMAO

    • CB says:

      I don’t see anything funny about Donald Trump, I guess our future for the US is now a laughing matter to some people.

  5. I love when idiots argue deportation is a human rights issue. So carrying out the law is a human rights violation? Sorry, but that’s caca. And all those who don’t understand, are el loco!!

    • Xiomara says:

      Everyone reading this. Do your research nobody argues deportation is a human rights issue. Get it through your heads that taking the right from babies is the problem and not to mention the ridiculous thought of taking out millions of immigrants who have been here for generations. Erase your comment trust me you don’t want to keep sounding dumb.

  6. Dunstan says:

    Donald Trump remains what he has always been: an overbearing bully. He’s incapable of conversation, rational thought or any other quality we would want as a leader. Can you picture this putz with his finger on the nuclear button? He’s filled with rage and thinks he’s still on “The Apprentice.” The social mutants lining up to touch the hem of his garment will be in for a rude awakening sooner than later.

    • Charles Taylor says:

      You’re an idiot. Trump showed great restraint against that Hispanic political aggitator masquerading as a journalist. You obviously didn’t take the time to watch the exchange or else you’re just a Trump hater and an illegal alien lover who doesn’t give a damn that these criminals are helping to destroy our great country.

  7. Xiomara says:

    Jorge Ramos version is the most credible hearing what he said from his own mouth tells me everything I need to know all these comments are a joke. The first time in his entire career he is kicked out of a conference because as he stated Donald realized he didn’t want to answer his question hahahaha no surprise there. Shit if I was a speaker and didn’t want to answer a question I would also pretend to be offended tell him to sit down and if he didn’t leave make that stare at the security guard to get him out. All you Donald lovers wait your turn soon he will also eliminate you. I’m sure he has a preference for hair color and skin color as well. Hmmmm who does that sound like….????

  8. Steve Thpdon says:

    Donald Trump for dictator!

  9. POP says:

    More outstanding to me was that not one fellow journalist seemed to care about Ramos being kicked out – are you all afraid of Trump?

  10. MarkW says:

    It was a battle between the two biggest pompous asses in America, Donald Trump and Jorge Ramos. I found it entertaining. Trump had the better argument. Do things legally. Ramos can’t defend illegal immigration. You break the laws of a nation, you’re illegal. Mexico calls it illegal, why shouldn’t we?

  11. Neli says:

    Watched Univision’s interview with Jorge Ramos. I do not see how this man is an emotional person. Clearly he says he was asking his question half way through his question he was cut off by Donald. This article is as accurate as it gets for those who say the media is biased when presenting information. Clearly Variety did a decent job in this occasion. Jorge Ramos is and will continue being one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Google it before you start questioning this last statement.

  12. PR says:

    Sticking it to the GOP and so-called “journalists”….apart from showing up at my house and mowing my yard for me, I couldn’t be happier about this Trump guy regardless if he wins or not.

    • Charles Taylor says:

      Well said PR!

    • Karolina says:

      So what’s the point of your opinion? Where in this article is lawns mentioned…? Also last time I checked journalists ask questions right? Jorge Ramos asked not his fault Donald does not want to answer so he automatically talks over him and does the adult blah blah blah move

      • Mark Gorrin says:

        Ramos jumped in when Trump addressed another reporter, Ramos was rude and would not stop babbling, he brought this upon himself. You are a racist.

  13. Drashane says:

    When Losers have no class, they stand up and scream questions, even when they’re NOT called on.

    • Charles Taylor says:

      At least you know WTF went down in that exchange between that Hispanic rabble-rouser masquerading as a journalist and Donald Trump a man who is beholding to no one and not tainted by special interest groups or super packs. Trump represents everything that’s great about this country. Capitalism is the only path to prosperity. Socialism fails every time. As Margaret Thatcher famously stated: “The problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other peoples money. Why progressives can’t grasp that concept is beyond me. And these are otherwise seemingly intelligent people. Unfortunately, intelligence and common sense do not equate.

    • ravengirl57 says:

      Ramos didn’t scream. And it’s a news conference, not a Sunday school class.

    • Al says:

      When Losers have no class, they ignore pertinent questions, and rather than confront the issue they kick the person asking the question out of the room…makes you wonder what THE LOSER will do when, if elected president, he doesn’t like a question asked of him?

  14. Barbara Gibson says:

    If the person reporting this from The Variety, were actually watching the press conference, they would have seen that Trump had already called on someone else and this arrogant reporter kept shouting above everyone else. He should have waited his turn and not been such a jerk. Donald did NOT throw him out, the security did, and later in Trump’s speech, Trump said he was welcome to come back in. This is what is wrong with the media, they only report what they think will make a good story in spite of it being the truth or not. If you’re going to report, report the truth not your trash.

  15. me says:

    Trump is so awesome. We need him to win the Presidency and put an end to the PC lunacy destroying the West from within.

  16. Erika says:

    I’m very proud of Ramos, he went for his rights to speak. He did a great job very composed. The white man tried to say he was too emotional, because that’s what white people want to make Hispanics and also African Americans look like. But in reality I know more crazy unstable white ppl than any other race, they suffer from lack of affection. Maybe when they were children. Lol

    • Mark Gorrin says:

      The “white man” you are a racist.

    • MB says:

      Well said. And the answer is no. The dysfunction starts in the womb, as they cope with the abuse that their mother puts up with as a matter of course.

      Note Trumpet’s sneer, as in ‘how dare you think you can force me into answering a question, me one of the richest white people on the planet’.

      If this joker is elected, I think it would be worth starting to save for an extended vacation to the moon.

    • Karolina says:

      No no what you mean is white people go and murder innocents to later on say they have a mental health. PLEASE make it stop because if it comes to stereotyping whites need to get out of the movie theaters I swear

      • Whitey Whiteson says:

        Humm, so only white people murder? Let’s see… Ever heard of Matthew Macon, Jimmie Reed, Shelly Brooks, Justin Blackshere, Jevon Coleman, Donell Johnson, Brian Davis, Paul Durousseau, mark Goudeau, Corel Watts, Anthony McNight, Derrick Lee, Charles Carter, Chester Turner, Lorenzo Gilyard, Eugene Britt, Reginald Carr…. I can go on…. But let’s end with OJ!

  17. labman57 says:

    The Trumpster has joined a long list of Republican presidential wannabes who feel that members of the news media should act as though they are working for the candidates’ public relations departments, only asking them the questions that they WANT to be asked and reporting only those stories that will improve said candidate’s public image.

  18. Mark Gorrin says:

    “when he tried to ask the GOP presidential candidate a question”

    You left OUT OF PLACE, Trump addressed one reporter and Ramos jumped in rudely out of place and would not shut up, like one of those stupid unsolicited phone call sales people.

    • Karolina says:

      Racist? If you think I am go for it your opinion is irrelevant. do you not know the difference between ethnicity and race??? Of course not because you just made an uneducated comment. Google it because I’m sure you might understand it and then when you figure out I can be both you may have a chance to continue debating with me. FYI in order for me to be racist I’m sure I would go bashing on whites 24/7 but unlike you I applaud all those who put in work with out using EBT or stealing from others to get to the top this it does not matter if they are white, black or brown or even hetero or homo!!! Since your replies disappeared here you go on your on post

  19. Karolina says:

    Jorge Ramos is the man. Best reporter out there to represent the Mexican ethnicity I hold close and dear to my heart. He shouldn’t have to sit there ignored. The way to get what you want is to get up and get it yourself. Obviously Trump wouldn’t have chose him. Why? You may ask, because he doesn’t want Mexicans to hate him more than he is already hated. Sad life that man life’s it’s true when they say you can’t have everything in this world. Money for days but no brains. Wack!!!! Next politician up tired of hearing about this old man

  20. Erika says:

    I wish donald trump would take a trip down to Mexico. I would pay my life savings to see that!!! Gladly. This man displays all the greed and hate white racist people have in their hearts. This is the most corrupt nation, Donald Duck can quack all he wants because he has the money to shut people up. Let’s remember this is the same man that requested the only African American president for a birth certificate!!! Let’s not forget that. He wouldn’t ask a white president to show his birth certificate!

    • Karolina says:

      What state were you born in? Hopefully not Mississippi becUse you obviously either don’t know how to spell or read in this case. There is no where in her post that she says HATE but typical whites always want to be right and impose there “knowledge and views”

  21. Paul says:

    The level of stupidity displayed in the comments here is astonishing, probably all bigots and/or white inbreeds…

    • Karolina says:

      Agreed! Stupid is a harsh word which honestly is not needed there is no reason for the people who have common sense in today’s society to get down to there level is saying meaningless arguments because in the end it is their time they are wasting. I can not bring myself to finish reading ridiculous comments when I am already laughing. I am a proud Mexican American who defends both sides but seriously you all need to stop being so aggressive and learn to express yourselfs. If you don’t like what you all call illegal ALIENS then you should have not taken the land from the natives before you all. Stick everything up where the sun don’t shine because honestly nobody cares all this support you all have for that unethical, low standards, man.

      • Shut up says:

        I think enough is enough, Karolina. You’re hurting your own message by grabbing the megaphone when you’re not even close to ready.You have a great deal of reading and living to do before you just go online and scream and yell at the (equally uninformed) opposition. Do your online fights get you anywhere? So do something else.

  22. Timothy Appleseed says:

    In the end trump showed he was benevolent and allowed the reporter to come back into the room. This reporter should be grateful.

    Media think they are untouchable. Look at what Trump is doing to an entire news network Foxnews, he’s got them looking like silly fools.

  23. Della says:

    Hes got my vote! GO TRUMP!

  24. Eddie says:

    Ramos’s public display was a rude, aggressive embarrassing melt down. Security took the correct measures. Ramos appears unstable.

    • MB says:

      That s probably what they said when they decided to ban the indigenous Ghost dance in the 19th century. Lots of native americans dancing around was far too much for the white man to countenance.

      Far too ’emotional’.

      So he had to kill them. All of them.

      What always puzzled me was the story about massacring hundreds of horses. The native americans loved their horses. So the white man collected them into a valley, and murdered the lot.

      (read ‘I buried my heart at wounded knee’)

      Same people are destroying what’s left of the natural world today.

      I’d seriously consider giving Trumpet-Crumpet a pass.

  25. John DOE says:

    I hope the media is getting that voters are tired and done with both politicians an the media! With their BS as if they are angels and the rest of us are poor lost souls! Megyn kelly turn the debate into a Donald Trump roast and it’s quite obvious that her and the network is out of touch with what the voters constitute good journalism!

  26. Mike says:

    I find it strange that the federal Gov. Can draft millions of citizens to fight and die in wars, but can’t deport illegal aliens.

    • Paul Westerberg says:

      Why is that strange? During the Vietnam era (roughly 1960 – 1974) the U.S. drafted about 2.2 million. These were guys who could be expected to show up for induction after getting their draft notices mailed to them. They had names, addresses, social security numbers, birth certificates, drivers licenses, and any number of other pieces of information already on file to find them — including a draft registration that told the government exactly where to find them if they didn’t show up. Even so, with all that help, it still cost about $90 billion to draft those guys over a ten or fifteen year period.

      Today, on the other hand, we have 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. They are, by definition, without things like drivers licenses, social security cards, etc. Even if you knew where to send them a summons, they’re not just going to go along quietly like draftees. Yet Donald Trump apparently thinks we can hire enough extra police and build enough detention centers to get them out of the country in three or four years? And that’s even assuming their home countries will take them? Y’know, I don’t think he really does believe that. He just needs to get his crazy supporters to believe it.

    • Erika says:

      Everyone that enlists in the Army choose to do so. No one forces them, they get paid and get benefits for it also.. What’s your point?? Lol

    • Marco says:

      Us Gov. CAN deport millions of what you stupidly call “aliens” but if it did that, how on earth do you think vegetables would grow or the hardest working jobs would take place?? BTW may i remind you that your whole lame a*s family is immigrant (alien) to, regardless off if they are 1st, 2nd or 3rd. generation, ignorant mike…

  27. Tony says:

    It seems as though the confrontation captured the entire immigration mess perfectly. Ramos attends uninvited (like the illegals he defends). Ramos cutting in front of the other (just like the illegals he defends) journalists to confront Trump. Ramos’ incivility (just like the illegals he defends) toward Trump while not allowing Trump respond is astonishing. Ramos gets deported from the event, then returns (just like the illegals he defends). It’s astonishing…… Our laws are flagrantly violated and disrespected by the uninvited, and they can’t comprehend why there are those that don’t respect them properly. They deserve our contempt due to the lack of respect they direct at our laws. Laws and civility matter and if you can’t grasp that then you’re too stupid and ill mannered to be included in the discussion.

    • DiMi says:

      You are too ignorant to know that Ramos WAS invited and, more importantly, is an INTERNATIONALLY ESTEEMED reporter. That is why the other reporters questioned Trump’s actions AND why Trump brought him back into the room. He knew he’d messed up.

      Don’t comment if you know nothing other than racism. I am a real American, which means I will never accept that bigoted clown as my president.

      • So, if you are INTERNATIONALLY ESTEEMED you can push your way in front of other reporters being called on first, and keep jabbering unintelligible mumbling until you are thrown out on you rude ass. Then blame it on someone else and cry racism or bigotry or boo hoo hoo.

  28. Sally says:

    Island Planet and Nigella4U – did it ever cross your minds that the majority of us are sick of the status quo and may just be right? Didn’t think so. You have no clue of what he would be like as president or anything else. The fact that he would not let Univision hijack his press conference is awesome.

  29. John DOE says:

    This guy Ramos knew he wasn’t welcome became i read earlier where he said he would up stage a Trump event to get his questions asked…not on The DONALD watch! Donald Trump is saying what Americans are feeling. So he needs to ask America why they don’t want 11 Million people hear illegally? It’s our house (America) and we live here! Can you come home from work and see someone jumped your fence, entered your home, feet up on your table, eating your food and watching your TV! How many would ask are you comfortable?

    • Karolina says:

      This so called Donald Trump is not saying what Americans are feeling because 1) I am American 2) If you feel that then you should be educated enough and take full on responsibility to say, “This man is stating what I (see how I used that you should too) feel” (to whom ever goes on to make this rediculious comment again).

  30. Sally says:

    The insufferable, arrogant Ramos wanted attention and to make headlines. He is a know-nothing, grandstanding bozo. BTW – I usually like Megyn Kelly, but that first question she asked Trump at the debate came way out of left field and was a total set-up. Shame on her. Quite honestly, I really like Bret Baier, too, and I didn’t like his first question, either. I don’t know what think tank or group came up with those questions, but they should be run out of town on a rail. Chris Wallace was the only one who acted like a polished professional.

    • Patrick says:

      How dare Ramaos ask Trump about specific on his immigration scheme? How dare Kelly ask Trump why he needs to make degrading remarks about women?

  31. Island Planet says:

    Now we know how Trump would behave if elected. Somebody asks you a question you don’t like, you insult them, belittle them, degrade them, and have them thrown out. Sounds presidential. Anyone who votes for this sideshow carnival barker deserves what they’ll get under his rule.

  32. Good. Jorge Ramos conducts himself like this is Mexico.

    • Inga Zorin says:

      In this country we behave in a polite way – we ask, we listen, and we respond. The man came and he didn’t want to listen or wait or behave in the way expected of him. Not American way – let him go back to where he came from and behave like that. I’d love to see what will follow. Good FOR TRUMP!

      • MB says:

        Interesting. Cesar famously said ‘veni, vidi, vici’ – i came, I saw, I conquered.

        At least some element of effort, and courage was involved.

        The Americans can decimate countries without leaving the comfort of their armchairs.

        I fail to see where the ‘asking, listening, responding’ bit enters into the murderous equation.

      • Erika says:

        Ha!!! Lol we wait we listen.. She says. You didn’t wait and listen to the natives you stole These lands from. You wait and listen now? Really that’s not the American ppl I deal with on a daily basis. Not sure where you live but definitely not America!! People here don’t even greet nor acknowledge their neighbors!

  33. nigella4u says:

    You people are sooooo ignorant. The loud mouth bossy Trump will treat you just the same as he did this man. Right now he’s kissing up to whomever he can, but just wait, if he becomes president, you’re ALL gonna be saying, “OMG, what did we do in electing him?” The man is starting to behave like a dictator, just wait people, you elect him and he will be treating EVERYONE like dirt because he TRULY feels he is above everyone. You’re all just too blind to see what’s really going on and what his behavior is indicative of.

  34. Jesus Morales says:

    Trump boots Whore-hay Ramos from his presser. Awesome

    And they aren’t illegal immigrants, they are illegal aliens, which makes them criminals.

    • MB says:

      Oh my God, I had no idea the aliens had landed.

      And in Mexico.

      When did this happen?

    • Inga Zorin says:

      nigella4u: Did Trump ask him to sit down and wait when he’s called? Did he or didn’t? I would do absolutely the same if someone would behave like that on any event I organize! Do you know the old saying: “don’t come to a someone’s monastery with YOUR RULES”. Capish?

  35. Luis Diaz says:

    Jorge Ramos is a news legend just in case people don’t know.

  36. Jorge Ramos had every right to ask questions just like every journalist in that room. Mr. Trump has been showing his true colors since day one. The more he talks the more we see the hatred oozing out of his being. I guess he was afraid of getting questioned by a highly intelligent man. Mr. Trump is making a mockery of himself. This is the true legacy he will leave behind, “The fool that thought he would be president.”

  37. Jim Frey says:

    Why do you lie? Donald didn’t throw the anchor out. Security threw him him for being rude.

  38. Lisa says:

    I don’t know.This is getting out of hand. Ramos accuses Trump of spreading hate, but Ramos was trashing Trump last night on CNN, then he shows up at the Trumps event. Ramos sounds pretty hateful to me. Although, I’m glad Univision cancelled Miss Universe, that thing is archaic.

  39. Trump has the support of the American people, screw them Mexican a holes from Univision. These 11 million illegals wouldn’t be here right now if we would have had some stricter laws and thrown them in jail instead of deporting them and slapping them on the wrist. Lets elect Trump and force these illegals swimming back across the Rio Grande

    • Patrick says:

      Trump has the support of the far right. Why does Trump fail to give specifics on the enormous cost of his wall and rounding up of undocumented immigrants.

    • DiMi says:

      No. I am a proud American citizen, and I DO NOT support Donald Trump or his shocking bigotry. And, no, I am not Latina. I am just an ethical American. My people have been here for centuries, longer than Trumps, and he insults my ancestors and everything this country stands for.

  40. Buckaroo Lennox says:

    Really? You call that a fight? Got to love the liberal spin. I believe that was Wolf Blitzer, the cool aide drinking CNN commentator, that interrupted viewers from hearing the proceeding conference. This is not unlike other CNN correspondents like Candy Crowley who interjected, rushing to Obama’s aide, in the debate with Romney. It’s well known all journalism is just sensationalism these days, but come CNN you are regularly just making stuff up to propel your democratic party.

  41. Sojourner Truth says:

    Adios, Ramos, pinche pendejo!

  42. Tony says:

    hey,you didn’t report the full activity..the best part..when Trump got him back in,and the exchange that happened after. Whats wrong with you as a reporter?? That was great and the invitation that Trump gave…. Why don’t you properly cover these things..or don’t bother to go at all

  43. Rob says:

    The univision wasn’t there to ask a question but to protest on behalf of a company that is representing another country.

  44. pdmyers says:

    Donald, you keep on doing your own stubborn thing. Jorge Ramos is just a running dog hack doing what he’s told to do by is editor, who, himself, is taking orders from the publisher to attack Trump. Bottom line: deport illegal aliens. That’s what other countries do, why shouldn’t we?

  45. riley Jackson says:

    You fail to mention that Univision reporter tried to take over the press conference. He owes Trump an apology for being such an ass

  46. Phil R. Up says:

    George, The room is private property. You have to follow the rules if you want to be welcomed. Don’t follow the rules and you have to leave. Resist leaving and you may be more than touched. You may be picked up boldly and throw out, or you may be held for arrest by LEO. Enter legally.

  47. Bill Banker says:

    The guy was rude; I’d have booted him, too!

  48. Grunk says:

    Isn’t Ramos’s kid working for Hillary?

  49. Josie abbott says:

    Jorge Ramos was the reporter thrown out and rightfully so. Yes, Mr. Ramos you certainly do have a right to ask a question, but you do NOT have the right to DOMINATE the other reporters in the room. If you still can’t comprehend that, I’ll make it easy-Trump answered your question so he had the right to choose another reporter for another question.

  50. tleblanc2012 says:

    What a smuck. Common courtesy Jorge you dont just take over a news conference. Try that in Mexico and see what happens.

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