Donald Trump Hosts ‘SNL,’ But Larry David Wins the Bounty

Donald Trump Hosts 'SNL,' But Larry
Courtesy of NBC

Donald Trump elicited just the reaction you would expect from his “Saturday Night Live” hosting gig: Polarizing.

Reaction ranged widely on Twitter, from some saying the episode was a resurgence for the show this season, to others positing the sketches were so bad the writers must have been conspiring to sabotage Trump’s campaign.

One clear winner of the evening was Larry David, who not only returned to play Bernie Sanders but also stands to earn $5,000 for shouting that Trump was a racist while the presidential candidate was on stage. That moment was in itself a riff on one protest group’s offer of $5,000 to anyone who heckled Trump.

Shortly afterward, the political action committee that offered the money, Deport Racism, indicated that David would be in line to receive the reward.

Before the start of the show, hundreds of protesters marched from Trump headquarters to 30 Rockefeller Center, where the show is taped, and held signs such as “racismisntfunny” as well as effigies of the candidate. Many Latino groups, including the National Hispanic Media Coalition, called on NBC to drop Trump, as did the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

The Democratic National Committee released a statement before the show even began, saying that his appearance was “no laughing matter given his offensive rhetoric and the tone of his campaign.”

Trump wasn’t the first presidential candidate to host the show. Al Sharpton had the gig in 2003, as he was running for the Democratic nomination. George McGovern hosted in 1984, just after ending his presidential campaign that year.

Stuart Stevens, senior strategist for Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign and a screenwriter, tweeted, “Was any politician ever better off after SNL? I don’t get why they keep doing it?”

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  1. BigCarl Prod says:

    Larry David has ALL the makings of a PRESIDENTIAL episode
    for Curb Your Enthusiasm –bring along Trump as a guest ‘star’/punching
    bag for Susie (Essman). Leon/JB does Ben Carson and LD recreates Bernie.
    If LD doesn’t use it, WE WILL —more LOST Episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm —Vol 1+2 on AMZ … It’s all there for them –seasons 9 and 10. Free for the taking…..

  2. Liberal heads are exploding lol I thought the show sucked but Trump nailed it. He has HUGE crossover appeal. He can beat Hillary!

    DC is over-flowing with idiots who call the shots in this nation. Get on tv and shoot their mouth off, lie, pass bills that are to their benefit, foreign policy, unjustified raises every year they don’t deserve. God knows what else they are doing that we haven’t heard yet.

    As far as Obama, he is disgusting. Spend, spend, and open the gates wide to admit thousands of immigrants we have to keep. My health insurance, thanks to Obamacare is now up to $550/month. Compare this to my car insurance ($25/month from Insurance Panda) and homeowners ($51/month from Accenture).. still privatized! Socialists ruin everything they touch!

    Obama now says he will release thousands of people charged with narcotic violations, were convicted and put in prison. You might as well not bother going through the motions to arrest and convict them either. Let the drugs take over as they are doing right now. Go Obama, another one of your BIG mistakes, as you said of Clinton.

    Our country is so far down the tubes from the Congress, Supreme Court, Obama, and all others, there is little hope it can be fixed.

    Trump 2016!

    • Cedeboo says:

      I am not sure why your health insurance is more expensive than your car insurance. It could be because you will cost more than a few thousand to replace; because cars aren’t expected to function for 90 years; because everyone has car insurance; because the policy limits are like 50000.00 or even if you paralyze someone that is all it pays. I hope you shop around and find a health policy to fit your expectations. The second amendmentwnt can assist you. If you get sick then we can shoot you like a horse and not cost society more putting up with your stupidity.

  3. Ann Seeber says:

    Honestly, Variety, couldn’t you give Trump on SNL more coverage? You all must be supporters, right?

  4. We (the entire family 25 yr olds thru the senior citizens)) enjoyed Trump’s SNL appearance. Didn’t make much of the predictable Larry David quip it is accurate commentary on the 15 minute of fame $5,000 bounty that exploited the little kiddie who was videoed performing vulgar anti-Trump flip his juvenile little bird.Drunk Uncle was silly and just too long but the rest of news section was spot on, Trump dancing and Oval office skit were fun. Trump was engaging,nice to see he can dish and take a joke,LOVED Ivanka!

  5. billie says:

    He was a huuuuuuuuuge yawn.

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