PopPolitics: The Creative Challenge for Donald Trump and ‘SNL’ (Listen)

Donald Trump
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Plus: Larry Lessig's Longshot Campaign; Why the Benghazi Committee Fizzled

NBC may be taking heat from Latino groups and faces triggering equal time rules by having Donald Trump host “Saturday Night Live” on Nov. 7, but another challenge could be creative.

So much humor about Trump is well worn — whether it be jokes about his hair or his propensity for bombast — that the onus will be on the show to come up with sketches and material that still have an element of surprise.

“The challenge is you got to come up with lines that people think he wouldn’t say,” James Andrew Miller, co-author of “Live From New York: An Uncensored History of ‘Saturday Night Live.'” “The bar is really high.”

The show has proven to be an especially good way for candidates to poke fun at themselves, as Hillary Clinton did in her cameo on the show’s season premiere on Oct. 3. Trump could benefit by showing that for all his railing against the media or polls showing him trailing Ben Carson in Iowa, he’s not so thin-skinned.

Miller added that “it was not surprising that ‘Saturday Night Live’ would join the fray” in booking Trump, given his ability to draw big ratings. Trump has hosted the show before — in 2004 — and shows that “he is very agile on his feet. And another thing that is really important when you’re doing a live show, unless you are an incredible actor, this guy has no fear.”

Listen below:

Larry Lessig’s Anti-Corruption Campaign

Larry Lessig, the Harvard professor and longtime Internet freedom advocate, was not invited to last weekend’s Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in Des Moines and did not appear in the most recent Democratic debate. But he did raise $1 million in the most recent quarter, almost as much as Democratic rival Martin O’Malley and more than Lincoln Chafee and James Webb, who have dropped out of the race.

Lessig talks about his campaign, which is focused on ending the influence of big money in politics and reforming the electoral process. And despite being on the opposite side of many copyright issues from the showbiz lobby, he also explains how he has drawn some contributions from Hollywood, including that of director J.J. Abrams.

“J.J. has been a friend and an ally, he and his wife have been strong supporters of reform,” Lessig says. “They are strong supporters of Hillary Clinton too but they are deeply committed to the idea that we ought to have a democracy where everybody’s equal. We don’t have that right now. I’m always impressed when people spend their money to reduce their political power.”

Hillary in the Hot Seat

David Cohen of Variety and Nikki Schwab of Daily Mail talk about Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi testimony and what Republicans may have been reluctant to do after the overall decision to intervene in Libya.

Listen below:

“PopPolitics,”hosted by Variety’s Ted Johnson, airs Thursdays at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT on SiriusXM’s political channel POTUS. It also is available on demand.

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  1. How the 2016 Presidential hopefuls are standing on their illegal immigration grading. Nothing that is adverse to the powerful Donald Trump or millions of advocates is going to change my vote. To me and his followers he is strong, not soft spoken and is aggressive and doesn’t take any BS from anybody. It’s to our advantage that this businessman is not polite? We don’t need anymore incompetent weaklings, running the country. No more Borack Obamas, Clintons, Bushes or the silent types. We need an American who will enforce laws already in the Federal Register, other policies and doesn’t scamper away from risky situations whether Domestic or foreign. We are living in a dangerous world today and you cannot handle countries as Russia, N. .Korea or China with kid gloves; need somebody with an steel gauntlet.

    NumbersUSA is assessing immigration stances that affect Americans’ jobs & wages by changing the supply of workers. A moral compass is something all humans possess. We all have a functioning brain that accesses empathy, compassion and a way to aid people, but the US nation has become a welfare state, cannot afford to financially stabilize every poor family or individual who slips through immigration control, looking for the wilting American dream.
    It is time for this President Barack Obama to be impeached and the blame goes to Congressional House. He, has violated immigration law and the edicts of the Constitution that Americans live by. King Obama has done nothing to stop different states issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens, which is a breeding document for ‘The Voter Motor application that the Leftists have as my suggestion to vote illegally in California. The punishment of perjury is not sufficient to eradicate non citizens from voting; intentional voting should carry a hefty prison sentence of 10 years. Non citizens could compromise no only municipal election, but even for a new President?


    This is about illegal aliens NOT Legal immigrants; this chart is separate from people who were not born in the United States, but came here legally. The Democrats lay on thick that ICE is going after Latino or Hispanic immigrants. UNTRUE! The facts are illegal aliens don’t just come Mexico, but all point South; foreigners stay after their visa runs out and enter our nation from every corner of the planet Earth. If you came through immigration procedures you are not wanted by ICE. Instead its what the Democrats and GOP establishment who have thwarted our immigration laws and attempt to pass immigration reform, which is another name for unrestricted amnesty. I don’t not want to pay taxes of around $$100 to $$200 billion dollars anymore to financially support foreign nationals from third world countries.

    Both have an agenda, cheap labor for the businesses and non citizens to illegally vote for the Left. Our politicians allegiance should be American citizens and those who carry a green card for identification. Yes! We are a nation of immigrants, but when our population growth rises, then we must control it. California having trouble with water and the nations infrastructure on our lands, failing us. King Obama has allowed our federal debt grow to $$19 Trillion, with unfunded mandates $$400 trillion. People are surviving on food stamps and welfare services, as more and more families fall into poverty.

    I took some time studying the graph on NumbersUSAwww.numbersusa.com/ relating to each candidates in the Presidential race and how each of them stand on the illegal immigration. There is no guessing that Madam Hillary has a abysmal (F) She is a panderer to illegal aliens and just as Bernie Sanders moreover having an appalling (F) who both see nothing wrong with stealing jobs from Americans and citizens. However, you would expect this type of grading from a Democrat and an extreme Socialist. Never mind how bad seeking a job is overall all but impossible, when a citizen or permanent resident is competing with the uneducated, impoverished people who stole into the country.

  2. The majority of the Republicans are not much better, because they are the puppets of the US Chamber of Commerce and the Special Interests. They have to genuflect to the wealthy donors who have invested in their Campaign. Obviously the greatest asset to the American worker is Donald Trump; just yesterday he signed off on all the ‘Super Pacs’ and closed them down. Mr. Trump is guided by his love for America and its people. He is a serious competent, to end this massive invasion that has been driven by President Obama.
    The classifications on NumbersUSA website begin with Mandatory E-Verify-plus,
    punishing the business violators. 2. implement Interior Enforcement. 3. Finish entry-exit system to track visa overstays. 4. End automatic birthright citizenship. 5. Oppose work permits for illegal immigrants. 6. Support overall reduction in annual immigration (over a million plus). 7. End chain migration. 8. Reduce unfair work-visa competition. 9. End the visa lottery.

    Donald Trump issued a statement at the inception of the race for Commander in Chief, that he bows to no man and certainly not to the money donors. His billionaire status rejects any desperate need for lobbyists offering incentives, so when they call sometime in the future he owes no favors, while others do. Trumps grade is (A-) which puts him in the highest category acknowledging by his mounting numbers of Trump voters, that he will build a wall on our Southern border; a deterrent to impede illegal aliens, drug cartels and other illicit enterprises. Within our borders ICE has been held back for carrying out their duties, as under similar circumstances as so the US Border Patrol who have been ordered en mass not to detain, but process and release.

    The magic of Donald Trump as President he is a tough and doesn’t drift from the truth. That one of the main essentials of the highest job, he says “exactly what he means” He and his collage of experts who will surround him, are highly charged, experienced negotiators are all wealthy and are willing to alter the poor direction America is going. The other potential Presidents don’t have what Trump has–Resilience. When stress, danger or trauma hits, you still experience fury, anguish and ache, but you’re still able to keep functioning — both bodily and psychologically–that is Trump. He is like a highly Samurai tempered sword–innocently beautiful from the craftsman who made it, but deadly.

    By looking at the graph for Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush, his grade is as you would expect for the hierarchy as a RINO’s is (C-) . denoting he has a really poor history on ending the illegal immigration scourge into our country and the 12 to 30 millions already squatting here. Next in line to Donald Trump is Ben Carson who has also stimulated the America people, specifically the ladies, but all the feminine issues should not be based on just planned parenthood, but a mass injection of jobs that will be pouring into the US from overseas.

    Carson and his rejection to illegal immigration, yet still behind the leader with a grade of (C). Carly Florina has slipped down in public opinion and grading is (D). Marco Rubio whole fluctuates in his scoring and currently has a designation of (D-), also to adverse the foreign invasion. Surprisingly Rick Santorum has an (A) who connects with the American people and wants a stop to the problems that comes with this incursion. Ted Cruz carries with him a (B-) mainly owing to the fact he doesn’t support a reduction in legal immigration. Chris Christie and Bob Jindal have a (C+) rating and the Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul share a (C-) , then trailing behind John Kasich with a (D) concluding with Lindsey Graham with a big (F).

    Remember that good, unbiased news is available at One American News Network. It 24/7 interesting national and worldwide headlines, not complicated by dreary commercials.

    No copyright. Pass it on:

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