Trump: Paris Attacks ‘Much Different’ If France Had More Guns

Donald Trump
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Donald Trump, speaking at a rally on Saturday in Beaumont, Texas, suggested that fewer people would have been killed had more civilians been armed.

“When you look at Paris, toughest gun laws in the world, nobody had guns but the bad guys,” he said. “Nobody had guns. And they were just shooting them one by one, and then they broke in and had a big shootout and ultimately killed the terrorists. And I will tell you what — you can say what you want, if they had guns, if our people had guns, if they were allowed to carry, it would have been a much, much different situation.”

Trump’s comments echoed one he made following the attacks on Charlie Hebdo in January, when he tweeted, “Isn’t it interesting that the tragedy in Paris took place in one of the toughest gun control countries in the world?” That tweet gained new attention on Friday when many thought it had been sent out on Friday night, even though it had been sent in January. Gerard Araud, the French Ambassador to the United States, tweeted out a response to Trump’s tweet, calling it “repugnant in its lack of any human decency.”

Trump also criticized President Obama for saying, in an interview on Friday before the attacks, that ISIL “continues to shrink.” “He is just so bad! CHANGE!” Trump said on Twitter.

Watch video of Trump’s comments (via CNN):

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  1. safineia says:

    I’m French and I live in the neighbourhood where the attacks took place.

    France doesn’t have the toughest gun laws in the world. Black market is a real issue. However it doesn’t allow as much weapons in than there is in the US. As shocking as an event like this can be, there is still proportionally a lot less people shot (or killed, in general) than in the US. So don’t give us the “when there’s a will there’s a way” nonsense. Everywhere in the world, less guns means less deaths.
    I’ve always been surprised to see how Americans can take seriously their deviant political system. It is nothing more than a show that allows clowns like donald trump to carry out their fantasy to become a stand up artist. You guys don’t even know what normal politics looks like, you’ve never seen it.

    And now I am surprised to see that, even if the event occured in France, Americans seem to be more emotional and to freak out a lot more than the cowardly frenchies. In France, even among the more extremists of politicians I haven’t seen anyone saying the nonsense Trump speaks on any topic. People here wouldn’t believe anyone telling them that there’s a miraculous way they could be safe, and are not so eager to give up on their values for that hypothetical safety. Reactions are strong, but constructive and never hateful.

  2. Antoine B says:

    Ah ah ah what a joke for a country living more ten 11/9 per year by homicides by firearms.
    Compare with the other democratic countries it’s simply a shame.

  3. GKN says:

    Where did this idiot get that France “has the toughest gun laws in the world”? Just pulled it out of his *ss as usual. The problem was (and is) that Kalashnikovs, etc. are too easily available in France, according to all the anti-terrorist units fighting there. Just like home, in short. But of course, the last thing Trump and his followers want are facts.

    “IF our people had guns…”??? How many guns does this brainless blowhard want them to have? And how many more schoolyard massacres? “Brave” (though constantly shaking in their boots, apparently) Americans, are armed to the teeth already.

  4. SS says:

    Yeah, because we want a concert full of people drinking and carrying guns! Totally, because it’s not like concertgoers in the States have to go through metal detectors to confirm they aren’t carrying them in to a venue, right? And hey, I bet they could have shot those explosions dead!

    Clearly, I think Trump is an idiot. He’s so selfish, there isn’t a single news story that he is unwilling to make all about himself and what he thinks. He doesn’t even understand gun laws in his own country. He also can’t grasp the extremely simple fact that a potential Good Samaritan with a gun who is panicked very much has the potential to accidentally shoot someone other than an attacker, especially when there are other people panicking and running around. Also, let’s not forget that an attack on a military base a few years ago, when several people died. Did guns save the day then? Clearly, no. This means one of two things, either the American military is too incompetent to stop a lone gunman, or guns aren’t the miraculous solution to literally every problem in life. Personally I believe that the military is properly trained in weaponry, but which answer would Trump be more comfortable with? I guess whichever one would get him elected, because he clearly only cares about himself.

    Now excuse me, I’ll go back to checking up on my friend in Paris who thankfully is safe, but is in mourning for one of her friends who was killed at the concert. That’s a much more constructive use of my time than listening to this numbskull.

  5. John Zoccano says:

    Trump belays his intelligence by these statements that more guns quell the violence and that untrained civilians if they had guns would be effective against the trained terrorists …an argument whos idea is ANTIQUATED and no longer of any value. Instead he had a chance to say what he would have done as President but has squandered that opportunity.

  6. Jonathan says:

    The posted comments are reflective of the liberal readership of this website. A poll of the U.S. would probably have 75% of the people agreeing with Trump. The comments seem to miss his point that had there been armed Frenchman in the audience they might have been able to defend themselves. Instead of focusing on his point most of the comments focus on the person’s individual perception of guns and/or personal dislike of Trump.

    • Well said. Liberal gun laws would probably have helped in this situation. However they probably are not worth it when you look at the mass shootings and gun deaths in America.

      • Leora says:

        Why do people think they have the knowledge and authority to spew numbers like “75% of the people agreeing with Trump”? Of course Jonathan believes everyone agrees with him… that does not make it real. And labeling everything “liberal” that he doesn’t like… my, how analytical and intelligent. Cliche filled posts are the mark of the ignorant.

  7. Sal U. Lloyd says:

    An intelligent man who says unintelligent things.

  8. Allen Gitlin says:

    Ttump, stupid is stupid is!

  9. gio1982 says:

    hes fucking idiot

  10. Without a doubt, The Donald has to be the biggest buffoon on the planet. To make asinine claims that more guns would have been a game changer is just as stupid and irresponsible a comment as there is.

    The people at a concert carrying guns? Ok, Donald, how many people who go to listen to a band being armed? Fool. Second, they would have been vastly outgunned anyway. And the terrorists had the advantage in every way, so even if people had guns, they’d not likely not seen them and would be killed anyway. And Donald, the people in the restaurant were eating dinner, so once again, they were attacked without warning. Guns would not have changed much, except for potentially more victims, many accidental innocents by return fire into crowds.

    Donald, you are about the least presidential candidate in history. Your lack of knowledge on every topic is scary, and you as a world leader would make the USA even more hated with you than in 100 years.

    We can only hope you fade soon, but even if you don’t, you can’t win and would probably end up losing by the biggest margin in modern times. So, keep it up Donald. Dope.

    • Skip Cercelletta says:

      if guns would not have worked then why did the police show up with guns? it’s people like you that put hitler into power. only the government can shoot straight. it’s simply amazing to think they shot 150 people in one second and no one could shoot back. i would love to get in a boxing ring with you.

      • safineia says:

        Sorry for my english btw ^^ not from here

      • safineia says:

        Well…People had lots of guns when Hitler got to power. They had hunting rifles, and their weapons from WW1. But in Germany, at that time, Hitler had lots if supporters. Should I remind you that he was elected ? Just like you want to elect this Trump. People like you who listen to populists put Hitler into power.
        And yes the police showed up with guns, but please note that it didn’t work out… The problem is not with France not having enough guns, but with France having guns at all. The attackers in terrorist attacks in France are French almost each time. It means that they could legally purchass guns if it was authorised, and they there would be a higher probability of gun deaths. And don’t even try to argue with that last statement with the “when there’s a will there’s a way” nonsense. It doesn’t work. Just read the statistics : less guns means less death everywhere.

      • Patrick says:

        Conservatives love to threaten violence behind their keyboards.

      • Sal U. Lloyd says:

        Oh, yeah, Skip, let’s have a Hollywood movie shoot-out!

  11. Giles says:

    Trump is ignorant as well as being a fool. Gun homicides are 71TIMES per capita in the USA than that in the United Kingdom where guns are completely illegal. After shootings in schools or colleges which happen from time to time in the USA we never heard Trump saying that events would have been different if the teachers or students had been armed. Even if the terrorists had been completely neutralised by the audience at the rock concert and cafe, the number of gun homicides in France for the whole year would have eclipsed the saving in lives in Paris in one evening. Trump isn’t too bright really.

  12. fred says:

    did trump know they had bombs? how exactly do you disarm the bombs with guns? why did the policemen fail to do so? and why is it ok to get US gun death rates in europe? they are like 10 or even 100 times more than terror victims.

    did you notice trump said “other” instead of “better” concerning the outcome? everywhere where he knows he has nothing helpful to say, he says things like “i would do it differently”, like well it *might help. his comment is worth nothing. making points for his campaign, blah blah.

    • Skip Cercelletta says:

      the object is to shoot them before they toss the bomb, you don’t get out much do you.
      “other” instead of “better” this phraseology was used because like abraham lincoln and jfk said, if someone wants to kill you they will but they were talking about killing one person. you can’t stop that obviously but sitting there crying and screaming and shitting your pants doesn’t do all that much. this is only going to get worse and much faster and i know for a fact if you are there when it goes down you will be asking yourself the same thing sharon tate was asking herself, boy i’m glad i don’t have a gun… good luck with that. the killings in america are sad but soon americans are going to be carrying guns whether our laws say so or not and we will see how that works out. i guess we need a cop for every person on earth, the french will pay for it don’t worry; and i can still walk up to you with a smile and stick a knife into your throat!

    • autochess says:

      by shooting brother, what do you choose died like a chicken in a toaster or defending your life with courage

  13. CarolO says:

    Why is it that our TV media is constantly showing terrorist extremists recruiting others to join them? And social media doing the same? These things should not be allowed on our airways. YouTube posts video’s of people being burned alive, pits full of dead people and others being beheaded. This is a world of sick folks but why make it so easy for them to become even sicker. If people can not be responsible for posts on their websites, then those sites should be shut down.

    • Skip Cercelletta says:

      they are just making money on the misfortune of others, that’s what the liberal media does best, don’t you know that!

  14. GailEiffel says:

    Well, DJT, do you not know that here in the US of A where there are more guns than in some country’s armies, bags are searched at most events like at Le Bataclan and certainly at sporting events? What a schmuck!

  15. CarolO says:

    And the shooting at Sandy Hook, the bombing of the Murrah Building, the shooting up of the Aurora theater? How about the malls, campus’s, colleges and work places? Is that a sign that more guns are needed?

    • Skip Cercelletta says:

      no not really, we have guns but are not aloud to carry them and if we could most of this would not be going on. you see the cops, regardless of what they say in public, do not want you carrying guns because if you were to stop something like this too often who would need the cops. remember, like in paris, unarmed people are always the first ones at the scene of the crime, unarmed!!!
      the cool thing about guns is not killing people, it’s you don’t have to walk into the store to buy one if you don’t want to.

  16. Skip Cercelletta says:

    what happened in paris is not what scares me, it’s people that can’t see the fact that the government and the police can’t protect you and the supreme court ruled that way years ago. smell the blood people, you’re responsible for your own safety. how can what donald trump said be taken any way but the cold hard fact. do you believe the new world order when they say we need to get rid of all guns in order to be safe. that’s never going to happen. not that they eventually won’t do just that, collect guns but once that happens, once they open the window to dismantle the bill of rights, the u.s. constitution they will not stop there believe me when i say this, abortions will follow within seconds. back to what drums said. how could people in paris have had the same outcome if some would have been carrying guns? you really need to do some thinking on your own for a change. why is it if cops are carrying guns they are the only ones that can save someone, they carrying a different type of gun or ammunition. have you ever noticed that it’s people like you and me that they give a gun to and have no problem with you using it when you are in the military. once you’re out you become dangerous and can’t make a rational decision; do you actually believe this nonsense? the rule of law “can only” exist when good outweighs evil! this and only this is the only way for true peace. ten percent of the world population is alway going to be criminals, it’s been a known fact for ever and it never changes just like the percentages on homosexuals, it never changes. when trump says that this happened in a city that has the strictest gun laws it happened to be a fact, it does and how did that help the victims. the world is now in the shoes of the jews whether you believe it or not and they all have guns. what is your biggest fear that a free people have guns? that a free people will start shooting people for fun? the only people that do this in the u.s.a. are the mexican gangs. our government loves when this happens because it gets votes to get rid of guns which is what our beloved government dreams about but they are telling us it’s for peace and well being which is a load of bull. if they were worried about us no one would be going hungry or living under bridges. they would have never voted on enacting social security. a real honest government would have created a law that would have started an account in our own bank that we could not access until we retired. by the way, they also would have had no access to the funds which is why it never went down this way. just so social security doesn’t feel alone they also rape the airport funds as well and they don’t need permission to do just that and it has been going on since it’s inception; it’s the reason for it’s existence. the governments of the world are not your friend believe me. think about this for a moment. if they really had our best interest in mind why after all this suffering why do they continually import these terrorists pigs into our countries with open arms. i thought it was funny when the president of france locked down their borders… “Investigators Hunt For Suspects” it’s a little late for that now don’t you think. the horse is out of the barn and were unarmed, not our governments!!!

    just the way they like it

    • Keith says:

      Statistically you’re completely wrong. Only one mass shooting has ever been stopped by a civilian(focus strongly on the word civilian before you send me one of the 10 stories about former cops, off duty cops, marines, basically anybody trained to handle this situation)

  17. therealeverton says:

    so many things wrong with this asinine comment. Not least of all the terrible record of gun deaths and mass shootings in his own country clearly showing his argument to be nonsense.

  18. rowdycow says:

    What is Trump doing in my hometown? No place is safe. UGH!

  19. John Juhasz says:

    I guess if there were more people with guns in the US, there would be fewer mass killings there! Europe is not a gun culture as it is in the US, and, as well, there are much stronger laws regarding the purchase of weapons by the general public. Perhaps things would have been different had certain dictators, as bad as there were, were not eliminated. The Bush government opened up a can of worms and has not made the world safe whatsoever.

    • Skip Cercelletta says:

      having a gun in your closet is of no benefit and what 99% of americans possess. it’s the ability to be able to carry them on on your person is what you need to do to stop this and the reason most are not aloud to carry them. you see there’s a government agenda in this world and most living here now are not going to be part of it… ever!
      try to think outside the box children. just learn to respect the “beast” you’ll be okay.
      just imagine what it’s going to be like when you have nothing to defend yourselves and you beloved government turns on you.
      oh that’s right, that has already gone down, they called them judah!!
      if we can’t learn from our history were bound to repeat it… i think some bomb lover said that…
      never believe we are much too sophisticated these days for that to happen… right!

  20. Sabrina Hart says:

    I quess we should arm ourselves with bombs too, if Trump wins this election, I’m moving to France.

    • Skip Cercelletta says:

      why do stupid people always come up with this obscured statement. for your stupid edification we can have bombs in the u.s. and most other countries as well, it’s called an explosives license, i had one! explosives are a tool, just like a hammer, you can choose to bang a nail or bash someones head in… get it now crybaby!!!

  21. Keep your death industry for yourself Mr. Trump, it did not work in the WTC and all your massacres lately, and mind your own business, you have no clue about anything apart from making money.

    • CarolO says:

      The new thing in the US is to blame every immigrant and Muslim for everything that happens here. But if you look at what’s happened outside of 9-11, nearly all acts have been done by other US citizens who should not have had a gun to start with.

    • Skip Cercelletta says:

      for your edification ma chérie most of americas guns emanate from your continent, c’est la vie!!!

    • Skip Cercelletta says:

      i’m not going to say anything derogatory against france because i really like the french but have ever read your own history books?

  22. Ken says:

    That’s right…don’t forget to pack your AK-47 before going out for a convivial night of dining, drinks and conversation. Mr. Trump is absolutely shameless.

    • Skip Cercelletta says:

      the terrorist you’ve invited into your beautiful country did this not the us citizens. try to remember we are the ones that shed blood, twice, getting the germans off your backs; your wars not ours. our little wars only kill a few people, yours i’m afraid kill lets see, 38 million in ww1 and 60 million in ww2, yea you ungrateful people need to open a history book once in a while. i love the french personally and regardless of how much you insult us we will still come over and help you if ever you need. the only way to stop evil is with good by which ever means necessary; diatribes alone won’t cut it!

  23. Allan says:

    Trump absolutely misses the big picture. France has about 3 gun-related deaths per 100,000 citizens each year, whereas the U.S. has 10

    Also, tell me an instance where citizens with guns have stopped a major terrorist attack. These guys were trained professionals with fully automatic AK-47s.

    More citizens with guns in France would not have stopped this, but they would lead to more gun homicides, “accidents,” and suicides every single year, like in the U.S.

    The terrorists were stopped by trained security forces with guns.

    • Skip Cercelletta says:

      after they killed half the town. having a gun would have stopped this. it doesn’t matter how trained you are, a two year old can kill you with a gun dummy, your body is trained not your flesh you coward! 99% of americans own guns but are not aloud to carry them on their person which is the only way this can be stopped. it’s really scary how people think these days, your brain washing really has worked, i’m happy for you. people are killed here 95% of the time because of some over medicated prozac victim, look it up. very rarely, rarely has anyone been carrying a gun when this has happened regardless of what you have been told and when someone has it was thwarted. try to get your head out of rectal defilade.

    • Umm... says:

      How did the terrorists get those guns? Aren’t there laws to prevent that? And suicide bombs! Suicide bombs and pressure cookers should be illegal!

    • Mike says:

      Funny how at the end of your rant, you say they were stopped by trained security forces with guns.. as if millions of American citizens are not trained at all.

      America also has a different upbringing of its people then France does. We have more people, more mixed races and religions and belief systems. You can not say that just because if we did not have guns that things would be so much different here for the better.. sure, they could be better.. but they could also be a thousand times worse if mental people will still attack with bombs, bow and arrow, spears, cars, nail guns. Guns are not the only thing that kill and are not the only things that protect. But try and stop a pitbull attack with a poodle. Let me know how that works out for you

      • Mike says:

        Yet you only watch the news and look at the deaths. Not the thousands and millions of lives that have been saved by them. Get a clue

      • therealeverton says:

        And yet you have a terrible death rate and mass shooting “habit” for a country not in some kind of domestic conflict. Your guns stop nothing and demonstrably increase deaths.

    • Mike says:

      Show me how often a terrorist with a gun attacks a country where the citizens are armed.. bombs are bombs.. nobody can stop that. Using the excuse of “how many bombers have guns stopped?” That comparison is ridiculous.. you are still alive because of a gun. If it was not for the good people with guns in this country.. you would be speaking a different language if you were born at all. Taking away guns will not stop wackos.. They will kill by alternative means. But nobody will have a gun to stop them. Call the police.. wait for them to come “don’t kill me yet Mr. Badguy.. I’m waiting for the police to get here.” Keep believing that if a terrorist started shooting that all the people with guns stopping them would all shoot eachother. We can all play the “if” game.. How many people die from car accidents and drunk drivers? More then guns I can promise you that. How many people die in hospitals? Maybe we should ban Obama Care. That kills more people then guns.. but wait.. Insurance and hospitals save lives too.. just like… you guessed it.. GUNS!

      • harold says:

        Except for one Thing, most killings and crimes are committed in gun free zones in America, Chicago one example. Also if the Teachers would have been armed at the schools They and the Students would have not been sitting ducks to be picked of one by one.

      • Skip Cercelletta says:

        people in france and the rest of europa have guns and stop saying that they don’t because that’s pure canard!

      • Skip Cercelletta says:

        we are not aloud to carry guns you idiot, very few are regardless of what you think. your saviors only helped after they had run out of munitions and then and only then did they go in and shoot them. there were only two in that theater and 1500 of you. you trying to tell me that out of 1500 people some with guns would not have been able to shoot them. since when have the french become cowards? i see your new world order schooling, like here in the usa, is working!

      • therealeverton says:

        You’re kidding right? It happens every week, almost dial. You forget that the people, the group, most targeted by ISIS and Co are Muslims. They’ve slaughtered far more Muslims that Americans, or Europeans or Christians etc. Countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan have had plenty of terrorist attacks (with guns) and they have civilians that can be armed. Israel does and they have attacks there too, with MASSIVE security. These attacks happen all over the planet and the loser your gun control the better armed your attackers.

    • UYTRE says:

      I think you missed the point. The bad guys already had guns. Give the good guys a chance.

  24. that could have helped during those time. just those time. try including the 364 days that a shootout could have happened killing students or people in a theater.

  25. Jacques Strappe says:

    Someone please explain why Variety is reporting on presidential candidates, specifically Trump. Is it because he once hosted a television reality show? What does the Paris terrorist attacks and gun ownership have to do with entertainment and the media?

    • Leora says:

      Because Trump is a celebrity, not a legitimate political figure. He belongs in the entertainment section where his comments can be classified as irrelevant to the real world.

    • Skip Cercelletta says:

      because the left media always wants to be on the winning side for no other reason other than a better ability to sell coffee.

  26. Craig says:

    Civilians carrying guns didn’t stop the Terrorist attacks..911 & Boston bombing…in America..they don’t even stop the mass shooting at schools…

    • Skip Cercelletta says:

      are you telling me that someone on a plane with a gun could not stop someone with a box cutter. if that were true then why did the u.s. government instal armed guards, with guns, on the planes. do your country a service and don’t vote.

    • Skip Cercelletta says:

      most americans are not aloud to carry guns so please stop saying things that are not true. law abiding citizens are always the ones getting shot just like in paris. do you feel our mothers and fathers feel less pain when we get shot because we have the second amendment.
      fear a government that fears it’s citizens armed.
      get ready to embrace agenda 21, coming to a country near you!

      • Babylonzoo says:

        ah, comments of a typical american. always refering to amendments created during a much different time. seriously, i don’t see how guns changed the outcome of all campus shootings or malls or theatres in the US.

    • Mike says:

      Hard to stop the shootings in a school when a school is a gun free zone.. just like Paris..

  27. patrik says:

    Europe(je viens) – célibataire

  28. mountsalish says:

    Trump is talking nonsense as is anyone suggesting that armed citizens could have stopped these attacks. A few years ago an armed man threw down on four armed cops in a coffee shop in the Northwest. He killed them all and walked away. If trained cops cannot stop an assailant, then what good would a bunch of armed fat, old men with delusional hero fantasies do? They are more likely to injure their fellow citizens or themselves than the shooters.

    • Skip Cercelletta says:

      if i walk into a bar and sucker punch someone sitting at a bar yes, he was punched, now seconds after he’s pummeled. you saying he should be able and could be able to beat people with whatever he wants till the nazis i mean cops get there, because this is precisely what you’re implying.
      this country has the honor of keeping minority criminals on the streets because this is how they create bad laws with the publics blessing not knowing they are being herded like cattle to slaughter.

  29. Chris Darling says:

    Trump, do not encourage this country’s venereal disease of gun mania to Europe. The last thing they need is the insanity we have over here.

  30. deda says:

    Yes, and that is the smartest that you can hear from this, lets say, man. In such chaotic situation, he finds simply solution. Let’s give guns to everybody.
    Trump, if your wife is pregnant, let’s give a condoms to all your neighborhoods.

  31. carl says:

    Trump’s ability to tell the truth may just get him elected. The commenter below who said that he’d rather be a sitting duck instead of having armed citizens stop these madmen should be committed to an insane asylum.

    • JK says:

      Tell the truth?, c’mon, he’s just an oportunistic imbecile, his comment couldn’t be more far from the truth. Disgusting that people like you believe him

  32. May Lavinia says:

    Stupid. And I have an open mind about him. No guns. You don;’t see the French murdering the French much. That’s the point. The last thing I’d want is to be at a crowded venue and guns are drawn from people – everywhere. That’s more safe? Pretty ignorant comment and insensitive as well.

    • Andros says:

      You know, it may not have helped if the citizens were armed. But at least they would have had a chance to defend themselves. Here in America there have been numerous times where attacks have occurred and responsible gun carriers have held their fire to avoid hitting someone in the cross fire. Other times, they have opened fire and stopped attacks. One thing that’s never happened, is that an armed citizen has never shot an innocent person in a scenario like this. Americans aren’t the trigger happy people the media portrays us to be. The majority of violent crimes involving a gun occurred with the use of an illegally obtained firearm. Further, if we made guns illegal and inaccessible to those willing and ready to defend themselves and others, the “bad guys” will still be armed. They aren’t going to report the unauthorized weapon in their possession, and they’ll keep it. Any that are confiscated from criminals will only be replaced by guns coming in from outside our borders. I’m sincerely not sure how anyone could believe disarming the people who are licensed to carry will do more to protect us from those who would do us and our families harm.

    • Skip Cercelletta says:

      the jews felt the same way i’m afraid and you cowards did nothing, just like today.

  33. Guest says:

    Pig. Show respect and wait some days before spreading your stupid political agenda.

  34. dji says:

    trump is such a pander bear. people with guns would have made no difference. those people would have died anyway. this is such BS.

    • ObserverMI says:

      “people with guns would have made no difference. those people would have died anyway.”

      Guns Save 2,191 Lives Each Day In The US: F.B.I.
      Many times a gun only has to be brandished to avert harm or death.

      If people in that concert hall had conceal carry, even 1% of the 1,000 they would have out armed the murders yet… you say… those people would have died anyway?
      What kind of logic is that? Oh… it’s ‘not’.

      I’d much rather have a weapon if ever needed, then not one when did. Wouldn’t you to save you or your loved ones?

      • Patrick says:

        The people in the concert who pulled the guns would have been shot first. Assuming they could shoot over the panicking people who were running into him. And the 3 people outside the cafe who were picked off in 10 seconds. Too bad they did not have a gun huh? Terrorists have the element of surprise.

  35. The Truth says:

    Would a venue full of armed concertgoers have changed the situation at The Baclavan? Sure. Expecting armed resistance, terrorists would have used more devastating weaponry and tactics to make their statement, killing even more patrons. Anyone with a gun would have been a target for anyone else with a gun, inevitably producing friendly fire casualties and additional tragedy. Deep thinkers like Trump believe that a society of sharpshooters will reduce the threat of violence, but all authentic evidence demonstrates that societies with the most guns generate the most gun violence.

    Trump has never put his life on the line in any kind of public service and has absolutely zero experience with dedicated killers who don’t expect to survive their deadly missions. His dominant expertise is grabbing headlines with delusional, moronic bluster. Full magazines and body armor should not be the dress code for live music lovers, diners, or sightseers.

    • Charles X says:

      @ The Truth, your level of danger to U.S. citizens is second only to the terrorist that would do us harm.
      The terrorist goals are to kill us and you’re advocating just lying down and watching it happen.

      In the following equation modify the addend to decrease the sum:

      ((terrorist shooting innocent people) + (innocent people just waiting on others to save them))
      = too many innocent lives taken.

    • Mike says:

      If they had the means of doing it differently and causing more deaths and damage.. they would have done it.. the people being armed could have possibly deterred the gun fire or lessened it.. but again.. if, if, if….
      If the attackers are hell bent on killing and being killed.. then we should just let them kill until they are dead? Is that what you are saying? Nobody should be able to have the national given right of being able to defend ourselves? Rather then die fighting for your life, just lay down and wait to die. Let me know how that works out for you.. oh wait, you cant. You’ll be dead. You can try and turn the world into this place of peace and love and safe havens.. or you can wake up and realize the world is nuts.. and when fit hits the shan, it will be kill or be killed. Don’t try and hide behind me if you are a weak, sniveling type that believe in fairy tales. Man up and learn to defend yourself buttercup

      • Mike says:

        Also, if your logic of everyone with a gun not knowing who the enemy is just start shooting eachother causing friendly fire, why have they not sent terrorist with death wishes over here. Start shooting into a crowd of people they know have guns on them and just let them shoot eachother.. If that is really how it works, then it would be genius would it not?
        Sure, if people in france had guns and tried to shoot the terrorists, they could have hit an innocent person or two before actually hitting the gun man. But not being able to take a shot leaves the gunman to shoot as many innocent people as they want. How many more people would have died if the people with guns did not shoot the terrorists that were shot? They all had bomb belts.. but some of them were shot before they could even use them.. how many lives were saved because of thoes guns? Countless.. and I’m not just talking about the people that are breathing today.. but now they can have babies etc etc etc…. all thoes people can now live, love and potentially help this planet.. thanks to a good guy with a gun

  36. Mac 10 to Win says:

    When they knock on your front door how you gonna come? With your hands on your head or on the trigger of your guns! TRUMP 2016 more than ever now.

    • You open your door to your friends with a gun?? Trump absolutely misses the big picture. France has about 3 gun-related deaths per 100,000 citizens each year, whereas the U.S. has 10

      • mike says:

        The terrorists are not your friends.. and when they come to your door, they will not knock..3 deaths, 10 deaths.. how many of the deaths came from legal gun owners with permits to carry them? Wackos kill people period.. If they want to kill, they will.. and use whatever weapon they can find.. Many legal gun owners in America are highly trained, kind hearted people. They have classes on how to handle firearms. But you idiots think they just hand out guns and nobody knows how to use them. The only reason you have your freedoms today and are alive today is because of a gun.. Because of people who carry a gun. You would be speaking a different language or your parents would not have lived to have you if it was not for good people with guns.

  37. Trudy says:

    Agreed 100%! Weakness only makes you more vulnerable. Something we’ve become over the last 7 years.

    • dji says:

      do you carry a gun in your house? if someone knocks on your door is the first thing you do is get your gun? and anyway as soon as you opened the door they would put a bullet in your brain. no GOP in 2016. we need sanity.

  38. Jay! says:

    And how many of these non-terrorist-related mass shootings have been stopped by people in America with guns in the crowd?

    School shootings?

    Even the psycho at Ft. Hood was able to commit a terrorist act despite the presence of guns.



    • Charles X says:

      Tell the truth Jay! All the places you mentioned were gun free zones, even at Ft. Hood.

    • Mike says:

      Ft Hood, schools.. gun free zones! No legal carry citizens would carry there. And they are the ones that would have stopped it, if they could, before the police got there. How many non terrorist have shot up a crowd? How many people in the crowd were carrying? Was the crowd in a place where people were allowed to carry? If, if, if, if…. that’s all I hear. But none of you know.. just keep doing your math. I have math too that can counter everything your math points out. They can never get rid of millions and millions of guns.. period.. they only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. You just have to live with that.

      • Mike says:

        You are clueless.. are the police not citizens of this country.. having a badge does not give them super powers.. you don’t think their would be more shootings if citizens don’t have guns? Why do most of the mass shootings happen in gun free zones? Because nobody is there to shoot back till the police arrive. But keep living the fairy tale life..

      • Jay! says:

        People have *stopped* mass shootings because they are armed?

        Why don’t we hear about that on the news every day then?



      • mike says:

        It’s already happened.. thousands of times over..

      • Jay! says:

        Let me know when it happens.



    • Trudy says:

      Incorrect. Ft. Hood was a gun-free zone. But you would have to do your homework to find that out. It wasn’t aired on ABC, NBC or CBS

  39. tk says:

    Confirming his bat shit craziness, but otherwise he is just boring(not to mention so outrageously stupid it is almost superfluous to reply, except for the OTHER batshit crazy replies). Arming the citizenry is an invitation to a return to Old West civilization. Mourn the dead. It’s not about your guns. Stupid.

  40. Kevin Grace says:

    After a mass shooting is not the time to talk about gun control….or so I’ve been told by progun conservatives

  41. Bill says:

    TOTALLY AGREE WITH TRUMP ON THIS ONE. Relying on the Police to “show up” at a TERRORIST attack does no good.

  42. trump is right. In fact, given how random and limited in scope these kinds attacks are – an armed citizenry – with millions of law abiding citizens openly carrying weapons in the street is probably the best deterrent to this kind of terrorism. If ISIS walks into a cafe and sees numerous people with sidearms strapped to their waist – they will probably not open fire – or if they do – there will certainly be a lot less casualties.

    Who knows – maybe packing a revolver or 9mm will start to become trendy – only takes one Kardashian to start carrying a diamond encrusted Glock for it to happen.

  43. Stephen Decatur says:

    There are actually many millions of guns, including pistols, in France. However, as far as I know concealed carry is rare. Most gun owners in the U.S. do not take their pistols to concerts either, although it is worth noting that the gunmen in the attempted attack in Texas this year were very quickly shot down.

    • Mike says:

      You’re an idiot. Most of these folks were killed by suicide bombers. They would have detonated themselves before you ever managed to point a gun at them. And say you managed to get your gun out in time. Nothing like shooting at people in a dark music venue. How many innocent people would have been killed by a law abiding citizen such as yourself in this process?

      I guess you want us all to just live the militia life. That will keep the calm. LOL. Every argument, every traffic dispute, every domestic disagreement will be settled with gunfire. How will any of that “save” lives?

      • Mike C says:

        That’s an amazing gift you have, being able to say exactly what would have happend and how many people would have died by friendly fire trying to stop the guy shooting the same innocent people of purpose. And knowing how skilled the people would have been with a firearm.. we all know only terrorist and police can train with firearms.. average citizens have no training options right? Get your head out of your ass.

      • UYTRE says:

        Actually, most of them were machine gunned. So you’re an idiot.

      • chicago860 says:

        Wow, Mike. Only read the headlines, didja?

  44. Bill B. says:

    I wish he had been there.

  45. Steve Hoban says:

    Wow. Pro-gun morons like Trump will contort anything to support their illogical ideology that more guns make people safer. Civilians with guns don’t thwart terrorist attacks but they do kill a lot of other civilians.

    • Tammy says:

      The last thoughts of those pro gun-control liberals that died in France yesterday were, “If only I had a gun.”

      • genko says:

        To lin: Yeah, “Why” are Obama and the Democrats so timid in naming and confronting Muslim terrorists? If I had a gun, at least I could go out fighting and maybe save another life.

      • lin says:

        Nah, I’m pretty sure their last thoughts were about their loved ones, and probably, “why?”.

  46. Alex says:

    In such a chaotic situation, how does a good guy with a gun differentiate another good guy with a gun from a bad guy with a gun? Life isn’t like a video game. Your enemies and allies aren’t color coded.

  47. Susan says:

    He is such an idiot.

  48. Bill B. says:

    Yeah. There would be even more people dead. I thought this vile moron self destructed the other night. Why are there still sounds come out of that orange thing?!

  49. Sal U. Lloyd says:

    Yeah, an explosive device with a timer vs. a gun, Mr. Rump. Nice call, idiot.

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