Man Who Died Shooting Fireworks Off Head Was Former Disney World Performer

Disneyland performer Fireworks Accident

Former Disney World performer Devon Staples died Saturday in a fireworks mishap during a Fourth of July celebration in Calais, Maine. He was 22.

Staples, who played Gaston from “Beauty and the Beast” and Goofy at Disney World, was killed instantly when he attempted to launch fireworks from his head.

“Apparently, he thought that was a great idea,” said Stephen McCausland, a spokesman for Maine’s Department of Public Safety. “His friends said they thought they had dissuaded him from doing it, and the next thing they knew, he ignited the fireworks and he was killed instantly.”

His brother Cody Staples, however, told the New York Daily News that the horrific incident was an accident. He said Staples was merely joking around with a reloadable fireworks mortar tube on his head and a lighter in his hand when he ignited the firework.

“There was no rushing him to the hospital. There was no Devon left when I got there,” Cody Staples said. “It was a freak accident. … But Devon was not the kind of person who would do something stupid. He was the kind of person who would pretend to do something stupid to make people laugh.”

Family and friends are asking for donations on GiveForward to help fund the funeral.

The family posted a YouTube video of Staples in costume as Gaston working at Disney World.

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  1. tommy smith says:

    i bet they had a blast.

  2. Masketteman says:

    Somebody get this hothead outta here!!

  3. Can you imagine what that felt like!?

  4. Jack Tor s says:

    Darwinism at its finest.

  5. Cinda says:

    I agree with those of you who said this was NOT an accident. He INTENTIONALLY drank, he INTENTIONALLY put that rocket on his head, and he INTENTIONALLY lit the fuse. UNBELIEVABLE!

  6. Janet belrose says:

    How can u call this a “freak accident”???? If he had the explosive on his head, he HAD to have raised one or both hands up on top of his head in order to “accidentally” light the fuse!! A freak accident is someone getting struck by lightning while in their house, or getting hit by a piece of meteor! This was a stupid & careless man drinking too much; then playing with fireworks- something most 10 yr olds know not to do…I feel sorry for his friends & family (especially those that witnessed it)- but, this idiot killed himself- it wasn’t the State’s fault for having legal fireworks, it wasn’t the booze’s fault bcuz he drank to access, it wasn’t his friends & family’s fault for not watching I’m closer- it was his OWN fault for throwing his life away- & horribly I might add. 😒

  7. Jeremy Whitfield says:

    no this guy had fake muscles that other guy was built

  8. Semple Minds says:

    Disney couldn’t fix stupid

  9. Question says:

    Is the poor guy who died the same guy in the famous Gaston push-up challenge video?

  10. So sorry to his parents and friends, he was such a good looking young man and from what’s said he had talent too. Accidents like this happen a lot when there’s booze and partying.

    • Question says:

      I love the SleepyTimePals video. I tried to buy that property for 6 figures, but never heard back!

  11. This is an unfortunate accident but really poor judgement leads to a hefty price.

  12. paul mccarthy says:

    clearly he never heard of Jon Eric Hexum

  13. Chad Inman says:

    How is this considered a “freak” accident…when it happened because a drunk jackass did something ridiculously stupid? It is as idiotic for you to call it a “freak” accident…as much it was idiotic for this individual to kill himself doing something completely moronic.

    Darwin award winner 100%.

  14. And the Darwin award goes to….? Poor guy, I bet it seemed like a really good idea at first.

  15. Evelyn says:

    If he did this to get noticed, then he succeeded!

  16. Jakob Stagg says:

    The next mention of this young man will be as a Darwin Award recipient or as a runner up. Truly unfortunate. Alcohol and explosives are a very dangerous mix.

  17. Sean says:

    Why does it matter where he used to work? Really Fox news type reporting, The guy died, it’s needs to sensationalism. Leave that silliness to Fox News, they don’t report the news, they make it! Yes it the dumbest thing I’ve heard of someone doing this week, but still sad that he died from it.

    • Rachel says:

      Annnnnd here is the runner up for the Darwin Award. The dude yammering on about F News

    • Bill says:

      Fox News “makes news” when CNN calls retailers around the country badgering them to remove Confederate flag merchandise?

      NBC loads cars with explosives to make them explode?

      I think you’re a bit confused.

    • ObserverMI says:

      His family posted the video. Some share their loved ones memories when in mourning.

      Don’t articles ‘usually’ tell some background on the subject/person they’re story telling? Hello??

      And that seemingly Fox Cable News obsession you’re jonzen…. should get that looked at. Could be serious.
      (eye roll)

    • PG says:

      Wow. Bigoted, idiotic comment that’s also a non sequitur.

    • Richard Head says:

      Wow dude. G. Soros will pay you a nickel for everytime you mention F news on a web blog but you ain’t smart enough to collect your nickel since your lobotomy. Ha Ha.

  18. Dawin says:

    Stupidity is not a freak accident

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