Bill Cosby Admits to Drugging Women for Sex

Bill Cosby
Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Bill Cosby testified in 2005 that he purchased Quaaludes to give to women with the intent of having sex with them, according to new court documents obtained by the Associated Press. He admitted to giving the drug to at least one woman and “other people.”

The 77-year-old comedian was testifying under oath in a 2005 lawsuit filed by a former Temple University employee. He admitted to giving the woman three tablets of Benadryl. The case was ultimately settled outside of court.

Cosby also said at one point that he had seven prescriptions for Quaaludes and that he had given the drugs to “other people,” according to testimony given in response to a plaintiff’s motion concerning the conduct of Cosby and his lawyer.

He also said “yes” in response to the question: “When you got the Quaaludes, was it in your mind that you were going to use these Quaaludes for young women that you wanted to have sex with?”

Cosby also admitted that he had sex with a woman who was 19 at the time and under the influence of drugs: “I meet Ms. (Redacted) in Las Vegas. She meets me back stage. I give her Quaaludes. We then have sex. I do not, I can’t judge at this time what she knows about herself for 19 years, a passive personality.”

His attorneys could not be reached for comment, but representatives for Cosby released the following statement to ABC News in regards to the court documents: “The only reason Mr. Cosby settled was because it would have been embarrassing in those days to put all those women on the stand and his family had no clue. That would have been very hurtful.”

Cosby’s lawyers had been fighting with the AP to keep the documents private on the grounds that Cosby is not a “public” person.

The Emmy-winning comedian, who resigned from Temple’s board of trustees in December, has been accused of sexually assaulting dozens of women over the past few decades.

Federal judge Eduardo C. Robreno agreed to open some of the records requested by the AP and cited Cosby’s longstanding morals crusade as a reason for Cosby’s right to privacy being diminished. The jurist noted that the case is not about Cosby’s status as a public person by virtue of the exercise of his trade as a televised or comedic personality.

“Rather, Defendant has donned the mantle of public moralist and mounted the proverbial electronic or print soap box to volunteer his views on, among other things, childrearing, family life, education, and crime,” Robreno said. “To the extent that Defendant has freely entered the public square and ‘thrust himself into the vortex of th[ese] public issue[s],’ he has voluntarily narrowed the zone of privacy that he is entitled to claim.”

Cosby also admitted in the testimony that he had telephoned Tom Illus of the William Morris Agency to  ask him to send money to one female accuser. Cosby also testified that Illus — who died in 2011 — did not ask him why.

Cosby was then asked: “Have you ever asked him in the past to send money to women?” and responded, “I’m not sure.”

The documents reveal that Cosby called the plaintiff, then had a representative of William Morris agency call her. They also disclosed that the agency had paid money to a witness.

“Defendant admitted that in his initial conversation with Plaintiff and her mother, he asked them what they wanted and they said they only wanted an apology and to know the name of the drug Defendant had given to Plaintiff,” the document said.

“He testified that some time after that call, he decided to call Plaintiff’s mother to offer Plaintiff funds for ‘education’ and to ask them to meet him in Florida. He then had a representative of the William Morris agency call Plaintiff.  The William Morris agency also funneled money to one of the Rule 415 witnesses.”

Reps for WME, the 6-year-old successor agency to William Morris, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Although his public image has been battered, Cosby has never been charged with a crime. The statute of limitations on many of the accusations has expired.




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  1. Renee Jackson says:

    I am aware of his statement but I don’t feel it was that many and I believe some of the women was aware about the meds. I saw for myself about 8 years ago you had women as well purchases pill to enhance their sexual performance.

  2. cotton candy johnson says:

    If the statue of limitations had expired against bill Cosby, then the reason I believe this even came up was to hurt his reputation and or prevent him from working.

  3. robertffloyd2 says:

    Tonya Phillips, You make a fool of yourself. Cosby admitted in an unsealed that legal deposition that he got quaaludes to give to women for sex. Dr.Huxtable isn’t real, neither is Santa Claus. BILL Cosby is a serial drug-rapist and the old pervert will die in shame, His victims will prevail.

  4. Tonya phillips says:

    People are making waaaay too much of this situation… What happened to .. Innocent til proven guilty.. In this good ol American state!!!!! Bullshit!!! These hoes ain’t shit!!!!!!!

    • PS says:

      Yes. I would have agreed, before hearing about these transcripts. Didn’t he admit, that he gave drugs to women to have sex with them?? All this, ooh, he’s a faithful, upstanding family guy, married to Camille for half a century, really goes out the window. He did admit to cheating on Camille, he did admit to giving drugs to women with the intent of having sex. He’s a hypocrite scumbag at best and he’s a serial rapist at worst, but he’s not an innocent victim of slandering women.

  5. your title implies consent, quotation makes around “for sex” indicates that you are quoting from the deposition, unless the absence of the quotation marks is purposeful, as in you believe that a person who,is unconscious can provide “consent.”

  6. patrick says:

    When very sick people are allowed to be TV stars sometime we get good sometimes we get BAD ? I would had thought Mr Crosby was good , He impressed me as being a good roll model for Blacks

  7. s says:

    It takes a special kind of depravity to enjoy raping a woman after she vomited all over herself and is passed out cold (because you snuck drugs in her drink). What’s the allure? Wouldn’t you rather be with someone who WANTS to be with you and is an active participant? It’s just so sick…

    • j says:

      You took that from 0 to 100 real quick! Is that what happened? You got that from him saying he did drugs with girls, who took them freely? Sounds more like they got wasted and did something they might not have done otherwise.

      • madge says:

        Many of these women are saying they did not do thee drugs voluntarily, or that the drugs they agreed to take were not the drugs or the only drugs he gave them. He gave these women drugs that would incapacitate them so he could rape them. He did not want consensual sex with these women. In fact, most of these women claim he didn’t even attempt to get their consent. He just slipped them drugs, waited for them to pass out and then did what he wanted. These women are not claiming that they have regrets about drug addled decisions. And cosby is not alleging that either. These women are claiming that they were given drugs to purposely make them pass out and that they were sexually abused by the person who gave them these drugs. Some of the women were even given COFFEE.

  8. L.R.W says:

    Not to condone any type of abuse from anyone, I must question why these women waited so long to tell their story. It is all questionable. Even then 77 year old man who is clearly not the man he was at the time of the alleged abuse. Bill Cosby has always been a positive character in my home but a character non the least. I am examining all statements. You don’t allow someone to cut you on Monday, then decide to bandage the wound Friday.

    • ausmboomer says:

      KJ is correct. Your comment of “why these women waited so long” says it all. One of the women has come on T.V. how that this admission from Cosby has come out, saying the vitriol she and others have experienced has been horrendous. As KJ alluded to, in citing Cosby’s power in Hollywood as an entertainer, these young women would have not had a voice whatsoever to bring forth these charges, especially from a man who enamors himself as a family man; a bastion of good morals; etc. Remember this: Rape is about POWER. Mr. Cosby is a rapist and sexual predator. He should pay for his crimes.

    • KJ says:

      Your comment explains why. You’ve essentially trivialized the validity of their claims, while disregarding the fact that Cosby was one of the most powerful entertainers, and most trusted, recognizable black entertainers, at that time. Who would believe an anonymous young lady versus Mr. Jell-o pudding / family man / educated black community campaigner?!?

      Please think more and exercise more sensitivity before you comment like this. Enough. These women deserve sympathy, not more finger pointing.

  9. sarakaun says:

    This headline is part of the reason animals like Cosby get away with it. They make it seem as if he had the qs, gave them to the women with their knowledge. They were not sharing a joint or coke or even heroin. They did not know what he did to them.

    He did not have sex with them, he raped them.

  10. laura says:

    So him admitting to giving a girl q to have sex is now rape? So every girl that takes ex from a guy and has sex with him can scream rape or shoot up heroin or do blow. He never said he snuck it in her drink or slipped her a pill. He said she met him back stage he gave it to her they had sex. Her specificaly not all the other women. I will not stop watching bill cosby or fat albert unless there was rapping going on on those positive shows which there werent so if they dont show it i’ll. Buy the dvds. The end good day

    • Christine says:

      Those pills are to put women asleep. I looked up to Cosby he obviously did this. He belongs in jail he betrayed those girls trust. If I were one of those girls I would have completely trusted him. Its hard picturing him giving people drugs.

    • arcanum55 says:

      You’re an idiot, they did not know they were taking a pill, he put it in there drinks. A quualude will make you almost comatose to the point where you can’t fight, I’ve tried many in the 70’s, they whipe you out. What’s wrong with you brain dead idiots? This monster belongs hanging from his testicls until dead. People are so flipping stupid. There nickname was “thigh openers” Get a clue you dolt.

    • percysowner says:

      Yep, if a guy wants to have sex with a girl, he should make sure she isn’t stoned. It’s really not that hard. The other thing is he probably shouldn’t buy it months or years in advance to use “to have sex” with women he hasn’t even met yet. I mean there is being prepared and then there is being so prepared that you have the means to drug them into consent on hand and before they actually say yes. Again, this is not rocket science. Drugging someone than having sex with them is wrong. Planning to drug someone before they have ever shown any interest in drugs or sex is disgusting and criminal.

      • MT Sevingkov says:

        Are you really suggesting that no sex should ever take place between two adults if one or both of them is under the influence of alcohol or drugs? Caffeine is considered an aphrodisiac; should people abstain from sex after coffee? And why does your logic only work in one direction? If I come home after a happy hour and my wife seduces me, is she not as guilty as I would be if the roles were reversed? And if both parties are intoxicated, who is raping who?

        Should Cosby be prosecuted for his crimes? Yes – but pretending that he has admitted to drugging his victims is not going to make that happen any faster. Nor is pretending that no person has ever taken a Quaalude voluntarily, or had consensual sex while under the influence of Quaaludes.

        Clouding this issue with misleading headlines, or with your brand of hyperbolic spin, does nothing but harm victims of rape.

      • percysowner says:

        I’m saying if you don’t want to risk rape charges then you should not knowingly have sex with someone who is on a drug that can interfere with giving consent. I also think that morally you should not have sex with someone whose ability to give consent is impaired. And yes, if the woman gave the man ecstasy then she too should be able to be charged with rape.

        You are very accepting of rape and you really, really blame women for it. Go ahead and buy whatever DVDs you want. No one has pulled them from sale. What has happened is networks and advertisers don’t want to be associated with a man who is a serial rapist.

        I thought Bill Cosby was one of the funniest comedians back in the day. If I could unknow his actions I would probably think the same thing. For me, this has tainted his entire body of work so much that I can never go back to enjoying his routines the way I used to. Sad, but true.

  11. davis says:

    I was wondering. How tv stations are taking off a show. That has a confeterit flag on a car. But!!! A serial rape star stays on……???????

    • Mary says:

      Seventh Heaven, whose leading man plays the role of a minister but who has admitted in his real life that he is a pedophile, is still be aired.

    • percysowner says:

      Oh for goodness sake! NBC and Netflix dropped talks about producing a new show with Cosby MONTHS ago when the story started to come out! TV Land dropped his show from syndication a while ago as well. The Bounce and Centric networks has dropped his shows as well. It has barely been 24 hours since this broke. Until we had his own admission that he had drugged women for sex, a lot of people refused to believe he could BE a serial rapist. Now he is being dropped right and left.

  12. Nick Turner says:

    How about this. Cosby stops talking and puts most of his net worth into a huge court administered trust to compensate his victims to settle all claims, civil and criminal. Then he disappears forever, never to be seen or heard from again. And we and the media put this sordid disgusting story behind us.

  13. James Heckel says:

    I’m sure Cosby received advice such as “America is a forgiving place of second chances.” Well, that may be true of the populace, but as for the networks, maybe not so much.

  14. Anna says:

    Headline has an error. Cosby did not drug women in order to “have sex” with them. Sex is consensual. You don’t roofy someone to have sex with them.

    Cosby drugged women in order to rape them.

    Please check you headline, Variety.

  15. He didn’t drug women for sex. He drugged women to RAPE them.

  16. Kalena Darling says:

    Oh how Bill would stand on his high horse and tell low income & many poor blacks how they created thier own problems and to pull themselves up by thier boot straps when failing to see or just not caring that many did not even have boots.KARMA is alive and doing fine folks.


  18. Dawit Beyene says:

    If I am this fellow I committed suicide today what shameless human binge he is ?

  19. Bill Cosby controversy: A decade in the making

  20. charles000 says:

    This phony charlatan should have been in prison years ago. This type of behavior should never be excused, nor covered up with secret payoffs and legal maneuvering.
    His wealth should be confiscated, and divided up among the victims, and/or given to charities and organizations which provide aid to abused women and rape victims.
    I know, there will be those who are hopelessly blinded by their memories of the Dr Huxtible character, or other characters this charlatan has portrayed.
    But for the rest of us who know better, this disgusting excuse for a man is done, game over . . . and not a moment too soon.

  21. Laura Tanner says:

    I am very personally hurt by the people STILL defending Bill Cosby. Yes, he is a disturbed individual but now he is a self-confessed sexual molester. There is nothing left to defend. Start giving the victims the respect THEY deserve, please.

    • Jacques Strappe says:

      Amen. Thank you. Welcome to the wild west of the internet where posting incredibly insensitive and hurtful remarks anonymously is just another day for some folks It is indeed very sad that some continue to blame the several dozen victims of serial rapist, Bil Cosby.

  22. Jacques Strappe says:

    Seriously, if anyone defends Cosby at this point, they are just as despicable as the serial rapist himself.. This has NOTHING to do with race and everything to do with gender and power and vile, loathsome behavior.

  23. Jacques Strappe says:

    How do like him now, Cosby fans? Serial rapist and wonderful role model. Lots of money buys lots of powerful lawyers, along with lots of silence through lots of money and lots of threats to one’s career and reputation. How many separate women have come forward since the 1960’s recounting a similar story of Cosby offering to help their careers as young women, being drugged and raped by Cosby and how many acquaintances knew of his Lothario nature around very young girls?

  24. David Benjamin says:

    He’s many years do you think he has left? He should spend his remaining years broke and lbe labeled as a social pariah.

    • ann says:

      First of all these ladies that are claiming this occurred are all broke including Janice. These ladies should have reported this years ago but didn’t. Janice Dickerson smoked all her money up and expect bill to pay for her lost. So sad they should have invested there money better and not depend on others.

  25. Poor Bill, the truth always comes out.

  26. Rich says:

    I’ve had a lot to say about this, not because I know Cosby is innocent. I don’t know anything. And nether do any of you making judgements. What I do know, is that in this country, if they want a black man to be guilty, they find a way and they have not found a way yet.

    • charles000 says:

      Rich . . . sorry to say, you are completely missing the point. If you are going to pick a cause to represent racism in judgement, this is NOT the case you want to align with.
      Please, at least study the facts, Cosby’s own court testimony from 2005, many other details of his history in this context, before leaping onto the racism bandwagon.
      If anything, using the Cosby scenario in this context devalues the many cases in which genuine racism has been manifest.
      Trust me on this one . . . racism is not the issue here.

    • Sean says:

      “I don’t know anything” You’re very correct about this. Some of us are smarter than that and we know that over 25 women don’t come out and accuse someone of doing the same exact thing, unless you did that thing to at least a few of them. Most victims of rape would cringe at the thought of having their name and photo all over the world. This is not the person to be playing the race card. He was considered America’s most lovable, black, TV father. What I know about this country is the majority of people who elected a black president were white. Being black may not benefit Cosby in court but his huge wealth and fame are a far greater influence than his race. I don’t know your race but most black people would be upset to be grouped with someone who did these horrible. I don’t need a judge to tell me what Bill did. My reasoning and logic skills are a step above those who do need that.

    • ObserverMI says:

      “They” Who is ‘they’??
      And you really want to pull the race defense card on this, really??

      You are part of the ‘Problem’ when it comes to such racial things. There’s not a ‘single person’ I’ve interacted with about this matter all these months that has ‘ever’ brought up Bill’s race.

      In fact, it never, not once, ever came to mind that Bill’s a black man until your moronic mention of his skin color. He’s always just been, Bill Cosby.
      Talk about ‘shallow minded’ people.

      Go, go ‘grow up’ somewhere, ‘then’ come back to the grown ups table.

      Disgusting race baiting mental midget.

    • David Benjamin says:

      You sound like my Dad after Ben Johnson got caught for steroids. “They spiked his drink/. Saspirilla..whatever. even after the trial, and he ADMITTED to taking the Dad is convinced Ben is innocent/was railroaded. You’re one of those fervent detractors. Whether it was Benadryl, or baby Aspirin..he spiked their drinks and drugged them!! With the intention of having sex with them!! There’s no way around that! I hope any pending civil lawsuits clean his ass out!!

    • Joe says:

      Wow, that took a long way around the barn just to trot out garden variety racism.

  27. Rich says:

    Soooo, Benadryl is a Quaalude now? So when my son has an allergy or allergic reaction, Im giving him Quaaludes? Will Smith was promoting Quaaludes in Hitch when his allergic reaction to shellfish caused him to drink a whole bottle of Benadryl? Wow. Theyre really reaching on this one

    • He raped 30+ women. Some of the testimony was about his “character” which is about his history. So the fact that he’d drugged many other women with Quaaludes is important. Quaaludes haven’t been around for decades so anyone with half a brain would realize when he was talking about getting three prescriptions for them to give to women to rape them? That it probably wasn’t something that happened recently — just go ask your doctor for a prescription for this drug and they’ll laugh at you.

      Benadryl is another sedating drug, and this was what he used in a more recent rape. And in healthy people at high doses, yes, it does sedate them a great deal and makes it very difficult for them to stay awake.

      This is what he did with a lot of the women he drugged if you listened to any of the dozens of testimonies.

    • Cosbyconartist says:

      RICH, the bottom line is, this scumbag had sex against these women will…that is RAPE!!! so whether he drugged them with Benadryl or Flintstone vitamins …. he RAPE them… how RAPING women reaching????

    • Mark says:

      Yes–3 Benadryls is like taking quailudes.

    • Laura Tanner says:

      Rich, what are you talking about? He is QUOTED as saying “I give her QUAALUDES.” The man ADMITTED it. Why are you defending him?????

    • Sean says:

      This article isn’t very clear so I won’t harp on your lack of reading comprehension. Here’s what Bill was asked under oath “When you got the quaaludes, was it in your mind that you were going to use these quaaludes for young women that you wanted to have sex with?”. and his answer “Yes”.Come on Rich, keep up.

    • kayakismet says:

      Soooo, can you really not read? 2 separate things. Try again.

  28. ed says:

    Meh, don’t care. I’d go see Bill tomorrow.

  29. Jon says:

    Hopefully he gets sued for $400 mil or his entire net worth. Sucks to be Bill lol. Gotta go take the Cosby kids to the pool.

  30. Why should they keep it quiet?

    • Geri says:

      It was probably in a sealed document.

      • Joe says:

        I have to disagree, Geri.

        If courts won’t keep documents sealed, then the laws have no meaning.

        As for the AP, maybe they could look into REAL ISSUES. I don’t know … like ISIS killing Christians … or maybe what Obama did for a decade before running for ILL Senate … or why Obama is giving China US trade secrets? Real issues.

      • percysowner says:

        The AP got the records unsealed because there were legal reasons that let that happen. IIR, court records are only sealed for a certain amount of time in the jurisdiction where this happened. Having Bill Cosby live by the rules that every other party to a civil case lives by is fair and just.

        You do realize that by saying the AP should investigate something important that you have just declared that you think serial rape ISN’T important, don’t you? Stopping a serial rapist or exposing him so others know to avoid him seems important to me, even if you think rape is no biggie.

      • Geri says:

        Just read it definitely was in a sealed document and that Cosby’s lawyers fought for 10 years to keep them sealed. Kudos to the AP for fighting to open the documents.

  31. Sheila says:

    We already knew he was lying… I’m glad for the women’s sake he is coming clean.. Nothing worse then not being believed, especially in this case…

    • Rich says:

      Really? You knew? How’d you know that? Were you a victim? Do you know an alleged victim? You people believe in the justice system until it doesn’t work in your favor. Innocent until proven guilty. Whether he did it or not, he hasnt been convicted of a crime. And in the world I come from, you cant settle a crime out of court.

      • Mark says:

        Crimes are settled out of court all the time. Ever heard of Wall Street? Or bill cosby??

      • Laura Tanner says:

        The better question here, Rich, is do YOU know the victims? He admitted his guilt. He ADMITTED to drugging a 19 year old “passive” girl to have sex. Just because the courts didn’t convict him doesn’t mean he didn’t COMMIT the crime. Unfortunately we live in a society in which rape victims are treated like the criminals and rich rapists pay them to be quiet.

    • percysowner says:

      You can’t send him to jail without a fair trial, but we can all judge the evidence and decide that he did, in all likely hood, drug and rape the women who have stated that he drugged and raped them. You seem to be very, very concerned that no one say anything bad about Cosby. Did you say we should give the women who came forward the benefit of the doubt and that they deserved a fair and honest chance to have their day in court? Or does all this we must only believe what is proved in court apply only to men who have entertained you? Or maybe just any man accused of abusing a woman?

      • David Benjamin says:

        I believe all the women that came forward…except Janice Dickinson. She’s a raging mess of drugs and crazy in her own right. I wouldn’t trust her to say her own name.

  32. Angeleno says:

    If he testified about this in 2005, and it was a case involving a former Temple University employee, why was he allowed to remain on Temple’s board of trustees until just this last December? What the hell was Temple thinking?!!

    • Rich says:

      Elementary my dear Angeleno – It was settled out of court because the Temple Employee wanted a pay day. Benadryl? Really? Allergy medicine? Is that the new date rape drug?

      • christinayj1975 says:

        So even when admits to obtaining and dispensing the drugs and why, you’re still acting like there’s nothing to see here? If he gave her drugs to knock her out for the purpose of having sex, that is, in fact, a harassment issue – Benadryl or not. And you do know that they put Benadryl in the OTC “PM” meds to help people sleep, right? That’s not looking for a pay day, that’s pursuing your legal options for recompense.

    • Jimmy Green says:

      What were they thinking? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  33. Duude says:

    But, but, but…. no convictions, so he must be innocent.

  34. Greg says:


    • Sslly Joan says:

      no……he admitted it,,,,,,staures of limitations ran out……too old a crime for trial….so he gets off…..until he meets God in a few years, then he has alot of explaining to do..

      • Jack Tor s says:

        Rich – Are you out of your mind? ITS RIGHT THERE IN THE DEPOSITION!…

        “When you got the Quaaludes, was it in your mind that you were going to use these Quaaludes for young women that you wanted to have sex with?” And he answered “YES”. What part of this don’t you understand? According to LAW: “When intoxicated, an individual cannot legally consent to sexual activity. Forcing sex on someone who is too drunk to give consent is still Criminal Sexual Conduct in the Third Degree.” Dude, seriously, you need to pick a new comedian for a hero and move on from this guy. It’s really no big deal. Cosby has admitted to buying narcotics for the sole purpose to give these to women for sexual purposes. Just let it go. He’s a piece of garbage for doing this.Accept it and just move on with your life.

      • Rich says:

        He admitted giving a woman 3 tablets of Benadryl. Heres a thought: Maybe she had an allergy or allergic reaction. Im no drug dealer but i sincerely doubt Benadryl is the new date rape drug.

      • mypoorhoney says:

        What if he doesn’t meet god?

  35. Arnie Tracey says:

    Cat’s in the bag, and the bag’s in the river.

  36. David Benjamin says:

    So Hannibal Burress wasn’t lying? Wow! The end is nigh for the puddin’ pop guy!

  37. Noel ONeill says:

    A little late in the day Bill. It’s not that we don’t care now but i get it… were worried about you’re what, reputation? Another STAND-UP comedian who stood up for nobody but himself.

  38. Kenmandu says:

    So did a lot of people – but they didn’t rape them like this creep – it was consensual.

  39. jhs39 says:

    How exactly did it take 10 years for a news organization to report on that?

    • percysowner says:

      The court records were sealed after the case. The AP finally sued to get them opened and Cosby fought them all the way. They are out there now.

      • cc says:

        It says in the story why it took 10 years. Because Cosby’s lawyers suppressed them.

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