Ben Affleck Apologizes for PBS Slavery Censorship: ‘I Was Embarrassed’

Ben Affleck Apologizes PBS Slavery Censorship:

An “embarrassed” Ben Affleck admitted on Tuesday that he tried to conceal his slave-owning ancestors from the PBS documentary series “Finding Your Roots” after the disclosure was made earlier this week in hacked Sony emails.

“I felt embarrassed,” Affleck wrote on Facebook. “The very thought left a bad taste in my mouth.”

The Oscar-winner, addressing the issue for the first time, confirmed reports that he asked executive producer Henry “Skip” Gates Jr. to ignore his ancestors’ slave history after the genealogical series made the discovery. Gates is also a professor at Harvard.

“I didn’t want any television show about my family to include a guy who owned slaves,” Affleck explained, adding that the revelation made him feel quite vulnerable.

PBS announced on Tuesday that it was investigating the matter.

The leaked Sony emails, first published by WikiLeaks, show a back-and-forth between Gates and Sony chairman Michael Lynton over whether or not a certain “megastar’s” history should be excluded from the show.

“To do this would be a violation of PBS rules, actually, even for Batman,” Gates wrote. “Once we open the door to censorship, we lose control of the brand.”

Lynton told Gates to get rid of it: “I would take it out if no one knows, but if it gets out that you are editing the material based on this kind of sensitivity then it gets tricky. Again, all things being equal I would definitely take it out.”

The story of Affleck’s slavery roots never aired on PBS. Instead, Gates opted to focus on different ancestors of the “Batman v Superman” star who were “more interesting.”

“Ultimately, I maintain editorial control on all of my projects and, with my producers, decide what will make for the most compelling program,” Gates said in a statement.

Affleck warns that “Finding Your Roots” isn’t your typical “news program” but rather a show for which stars like himself can voluntarily provide historical information.

Anderson Cooper, baseball star Derek Jeter and filmmaker Ken Burns have recently appeared on the PBS docuseries. All three celebrities discovered that their ancestors were slave owners.

Affleck said he hopes that, if anything, the PBS controversy would keep the issue of slavery in the national spotlight.

“We deserve neither credit nor blame for our ancestors,” he wrote, “and the degree of interest in this story suggests that we are, as a nation, still grappling with the terrible legacy of slavery.”

A spokesman for PBS could not be reached for comment.

Read Affleck’s full remarks below:

After an exhaustive search of my ancestry for “Finding Your Roots,” it was discovered that one of my distant relatives was an owner of slaves.

I didn’t want any television show about my family to include a guy who owned slaves. I was embarrassed. The very thought left a bad taste in my mouth.

Skip decided what went into the show. I lobbied him the same way I lobby directors about what takes of mine I think they should use. This is the collaborative creative process. Skip agreed with me on the slave owner but made other choices I disagreed with. In the end, it’s his show and I knew that going in. I’m proud to be his friend and proud to have participated.

It’s important to remember that this isn’t a news program. Finding Your Roots is a show where you voluntarily provide a great deal of information about your family, making you quite vulnerable. The assumption is that they will never be dishonest but they will respect your willingness to participate and not look to include things you think would embarrass your family.

I regret my initial thoughts that the issue of slavery not be included in the story. We deserve neither credit nor blame for our ancestors and the degree of interest in this story suggests that we are, as a nation, still grappling with the terrible legacy of slavery. It is an examination well worth continuing. I am glad that my story, however indirectly, will contribute to that discussion. While I don’t like that the guy is an ancestor, I am happy that aspect of our country’s history is being talked about.

Ben Affleck

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  1. Dude says:

    So much for GATE’S credibility – if you can’t trust this supposed scholar not to leave inconvenient things OUT, then how can you trust that he didn’t put ‘missing’ things IN? As to Affleck, well, I don’t EVER expect the truth out of DEMOCRAT/Marxists, so this is no surprise to me.

    • Susan says:

      I agree. For instance, it turns out that Affleck’s mother was not a Freedom Rider as the show claimed. It’s too bad this show went down the drain because I really liked it. Every former guest of that show should question what they were told about their ancestry. I would even question the DNA results.

  2. J_Jammer says:

    There were black slave owers, by the way.

  3. L.R.W says:

    Look. As a black woman, I am dishearten by slavery. But as a Christian woman, I am disappointed in the real reason this story is so prevalent. We are born each one at a time and we are responsible for the actions of only ourselves, not the person who came long before we were ever thought about. The true crime here is judgement. You can’t judge anyone on who their family is any more than you judge them on the color of their skin. I don’t blame Ben Affleck for not wanting people to know that part of his life. I don’t hate him and most of all, I don’t judge him.

  4. Paul says:

    Affleck’s an ass.

  5. Here’s what Ben needs to do to right this horrible family
    tree he comes from.

    Have Henry Louis Gates Jr & PBS trace
    all the slaves that were owned by Bens third great grandfather Benjamin Cole and bring them
    on the show and have Ben divide up his wealth equally to all the families that
    were enslaved by his family.

    Now that wouldn’t right
    the wrongs did to the original slaves owned by Bens family but it sure would show where Bens heart is at.

    • Deb Wallwork says:

      There was a courageous documentary broadcast a decade or more ago by a producer who went in search of his slave owning ancestors black descendants. In the end, he ended with more questions than answer. Maybe that documentary needs to be revisited. Certainly Ben Affleck needs to see it.

  6. justine says:

    Ben Affllicted – Noted Revisionist

  7. Derk says:

    How about we don’t re-write history or scrub parts that we don’t like. Instead learn from it so we don’t repeat the wrong things. That’s why society so f’ed up right now all sides are spouting there own take on history.

  8. Contender says:

    It is all about the image. His Batman movie is coming up and he is a wanna be politician. Why of all the things he needs to hide, he picked this one. If rumors are to be believed about him and his marriage, then, he needs to be careful on making sure those don’t go public. This story that happened hundred years ago is not a big issue if he didn’t hide the truth. So to let the public forget about this current slave story, he pulled his wife and kids for the usual photo ops. This is how he uses his family – to save his image.

  9. Harriet Guiang says:

    Shame on you Ben for being so full of yourself that you would have anyone who viewed the show believe that your ancestors did not enslave black people!! I’m a black women and I know my ancestors were forced into enslavement. This is the shameful legacy of America.
    You attempted to direct this show the way you, direct you movies. Accept you families past and don’t be a pompous jerk.

  10. I’m actually GLAD he wanted to hide it then got caught. It’s brought attention to a much needed topic.

  11. James Wilburn says:

    EMBARASSED by your ancestry? What a PUNK! Your ancestors made you who you are today! POMPOUS LIBERAL ASSHOLE!

  12. Doug Wakeman says:

    America-hating progressives like to besmirch the nation’s founding by going on about the slave owners who brought it about. The reason that he wanted the information hidden is because it dulls that particular knife in his arsenal of tools available to destroy the country.

  13. ……imagine how Ben Afflicted would feel if America tried to hide its slave past !!!!!

  14. David says:

    This guy is a punk. If he’s that embarrassed he should go down to the bank withdraw all of his money and donate it along with all his other assets to some charity. Then sit in the corner and shut his punk ass up.

  15. sherry says:

    Seriously? Get over it… Like anyone has control over things that happened before we were born…

  16. davis is insane says:

    It says everything about both Harvard and PBS that they would associate and support this racist, POS gates. Remember his outrageous confrontation with the police officer? If Harvard and PBS had any decency they would cut all ties with the POS gates. Read the police report … thesmokinggun dot com/file/henry-louis-gates-jr-police-report?page=1

  17. Pooch says:

    There will come a time when Liberal Actors will be seen for what they truly are and people will be embarrassed to be connected to them in any way. Ben’s relatives will look at their ancestry, be embarrassed, and pretend he never existed. That time should be now.

  18. GR says:

    As an African American that can trace his I am a African American Man who can trace his roots back to the slave owner who freed his great great great great grandmother in the early 1800s in North Carolina. I can say I have no negative thoughts at all towards Ben having a family member who owned slaves. I recently watch an episode of “Who Do You Think You Are” about actor Bill Paxton. I watched the pain on his face when he found out about slave ownership in his family but he handled it with honesty. This truth appeared to pain him but it in no way took away from who he is as a man and how he raised his children. How great an example it would have been for Ben’s family’s slavery truth to be revealed and to then see that his mom stood up for equal rights. Sometimes protecting the truth should over power protecting the brand. I think this was one of those times.

  19. just goes to show you the control the celebrity/media/hollywood has.. wrong….people are not going to trust this show anymore and yes,it was more interesting than the other they thgt more so.. not..!

  20. Marvin Gardens says:

    Ben Affleck is the typical PC progressive. The worst thing in the world for people of his ilk is to be thought of as a racist. Even though the slave ownership was many generations ago, he feels the need to try to hide it from the public. I will never understand the mind of a progressive. He is a coward.

  21. As a Democrat, Ben Affleck is still one of the plantation masters. These days they harvest votes instead of cotton, but he is a slave owner nonetheless. Ben Affleck and his ilk are thoroughly disgusting people who come from a long line of the same.

  22. rj says:

    The fact that Ben Affleck is the desendant of a slave owner does not diminish anything about his character or humanity.

    • I absolutely agree that the fact that he is a descendant of a slave owner does not diminish his character or humanity. The fact that he wanted to hide it, however, speaks volumes of his character or lack thereof.

    • Cheryl James says:

      I agree with you rj people who dislike Ben because he is a liberal person, are jumping down his throat now because he made a mistake trying to cover this fact in his family history. The fact of the matter is that pretty much ALL white people of the present day had ancestors who were Slave owners, it is a sad and unfortunate fact that it was “normal to own Slaves” during the Slavery era. Ben needs to just realize that he is not responsible for what his ancestors did 200-300 years ago. What matters is how he conducts his life now and he had nothing to do with the wrong doings of his ancestors.

      • Tom Porcelli says:

        “The fact of the matter is that pretty much ALL white people of the present day had ancestors who were Slave owners,”

        Complete and utter nonsense….What about Italians, Greeks, Romanians, Eastern Europeans who didn’t come into the US until AFTER 1900 (well after the Slave Period was over)…..In fact only a TINY minority of Whites in the US (almost all of British descent) owned Slaves…..99 percent of the Slave owners in the Southern US were British descent (that’s why still to this day British ancestry is very common in White people in the South and why most African Americans have British last names like Jackson or Jones or Lewis)

        The only “White people” in the US before 1865 were British (remember the US was originally a British colony and all the founding fathers were British) some Irish (way to poor to own Slaves), some Scottish and some Germans (only a few owned Slaves in the US) all the other Whites from other countries (there are 50 European countries) NEVER owned Slaves in the US

      • Sarah says:

        Do you realize just how many people in the South did not own slaves at that time? Do you realize how many people were slaves themselves and how many more were very poor farmers in the South who could not afford slaves. Many of these poor farmers simply did not want the slaves freed because they didn’t want more people to compete against for food and land. Do you realize just how indifferent the people of the North were before the war? For many, many years the North did not care one way or the other about slaves. It is complete nonsense to say that almost all white people can be traced back to slave owners. The civil war was no more about slavery than it was a fight between the Railroad and Industrialism and Rural farming societies. Also, I don’t think that Ben Affleck thinks “that he is responsible for what his ancestors did 200-300 years ago”. Like he said, he does want to his Family to be thought of as “those people who used to own slaves”. Did he go about doing that all wrong? Yes. Was he completely wrong in his intentions? No.

  23. This is such a steaming pile of pony loaf! So he has slave traders in his past- so what? What difference exactly does that make now? If each of us take responsibility for ourselves and choose to be culpable for our own actions- it will be those choices that define us and it will be those choices by which history will judge each of us.

    However, where one comes from makes all the difference with these leftist Alinsky disciples like Affleck, and that’s because heritage is a tool that is used to create a narrative. Affleck is precisely the kind of hypocrite who would pound “white guilt” down white American’s throats so as to tell all how evil we are to be so prosperous and disaffected (while he rolls in his millions) and he’s precisely the kind of hypocrite who would drum up causes to help the disfranchised with a “…watch me and learn how to be a truly caring person…” attitude and who would chastise others on their treatment of disfranchised groups and blacks and native Americans and the whales and God-knows-what-else just so that he can establish the fact that he’s a more highly-evolved “global citizen” with a more natural moral superiority than the rest of us. And so now Affleck has been discovered to have a few not-so-savory racist characters in his past he tries to HIDE THIS FACT from a geneology investigation that was done for TV? Seriously? Doesn’t he realize that it doesn’t matter at all where each of us have come from but rather what each of us have become? As for Affleck- what he has become is obvious: he is little more than yet another Hollywood uber-brat with no sense, no character, too much money, and too much mouth.

  24. David Rosen says:

    You people saying that Affleck is in the wrong here are INSANE. Completely insane.

    • davis is insane says:

      So you think people should be ashamed about what their ancestors did, i.e. that they are somehow responsible for what their ancestors did? You are the one who is insane. Or do you mean that it is okay to use your celebrity power to try to hide things that embarrass you and effectively deceive people? Again, you are the one who is insane. Please get help.

  25. Clifton says:

    “as a nation, still grappling with the terrible legacy of slavery”??
    No Ben. Maybe as a liberal you have been forced to think you are still grappling.
    We must never forget the inhumanity to man which we as humans are so easily capable of, but taking on blame for something you had nothing to do with is the New Ager-Me-now-self-possessed-self-loathing mentality you have been conditioned to feel.
    You are not a slave owner, would never think of being a slave owner and would probably punch anyone out who IS a slave owner.

  26. thussaiththewalrus says:

    This is just MORE proof of Ben Affleck’s GROSS STUPIDITY! (As if we needed same.) Slavery is part of the HISTORY of the world. Slaves come in ALL colors, including white. The USA ENDED SLAVERY IN 74 years, which is a WORLD RECORD! Thanks to Lincoln and the REPUBLICAN PARTY which was formed to END SLAVERY (and succeeded)!

    What Ben (in his EXTREME ARROGANCE) FAILS TO DO, is to consider how people actually lived in those days. How were slaves treated? Were they treated with caring and dignity? Were they in integral part of the estate? Or, were they treated with disdain and arrogance? Ben gives his ancestor NO credit for being a good person; he only condemns him based on TODAY! How will Ben stack up in the world of 200 years from now?

    • Fin says:

      Just a little piece of information for you, but Lincoln did not successfully end slavery. The Emancipation Proclamation was little more than a piece of paper to most farmers in the South, so they ignored it. Sure it was technically outlawed but that didn’t stop them from keeping slaves for another few years.

  27. Chrissy F. says:

    It’s understandable that he would be embarrassed. Look at Bill Paxton’s reaction on Who Do you think you are? to finding out that one of his ancestors owned slaves. It’s something people of this time can not understand. And when you research your family you have to be ready for the good and the bad. We see our history with our current minds and there is a lot that is dark and confusing. Slavery and the horrid treatment of American Indians. How anybody thought that it was okay and acceptable? So ya, I can understand him being embarrassed.

    • except that lincoln did not free the slaves, he may hv signed the papers but cld care less one way or the other. intent was to defeat the south using the slaves. lincoln memorial was built b c he saved the empire not the slaves, purpose of war not to free slaves. slaves were enrolled to replace the losses of troops.. lincoln said,” i hv no purpose to interfere ,not my place.. the empire was far more important than slaves.( stephen spielbergs lincoln..) BIG NO!

    • Yeah, but Bill Paxton wasn’t a coward about it, unlike Ben. And if you had nothing to do with it, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

  28. Elliot_Foley says:

    I am surprised to see the comments questioning Afflecks’ intentions. While I agree fully that no one should be held responsible for the actions of their ancestors (not to mention the victorious African warring tribes and the Moslem slave traders who enslaved their own African people), there is no doubt in my mind not everyone agrees with this assessment.

    The Liberal Lunacy in this country has become so profound, that it would not surprise me one bit to see protestors standing in front of his children’s school calling them horrible names, for things they have no understanding of.

    It’s bad enough to have the Paparazzi stalking your children while walking to school. But to put them in the line of fire for something you have no control over is too much to ask of anyone.

  29. What a PC Hollywood leftist moron. Why does he feel the need to apologize for something a relative 10 generations ago did? Answer: He doesn’t really care. He’s afraid the bad BS publicity will cost him money, We should boycott all movies coming out of that cesspool until they start showing some honesty instead of fake political correctness.

  30. darmyman says:

    Asked to ignore? Vain ass, who gives a damn what his ancestors did. Has zero bearing on anything in ones life now.

  31. David K says:

    As per Nick Searcy – your headline should read

    “Batman Opposes Reparations”

  32. So What? says:

    Why should this matter? So what if his relatives owned slaves? Does that mere fact or the fact he doesn’t want to discuss it make him a bad person? I have a relative who was a murderer, does that mean that if I don’t talk it about I am somehow condoning his behavior?

    The trouble with hand-wringing like this is that it just fosters more hand-wringing and discourages logical, dispassionate thinking on the matter.

    • davis is insane says:

      He tried to use his celebrity to hide something that was relevant to the show. That is why it was wrong. It was dishonest and an attempt to deceive the public. Get it now? I doubt it. If his had been a republican you would be able to understand.

  33. dieter says:

    Libs/Dems always try to hide the truth.

  34. Jason H. says:

    A few years ago, my cousin and I traced our family heritage from our grandmother. We uncovered a lot of interesting history, including old journals written that are stored in the National Archives. The earliest we could go back was the 1840s with recorded (written) history. Apparently her great great uncle had four slaves on a farm in southern Missouri and were listed as members of family and referenced as “negro” in description. They apparently were only given first names, like “John”. On our grandfather’s side, he was the son of German immigrants who came to America in the early 1910s. They left Germany because it was apparent a major war was coming, and his uncle stayed and fought as a German soldier in WWI (he was killed).

    Now, with all that said, I have nothing to apologize about or be ashamed of. I cannot control the actions of six generations ago of far distant relatives and owning four slaves, nor can I control the actions of three generations ago and the Germans using mustard gas in WWI killing over 100,000 or the six million plus Jews, homosexuals, and invalids who were exterminated during WWII (that’s right…the Nazis killed a lot more than just Jews in genocide). We learn from history and progress forward. Time marches forward, not backward.

  35. Walt C. says:

    Actors–well, the politically liberal actors, anyway–seem to be universally cursed with stupidity…;) How can Affleck be “embarrassed,” since no one who either was a slave or else owned a slave is alive today? You cannot be “embarrassed” by events that took place long before you were born–perhaps even before your parents were born. It is common knowledge that certain Washington & Hollywood personages are misinformed to the degree that they think slavery is still being practiced in the US, but I can assure them it is not. The very definition of “faux guilt” is feeling guilty for something that happened before you were born…! Such people are really confused and have my sympathies…

  36. Jan Orme says:

    The Hollywierd among us have skin so thin you can see right into them!

  37. IJ Cook says:

    History is supposed to be based upon facts and Henry Louis Gates, Jr. is a respected historian. His PBS show uses the science of DNA tracing as a validator of facts as well. But Gates failed to uphold the tenets (and ethics) of research by ‘modifying history’ at the behest of a movie star! Such caprice challenges the validity and value of research of all scientists. In a previous show, Gates included Maggie Gyllennhaal’s ‘angst’ at being told the fact that she is related to George Bush! OMG! Yet Gates’ agreement to omit an equally (or more) important fact that Affleck’s ancestors ‘owned slaves’ to ‘focus on more interesting things’ in Affleck’s genealogy CHALLENGE the future credibility of Affleck and Gates (and PBS) but Gates’ professional reputation is the more tainted and damaged. Too bad.

  38. Alfred Pennyworth says:

    Just Announced:

    Anderson Cooper recast as the next Batman for his tough, off-screen bravery and intellectual honesty….two thumbs up for Gotham’s real Mr. Bruce Wayne!!


    “Some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

    • Cynthia says:

      Well said, IJ Cook! I can somewhat understand Affleck’s reason for this information not being revealed, but I can not accept the fact that Henry Louis Gates agreed to Affleck’s request not to reveal the information. It appears he is catering to the rich and famous, and not letting he facts speak for themselves. Shame on you, Henry Louis Gates!

  39. Jerry says:

    Does everyone realize that “executive producer Henry “Skip” Gates Jr.” is the black Harvard Professor that got into a spat with a police officer in Cambridge and was arrested by that officer? The Henry Gates Jr that is created documentaries such as Wonders of the African World, African American Lives, Black in Latin America, and Finding Your Roots.

    Does anyone think they look for anything other than slave owners in the roots of white people for that show?

    • I didn’t know that was the same person. As with many blacks, he comes to the table with a racial agenda. And remember, only whites can be racist in America today. What a disgusting story. I bet he got his job at Harvard through affirmative action,

  40. Matt Schilling says:

    First HE censors – of his own volition and free will, then, when caught, he pontificates…to us!
    It’s like when his pal Obama was caught attending (and taking his innocent girls to) a hateful bigoted “church” for years. What did Obama do? He speechified to the rest of us about race!
    The Left is a cess pool of clueless, hypocritcal, narcissistic bigots. It would be pathetic and/or laughable if they weren’t so hell bent on harrassing the rest of us.

  41. Ragnar Lodbrok says:


  42. MikefromMinnesota says:

    When you dig into your family tree you find good and bad. My family tree includes Richard the Lionhearted an English Hero and John Lackland his brother depicted as a wormy little weasel in all the Robin Hood tales. plus Sir Francis Drake and Admiral Sir John Hawkins. The last two defeated the Spanish Armada but also were involved in the British slave trade. Heck from what I saw on one of these ancestry TV shows Spike Lee has a slave owning ancestor. We can’t control what some member of our family did a thousand years ago we can only do the best job we can not to embarrass our descendants.
    I had an ancestor in the Middle Ages who after defeating an enemy had every person in that city blinded for defying his will. I have been volunteering at a blind reading service every single week for the past 21 years. Not as payback but because I can do the service as my way to give something back to the community.

    • wvevie says:

      Whoa! We share a lot of ancestry, MikefromMinnesota.

      I like the way that Affleck managed to turn it around to ‘well, it’s great that this controversy has a talking about slavery’. Now that’s a weasel.

      • gringz says:

        Hello cousin!. I too am a descendant of John Hawkins the dreaded slave trader. He is my 10th great grandfather. The way I figure it, I could have up to 2048 great grandparents (would be less because of cousins marrying cousins but still a whole bunch of 10 great grandparents.) Only a handful of them can be traced and I and found yes some were slave owners, but I have found almost as many who were indentured servants, some who came willingly, some who came as children, and others who were political prisoners , and even one who was kidnapped and brought here. I believe that the vast majority of my immigrant ancestors who cannot be traced were also indentured servants.

  43. Willliam Robert says:

    It makes a difference to people that have been belittling every white male in the south as bigots all their lives as sons of slaveholders…..It makes no difference where you are from, ancestor slave owners are from every section of the globe, every continent, every culture every country and every state. Since the dawn of man, they have enslaved one another. It was accepted practice at some point in time everywhere. Slavery exist today….Why am I so proud of America? We stopped slavery in our country and instead of accepting the way life was, we should concentrate on the current. No American that is alive today has ever owned a slave legally. It ended about 145 years ago, give or take. by definition that is about 6 generations ago…..Not my dad, not my grand paw, not my great grand paw and not his dad, his grand paw ….but maybe, its possible, but not likely, his great grand paw was a slave owner.

  44. Oakley says:

    Evidently Ben couldn’t bear the thought that HIS ancestors might not have been perfect. Well Ben, join the rest of the world, none of our ancestors were perfect, and neither are we.

  45. Cavalry Scout says:

    Many owned slaves. But we are not Klingons, the sins of the father and grandfather do not equate to the Grandson/son. I have no doubt somewhere in my history there was a slave owner, a horse thief, I do know my Great Grandfather was a Lawyer from Harvard. So maybe he covered all of the above, but hey. That was him, AND NOT ME. I also know in my history one did the 90 days and the door during the Civil War. Served in the North. Did his 90 and he got out. This has never embarrassed me, as a matter of fact, it never came up in my 27 year military service.

    Ben is a good actor, he needs to just act, not be concerned with B.S. such as this.

  46. Stephen says:

    A progressive engaging in denial and subterfuge and being accommodated by the media? Oh, horrors! Say it isn’t so!

  47. J_Jammer says:

    This is what happens when liberals are able to trash history as if they have room to judge people of the past.

    People owned slaves. No matter your color, someone in your family’s history owned slaves. Sorry your family isn’t as perfect as you.

  48. skyway2ls says:

    Yes, Ben, please cave to people who try to exploit you by digging through the past of your ancestors. How utterly preposterous! Are we going to next go back to the days of the cave man and then try to embarass him because his ancestor dragged his wife by the hair through the cave? This is all political correctness squared and on steroids.

  49. sbel123 says:

    Pathetic. We all know the real Ben now and it’s not pretty. You and Matt Damon are truly in the same league now…….

  50. My ancestors did not reach the shores of America until after 1900. They were laborers, housekeepers, etc. I am appalled whenever I hear bleeding heart liberals, who have had ancestors who benefitted from the backs of slaves, and immigrant laborers, insist on all of us to be responsible for reparations for slavery.
    Those who have slave owners in their ancestry should make reparations, not just to the slaves, but to the laborers and “help” that they treated and paid like slaves when slavery ended.

    • skyway2ls says:

      Why? Should we dig back through your family history and try to find someone who stole money or cheated with another’s husband and make you pay reparations for something that happened during someone else’s life? How insane!

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