HGTV’s Stars Boast Real Expertise in Their Fields

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The folks at HGTV are proud that they don’t use talking heads to host their shows, instead hiring real estate, construction and landscaping professionals.

“We’ll go out and find people like Chip and Joanna Gaines, or Tarek and Christina El Moussa, who are in the real estate or renovation business, and we’ll build a show around what they’re doing in their regular lives,” says Kathleen Finch, president, HGTV. “If it’s a job that requires a license, they have licenses, whether they’re contractors or tradespeople.”

In some cases — as with Jonathan and Drew Scott of “Property Brothers” or cousins Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri of “Kitchen Cousins” — HGTV develops multiple series around popular personalities.

Here are a few current favorites.

Cousins Undercover, Kitchen Cousins

John Colaneri & Anthony Carrino

The real-life cousins — who have day jobs with the family construction business — know that the passion they share for their work comes through to their viewers. “They can see how vested we are in the projects and how much it means for us to give back to others,” Colaneri says.

Carrino is still astounded by how profoundly “Cousins Undercover” volunteers are affected by participating on projects. “The satisfaction of doing something selfless for someone else, expecting nothing in return, directly emulates (the qualities of) the homeowners we’ve selected for these episodes. In the end, he says the volunteers become the heroes they’re helping.”


Chip & Joanna Gaines

Viewers love the Texas-based owners of Magnolia Homes, who remodel and redecorate homes for clients. “We want people to be inspired and feel empowered do things creatively and outside the box in their own home,” Joanna says. “We take things as they come our way, and we strive to do them all with excellence.”

Chip adds, “We also have a great support system within our family and our business, which helps us manage everything that’s going on.” Family is the underlying theme of the show as well as most of their projects. “For us, relationships are the most important thing,” Joanna says, whether those relationships are with family, clients or their colleagues at HGTV.

Flip or Flop

Tarek & Christina El Moussa

Fans enjoy learning about house flipping along with these real-life real estate agents, who’d only flipped three house prior to the show. “This year we will do 80 to 100,” says Tarek.
The couple want viewers to see that hard work can make dreams come true, but don’t want to gloss over the pitfalls.

“We want viewers to learn from our mistakes. Each episode shows things that can go wrong, and do go wrong,” Christina says. “Whether a viewer is flipping or remodeling a home, chances are things will come up. ‘Flip or Flop’ prepares flippers and renovators for what may possibly come their way.”

Love It or List It

Hilary Farr & David Visentin

Since 2008, “Love It or List It” has been a fan favorite on HGTV, no doubt causing arguments among viewers who can’t agree if the homeowners should choose designer Farr’s renovation of their existing home or buy a property Visentin has shown them.

Whatever viewers, or homeowners, decide, the dynamic duo hopes two lessons are learned. “No matter how crazy life or a renovation gets, — and it gets a little crazy on the show — if you have the right people in your corner things will work out fine,” says Visentin.

Farr says, “I’d like to think (viewers) understand the importance and value of hiring professionals you can trust, specifically designers, of course!”

Property Brothers franchise, Brother vs. Brother, Buying & Selling

Drew & Jonathan Scott

They’re identical twins, but every Scott brothers fan knows Jonathan’s the contractor  and Drew’s the seasoned realtor.

Unlike their other shows, “Brother vs. Brother” showcases their competitive side. “I love how it shows off our sibling rivalry. Anybody with a brother or sister can relate. It’s about encouraging and inspiring each other, and not so much about the win,” Jonathan says. “I have to say that because I lost the last two seasons.”

Drew says their upcoming special “pulls back the curtain and shows fans exactly what we would do to our own home. Everybody’s ‘dream home’ is different,” he says, “but it’s always about making your life easier so you can spend more time with the ones you love.”


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  1. Rhonda Layman says:

    I love watching HGTV and the DIY shows. I am an avid, daily viewer. We recently built our home ourselves, so the shows were great for advice and ideas.
    I do have a huge issue with the destruction of things in homes just for the fun of it. When I see good cabinets being ripped off walls, toilets or sinks tossed out windows to crash on the ground, or usable appliances being destroyed I am very upset. Why not promote the DONATION of these usable items to charities that can use them? Habitat for Humanity is one charity that comes to mind.
    I have talked with MANY viewers that feel the same way I do. Please consider the reusing of items instead of the waste of destroying usable resources.
    Thank you for considering a more responsible option.
    Rhonda Layman
    Cleveland, Oklahoma

  2. Wendy L. says:

    I love the fixer upper shows, They get my creative juices flowing. Flip or Flop has a most interesting dynamic that I so admire. They are hard workers and take big chances. The way they interact as husband and wife is wonderful. He gets super emotional and in her calming voice she can quickly calm him down. He patiently listens to her wisdom and he wisely weighs what she says and is humble enough to concede when he needs to . I find this a rare quality in couples of today. I hope they will continue to have success with their show and business.

  3. Georgia Lyman says:

    Is Fixer-Upper going to have new episodes? Soon I hope!!

  4. Ramona Kline says:

    I love the HGTV renovation shows, which includes the crash shows as well. i can’t watch them enough. love the personalities and chemistry’s, the ideas are amazing. i learn so much. They are so fun to watch. i love the humor they share. Just so positive. Would like to see more of Indoors Out also.

  5. Deborah Lyons says:

    Hilary Clinton’s favourite show is Love it or List it.

  6. Pam harbarth says:

    I love HGTV but having a daughter who is 8 and in a wheelchair I wish they would do a home adapted to fit her needs and landscaping that would ease her getting around outside in a yard

  7. Love these shows, watch them all the time!

  8. katherin says:

    Los veo todos los jueves por el canal H&H, deberian traerlos a Chile son geniales y muy guapos 👏👏

  9. I love Fixer Upper. Joanna & Chip are great together. I like Flip or Flop because they show total renovation of ALL the rooms, unlike most other shows where they just show open concept kitchen, lvg/dng rooms. What about bathrooms and bedrooms in almost total ttear down renos?

  10. Gail says:

    Really makes me so frustrated.. I try to watch it all the way through but can’t stand it when Hillary “Finds” she really does not have the money to do all she promised…please watch property brothers and learn a few tips about the “contingencies” fund……REALLY!! Because she really seems to need a HUGE ONE!.
    Aghhhhhhhhhhh. …can’t see Johnathan saying to Drew..”oh we don’t seem to have the funds to do all that”!…..REALLY!!!!!

    • Stacey says:

      I can’t agree more! EVERY.SINGLE.TIME! Chances are very good when you tear out walls or flooring, you will get a surprise. She is NEVER prepared!

  11. madeline says:

    the only one show i can.t stand is love it or list it david is great but that stupid helary she ia a real joke . i would never deal with her if she did not get all the information and proper inspection on what was to be done and tell me she could not do the main work and needed more money it would come out of her pocket

  12. Laura C says:

    I enjoy some of the HGTV shows; Fixer-Upper, Love it or List It, but if I only watched ONE show, it would definitely be Property Brothers, and their Buying & Selling show. I love Drew & Jonathan. They are funny, and easy on the eyes, plus make what might otherwise be a dull show a FUN one. Having cleaned houses for over 10 yrs I can tell you some of those places look nice but certain surfaces I HATE to clean.

  13. angie7 says:

    Love all of these shows. I have learned so much from all of them, and just enjoy whatever they are doing. The homes in TX are NOT expensive. I wish we had nice homes/property here in CA for those prices!!! Tarek and Christina have a challenge doing CA homes and making a profit.

  14. jill says:

    I miss some of the old shows on HGTV which showed things everyone can do to make their house unique. Design on a Dime, Freestyle, etc, While these shows are ok, not all of us has a 650,000 or more budget but maybe can cough up 500 -1,000 lets see what you can do on a shoestring with a little imagination and work.

  15. Shannon says:

    I love HGTV, but what I do not like is the insult to the audience that we don’t know that every show, Hilary will be told off by grumpy homeowners. Really, you can’t give her a penny more, you are getting a very low cost designer with expert workers, who will remodel you home for a fraction of the cost to get it done on your own, you are getting products at a fraction of the cost, and you know the work is done properly, so why would you not do the kitchen so you can have door in your basement, or other stupid things. If you want to live in a great home or sell it for the highest profit, unless you truly hadn’t a penny more, you’d be coughing it up. Saying we’ll the kitchen or add a bathroom later is ridiculous, do it when you can get for way under what it’s going to cost you later.

    The Property Brothers are a hoot, but they are way too modern for my tastes, I’d like to see them do more styles than the look-a-like finishes they do to almost every house. I’m sick of white walls with a pop of color here and there, granite or marble counter tops and stainless steel appliances. Those are really my only problem with HGTV shows, the made up drama and the sameness, really, as an audience we will stay interested without the soap-opera effect.

  16. debbie says:

    Love HGTV wish we knew more about the host.

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