TV Review: ‘Girl Meets World’

Girl Meets World TV Review

Heavily rooted in nostalgia, the generation-later sitcom “Girl Meets World” banks on the young audience the show seeks having been weaned on reruns of the original “Boy Meets World,” while sounding a simultaneous “All clear” to their parents. It’s telling, of course, that this Disney Channel sequel not only changes genders but schedules the show Friday, where ABC’s “TGIF” sitcoms once held sway, before the broadcast networks abandoned family viewing as a business model. Tediously self-referential and sweet to the point of cloying, the show has an appealing lead in Rowan Blanchard, which, based on past performance, might be enough.

The conceit is “Boy’s” Cory and Topanga — again played by Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel — married, grew up and had a couple of kids, the older being the wide-eyed Riley (Blanchard), a buttoned-up sort who has become bosom buddies with the rebellious Maya (Sabrina Carpenter). Or as Riley puts it, “I think too much, and you don’t think at all.”

Just to add to the fun — and give Savage considerably more screen time than his TV spouse — Riley’s dad teaches history at her school, where Maya quickly puts the two at odds in the premiere by protesting that he’s giving them too much homework.

Created by “Boy’s” Michael Jacobs and April Kelly, the show feels like a throwback at every turn, and not only because Jacobs (who wrote the pilot) insists on using dad-to-daughter lines like, “I’ve already met the world. It’s your turn.”

The retro elements include a potential breakout character seemingly meant to evoke the specter of “Family Matters'” Steve Urkel: The hopelessly nerdy and lovestruck Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis), who harbors a crush on both Maya and Riley, and insists on referring to himself in the third person. Although Riley’s preoccupied with a dreamy new kid (Peyton Meyer), one suspects if this show runs half as long as “Boy” did, a lot of “tweens” will be walking around in Farkle T-shirts.

The name recognition notwithstanding, there’s precious little to distinguish “Girl Meets World” from a parade of similarly themed Disney Channel live-action series, built around life on the cusp of puberty, featuring stars slightly older than the girl demo apt to watch.

Obviously, the channel knows its audience. But as Farkle might say, Brian doesn’t really need to see this “Girl” again.



TV Review: 'Girl Meets World'

(Series; Disney Channel, Fri. June 27, 9:45 p.m.)


Produced by Michael Jacobs Prods. and It's a Laugh Prods.


Executive producers, Michael Jacobs; co-executive producer, Frank Pace; supervising producers, Mark Blutman, Jeff Menell, Matthew Nelson; director, John Whitesell; writer, Jacobs; camera, Bill Berner; production designer, Greg Richman; editor, Mark West; casting, Sally Stiner, Barbie Block. 30 MIN.


Rowan Blanchard, Ben Savage, Sabrina Carpenter, Peyton Meyer, August Maturo, Danielle Fishel, Corey Fogelmanis

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  1. Danala says:

    That is the greatest show ever that is my number one show it makes me laugh but in a good way ally is so pretty Austin rock’s Trish is good and dess is funny you guys are awesome

  2. Coventry says:

    I love how in one of the shows Riley and Mia are in art class and the art teacher tells them to paint a picture of Farkle but they paint a picture of Riley. And they have an art show and Riley and her family shows up but Mia’s mother does not and in her picture you can only see half of her mom in the diner working.

  3. Ii lovea girl meets world becase I can act. Im 15born febuary 25 1999
    . If I could be on girl meets world I could do anything

  4. I love girl meets world becaus I am a good acter

  5. jakejail says:

    I honestly felt like the show could’ve done a better job without riley. Her eyebrows annoy me and she doesn’t show alot of emotional vulnerability to make her scenes actually believable

  6. mediatvref says:

    I have to say the pilot was disappointing. There was just too much emphasis on hitting the nostalgia, attempting to loop the original show with this one. The plot itself was very minimal, focusing more on the dialogue than on the actual plot itself. The moment where Boy and Girl differs for me is that if Shawn said he was having trouble with homework, it would feature a deeper feeling that Shawn feels ashamed for asking for help (I’ve been on my own since forever!, he’d say). But Feeny or Mr. Tucker would have given him a speech that it’s okay to have problems and let people help them. This show (spoliers), Maya says she doesn’t have anyone to help with her homework and then…nothing. Never spoken about again. Only that Maya is no good for Riley, and somehow choosing not to abandon her is her way of creating her own world. Okay, fine. But there were way too many plotholes and unconnected scenes (like Riley’s conversation with her brother was just…what?). I understad that Boy was a ABC show and this is a Disney show, both spanning a near two-decade difference. It’s fair that everyone said this was its own show, and not a photo-copy of the last one. But I’ve watched well-written shows, such as iCarly, Drake & Josh, or Wizards. The pilot wasn’t well-written. I really hope episode #2 completes the storylines this time, otherwise I think the show could be in serious trouble.

  7. Z says:

    First off I got to say is, be thankful none of the kids on kid shows, not just GMW and BMW, are like the kids you saw in Project X.

    Anyways, this is just bad news. Now all the disrespectful fans will be back in full force BULLYING everyone that’s not watching it or getting into it as they are! And there’s so many problems with the original show. People including the makers of this show too think it was all full of morals well how about this:

    Cory and Shawn bullied Minkus and Topanga a lot in season 1 and made them feel like losers all the time ESPECIALLY to Minkus, who fans hate for some dumb reason. And Cory and Shawn never apologized ONCE. Fans of the show talk about morals and good life lessons, how about RESPECT for Minkus?!?

    Cory STALKED Topanga around Disney World to get her back. What sane girl accept someone’s stalking?? That’s not a good life lesson!

    What about Topanga giving up good opportunities in her life all for a boy? She disrespected her parents, disobeyed them and RAN AWAY to go be with Cory. What kind of life lesson does that teach to kids? That if you run away to be with some guy and give up a good school like Yale all to be with him is GOOD?? It’s not!!

    They’re not even married and she let him see her butt. Where’s the morals in that??

    And Cory was OBSESSED with sex. What girl would like it if they know that someone’s wanting to marry someone just so they can get on their honeymoon to take away someone’s virginity?? BAD MORALS!!

    What’s even worse is that in the episode it was HE AND SHAWN who exposed a PRIVATE picture of Rachel for everyone on campus to see and fans hate on RACHEL for it, never blaming the two boys who should have common sense and self control to NOT expose someone like that.

    In that same episode, Cory wanted to see a picture of Angela naked! This doesn’t even affect Topanga! You’re married to your husband you apparently love and yet you don’t even confront him or get angry that he wanted a sexy picture of Angela who’s NOT his wife?!? The audience found that scene really funny too!

    Alan and Amy go off calling some zombie movie Cory wanted to watch being trash yet he makes Cory watch the animal channel where animals either kill each other or are shown having sex (either one is disgusting to Cory at the end of one episode)? That’s hypocritical! And the one flaw of Alan I saw next to him not liking the fact that his wife never got her figure back after being pregnant. His “get a job” line. Good advice but NOT FUNNY.

    Where’s the “good morals” in this show when Eric was telling everyone how he planned to poison his sister for his dad’s birthday? The audience LAUGHED.

    Shawn was terrible himself. Being a ladies man and hurting girls until he started to really like Angela. But what’s really annoying is him being mopey. In real life no one accepts this at all. They don’t like being around people that are going to mope all the time like as if they’re Elliot Rodger or something. In the fifth season he complains about Cory being upset about his break up and yet HE’S the one getting all depressing constantly in season 6 and later 7.

    Jack started out being a nice older brother but he got too conceited and self-absorbed.

    Fans of this show and GMW act like the characters were perfect but they were fake as hell!

    One other problem was Morgan. People complain about that one bratty character on other kid shows while ignoring Morgan because it’s Boy Meets World. But she was a stuck up BRAT!! And if there was morals in this show, Amy WOULD NOT give her daughter the thumbs up and let her dress sexy for a date!

    And how was it ever funny that Cory called Shawn trailer trash and Eric outright made fun of him for being poor?!? This is a message show about morals and the audience laughs when Eric makes fun of Shawn!!

    The huge problem with Boy Meets World, and I regret saying this, is Mr. Feeny. The show should’ve been about HIM. He was the heart of this show and the one guiding everybody – or he COULD’VE been if he wasn’t so obsessed with the main cast. The main cast shouldn’t have even been the same people! If we saw Mr. Feeny be apart of EVERYONE of his students’ lives for seven years, each episode with him helping everyone with their problems, this show would’ve talked about EVERYTHING. Sexual assaults, rape, murder, bullying, suicide, school shootings, abuse from your partner, harassment maybe even in the workplace. Having him as the star of the show would’ve made this show A MILLION TIMES better. No main characters that are fake as hell. George Feeny was the ONLY character in the entire show that didn’t have a flaw besides only being focused on the main characters for seven years but the writers BLEW IT.

    Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World says everything about parents today and our education system. Parents and our teachers don’t have the strongest influence and that’s wrong! Both these shows are going to teach the past and present generations there is no such thing as self-control, to have no respect for people if their preferences are different from yours and to have a black and white view of everything in the world.

    If I can say anything good about Girl Meets World, it may be too much of a serious show to be funny but I hope Cory isn’t way too close to his daughter at school and gives her her space, that he’s not sex-obsessed now, that Topanga actually can help her when Cory can’t, in which he shouldn’t be able to, that they cover stuff Boy Meets World failed to do. The most important one being RESPECT for what other people like and teaching parents to teach kids to have SELF-CONTROL instead of relying on TV to be the parent!

    • Brit says:

      You posted a lot of truthful flaws about the original show and this new abomination. That means people are going to light you up for it. People hate hearing how bad shows they like are.

      The truth is Corey became a pathetic person by the end of the original series and a complete over-the-top caricature instead of a remotely realistic character. Topanga had her flaws but in real life she would have moved on to a much much better man.

      I liked the show when I was a little girl, but I’ve watched a few reruns in the past year and honestly felt embarrassed for having thought it was a good show.

      I wanted to like this new show and watched it with my nieces, but it was a total miss and for whatever their reasons were my nieces didn’t take to it at all.

    • NoSqual says:

      *lol. That was perhaps the dumbest and least insightful post I’ve ever read. It was like reading someone review a book who doesn’t understand the entire concept of context. Please give up attempting to sound like you know anything…at all.

    • Kenny says:

      Damn, dude.

    • Jon says:


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