TV Review: Bravo’s ‘Ladies of London’

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The principal mystery surrounding “Ladies of London” is why Bravo didn’t take the obvious next step and present the series under the “Real Housewives” umbrella, which would certainly save some time and money on marketing. As is, this unscripted (OK, loosely scripted) series — consisting primarily of American ex-pats, with a few snooty Brits thrown in — focuses on the usual money and status grabs, with the extra affectation of the snobbery that goes with titles and proximity to Royalty. Cattiness abounds, naturally, but in the boring premiere, everyone seems much too polite to overturn a table in a fit of anger.

“In London, money can only get you so far,” one of the ladies states at the outset, only one of the many cultural stereotypes freely tossed about by the ex-models and others who comprise the show’s central core.

As usual, the women appear to have been thrown together largely for casting purposes, with an emphasis on creating friction. They are then dispatched to events like high tea and polo matches, with some of the Yanks fitting in better than others. At one point, British-born model-socialite Annabelle Neilson — seemingly determined to channel “Downton Abbey’s” Dowager Countess, in function if not form — lauds fellow model-turned-lingerie peddler Caprice Bourret for being “as accepted as any American could be” in British society.

Bravo clearly employs a formula with these shows that has worked plenty well for it, but it’s still rather disheartening to see the London skyline — and the chance to slightly broaden “Real Housewives’ ” geographic horizons — reduced to being simply lifted and planted near Big Ben. (It’s also hard to remember a show not specifically devoted to fashion that’s been more inclined to initiate sequences by zeroing in on the participants’ shoes.)

In terms of the characters, there’s a sameness to the ex-pats in the premiere that makes their personal travails all but blend together — rough edges that should be smoothed, in theory, for those who hang around long enough to get to know them better.

While some no doubt will, based on first impressions, these “Ladies” aren’t worth the waiting.

TV Review: Bravo's 'Ladies of London'

(Series; Bravo, Mon. June 2, 10 p.m.)


Produced in London by Adjacent Prods.


Executive producers, Izzie Pick Ashcroft, Claire O’Donohoe, Anna Geddes, Jane Tranter, Michael Brooks; co-executive producer, Alex Cross; supervising producers, Kimberly Goodman, Adam Karpel; camera, Beth Kochendorfer; senior editor, David Timoner. 60 MIN.


With: Juliet Angus, Caprice Bourret, Marissa Hermer, Noelle Reno, Annabelle Neilson, Caroline Stanbury

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  1. Robyn Reid says:

    Well…I love it! Better than any of the House wives series other than Housewives of NY! Caroline Flemming is utterly gorgeous…the Brits have a stunning style all of their own with a pedigree the Americans struggle to match.
    These negative comments are clearly from Americans…your good at throwing it but can’t take it back from gorgeous Brits (although I will concede that Caroline Stanbury is arrogant and nasty…)

  2. toni w. says:

    Well Brian Lowry also doesn’t seem to care for Scandal either and that is ALSO one of my favorite shows along with LOL. Perhaps he should stick to reviewing National Geographic and History Channel and I think he would be a much happier Lad.

  3. christine says:

    They obviously are intimidated by Americans, they are obsessed with trying to put them down.

  4. American Girl says:

    Um, no thank you. The American put downs and insults were repulsive. I’ll take our so-called obnoxious, uncouth mannerisms any day, over a stick up my rear. NO THANK YOU, Bravo.

  5. albertfan says:

    I agree with D. Who wants to be close to royalty? Not anyone I know. And why are American women so much prettier than Brits?

  6. D says:

    I hated it I turned 10min in and was too long. I don’t know why the producers of this stupid show would constantly have these ugly women put down Americans like we are trash. It’s like a oxymoron you want us to love the show but they don’t even like us. I’m confused.

  7. K.Adams says:

    I believe you misnamed your show Ladies of London come on it should be Bitches of Brittan I’ve yet to see a lady, and boy do I feel sorry for the men over there having women like that, well I will never watch that show again or Bravo as long as that show remains on I love my country and don’t agree with all the bashing!!

  8. Connie says:

    Im a very loyal diehard fan of Bravo and have been watching ur channel since it premiered and in all this time I have never been so disappointed and upset with your decision to put that horrible show Ladies of London on!
    It is basically nothing but horrible snotty British women making sarcastic rude and horrible comments about American Women!
    I actually changed the channel when I realized those nasty Brits had nothing nice to say about American women it America! I’m guessing they are still upset we kicked their butts and became the greatest nation on earth and we still can kick their butts!
    You have lost a longtime loyal viewer.
    Hopefully the show will fail so I can come back.

    • Jennifer says:

      This show was just a snore. I lost interest in the characters within the first 10 minutes. I will not continue to watch. BORING footage. Better if it were all British and not ex-pats.

    • Tiffany Sams says:

      I’m with you. This show is painfully horrible and I am disappointed in Bravo as well. I am boycotting until it’s gone.

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