TV Review: ‘The Killing,’ The Final Season on Netflix

The Killing Season 4 TV Review

The Killing” didn’t necessarily deserve an ending after its third-season cliffhanger, but the one-time AMC series — which went from sensation to scorned in near-record time — needed one. Recognizing a property with binge potential and name recognition, Netflix has obliged, punching up a six-episode final season that reunites the central characters and picks up pretty much where they left off — with baggage that spills over into, and largely eclipses, a new, fairly uninspired case. Despite flashes of what initially made the Danish adaptation so intriguing, this stretch drive can’t escape the feeling of a show ready to be put out of its misery.

The dense mood and mystery won the skein a rabid following, only to squander much of that goodwill when the first season didn’t wrap up the opening investigation. The second arc dragged, and a third — under a shared arrangement with Netflix — embarked on a new story that was engaging only about half the time.

That’s the foundation for season four, which finds detectives Linden (Mireille Enos) and Holder (Joel Kinnaman) dealing with the aftermath of dispatching a murderer, facing the uncertainty of whether they’ll be caught and endangering their careers. There’s an interesting cat-and-mouse game in that, raising the question of whether detectives can escape detection, especially with a skeptical colleague (Gregg Henry) in their midst.

Meanwhile, the duo is assigned a grisly new multiple homicide that has left a family dead, and its military cadet son (Tyler Ross) looking like a potential suspect — although, as always, all is not as it might seem.

Joan Allen plays the administrator of the military academy seeking to shield the boy from the investigation, and while it adds another high-octane actor to the show’s guest cast (Peter Sarsgaard lent heat to season three), she’s underemployed, at least initially, in a rather one-note role.

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These two threads alternate as the program progresses — exploring the toll deception can exact, while adding drama to the interplay between Kinnaman and Enos. For starters, Enos looks even more pained than usual, while Kinnaman’s character also suffers, but invariably gets all the best lines. Told some evidence is inconclusive, for example, he mutters dryly, “Religion’s inconclusive. That don’t stop 5 billion people from believin’ what they believe.”

The exclusive shift to Netflix does offer premium-channel latitude that the show fully exploits, from saltier language to longer episodes, running close to a full hour. For the most part, though, showrunner Veena Sud’s U.S. version remains the grim, deliberate creature it always has been, playing out threads that, at this point, feel as if they’ve been teased too long.

Practically speaking, the streaming services have apparently seen the value in properties with established brand equity and recognition, which also includes Yahoo rescuing “Community.”

These episodes remain watchable enough (four were made available), and the subset who eagerly sat through or binged prior seasons will no doubt be curious as to how it all ends, even if the show perhaps warrants a “Fool me twice” disclaimer. In the final analysis, though, “The Killing” had its moment, and instead of turning into the killer franchise it had the potential to become, it wound up shooting itself in the foot.

TV Review: 'The Killing,' The Final Season on Netflix

(Series; Netflix, Aug. 1)


Filmed in Vancouver by KMF Films and Fabrik Entertainment in association with Fox Television Studios.


Executive producers, Veena Sud, Kristen Campo, Dawn Prestwich, Nicole Yorkin, Piv Bernth, Soren Sveistrup, Ingold Gabold, Mikkel Bondesen; co-executive producers, Sean Whitesell, Ron French; producers, Craig Forrest, Dan Nowak; director, Nicole Kassell; writer, Sud; camera, Gregory Middleton; production designer, Michael Bolton; editor, Elizabeth Kling; music, Frans Bak; casting, Junie Lowry Johnson, Libby Goldstein, Corinne Clark, Jennifer Page. 60 MIN.


Mireille Enos, Joel Kinnaman, Gregg Henry, Joan Allen, Tyler Ross

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  1. patricia davison says:

    I loved it – was looking for a show equal to breaking bad and the killing is it. WOW I thought it intriguing and insightful into the hell of the lives of others. there is a hell and a heaven and it is on earth. congratulations to the author, the screenwriter and cameraman – extremely well done. any chance of a sequel – would love a sequel.

  2. caa30813 says:

    This is an absolute favorite of mine. It was almost depressing to watch the final season knowing that there weren’t going to be additional episodes. The acting is incredible — gritty and realistic, not stylized like so many television crime dramas are. Enos and Kinnaman make their characters so believable and fallible — one second, you like them, then the next second, you don’t. I just love this show so much. I truly wish there were more like it.

  3. A few of the scenes looked like they were filmed at Casino Rama, in Ontario…the decor in the hallways and in the elevator were very much alike!

  4. Jo says:

    I loved the show! It was the perfect storybook romance. Linden and Holder had great chemistry. Glad to see they brought them together in the end. I spent two whole weekends watching it and then re-watched to see the clues I missed. I hope they make new episodes.

  5. CJ says:

    This show was excellent from beginning to end. You have no clue!

  6. Krystle M Wheeler says:

    Can they bring it back with a new story line? It has a good cast!!

    • markru99 says:

      It would be great to bring a sixth season to The Killing. Maybe they need new writers or new directors to give it a better direction, although I have enjoyed all the seasons on Netflix.

  7. markru99 says:

    I really enjoyed The Killings. The series idea was great. Holder’s character was imperfect which was refreshing. Story style reminds me of The Girl Wth the Dragon Tattoo. Would love to see it come back with the same actors playing Linden and Holder.

  8. I absolutely loved it.Some dragged on but I still loved it and upset the series ended. Call me a ghoul but thought the major tease of it being about serials I had hopes of longer series..Loved Holder’s character his imperfections were refreshing..

  9. Teresa says:

    I loved the first season but the second dragged. Seasons 3 and 4 were the best for me, I even got to like Linden and Holder, both of whom I disliked intensely during seasons one and twol

  10. Scott says:

    Great series! Yes, it did falter a little in season 3 and 4, but still had enough tension, mystery, and style to keep it interesting. Great location, serious tone, and well developed characters kept me coming back for more. I am disappointed it only lasted four seasons. Linden and Holder are such great and compelling characters that the creators of this show should’ve been able to continue the series for about six seasons, at least. I can’t help but wonder what might’ve been if this series was handled by someone else, like – Vince Gilligan. All I know is that my favorite crime drama came and went way too fast for my liking. I WANTED MORE! Isn’t that the sign of a good series… wanting more? Now that it’s over I feel empty… sad, like I got cheated. I guess I just have to move on with my life. Just kidding. I am sad, though.

    • Taylor says:

      It was an incredible show, I was up until the late hours of the night watching until I got through the whole series. I agree with you about Vince Gilligan, though. That would be something to see. It did remind me of Breaking Bad in certain areas, but stood on it’s own. I discovered this show by accident on Netflix and I’m SO glad I did!!

  11. Thomas Palmer says:

    The best crime drama I have ever watched. Great cast.

  12. Sue W. says:

    The Killing was a great show until you made the two main characters bad guys, then it was all downhill.

  13. Michael says:

    The Killing is a solid series. Each episode had me hanging on to every clue, word, and moment.
    I cannot believe people are not just raving about the total package of the series. Solid plot amazing acting and I totally want Linden so hot!!! ;)
    I love a sexy redhead!!!

  14. Bridget Joyce says:

    Hated this review of the killing! It sucked! Loved that show!

  15. Tim says:

    This series was as good or better than any I’ve seen. I never felt like I was slogging through the episodes. I consider myself to be a good judge of TVs acting and all other aspects of the art of film. I am sad to see it finish once again.

  16. I’m watching season 4 now on Netflix. I don’t know if the decision to hide Skinner’s body was made after season 3 was produced, but taking the plot in that direction is one of the stupidest and most insulting plot decisions ever made by anybody. The decision is totally inconsistent with either of the main characters. A very compelling season 4 would have had Linden facing the music after killing Skinner and probably ending up with a manslaughter charge with some kind of judicial diversion into a state psychiatric ward, given her history–and still having to actually prove that Skinner was the serial killer, a tall order given his position. It also would have kept Kallie’s mother in the story. There were way too many obvious loose ends–the ring, the photos of the gray car Skinner apparently was driving( not really explained, since otherwise we do not see him driving that car that I can recall), Linden leaving Skinner home with Skinner, Skinner’s setup of Holder with internal affairs, Skinner’s wife providing holder with the map or directions to the lake cabin, etc. Plus, Linden blithely tossing aside clues that other people bring up–the car photos, for example–is so absolutely out of character for her people like Ray (I think that’s his name, the evidence guy she always has look stuff up) would have noticed.

    There were annoyances in the first 2 seasons. No city councilman would ever be allowed to run a campaign out of his city office, and anyway the key card would have linked to digital software other than the card list the campaign worker had somehow lost on his computer.

  17. Martin says:

    Season one had so much promise. Season two seemed to be setting the stage for an epic. Season three was frustrated because it couldn’t take the time on side plot and character development that a contract for two or three more seasons would have provided. Season four was desperately rushed and if not for the acting, it would have been a disaster.
    The acting, wow! The writing? Heroic given that the writers knew what the arc was supposed to look like but they kept getting the rug pulled out from under them. This show with the same support that breaking bad would have been multiple Emmy. As it is it will have a following for a long time.

    • Martin says:

      I forgot to thank all the young actors. What a great job you did with so many compelling characters. The vets weren’t too shabby either!

  18. Diana says:

    After an endless suicide by Television, choking on Honey Boo Bo and the rest of the stomach churning reality TV. I was rescued by Net Flicks. I can’t figure out why these great shows were side lined so that the Browns from Alaska could make me shut my TV off and leave it!! Maybe the people choosing what we watch on TV are morons and should find other employment!! I love The Killing, Sense 8 and Saving Grace!! I am sick of people that find Stupidity to be entertaining!! Your going to kill the whole Industry with your orgy of Mind Killing Hill Billy Muck!!!

  19. Bobbee says:

    I liked season 1 but was irritated that they drug it out into 2 seasons. Season 3 was okay. However, season 4 should have never happened, it was just a really poorly written, horribly plotted mess. The only thing good about the show was the acting but by season 4 I was ready for both of them to get the noose.

  20. Syl7 says:

    Brian Lowry, your review sucks! It must take a helleva lot to impress you. It makes me ill to think of all the people who go by reviews before watching something, will be missing out. And they WILL be missing out. A bunch of ‘word’s is all your review shows to me..irks me that it was even published..doesn’t seem fair, it’s a transparent piece of garbage. I believe they did an excellent job with regard to the ”dragging” out aspect. FYI, when something is good, we don’t want it to end. But then you know that, again, your review is a bunch of ‘made to impress’ words. They didn’t. This was a smart and moving piece of work. The actors, all of it. It was damn good. And your review should be trashed.

  21. Crystal says:

    I have tried to watch similar shows, but most of them were from England which I did not like. This show is the best crime drama ever, better than NCIS, CSI LAS VEGAS, CRIMINAL MINDS, and these shows are still on the air, so give us some more Holder and Linden, “snap,” “get to it”, Crystal

  22. Crystal says:

    Awesome show, Holder is my man, wish I could meet him. Crystal

  23. Crystal says:

    The Killing is my favorite show, sad it is over. My favorite are the interactions between Holder and Linden, two broken people who fit together well and care about each other deeply, which they are oblivious to until the end. The ending was awesome, love to see Holder be a daddy and Linden be with him in a non-stress situation. Well done.

  24. Alejandro says:

    The Killing series by far the best I’ve seen. Loved the plot & never really knowung who was the real killer in the story. The script was outstanding, the actors all were great! no series like this kept me on the edge of my sofa. The season 4 finale was great never thought Linden would be left off the hook for the murder of her boss. Her character was awesome she had the smakers of King Kong to say the least. Loved hef what a women!!!

  25. Alejandro says:

    Best drama, police story ive seen!! Loved the season finale! Congrats to actors & producer of this great story.

  26. Becca T says:

    Best detective show ever! I hope for more season.

  27. Harvco says:

    Just finished the last episode of The Killing. Best crime detective drama I’ve ever seen. The acting was incredible. Great story writing. Very intense. One could really feel they knew the characters. Didn’t expect the final scene to play out that way but am glad it did. A fitting conclusion.

  28. Judy says:

    What a shame, this was one of the best series ever. I could not wait to watch the next one. Better than anything on regular tv right now including “How to get away with murder”, “The blacklist”, “Stalker” any of them. I never knew what was going to happen next. I liked how a murder wasn’t solved in one episode as you got to know all the people not just the main people. It seems like the ending episode was left open just hoping they bring it back. Thank you to everyone involved with this show it was great. This show was given a bad rap.

  29. Freddie says:

    I agree with those who liked The Killing, I think it was a mistake ending the series, I liked it a lot and they pushed it to end so quickly as if they were in danger to close down netflix that’s why the end was cheesy but it was real entertaining and I was thrilled from the beginning, sure it wasn’t perfect but for those including my self that liked The Killing a lot it was, I respect those that didn’t but the funny thing about them it’s that everywhere Read the negative comments of those that did commented negatively about it it’s that they knew everything that happened until the end so maybe they didn’t liked it but yet it kept them watching!?? Bottom line Netflix bring it back, everybody make mistakes and I believe that you guys will make The Killing better for I don’t think that one can tumbled down with the same mistakes. Listen I could not believed that it was over, I was like whaaaaat!!???? I will watch more of it endlessly and I a lot more people would too. Bring it back

  30. becky says:

    have totally enjoyed the series ‘The Killing’ on Netflix and hope that there will be more,,,,the idea of trying to figure out who done it makes the series a winner in our household and the cast is amazing,,,,please,please,please,,make more episodes with the same characters,,,we were hooked on this show from the very beginning and want to see more,,,

  31. Enos_lips says:

    Spot on review. The season 3 ending was horribly abrupt after putting up with so many tedious episodes. Season 4 was more of the same but with the added bonus of extremely sophomoric plot and scenes. Kinnaman’s scene in the church (“where is he!?!?”) had me laughing at how bad and heavy handed it was. Then there is the scene with Linden’s mother where her mother talks about abandoning Linden and how she says “I’m not very good at staying around” and yet she went on to have a long marriage and two grown children. That is completely illogical. It’d be easier to explain if she just had a substance abuse problem. Both scenes are hilariously bad and demonstrate what is an ongoing theme with this series: tedious, lame plot. This is the theme that completely alienated viewers at the end of season 1.

    The commenters to this article who are responding with derision to the author need to seriously re-evaluate the concept of criticism. Their comments were just as tedious as season 4 of this “show”.

  32. Michelle says:

    I strongly feel that fox television should continue the series ! It took some time for people to get hooked but now that they are hooked it’s such a bummer that there’s only 4 seasons.

  33. RadaR says:

    It’s your problem to have missed lots of amazing scenes in TK4. Only episode 6 e.g. is one beauty after another. Your throwing accusations around which make no sense whatsoever. It feels like you’re a spoilt viewer not getting it her way. Why did the ending of 3 piss you off? In what way did Sud manipulate the audience? Instead of yelling try explaining. Coz now you taste like a reviewer as the one above. And i really don’t like that taste.

  34. Sally MJ says:

    The ending of Season 3 pissed me off. I yelled at the TV, “You’ve got to be kidding!” I was very engaged for three seasons, but just have no more patience. I feel Veena Sud manipulated the audience. This could have been really great, it started off really great, but I’m done.

  35. Ella Dubois says:

    God forgive me, but you are an idiot (the writer of this article). This show was awesome. You don’t actually get paid for your stupendous brain power, do you?

  36. RadaR says:

    Generally speaking, Gray, it’s always wiser to make up your own mind about things :) Of what importance is a review made by a stranger?

  37. Gray says:

    I wish reviewers (Brian Lowry for The Killing) wouldn’t assert things on behalf of us all. One glance at the imdb ratings would reveal just how off base he is in regards to “what we all thought” of the various seasons and episodes.

    This display of arrogance it the reason that critics suffer such credibility problems.

  38. Sarah says:

    Two years ago my best friend and I were searching for what to watch on Netflix. We both knew we wanted to watch something neither of us had ever seen before, and something with amazing characters and just the right amount of drama. We stumbled upon “The Killing” on Netflix, of course, it wasn’t yet a “Netflix Original.” Personally, I was terrified that Netflix was going to turn “The Killing” into a porno show, like “Orange is the New Black”, and distract the theme by adding a bunch of unnecessary, explicit sex-scenes. However, I was very satisfied with the fourth and final season of “The Killing. There was not one creepy, explicit sex-scene. And the murder plot was incredible. Absolutely incredible. They kept the suspects down to a mere few, and when they revealed who the killer is I cried. It was the best murder plot. So realistic and yet very dramatic, or as my friend said “juicy.” The only thing I can say that I didn’t like about the fourth season is that they dropped the F-bomb a lot, which they never did once in the previous seasons. I especially felt that saying the F-word so casually was out of character for Stephen Holder, even with all the stress he was under from season three. I could understand him saying the F-word when he got really upset, but he said it so casually. And, that whole thing that happened with his sister was out of character, considering how Holder was trying so hard to be apart of his sister’s life again.
    LOVE “The Killing”, LOVE the fourth season.

  39. Marlette says:

    This was by far and away my favorite binge-watch pleasure. The acting was superb, the plots were good and the final six episodes were PERFECT (made especially so with East of Eden woven in so carefully)! I will savor this series again somewhere down the line but for now I just keep thinking about that last episode.

  40. RadaR says:

    Thanks, Miriam. Of course I won’t give anything away. Which detective-adict does such a thing? :)
    Wish you lots of pleasure watching TK4 , something tells me you’re just gonna have loads of that.

  41. miriam says:

    RadaR Great comments! Please don’t say a word, not a hint, not anything as I’m hoping that Holder makes a second try and where this relationship goes or if it goes is still a guess. I admit that the romantic in me wants ‘something’ or at least a sense of something possible. But I do think I know the odds on this are zero to none.

    They are wonderful together – detectives, lovers, friends- whatever. I just want ‘THE KILLING’ to continue. Still hoping there might be a chance and thanking you for triggering the ‘couch’ memory.


  42. RadaR says:

    I just wanna thank Vena Sud for giving The Killing a fourth series that completely blew me away. The ending was no less than a dream coming true. I bow for Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman. Superb acting by two people I admired from scratch solving Rosie’s murder and began to love from the moment on the couch, where Holder made his move on Linden. It’s seldom one meets actors, who are able to make troubled detectives into such real people. TK 1-4 gets a place in my special vault to be saved for years to come. And watched over and over again,.

  43. miriam says:

    Akayne. “Rock On” for being so right in your believing “The Killing” to be a series written, directed, produced, and cast so brilliantly.

    I almost don’t want to watch the last six episodes, and instead save them for a time yet to come. Perhaps to stay in bed on a rainy Sunday afternoon with a pot of coffee and a plate of ‘brownies’ by my side. – and go for all six – but not now.

    I don’t want “THE KILLING” to end. Mireille Enos and Joel Kinneman are so damn good, so real, and so true to who they have created as two fascinating and highly complex human beings, that the line between acting and ‘being’ is a line they have effectively erased. They’ve captured so many of us with their extraordinary subtlety.

    I was so taken with your review. It too, was so damn good! Thank you

  44. Alayne Buttars says:

    I should learn to not read reviews…I often wonder if the reviewer is watching the same show as I am. The Killing is absolutely one if the best series I have seen on T.V. I was hooked the minute Season 1 started and will be a fan forever! Peter Skaarsgard gave an Emmy Award performance last season but of course wasn’t even nominated. Enos is deniably one of the best actresses in Hollywood and nobody delivers sarcasm like Joel Kinneman (Holder) I pray for more seasons with writing as sharp & unpredictable as only Veena Sud can deliver, it would be almost criminal to see it come to a final end. I say Mirielle Enos deserves an Emmy for her unbelievable performance as Linden ( episode 1 she rocked it ) Applause to Netflix for bringing it back! How do we get a season 5 and more????

  45. Mandy says:

    I love this show! Best show I’ve seen in a long time on TV. I hope they decide to make more even if it’s only on netflix, I will keep my subscription just for this show.

  46. miriam says:

    Thanks Irene. All the comments in this thread have been positive. We are both glad of that. All the posts have disagreed with an undeserved review based on random and rambling opinion and little in the way of film critique and analysis.
    I recently watched the academy award winning documentary, “TWENTY FEET FROM STARDOM.” Women with truly awesome voices that did not or could not bridge the distance between singing lead themselves and not ‘back-up for the big name. Life happens. We know that. We have our own stories to tell. We live it and we rarely win the brass ring. We know that happy endings are few and far between.
    Luck has a lead role in life. Luck, despite hard work, hope and commitment can’t be dismissed or discounted. Certainly not part in the Arts. Why Sting? Why Springstein? It’s not me asking, but these superstars who ask the question. They know how lucky they are to have had media support, a nod from the right people, being at the right place at the right time and yes, having a product that’s right for its time.
    THE KILLING is a product whose mood, ambiance, style, pace and delivery takes patience and it takes thought to appreciate. THE KILLING brings two subtle actors to the fore. They don’t force themselves by dint of personality or action laden scripts on the audience. I think they meet us half-way and we come slowly toward them. In that moment, we bridge the gulf, the distance, the twenty feet, if you will, and rather than ‘watch’ the story unfold, we are there in rain-soaked Seattle.

    It’s an excellent series. I hope NETFLIX keeps it going beyond this ‘final season. Maybe the ‘right people’ will be listening. Maybe THE KILLING will get lucky.

    If you haven’t seen “TWENTY FEET FROm STARDOM…..” by all means, check it out. And thanks again for posting with me.

  47. Miriam, your commentary is flawless. Clearly, you have perspective and an appreciation of intelligent and creative police drama.This series immediately captures your interest, and the cinematography and character development are strong enough to easily get lost in the story. Really looking forward to season 4, Maybe with enough view demand, Netlix will run with subsequent seasons.

  48. miriam says:

    I totally agree with Kristine who posted her comments on July 22nd. VARIETY’s review is unfair as THE KILLING portrays police work as it is – grinding, often dull and too often unrewarding in leads that lead nowhere on streets filled with grime, poverty and oh the rain, the constant beating of rain on the windows of cars waiting and watching with nothing but the silence, cigarettes and stale coffee.

    American crime drama is fueled by action filled minutes, hostile, but always beaten down witnesses trapped by the lies they tell so obligingly to detectives who outsmart, outwit and outrun the bad guys every time. Who needs intelligence with star detectives sorting it all out in less than fifty minutes. These guys and the lady detectives who serve in the second slot always there in their five inch heels, uplifted breasts revealed to raise the spirits of the men in command and always that fine ass in view for added viewing pleasure.

    There are no homely women on the force, no men with miserable marriages or migraine, no out of control booze issues to blur their days, no drugs, no dregs, in short, no baggage at all. And when they age, surely they’ll be a spot for washed-up former action star detectives in the “EXPENDABLES, PART 56. it’s all so predictably boring.

    Joel Kinneman and Mireille Enos are exceptional both as actors who are who are flawed human beings so incredibly people we recognize in ourselves. We journey with them and in this, we share as best we can, as much as we can, their wounds, the weight of the baggage they carry, their sense of needs unfulfilled and just like the rest of us, we understand the failure that is the job and as we rejoice in the occasional victory that comes with a stake-out gone-right.

    THE KILLING is for mature audiences and comes without the CGI that bang, bang action boys and girls need.

    I am committed to this series, to the low-keyed darkness that envelops Enos and especially to the amazing Joel Kinneman whose intelligence and wit makes that skinny frame absolutely, mind-blowingly sexy.

    • Enos_lips says:

      It is a stupid show for stupid people. Worse than the action for action’s sake movies like The Expendables. At least those movies are pretentious. And this season was extremely stupid and horribly written with a heavy handed plot.

    • dcg4us says:

      Get outta my mind miriam! Well said!

  49. kristine says:

    I really disagree with the review of The Killing. It was one of the best crime dramas on American TV. Yes I’m talking about all the seasons. It was well written and acted. I saw the Danish production also. The American version wasn’t quite as good but it was close. I don’t understand why people put the last season down. It was compelling and interesting. I really loved this series .

    • I agree with you Kristine. I sometimes think they don’t watch the show or skim through it. There was another reviewer on rotten tomatoes who mentioned the suspect twice but called him Cameron! Where did they get Cameron from considering his name was Kyle! They could not have watched the show or paid full attention considering how many times Linden shouted out his name, not to mention the numerous times other characters named him. I loved the series and wish there were more.

  50. I also strongly disagree with Lowry’s misguided review of The Killling, and believe that it’s one of the best crime dramas ever written. The acting, cinematography, and interweaving storylines are excellent and heighten the suspense. The missteps are few, and I’m sorry to see the series end.

    • Derek says:

      I agree. This show was gripping. Seasons 1 and 2 were excellent. Season 3 started to slow down. The main characters were excellent. However, the final episode in Season 3 had me pulling my hair out from the time that she pulled a gun on the lieutenant, got up so close to him and casually frisked him and then got into the front seat with him holding the gun in the ready position. By the time the ride had ended, the gun was no longer held up, Linden was an emotional wreck and gave him many opportunities to disarm her, then getting out of the car to vomit with no gun in sight until afterwards. Who authorized this segment of the show. It was just plain stupid. At least make it consistent. But you are right, just a few missteps but overall a great show.

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