Woody Allen Responds: ‘I Did Not Molest Dylan’

Woody Allen
Alexia Silvagni

In an open letter to the New York Times, which will appear in the paper’s Sunday Review, Woody Allen has responded to the 1992 molestation allegations from his ex-partner Mia Farrow and their children Ronan and Dylan Farrow.

Read his full response below:

Twenty-one years ago, when I first heard Mia Farrow had accused me of child molestation, I found the idea so ludicrous I didn’t give it a second thought. We were involved in a terribly acrimonious breakup, with great enmity between us and a custody battle slowly gathering energy. The self-serving transparency of her malevolence seemed so obvious I didn’t even hire a lawyer to defend myself. It was my show business attorney who told me she was bringing the accusation to the police and I would need a criminal lawyer.

I naïvely thought the accusation would be dismissed out of hand because of course, I hadn’t molested Dylan and any rational person would see the ploy for what it was. Common sense would prevail. After all, I was a 56-year-old man who had never before (or after) been accused of child molestation. I had been going out with Mia for 12 years and never in that time did she ever suggest to me anything resembling misconduct. Now, suddenly, when I had driven up to her house in Connecticut one afternoon to visit the kids for a few hours, when I would be on my raging adversary’s home turf, with half a dozen people present, when I was in the blissful early stages of a happy new relationship with the woman I’d go on to marry — that I would pick this moment in time to embark on a career as a child molester should seem to the most skeptical mind highly unlikely. The sheer illogic of such a crazy scenario seemed to me dispositive.

Notwithstanding, Mia insisted that I had abused Dylan and took her immediately to a doctor to be examined. Dylan told the doctor she had not been molested. Mia then took Dylan out for ice cream, and when she came back with her the child had changed her story. The police began their investigation; a possible indictment hung in the balance. I very willingly took a lie-detector test and of course passed because I had nothing to hide. I asked Mia to take one and she wouldn’t. Last week a woman named Stacey Nelkin, whom I had dated many years ago, came forward to the press to tell them that when Mia and I first had our custody battle 21 years ago, Mia had wanted her to testify that she had been underage when I was dating her, despite the fact this was untrue. Stacey refused. I include this anecdote so we all know what kind of character we are dealing with here. One can imagine in learning this why she wouldn’t take a lie-detector test.

Meanwhile the Connecticut police turned for help to a special investigative unit they relied on in such cases, the Child Sexual Abuse Clinic of the Yale-New Haven Hospital. This group of impartial, experienced men and women whom the district attorney looked to for guidance as to whether to prosecute, spent months doing a meticulous investigation, interviewing everyone concerned, and checking every piece of evidence. Finally they wrote their conclusion which I quote here: “It is our expert opinion that Dylan was not sexually abused by Mr. Allen. Further, we believe that Dylan’s statements on videotape and her statements to us during our evaluation do not refer to actual events that occurred to her on August 4th, 1992… In developing our opinion we considered three hypotheses to explain Dylan’s statements. First, that Dylan’s statements were true and that Mr. Allen had sexually abused her; second, that Dylan’s statements were not true but were made up by an emotionally vulnerable child who was caught up in a disturbed family and who was responding to the stresses in the family; and third, that Dylan was coached or influenced by her mother, Ms. Farrow. While we can conclude that Dylan was not sexually abused, we can not be definite about whether the second formulation by itself or the third formulation by itself is true. We believe that it is more likely that a combination of these two formulations best explains Dylan’s allegations of sexual abuse.”

Could it be any clearer? Mr. Allen did not abuse Dylan; most likely a vulnerable, stressed-out 7-year-old was coached by Mia Farrow. This conclusion disappointed a number of people. The district attorney was champing at the bit to prosecute a celebrity case, and Justice Elliott Wilk, the custody judge, wrote a very irresponsible opinion saying when it came to the molestation, “we will probably never know what occurred.”

But we did know because it had been determined and there was no equivocation about the fact that no abuse had taken place. Justice Wilk was quite rough on me and never approved of my relationship with Soon-Yi, Mia’s adopted daughter, who was then in her early 20s. He thought of me as an older man exploiting a much younger woman, which outraged Mia as improper despite the fact she had dated a much older Frank Sinatra when she was 19. In fairness to Justice Wilk, the public felt the same dismay over Soon-Yi and myself, but despite what it looked like our feelings were authentic and we’ve been happily married for 16 years with two great kids, both adopted. (Incidentally, coming on the heels of the media circus and false accusations, Soon-Yi and I were extra carefully scrutinized by both the adoption agency and adoption courts, and everyone blessed our adoptions.)

Mia took custody of the children and we went our separate ways.

I was heartbroken. Moses was angry with me. Ronan I didn’t know well because Mia would never let me get close to him from the moment he was born and Dylan, whom I adored and was very close to and about whom Mia called my sister in a rage and said, “He took my daughter, now I’ll take his.” I never saw her again nor was I able to speak with her no matter how hard I tried. I still loved her deeply, and felt guilty that by falling in love with Soon-Yi I had put her in the position of being used as a pawn for revenge. Soon-Yi and I made countless attempts to see Dylan but Mia blocked them all, spitefully knowing how much we both loved her but totally indifferent to the pain and damage she was causing the little girl merely to appease her own vindictiveness.

Here I quote Moses Farrow, 14 at the time: “My mother drummed it into me to hate my father for tearing apart the family and sexually molesting my sister.” Moses is now 36 years old and a family therapist by profession. “Of course Woody did not molest my sister,” he said. “She loved him and looked forward to seeing him when he would visit. She never hid from him until our mother succeeded in creating the atmosphere of fear and hate towards him.” Dylan was 7, Ronan 4, and this was, according to Moses, the steady narrative year after year.

I pause here for a quick word on the Ronan situation. Is he my son or, as Mia suggests, Frank Sinatra’s? Granted, he looks a lot like Frank with the blue eyes and facial features, but if so what does this say? That all during the custody hearing Mia lied under oath and falsely represented Ronan as our son? Even if he is not Frank’s, the possibility she raises that he could be, indicates she was secretly intimate with him during our years. Not to mention all the money I paid for child support. Was I supporting Frank’s son? Again, I want to call attention to the integrity and honesty of a person who conducts her life like that.

Now it’s 21 years later and Dylan has come forward with the accusations that the Yale experts investigated and found false. Plus a few little added creative flourishes that seem to have magically appeared during our 21-year estrangement.

Not that I doubt Dylan hasn’t come to believe she’s been molested, but if from the age of 7 a vulnerable child is taught by a strong mother to hate her father because he is a monster who abused her, is it so inconceivable that after many years of this indoctrination the image of me Mia wanted to establish had taken root? Is it any wonder the experts at Yale had picked up the maternal coaching aspect 21 years ago? Even the venue where the fabricated molestation was supposed to have taken place was poorly chosen but interesting. Mia chose the attic of her country house, a place she should have realized I’d never go to because it is a tiny, cramped, enclosed spot where one can hardly stand up and I’m a major claustrophobe. The one or two times she asked me to come in there to look at something, I did, but quickly had to run out. Undoubtedly the attic idea came to her from the Dory Previn song, “With My Daddy in the Attic.” It was on the same record as the song Dory Previn had written about Mia’s betraying their friendship by insidiously stealing her husband, André, “Beware of Young Girls.” One must ask, did Dylan even write the letter or was it at least guided by her mother? Does the letter really benefit Dylan or does it simply advance her mother’s shabby agenda? That is to hurt me with a smear. There is even a lame attempt to do professional damage by trying to involve movie stars, which smells a lot more like Mia than Dylan.

After all, if speaking out was really a necessity for Dylan, she had already spoken out months earlier in Vanity Fair. Here I quote Moses Farrow again: “Knowing that my mother often used us as pawns, I cannot trust anything that is said or written from anyone in the family.” Finally, does Mia herself really even believe I molested her daughter? Common sense must ask: Would a mother who thought her 7-year-old daughter was sexually abused by a molester (a pretty horrific crime), give consent for a film clip of her to be used to honor the molester at the Golden Globes?

Of course, I did not molest Dylan. I loved her and hope one day she will grasp how she has been cheated out of having a loving father and exploited by a mother more interested in her own festering anger than her daughter’s well-being. Being taught to hate your father and made to believe he molested you has already taken a psychological toll on this lovely young woman, and Soon-Yi and I are both hoping that one day she will understand who has really made her a victim and reconnect with us, as Moses has, in a loving, productive way. No one wants to discourage abuse victims from speaking out, but one must bear in mind that sometimes there are people who are falsely accused and that is also a terribly destructive thing. (This piece will be my final word on this entire matter and no one will be responding on my behalf to any further comments on it by any party. Enough people have been hurt.)

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  1. Dave says:

    Woody and Mia are both selfish immature brats who put their own anger or lust before the well -being of the kids.

    But that’s pretty much the prototypical American family.

  2. Leisha Young says:

    It’s pretty obvious he didn’t do it. As soon as I heard the allegations I was pretty convinced he was innocent. Man people in Hollywood are so screwed up.

  3. I am a 27 years old guy who found that Woody Allen’s movies are interesting and very well-made. Back in 1992, when i was 6 years old, i remember when my older sister and mother reacted to Farrow-Allen’s case.

    Like most people now, my late mother and sisters were so angry with Allen and thought that what he did to Soon-yi and Dylan were humiliating and immoral. I saw and heard what my mother and my older sister’s reaction, right after they read newspaper.

    But both of them still watched Woody Allen’s movies since the feeling of connected with the story. They said that they hate the idea of molesting children. But they could not judge anything based on what newspaper told only.

    Years after years we still watch Woody Allen’s movies and we consider him as one of the greatest story-teller. It doesn’t mean we glorified Woody or something, we are only audiences who love to watch his movies.

    We still hope that the molesting did not happen, because it is a very very evil thing to do. Time will tell who is the one to blame.

  4. Jessica says:

    It’s bad enough the people involved had to live through this twenty years ago but now a second time. And tweeting about it no less- since when did Twitter become a platform for discussing child molestation? I find the timing of Mia Farrow’s renewed accusations a bit calculated- right before Woody Allen is to receive a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes. In this piece Mr. Allen clearly states all that was determined twenty years ago and it was these determinations by the professionals at Yale and the police that clearly prove his innocence. The tragedy is a young woman has suffered, believing she was molested all these years. I think enough damage has been done to all involved, don’t you Miss Farrow?

  5. Thaty says:

    I don’t think Allen is a saint, and I feel for Dylan – whether this story is true or not she is anyway the one who most suffered from it all.

    But in this case I give Allen the benefit of the doubt.

    One thing I know for experience, and its the reason I believe we gotta have the facts very clear before pointing our fingers to anyone:Things can go very ugly when a couple is getting a divorce, and false accusations aren’t rare in these occasions.
    When my uncle was divorcing his wife she accused him of molesting their kid. My cousin went to a lot of doctors and psychologists that proved the whole story was a lie, and in the end she admitted she had made it all up. My uncle was devastated with the whole thing, my grandfather had such a stressful time he ended up having a heart attack. Today my uncle and my cousin are very close and he was able to have a respectful relationship with his ex-wife in order to create a harmonious environment for the kid, although he has never and never will forgive her.
    Anyway, I hope if they want to solve this situation, that they do this in private or in a court, without involving people who have absolutely nothing to do with it.
    And my heart and prayers go to Dylan – it is not easy to expose yourself the way she did and all the damage that has been done to this girl – whether it was from her mother or her father – is just disgraceful. I hope she finds a closure to her suffering and can be able to have a more happy and peaceful life.

  6. Larry Magen says:

    This is a very clear case of Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS). Anyone who has ever been involved in such a case can spot it instantly. PAS is in short, in a divorce (or similar) situation where one parent alienates the child against the other, and in most of these cases it is the woman who alienates the child against the father (but not always). They say that PAS will exist in most divorce situations (possibly as much as 90%) but in most of those situations it is usually only slight or very moderate. It may be a negative remark to the child about the other parent. Severe cases of PAS involve brainwashing and even beyond so that in time the manifestations occur within the child itself. And even in the most extreme cases, the parent (usually the mother) will accuse the father of child molestation. The children of extreme cases of PAS have been more than “coached” they actually believe the sexual abuse has taken place.

    Mental health professionals who are skilled in this area can rather easily detect these accusations as false. And in most scenarios in the legal world where you have a psychiatric panel who advises the courts on these matters, they can and do so advise the courts.

    Unfortunately, the public’s thirst for dirt and smut will believe almost anything that is thrown out there because it is more juicy to believe that the accused parent is just a sicko.

    The sad thing, is that the accusing party is the sick one… so sick that they are oblivious to the harm that they are doing to their own child. PAS is probably the harshest form of child-abuse that can be perpetrated on a child. Children of PAS are harmed far worse with emotional scars than if the abusive parent were to burn the child with lit cigarettes, or beat the child. The psychological damage to these children stays with them for a lifetime… there are many instances documented of children of extreme cases of PAS who become suicidal in their twenties (and beyond).

    I have absolutely no doubt that Woody Allen is innocent of these claims.. and I have no doubt that Mia Farrow is an Alienator as defined in Dr. Richard Gardner’s book, Parental Alienation Syndrome.

    Anyone who is involved in a divorce situation, who’s ex-husband or ex-wife is attempting to alienate your child against you… you need to get Dr. Gardner’s Book and read it! I did back in 1989.. and it shook me to my core.. and as a result, I took action and saved my daughter’s life!

    Some women (and men) are just plain sick!

    Good luck Woody!

    • ConservTex says:

      This is actually a case of judge alienation syndrome as he forbid Allen to have visitation with his daughter!

    • heidi says:

      Sadly, not everyone is as educated, evolved and/or logical as you….and reacting emotionally. You really nailed it with your analysis. Sadly, everyone wants to think the worst b/c of the Soon-yi Previn situation(which i admit was unfortunate), but was legal and has nothing to do with molestation of children…..shame on Mia for stooping to such base levels for retribution…..she’s ruined her children by pitting them against their father.

  7. Abused says:

    I was abused from 5-13 yet I side with woody based on facts and logic. Given your statement anyone ever abused should never trust again.

  8. Listen to Dory Previn’s “With My Daddy in the Attic” to the last verse. “…And he’ll play is clarinet….” And then the clarinet solo. What was Woody Allen’s instrument??? The clarinet…. Contemporaneous reports reveal that Mia Farrow had a copy of the Dory Previn album. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=objejWFsf1o

  9. Rene says:

    Full support for Woody Allen.

    See the oscar nominated film, ” The Hunt”, a story about how a little lie from a girl can destroy an innocent man.

  10. Bill Brock says:

    Mr. Allen was NEVER charged with a crime. End Of Story.

  11. Allen’s passing of the polygraph test, combined with Farrow’s refusal to take same, speaks dark volumes indeed. And by the way its inadmissablity in court hardly mitigates how earnestly the results are nevertheless taken. (If you’re in the CIA or FBI, you sign-off to taking one on-demand–and you’re in a world of hurt if you fail; i.e., that’s how “seriously taken” the results are in high-stakes “situations”. And wouldn’t you think Farrow would do anything to prove her case, given the gravity of the charge? It stinkieth to high heaven that the accused passes, while the accuser “declines”…how can one not ask why as a rhetorical question. The answer seems grotesquely obvious.

    • matt d. says:

      Funny you say this. Woody Allen refused to take a polygraph test by the Connecticut state police, and instead took one from his legal team. Mia was never asked by police to take one during the investigation. These are undeniable facts. I suggest you read the new article by vanity fair. So is your answer grotesquely obvious? But the accused and accuser changed?

      • CD says:

        He took a lie detector test administered by the FBI in Quantico, VA on his own. This has been established 22 years ago. Mia Farrow refused Mr. Allen’s request to do the same. I still encourage Mia Farrow and Dylan Farrow to do the same. It’s not too late. Unless you believe the FBI is part of a conspiracy to protect him like the dismissed and embarrassed prosecutor 21 years ago. Before OJ this was the big trial of the 90s.

  12. Sue says:

    Actions speak louder than words. Woody Allen courted and married his much younger adopted daughter, a severe violation of a family boundary.

    • roxtoby says:

      She was never his daughter. Soon-Yi was the adopted daughter of Andre Previn and Mia Farrow and was never legally considered Woody Allen’s daughter. Granted, Soon-Yi was the sibling of Woody Allen’s children, but people need to stop saying that he married his stepdaughter because he did not. He cheated on his partner, which was a terrible thing to do, and she was much younger than he was, but neither of these facts make it a crime.

  13. Manoel says:

    I always knew that he didn’t. Nothing in his actions or in his body of work sugests otherwise

    • heidi says:

      Who was cheating on whom? Mia was clearly cheating on Woody with Ol Blue Eyes….just look at their son (who she’s brain washed too!)

  14. John Laurich says:

    Why isn’t parental alienation and Stockholm syndrome at the hands of a woman who feared “losing her children” to a man who betrayed her not a crime in this case?
    My ex-wife and my mother both abused me in the courts the way Woody and Dylan (all the kids) were abused, by this cold-hearted, angry, spiteful, vengeful, vindictive and cunning mother bear who in “protecting her cubs” inflicted severe and deep emotional trauma on these children and basically “killed off” the other parent.

    Why is black widow parenting allowed and supported in this world? Is protecting womens’ death grip on poor parenting and bad role modeling really that important? It’s disgusting how we’ve let children be abused by alienating them from parents thru contrivance and manufacturing of trauma.

    Women know no shame.

  15. Liz says:

    All of you are speaking as if you know the facts. I believe Dylan because it happened to her but that’s my choice. I don’t know the facts but I know what I feel. In the end it doesn’t matter what I you anyone else thinks. Clearly this young woman has been damaged by what she says were the hands of Woody Allen.

    I will say I find it interesting that Mr. Allen selects only the parts of that legal case that support him. I do remember reading where the prosecutor said they didn’t have enough evidence and one can’t get over the fact that all those doctors were on his payroll. I mean come one now it’s in the documents. Some of you are regurgitating facts from Allen’s friend Bob. But read the files yourself. Draw your own opinion. That dude wasn’t as peachy clean as he claims.

    Lastly, yes, I’m bias because I find it creepy that he dated and married his ex-girlfriends adopted daughter. Adopted or not that’s just illogical to me. I mean wow. He spends all this time going on about Mia hit doesn’t even address why many people think he’s a creep. Does this mean he’s a child molester? No, but it does him no favors in my book. I mean it’s just nasty to me and that will never change. Who seeks their Ed’s daughter out for a relationship? It’s sick to me. I bet if this was Mia’s bio daughter folks would feel a whole lot different about it. I just can’t get past that and I’m aware that this clouds my opinion of him and makes me err on the side of Dylan.

    I will also say that Allen makes this whole thing about him and Mia. These two are both flawed people -IMO. It’s clear to me that they’re both bitter and have issues, and aren’t the most moral but none of this automatically negates Dylan’s claims. You know how many child molesters go free because there is no proof or no one believes the child. You know how many kids lie and say they weren’t abused? This isn’t uncommon. So I don’t get Mr. Allen’s point. I mean come on let’s be very honest here Allen is just as messed up as he claims Mia is. Can we say Blue Jasmine? A complete FU to Mia.

    In the end. I don’t watch his movies for the whole Soon Yi thing. It’s just creepy and I will always feel this way. I couldn’t imagine what that would do to me if a man I dated and had a family with (adopted or not) started dating one of my kids adopted or not. That’s not natural. Well not in my book.

    • flo22437 says:

      Yes Liz, you are absolutely right. I believe Dylan. Woody Allen wants you to believe that it is the guilty of mia farrow and the fact that he fall in love with the adopted child Soon Yi. That was his defense strategy from 1992 until today. In no words he react to the words of Dylan. That shows me that he has a guilty conscience. He speaks of loving. That´s typical for abusers. They see their act as a form of father loving. In this case i would say it was a form of humiliate dylan because the relationship to Mia was broken. This was a form of vengeance i think. this is my opinion.

      When you look at the interview from 60 minutes you see how enormous insecure woody allen is. he coughes artifically all the time. he speaks of “a none event” ( child abuse as none event, that´s bad) and he uses the same defense strategy as today.

    • Paul B says:

      Liz, saying you believe Dylan ‘because it happened to her’ is like saying you believe Woody ‘because it never happened.’ You mentioned that everyone’s speaking as if they know the facts, but typing that it happened IS stating a fact.

      • PS says:

        Yes. And all of this coming from Maureen Orth. A talentless hack, who once claimed that Michael Jackson had 42 cows sacrificed to bath in their blood to put a spell on his enemies.

      • Paul B says:

        Liz, I was simply making a comparison. I didn’t doubt her, I didn’t support him, I didn’t claim to know the facts, and I didn’t play semantics. Your exact words were, ‘I believe Dylan because it happened to her.’ I responded only to what you wrote, not what you meant.

      • Liz says:

        Oh, thanks Mr. Mongol. You’re actually what’s wrong with the world. You cherry pick comments and don’t provide context. I said I know what I feel as an example that saying Dylan is lying without anyone actually being there or involved is the same as saying Allen is telling the truth. I know you tried, but no cigar, darling.

      • Mr. Motgol says:

        “I don’t know the facts but I know what I feel.” You are exactly what is wrong with not just the people commenting on this case, but America in general. Thanks for trumpeting your ignorance.

      • Liz says:

        PaulB, you know exactly what I mean. She says it happened who are you or me to doubt that? No matter which way you lean neither of us know and I state I believe her, which is my choice. Don’t try to play semantics with me. All of this is happening to her. That can’t be disputed, thus my point. So go back to supporting Allen as if you were privy to the facts as they were happening. I prefer to respect this young woman regardless of what happened because as per her this is her truth. Who are you or me to tell her otherwise?

        Also, some of you need to check the Vanity Fair rebuttal article. They break down facts which are in the public case files. Allen states he took a polygraph but he failed to mention that it was done by his team and neither the custody judge or the persecutor would accept it unless he did one with the cops. Go and dig that fact up. Also it’s s fact that the cops NEVER asked Mia to take a polygraph. Another gem you can find on your own. Also Mia NEVER took Dylan to the police, she took her to a pediatrician who then filed the report. All of this is available for anyone who has reading comprehension down.

        Oh one final gem I learned which VF brings up. Allen was ALREADY on supervised visitation with Dylan BEFORE the molestation accusations. Another fact Allen leaves out of his response.

        All I’m saying is believe nothing and find the facts on your own. There is enough DOUBT to cause concern for those who want to know the facts.

  16. TMD says:

    For all his succinct detail, Woody purposefully avoids mention of his malevolence . . . ‘falling in love’ with his own beloved’s friend . . . 2 females intrinsically bonded . . . with the timed laser precision of an exacting narcissist. Out of the millions, nah billions, of women on the planet, he actively choose the lower realm consciousness… a malicious move.

    Avoid – deny – lie. Entitlement is characteristic of male misogynists.

    To expect anything other than what he wrote here is to practice insanity.

  17. Thank you Woody. It’s been an insane weak having to deal with all the misguided and unwarranted vitriol, anger, hatred and abuse coming from people unfamiliar with the backstory and the accurate depiction of events. Like abortion or gun control, there’s no reasoning with people who choose emotion over logic, but hopefully this will be a step in the right direction. Just know that many of us always had your back, and will continue to do so.

  18. Cole says:

    I’m no fan of Woody Allen’s and I don’t even like his films very much. And marrying his adopted daughter was disgusting.

    But the scenario he outlines seems entirely plausible, as plausible at least as the claims he is a molester. Who are we to believe? Either Allen gets tarred with the horrific label of being a child molester, or Dylan gets victimized again by the public ignoring what happened to her, if the public’s judgement is wrong.

    • nothanksimdriving123 says:

      Cole, please try actually reading. Soon-Yi was NOT Woody’s adopted daughter. NOT NOT NOT NOT. Dislike him, his work, his shoes, whatever, but please do stick to the facts.

  19. Lisa Norton says:

    I’ve worked the legal field in this area for years. I know the time of investigation and scrutiny all parties would’ve been under while this case was pending. All states err on the side of the child if the findings are inconclusive. Clearly there was no evidence to proceed. I’ve always known Woody Allen didn’t molest his adopted daughter.

  20. Glenn C. says:

    I think this letter says it. Mia is nuts. She is looking at wats to get revenge in Woody. The adoptive daughter was NEVER Woody’s real flesh and blood anyway!!! All of you (Toon) is acting like he married his real daughter! Get real! She is no way related to him. That’s the bottom line. It’s just a typical crazy woman trying to come up with ways to act like a spoiled child because her “toys” were taken away from her. Including her career!!!! I find it very interesting why Mia never agreed to take a lie detector test?! Now why is that?!!! If she is so innocent then she would see no problem in that. Right? What’s their to hide then?! Right? But she never did!!! That shows a lot. She needs ALOT of therapy! Not to create crazy hurtful stories from her insane imagination!

    • Lisa Norton says:

      Being a woman, I’d like to think Mia’s behavior’s not typical of my gender. I agree she’s bat s**t crazy re: this… and would hope this is atypical of women. :) Sadly working in the legal field, specifically family law, for many years these allegations do happen against both parents. The children become something to fight over. It’s quite sad. My legal background and general family law experience is also why I know he didn’t do this. All states err on the side of caution if the findings are inconclusive. Plus he and Soon-Yi have been allowed to adopt two daughters. I’ve also never seen a legitimate case of this nature where there isn’t a pattern of the behavior discovered or other accusers who come forward.

  21. Didn’t you hear? It is no longer innocent until proven guilty, it is apparently now guilty although already proven innocent.

  22. Toon says:

    He married his very young adopted daughter, who does that? People in 3rd world countries do, or ne’er do wells. Only he knows and he will have to live with it.

    • Thaty says:

      “People in 3rd world countries do” – wow!!!! Is this serious? You know, just because someone is from a 3rd world country, it doesn’t make them animals or savages. There is a whole world out there that doesn’t revolve around your small brain fulled with prejudice!

    • Lisa Norton says:

      Soon-Yi isn’t his daughter. Mia adopted Soon-Yi with Andre Previn. Since Mia and Woody never married or lived together, Soon-Yi was not even a step-child. This is a common misnomer.

    • …ugh, so much misinformation. She WAS NOT his adopted daughter. She was Mia and Andre Previn’s adopted daughter (Oh, and Mia got pregnant with her and Previn’s first daughter while Previn was married to someone else…). Mia and Woody weren’t even married when he feel for Soon-Yi.

    • HaSh says:

      Soon-Yi wasn’t his adopted daughter. She was adopted by Mia and by Mia alone! Check the facts before you write such a stupid thing!

      • Mack S. says:

        What? Are you stupid? Mia and Allen were never married thus Dylan is not Allen’s step daughter. Dylan is Andre’s adopted daughter. Dylan was a “free woman of no relation” to Allen. I can understand Mia’s rage over “taking her daughter”. That’s what this is all about. They are after Allen’s money and Mia wants revenge. It’s incredibly hurting personally for Mia, I can understand that. But there was no abuse. It’s been throughoutly investigated 20 years ago. If Allen did that to Dylan, he would have done it to many others aswell. That kind of people don’t stop. However, none else has come forward with any accusations other than Mia and Dylan. Mia is a sick person who uses his children for her own means. The other kids support this view. (I don’t even like Allen’s movies, I’m not his fan).

      • Michael Anthony says:

        Yes, he forgot to write “step-daughter”. Either way, if that us how one describes Dylan then Soon Yi would also be thought of as a step daughter

  23. Both Woody Allen and Roman Polanski should be sitting in jail cells; and their films should be boycotted!

    • Chris Lucas says:

      Well, there goes the time-honored American tradition of jurisprudence: “A man is innocent until PROVEN guilty.” While the girl Polanski raped has forgiven him; this sounds like forced suggestion in Allen’s case (similar to Roseanne Barr’s accusation against her parents).

    • Steve says:

      Timothy, did you even read the letter? The only thing Roman Polanski and Woody Allen have in common is that they’ve directed movies. Polanksi is still wanted for statutory rape, while there are no criminal charges against Woody Allen. Go back to Buzzfeed and read another list, you moron.

      • Chris Lucas says:

        Timothy read the headline, Steve. Why bother reading the WHOLE STORY???? (He must be Mia’s brother.)

    • TDM says:

      Just f* look at the facts, will you?

    • At the end of the day it is his word against hers. Choose which ever you want to believe. Personally, I’ll back the ones who was already cleared 21 years ago by doctors and the legal system; instead of the one without any evidence or backing other than her own “recollection” two decades later of an event that every single story that comes out seems to say was something that was coached into her by a mother who clearly has a lot of her own issues to deal with. If Dylan was abused by Woody then I feel deeply for her and think he should be punished…but I don’t go around crucifying people based simply on accusations, especially when so much points to them being innocent. If Mia and Dylan want those accusations taken more seriously, they should really explain why doctors, investigators, hell even Mia’s own son, say nothing occurred.

      • flo22437 says:

        and i think it´s not an indication when one family member said that the child abuse did not occur. and he said “naturally”. he doesn´t know it. he was in the nearby but I don´t think that he can know it. it´s impossible i think. it is a statement but not very useful…

      • flo22437 says:

        it´s often that child abusing can not be proven. In many cases the victims speaking years and decades after the cases about their abusing. So Dylans case is typically. But I think it is a very clear story from a girl who is 28 years and is married now and living 1000 miles from her mother.
        The prosecutors in this case from 1992 said that it´s probably possible that the abuse did occur. but they wanted the child to be secured of a longer investigation.

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