Why CBS Didn’t Meet ‘How I Met Your Dad’

Greta Gerwig How I met Your
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Something is missing from TV’s new fall schedule. Yes, there’s a drama about Batman, a few spy serials and plenty of romantic comedies. But what happened to the show that seemed to be a sure thing?

In the wake of this season’s last airing of the venerable series “How I Met Your Mother,” TV fans have eagerly lapped up every last detail about a proposed new series for CBS that would contain many of the same elements: “How I Met Your Dad.” But the show will not surface on CBS this season, and seems unlikely to do so anytime soon.

The new series, like its predecessor centered on a similar concept but from a woman’s point of view, was to have been produced by 20th Century Fox TV, the same backer of “HIMYM”;  starred Greta Gerwig; and even featured Meg Ryan as the voice of the show’s narrator.

Yet when the project came to fruition – CBS had given the series a pilot production commitment back in November – executives were not pleased with what they saw.  CBS “tried to get a re-do” of the pilot, said Nina Tassler, chair of CBS Entertainment, at a press conference Wednesday, and found the studio and the creators unwilling to make the changes the network wanted.

Could the show surface elsewhere or perhaps appear on CBS after another development cycle? Tassler made no definitive pronouncements, but the prospect certainly seemed unlikely, at least for now.


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  1. Bill Lester says:

    This is a no brainer to me! Use the mother from HIMYM…. show how things led up to her meeting Ted. She was so amazing on what few times they used her! Actually the best part of an average finale season…..

  2. Reminds me of the stupidity of the NBC execs when they did not pick up the “Rockford Files” remake a few years ago. When you announce a spin-off or remake, fans of the original series get excited. It seems stupid to reject a series based on a pilot episode. Usually the pilot of any series is one of the worst episodes because people are thrown together willy-nilly and don’t really know what they are doing. It is only after the first five or six episodes that everybody starts to get a sense of what is working and what elements need to be adjusted.
    People will look at a series because the subject matter or actors interest them. They will usually give a series a second or third look before deciding that its a waste of their time or worth watching.
    Executives should just let the public decide by playing all the pilots they order and seeing which ones click with an audience and which don’t. Are they afraid of losing control over the selection process?

    • jhs39 says:

      Yeah it’s just like when that Kolchack: The Night Stalker reboot ended up not getting made. Oh, wait, that did make that and it sucked. Or when the reboots of Kojack and Ironside didn’t happen. Wait a second–those did happen but nobody watched them BECAUSE THEY SUCKED. Then there are the reboots of The Love Boat and Fantasy Island. Remember them? How about the reboots of Alfred Hitchcock Presents or the two separate reboots of The Twilight Zone? Other than Hawaii 5-O can you even name one successful reboot of a classic television show over the past twenty years?

    • Aimee says:

      Get excited? Really? Pretty much every fan I know was upset and couldn’t possible imagine a Rockford Files without James Garner. In fact, most of the chatter I saw about this remake was folks complaining on how unnecessary it was to make one.

  3. beedunc says:

    Well, for one – whose great idea was it to hire Greta Gurwig as the lead?

  4. R.l. Procter says:

    I liked HIMYM at first but by the end it felt like it would never end. There is no way I would have watched HIMYD no matter who was in it.

  5. JOE S HILL says:

    More trouble at “The Eye”?,,,GOOD! these idiots deserve it,since their ideas of good programing often
    results in cancelation of well liked TV shows,,and that doesn’t make the damndest bit of sense,whatsoever! if CBS can screw-up like this,with the preposed spin-off of “HOW I MET YOUR
    MOTHER”,and turn around,with some fickle ass excuse,for not following through,and misleading its
    viewers,by leaving them in the dust,like they’re nothing,,then this Network DESERVES its misfortunes,
    and i hope it costs them,big time! “HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER” has sailed into the TV sunset,to be
    preserved forever in both syndication and DVD sales-but CBS’s screwed-up ideas about programing
    and choices,leave a lot to be desired! and yes,,i have an axe to grind,because they cancelled “THE
    CRAZY ONES”,which really deserves another chance,if not,on another Network,like ABC,since they
    have a long history with David E Kelly (“THE PRACTICE” and “BOSTON LEGAL”) you don’t screw your
    viewers with bullshit like this,because you loose them,this way,,and CBS has NO excuse for this-none!
    they screwed-up a year ago,with this “BEVERLY HILLS COP” TV pilot-so this situation is nothing new!
    Moonves and Tassler better get their acts together,because their sorry excuses ain’t makin’ it!!

    • Jackson says:

      How exactly were they misleading their viewers? Pilots get dumped ALL THE TIME. There were a ton of pilots this year that got good buzz and were considered a sure thing never made it. That’s how TV works. Also, The Crazy Ones got canceled because it was one of the lowest rated shows on the network and it was not owned by CBS. It was a perfectly logical business decision. I’m sorry if you lost one of your favorite shows but you are blaming the wrong people. Blame the viewers that never showed up.

    • LosBostonian says:

      The Crazy Ones wasn’t for me so I will sidestep that argument but I have seen the Beverly Hills Cop TV pilot and Brandon T Jackson was awful. I had trouble believing it too until I saw the pilot. Not only was Jackson bad but the show itself wasn’t a great fit for the tone of the network, it would’ve done better with ABC, NBC or FOX.

  6. Who gets to see the pilot? CBS execs only or do they get a studio audience? I’ve always wondered if they give any of the viewing public a chance to see it before they scrap it.

    • Bill says:

      Pilots get shown to studio execs, network execs, and the general public through monitored screenings in LA and more often, Las Vegas.

      For example, Television City inside the MGM Grand in Las Vegas exists to show eager tourists CBS pilots to get their reactions.

  7. Brooklyn41319 says:

    Thank gawd! Please stick to movies, Greta!

  8. Jonesy says:

    The key problem with HIMYD was the lead’s likeability. G.G. can be affable as all hell in real life, but her on screen character came off as irresponsible and selfish to the point where I found myself completely disliking her. HIMYM worked because Ted was a hopeless romantic – an ideal. The lead in this was just a selfish party girl who wasn’t ready for married life. It’s a strike against her and makes it harder to jump into that world.

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