Watch: ‘Person of Interest’ Season 4 Sneak Peek

The world on “Person of Interest” has certainly changed now that the Samaritan Al surveillance program has exerted its reign over the country, which was highlighted in the new sneak peek for the upcoming season 4, unveiled Saturday at Comic-Con ahead of the show’s panel.

Warner Bros. released the video online as well, which combines footage from season three and the upcoming season and clocks in at about five minutes. Reese, Finch, Shaw and Root have been forced into hiding with Samaritan on in full force and onto them, and they assume the identities of average citizens to hide in plain sight.

Showing that even the Machine has a sense of humor, Root and Shaw have become cosmetics counter girls in their new roles, and Reese appears to be a cop.  “Mad Men” actress Cara Buono has joined as a mystery woman and makes her first appearance in the teaser, along with Fred Weller.

Root gets intense as she warns Harold that there is a war, so he has to “pick a side.” “Young Men Dead” by The Black Angels provides the soundtrack to the video of the CBS drama, providing an eerie tone.

“Imagine if the world had utterly changed and no one noticed a thing.”

“Person of Interest” season four premieres Tuesday, Sept. 23.




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  1. judy paterson says:

    love the show have seen all seasons cant wait for next one love all the characters

  2. Stephen Ryan says:

    teriffic show ? what about some aussie actors in the show ?

  3. A Good Drama Ruined by Writer Hubris says:

    Season Four is going to be EPIC FAIL.
    Couldn’t happen to a bunch of more duplicitous writers.
    Jonah Nolan and Greg Plageman deserve the very worst.
    I hate this show!

    • tony says:

      You would be a good tv programming MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

      • Producer Hubris Is Truly As Bas As They Say It Is says:

        No. “A Good Drama Ruined by Writer Hubris” would be right. In a way it’s good that they killed off Carter. There couldn’t have been any better sign that this show was turning to trash. Only a good tv programming moron would keep this show on the air, or a charitable one.

  4. POI Fan says:

    Season 4 is going to be epic. I can’t wait until September.

  5. serum says:

    The show is great imeeting addicted to it. I don’t care if somebody prefers to watch stupid reality show or whatnot. I like POI! !!

  6. Mae says:

    This show should just be cancelled. It is no longer interesting. They have drastically changed everything about this show and the ratings have been falling like a stone because of it. Please just put it out of its misery. They are trying so hard to push this show, but it’s a complete fail.

    • Kitty says:

      Mae — and you know millions have stopped watching — just HOW would you know that??? You don’t. You want everything to stay the same? We get older, life changes…..get over it, and get over yourself.

      • Producer Hubris Is Truly As Bas As They Say It Is says:

        Oh, how could anyone possibly know, Kitty. Um, it’s called looking at the RATINGS! This show used to have 15+ million viewers on the nights when it aired. Now it’s just getting 10+, and a good drop happened in the last half of season 3. So, maybe you can do some research BEFORE you decide what’s not possible. It’s just a thought.

    • islandwalker says:

      Could not disagree with you more. One of the best shows on and perhaps you should trust the writers more. Yes, the old format has been blown sky-high, bring on the new season….and Fusco.

      • ... says:

        Well, millions of viewers who stopped watching because of the poor quality of the show could not disagree with you more. This WAS one of the best shows on television for about a year and a half, and then they started changing it until it became terrible. Yes, you’re right, they blew the show sky-high and the quality to pieces. POI should be called RIP.

  7. Machines and Wacko Fembots says:

    Person of Interest writers made bold moves on taking the show in a new and different direction. A lot of people enjoy the drama and the cast, and hopefully, they all have Nielsen boxes. If the ratings of season four decline as drastically as those of season three, serious questions will be raised. It will be “interesting” to see if fans follow the direction of the show or make “U-Turns” and chase downThe Blacklist.

  8. bsbarnes says:

    PERSON OF INTEREST previewed it’s pilot episode at SDCC, so I’m glad it continues to use Comic Con as a platform as the series continues to deliver the goods!

  9. What happened to this show is unfortunate and unforgivable says:

    “Imagine if Person of Interest utterly changed and no one wanted to watch anymore.”

    Looking forward to watching season four ratings become worse than those of season three. WGN should ask for its syndication money back.

    • Patrick Egan says:

      On the contrary, I love that the show is willing to change things up so significantly. I think if each season ended with things essentially in the same place they were at the beginning of that season, the show would get boring real fast. But this show has always maintained forward momentum. Even if it means the show is on the air 5 years instead of 7, I would rather it end because the story came to a close than because the network simply decided they’d had enough.

      Oh, and it’s six, Root. Definitely six. Of COURSE you count the dog! :)

  10. Fre says:

    Good show, glad it’s coming back soon, look forward to it.

    • James Bond says:

      IMHO The only reason the ratings may have gone down, (& only if they in fact have) it’s because it’s such an intelligent show that most people don’t understand it and/or don’t have the ability to see that what is happening in the show is the reality of today’s world as I type this. Maybe they should go back to Facebook and input more private information about themselves after just inappropriatly calling next season an “epic fail”.

      • Producer Hubris Is Truly As Bas As They Say It Is says:

        What the hell? You said “they should go back to Facebook and input more private information about themselves…” So are you stalking people, Mr. Bond?

        Anyway, this show isn’t intelligent. The only people who have been fooled by this show are those that don’t have the intelligence to see through its bullsh**. Might that be you?

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