‘Walking Dead’ Zombies Prank NYC Pedestrians

Walking Dead Zombie Prank NYC

The Walking Dead” staged an elaborate prank on New York City to promote its upcoming mid-season return.

Dressed in full zombie regalia, complete with the extensive makeup featured on the show, jokesters infested a sidewalk grate in Union Square Park while hidden cameras caught unsuspecting pedestrians getting the shocks of their lifetimes. The result is the below video, titled “Walkers Lurk Below the Streets of NYC.”

This campaign fits the trend of viral video marketing strategies. A similar stunt in a coffee shop was recently used to promote the remake of “Carrie,” and a video of a devil baby stroller attack led up to the release of last month’s “Devil’s Due.”

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  1. liqun says:

    I’m a big fan of ‘Walking Dead’ by watching every episode of the movie. This prank is really interesting and scaring…

    Check out the following links to watch how some YouTuber pranks his grandpa to make the old man believe the ‘Walking Dead Zombies’ are coming in front of their house:

  2. I love to see those walking around the city. :)

  3. JC says:

    I don’t understand the preoccupation with vampires and zombies. Haven’t there been enough movies since the 1940s on this theme? Can’t Hollywood come up with with new creative material rather than recycling old ideas and plot lines? It’s getting a little old and boring.

  4. Lisa D says:

    I guess this is what Jay Carney was referring to when he said that Americans would now be freed from work to pursue their own course. They are now freed from work and the need to pay for their own health care to pursue this higher calling and have their health care paid for by the government through Obamacare, i.e. you and me. Oh, boy!

  5. HansJurgenHans says:

    Welcome to the “Stupid Generation”.

    • Cogito Ergo Sum says:

      How is a publicity stunt by a cable company indicative of the “Stupid Generation”? You sound like and ageist, sir. I’m 28 and I wouldn’t ever judge someone just because they happen to be a certain age. I respect my elders. Why can’t you show the same courtesy and judge people as individual and not solely by their age?

  6. Bdd says:

    Zombie con does a better job

  7. Sure, it’s all fun and games until somebody shoots a zombie in the head . . . lol!

  8. augie says:

    I agree with Rick. Try that in this little country township and one of the local “conceal-carrys” is likely to empty a clip or two.

  9. A. Whitney says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but for me, this zombie thing is wearing pretty thin…

  10. Samuel Clemens says:

    If someone had reached out of a grate and grabbed my leg they would have a broken hand—minimum.

  11. David Teer says:

    As a fan of The Walking Dead, I find this amusing. However, someone will eventually be hurt or killed in one of these stunts. You cannot go around making people think they are beng attacked by zombies or someone with supernatural powers is about to kill them, and expect them to do nothing. Eventually, they are going to prank someone that has actual combat or crisis training. There is a saying “when confronted with a threat or crisis, one will either freeze or react (react mean respond based on training). someone with training will take action to protect themselves.

    • nat says:

      lighten up.

      • Yarply Twelve says:

        why should he?

      • David Teer says:

        I am just saying, they are going to prank the wrong person during one of these stunts. That person, instead of screaming and jumping back, is going to attack. Have you ever heard of fight or flight? The producers are expecting everyone to scream and run. One day, some will not.

      • Lisa D says:

        What do you mean “lighten up”? How do you know who’s in that Zombie crowd? Why do you assume that they’ve all been vetted? At the very least they get off on dressing up like they’re dead and grab at people that they don’t know that didn’t ask them to do it. Maybe they should lighten up, literally.

  12. Jack Inmanz says:

    This whole zombie thing is getting old.

  13. Andrea says:

    You people need to lighten up. It’s a joke. Laugh a little, it might, just might, make you feel a wee bit better!

  14. a bunch of stoners, eh?

  15. Shorty Stuff says:

    They’re lucky if they didn’t get a few cups of hot coffee poured on them.

  16. ragu4u says:

    Dead people grabbing at your ankles, huh? Only New Yorkers would find that funny. I’m shocked any of them even cared enough to step around them. It’s been my experience that the New Yorkers might even go out of their way to step ON the poor freaks.

  17. J.j. Erler says:

    This won’t seem as funny once some person without a firm grasp on reality for whatever reason thinks it’s real, pulls out a gun, and dead eyes some zombie in the forehead to make sure they don’t come back…

  18. Robin says:

    It looks like a finger-stomping invitation.

  19. Another fun day in New York City!

  20. debb says:

    Don’t get the humor in accosting and startling unsuspecting passersby. Life is scary enough without more unpleasant and unnessecary surprises.

    • Herman Vogel says:

      You have to understand that the people that do this are not what you might call “sensible” or even stable. They find humor in other people’s distress and fear. We have become a country of really Sick people and this is just a start. Their kids will be worse…sad, huh.

  21. billy bob says:

    Yes Rick, you have to protect yourself against the scary actors in make up. Thanks for helping to make the rest of us firearm enthusiasts sound retarded. Personally I think this prank would have been better if it was done above ground so everyone could have a better look at the zombies.

  22. Rick says:

    Please do that in my town. We have the right to protect ourselves unlike New Yorkers, and their would be numerous gun barrels pointed at them. Plus, we know to shoot them in the head! (we watch “The Walking Dead” too)

  23. Ron Lewis says:

    didn’t seem to have anything to do with their make-up. The people were just scared by a hand coming out of the grate. The effect would have been the same if they just screamed “boo!”

  24. leroy hornsby says:

    Cleaner than Occupy Wall Street and less frightening.

  25. Facts_ says:

    How would one tell the difference between the normal drug-addled zombies of Union Square and these actors being paid to resemble zombies?

    I’m guessing these actors don’t smell… plus the junkies don’t wake up until 1pm.

  26. LObamatomized says:

    I would’ve dumped my piping hot coffee on them and not felt the least bit of remorse.

  27. Bruce Pal says:

    Remember back in 1952 when zombies were scary?

  28. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ is for zombies

  29. mikeinsa says:

    The dumbest thing to do is dress up and act like a zombie in public. There might be a Michone or Darrel out there. And SYG might be a legal defense against zombies.

  30. Seeker Matt says:

    it’s union square park.
    (the extras in the walking dead get the award for the worst amateur acting ever.)

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