Conan O’Brien Delivers Robin Williams News to Stunned Live TV Audience (VIDEO)

Conan O'Brien Delivers Robin Williams News

An emotional Conan O’Brien paid tribute to Robin Williams after learning of the comedian’s death during Monday’s taping of his TBS latenight show. The audience, seemingly unaware of Williams’ death, can be heard gasping in shock after the latenight host reported the news.

O’Brien, visibly shaken in the clip, admitted to being “absolutely stunned” to learn Williams had passed away as he shared memories of the comedy giant with “Conan” sidekick Andy Richter and guest Will Arnett.

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  1. Stargaizer says:

    I have akways considered Robin Williams as the Master. Just do not know what the world will be reduced to, without his comedy insight of politic, cultures, and how to explain golf!

    My message to Robin Williams, if you are listening up there, you are forever in our hearts and memories. May you find joy as you show the rest of them, just how comedy is done! Your genius and comedic legacy shall live on.

  2. Ipe Mathews says:

    One doesn’t have to be a regular movie watcher to gauge the brilliance of an actor. As an actor, Robin Williams had such a great caliber to create a deep impact in the heart of movie watchers who do not necessarily watch all the movies twenty-four-seven. Let me reiterate President Obama’s statement he was ” One of a kind”.

  3. jeanne t. says:

    Robin Wiiliams. Here are some questions we are asking. Where was his wife when this happened? Why is no one else asking? Why was the original announcement so slick. Why would a man of RW’s brilliance hang himself (by a belt?) when he could easily take his life a gentler way? If he was a severe depressive and wealthy, why was he left alone by his family?

    • Sal U. Lloyd says:

      Good points, Jeanne.

    • Ciaran says:

      Yes, blame seems like a good idea. Have a look into major depression and psychotic depression. You seem to be operating on poor assumptions, like the assumption that a person at the depths of a depressive bout necessarily *cares* which way they do it.

      You seem to assume that those of us who have this disorder *and* want to take their lives can be simply persuaded or watched 24/7. I knew some one who managed to kill himself on a pysch ward. Williams’ wife could literally have been in another room or asleep or in the shower and for her to treat him as an infant for possibly months at a time would be impossible unless he had been involuntarily sectioned in a hospital. Aside from anything many depressed people hide their worst symptoms, especially thoughts around suicide or delusional thoughts.

      One of the few things that can help society come to grips with this kind of thing is lessening of stigma around mental health issues. The only way to do that is educate ourselves and shift our thinking away from judging others failings in these impossibly hard situations.

  4. suzanne robbins says:

    The Angels are being entertained today with Robin being there….He no longer is suffering depression….he is at peace!

  5. jdrakeca89 says:

    WOW yep he preaty much said it all we all are shocked and miss him and feel for the family. Good job Conan

  6. Missy says:

    My brother suffered from the same illness and ended his life. I ask myself every day why couldn’t I rescue him? – why did I fail him? I empathize with the family – the sorrow is profound.

  7. Ted says:

    I met him several times, and I was always amazed at how down to earth he was. RIP

  8. Daniel Courvoisier says:

    it was sad news this morning when I woke up. Robin is a big loss. He was one the greatest Comedians ever. We all will miss him. RIP, Robin

  9. Amanda From Michigan says:

    How lovely and real. I’m crying at my desk watching this.

  10. Wendy Payne says:

    “The best people possess a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risks, the discipline to tell the truth, the capacity for sacrifice. Ironically, their virtues make them vulnerable: they are often wounded, sometimes destroyed.” ~Ernest Hemingway. Rest in peace, Robin. To one of the best.

  11. Mack says:

    So sad. I remember when he saved all those West African orphans from that fire last year, wow, he was perfect! Gone too soon. :/

  12. rocky-o says:

    i’m sorry he didn’t get a chance to do more serious work…i thought his best role was in the film “insomnia” with al pacino…also, “one hour photo” was uniquely interesting as well…

  13. Aaron J Levy says:

    Thank you Dear, Sweet Robin, rest in peace :’}

  14. Ipe Mathews says:

    The smiling face of Oscar winner Robin Williams can from now on be seen only in celluloid, videos and photos. The great actor is no more. This was more than shocking news to me. I am personally not a regular movie watcher. However, I do watch movies on and off. From Hollywood, to me, Robin Williams was one of the greatest actors for so many reasons, ” One of a kind” as President Obama has rightly phrased. I am not good at remembering names of actors and actresses either. Here again, Robin Williams is an exception; I’ve always remembered and will remember his name along with few other Hollywood names, for the unforgettable characters he has portrayed. I’ve noticed that many critics and movie viewers give more emphasis to him, as a comedian. Nonetheless, I want to stress that his portrayal as a family man and, in particular, his fatherly roles have created a great impact which has truly proved his versatility. For instance, who could ever forget his portrayal as ‘Peter Banning’ and ‘Peter Pan’ in Steven Spielberg’s ‘Hook’?

    One could always observe a melancholic expression embedded in his eyes even when he smiled which must be one reason why the viewers were unknowingly drawn to him, loved him and cared for him regardless of the issues he may have had in his personal life. At this extremely poignant phase, when his absence definitely leaves a trail of bleak emptiness in the Hollywood film world, let us remember him fondly as a great actor who has certainly made a difference with his versatile roles. Let us as well revere him as a humanitarian for the good deeds he has done that certainly include his actions to protect and support the homeless. From the bottom of my heart I pay homage to late Robin Williams. Let me express my deep condolence to his wife Susan Schneider, his family members, and all who bereave at his demise. May his soul rest in peace.

    • Sal U. Lloyd says:

      If you were not a “regular movie watcher,” on what basis to you rate “great” acting?

      • Ashlee H. says:

        You dont have to watch a million movies to notice great acting.. He was extremely versatile and unique, in every role in itself.

        I’m guessing you’ve watched a million movies and understand and know the definition of “great acting”… Well, I’m sorry, but millions of people around the world all seem to define him as a legend.

        Show some respect.

    • taina suominen says:

      “One could always observe a melancholic expression embedded in his eyes even when he smiled”
      You just nailed it with those words.
      My heart is broken, but through tears I smile, because of the joy and talent he chared with me via tv & movie theatre screen.

      • Sal U. Lloyd says:

        “but millions of people around the world all seem to define him as a legend.” lol Millions?

        It’s not about respect. It’s about acting. And acting isn’t about making faces or mimicking other voices. The more you watch on screen and stage, the better you can define it and appreciate it.

  15. MackMan says:

    Robin WIlliams last instagram post was truly sad,

  16. TV101 says:

    Sweet but did they have to roll cameras on this moment? I wouldn’t have. To each their own.

  17. Jacob Seybold says:

    That was a very beautiful discussion on Robin Williams. I may not have known him but I want to thank Robin for always bringing a smile to my face. Also to Conan O’Brien, although you will not read this (I doubt), everything you said as well as what Andy and Will said was both beautiful and inspiring. I cannot fathom how difficult it is to break news like that on television, so thank you gentleman, you handled yourself wonderfully. Thanks Variety for this touching article and letting me watch this video.

    RIP Robin Williams, and sweet dreams.

  18. someone says:

    God bless Robin WIlliams

  19. steven isherwood says:

    NANOO NANOO WE have just lost a special human being with a wonderfully warm and loving heart who was dearly loved by millions its such a shame he didnt realise this truth !! may god bless you ROBIN WILLIAMS !!!

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