‘True Detective’ Season 2 Scripts ‘More Exciting’ Than Season 1

True Detective

Speculation continues to run rampant regarding the cast and plot of “True Detective” season 2, but HBO Chairman/CEO Richard Plepler and president Michael Lombardo were reticent about revealing much about the anticipated follow-up at the Television Critics Assn. summer press tour Thursday.

The execs refused to confirm rumors that the new season will feature one female and two male leads, but said that the two scripts they’ve read for season 2 so far are “more exciting” than season 1’s installments.

“Nic [Pizzolatto] is an incredibly talented writer, and he’s blown us away with the first two episodes, and we’re in conversations now on the cast. And I assume at least some announcements will be happening in the next week,” Lombardo said.

While they teased that announcements were imminent for the cast of the anthology series’ sophomore season, Lombardo admitted that they’re not daunted by the prospect of finding big stars to headline the series. “At the time that we committed to produce ‘True Detective,’ Matthew [McConaughey] certainly wasn’t the star that he turned out to be during the course of production. Then ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ came out. So I think we decided early on to free ourselves from the idea of stars and just lean into great acting and great writing.”

He added, “In terms of casting, I think the truth of the matter is… talented, well known actors look for great writing. I think the people we will cast will be well known names, but that wasn’t our ambition.”

Season 1 of “True Detective” earned multiple Emmy nominations this morning, including lead actor nods for both Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, and a best drama nomination.

UPDATE: Colin Farrell is reportedly in talks to star in “True Detective” season two.

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  1. Teresa Keene says:

    “Matthew McConahey certainly wasn’t the star he turned out to be????” And this man is an entertainment executive?

  2. Peggy says:

    Colin Farrell is not a star or a good actor. Everything he is involved in has failed. Maybe he should do TV. I don’t give a damn how “exciting” the scripts are. If women are treated as afterthoughts like they were in ‘True Detective’, I won’t be watching.

    • I think you mean, “Colin Farrell, is not an actor whose work appeals to you.” Perhaps you dislike the themes of movies he is in. One cannot say with authenticity that a performer is no good, only that they are not your cup of tea. There is the noise we like and the noise we don’t like. Unless one is Frances Ford Coppola, Scorsese or works with equal eminence in that field, lambasting a performer’s entire body of work (which in Mr. Farrell’s case is impressive if only in scale) simply doesn’t wash.

      Have you seen London Boulevard? In Bruges? Minority Report? Hart’s War? The Recruit?

      Were an actor’s talent judged merely by box office returns NOTHING of any merit would EVER get made.

      So you dislike Colin Farrell and are vigorously campaigning that he not be a part of True Detective.

      • Peggy says:

        The guy plays the SAME character in every role. He’s never had a hit movie and yet he keeps getting work. He’s probably a nice guy, since rehab. That doesn’t matter, Hollywood has been trying to make him a star and it HAS NOT WORKED. And yet he keeps working. What was that abomination with Russell Crowe (another one) that came out a few months ago? (#White Male Privilege)So actually TV is where he probably belongs. Unlike McConaughey, who though he made crappy movies sometimes, he ALWAYS was a STAR. So True Detective was a case of a MOVIE STAR SLUMMING. In Farrell’s case, it shouldn’t be called that. I’m just saying what Hollywood already knows. Just because you like him (or work for him) doesn’t make him a star. True Detective would actually be TOO GOOD for him. If I were the TD producers I would get someone of higher quality. Not a FAILED movie star. The bar has been set. Their previous actor (Matthew) won an Oscar during the same year. They will need to get either a rising star (Michael Fassbender) or a new one(or minority-Lupita Nyongo or Edris Elba). And as I said before, they’d be wise to have a STRONG role for a woman or they WILL face a backlash.

    • Alex Brown says:

      That’s simply not true. He actually has been in some great movies, I think he just needs a strong director behind him. If you haven’t already, I advise you to check out 7 Psychopaths and In Bruges.

      • Peggy says:

        @Walter Kemble Variety is a news magazine about the business of Hollywood and Broadway. It is NOT a fan site. It is for people who are actually working in show business in some capacity. Variety doesn’t publish puff pieces about actors (at least it shouldn’t). The professionals here comment on the relative merits of the BUSINESS decisions made by parties involved in the production of film and or TV properties. This site is not here for you to gush over your fav celebrity crush. That’s what Extra.com is for. If someone says something that you don’t like about your favorite actor, instead of crying in your milk, you should defend them with serious, researched comments. And for your information, I’ve been working in the biz for over 15 years and have been analyzing box office results since the ’70’s.

      • Peggy says:

        @stewartgrant How dare you try to silence me by calling me a troll. I gave you a compete analysis of what his strengths and weaknesses were and why he would not be a good fit for TD. Others have had the same opinion about Colin, check this link (It’s not about TD but it analyzes his career) http://blogs.indiewire.com/theplaylist/10-actors-hollywood-tried-and-failed-to-make-happen-20130731

      • To Stewart Grant: I agree with you entirely. No more need be said on the merits of Collin Farrell. Whoever/whatever this Peggy is, I believe as you suggested, she (?) is just a troll. The sentiments are irrational, hateful and not thought out. Possibly “Peggy” is a young teen with an all absorbing crush on McConaughey …we shall never know …I say to anyone spewing such hateful rhetoric …WHAT HAVE YOU DONE IN YOUR LIFE EXCEPT BITCH ABOUT WHAT DOESN’T PLEASE “YOU?”

        BTW: As I predicted two years ago …TV is undergoing a RENAISSANCE! HBO, SHOWTIME, MOVIE CENTRAL, AMC. Anyone see The Paperboy with M. McConaughey & I think Zac Effron (sp) and John Cusak -LOVED IT.

        Peggy doesn’t even post a picture here and she tarnishes the spirit of this modern miracle where we can discuss the things we like and contemplate what twists and turns they’ll take -and -if we’re lucky will be able to see things (not necessarily agree with them) from another’s POV.

        I don’t judge people per se, and abhor censorship …but more offending (to me) is closed mindedness. This is a moderated site and I for one am asking that the moderator(s) keep haters from posting. This is is not a rant site and Peggy has crossed the line at least twice from what I’ve read.

        That’s ALL I WILL SAY ON THE MATTER OF PEGGY THE RANTER …there are too many people here, putting time into sharing thing’s worthwhile and too many movies to watch, to waste time and my writing skill in such a way.

        (Well not quite all: Moderators …please revue Peggy’s posts -it’s an emotional downer to see this sort of thing). Thanks.

      • stewartgrant says:

        Peggy, please stop behaving like such a troll. Variety is a very respected magazine and some of us come here for discussion rather than online shouting matches. If you want to scream uninformed, acerbic opinions there are plenty of sites for that.

        I can’t stand when fans pass of their own personal opinions as fact. “He’s not a good actor” “He’s not a star” “The show will, I’m sorry WILL, face a backlash”. These are your opinions. These are not facts, even though you clearly really want them to be, so please stop presenting them as such. Your personal belief does not make some a fact.

        Also, I would recommend you see In Bruges, 7 Psychopaths, and New World. These are all great films and showcase great performances by Farrell. He is certainly not the most consistent actor but he is very capable of giving an amazing performance. As someone else said, I think he needs the right kind of director to pull it it of him.

        And finally, Michael Fassbender has been acting in American television and film for over a decade, and in England for 20 years, and has been nominated for 3 BAFTAs, 2 Golden Globes, and an Oscar so to call him a “rising” star is ridiculous.

  3. Pamela says:

    I REALLY hope Colin Farrell gets his terms! Would love to see him on #TrueDetective!

  4. DC says:

    “[They] said that the two scripts they’ve read for season 2 so far are “more exciting” than season 1′s”

    Oh man! What details! Going off hearsay is hardly newsworthy.

  5. DanielL says:

    HBO is actually really good about killing things before they get tired. There have been a couple exceptions of course, but generally they know when to end things, and actually, if I have any major complaint against HBO it’s that they’ve canceled a lot of great shows just as they’re hitting their stride (Deadwood and Enlightened come to mind). Showtime is the network you’re probably thinking of, they run just about all their shows into the ground. Weeds should have been 3 seasons, Dexter should have stopped at 4, and Homeland should have been a single season but it’ll probably be drawn out for another 4-5.

    • I agree. I enjoyed Deadwood. About Homeland: …the recent homecoming of the (Marine?) after his 5 year capture (for real) ran an uncanny parallel with the Homeland premise. Is life imitating art or art imitating life …It’s still the old “Chicken or the Egg?” question LOL.

  6. Celia Yerico says:

    To produce ‘True Detective,’ Matthew certainly wasn’t the star that he turned out to be during the course of production. ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ came out and so they think that they decided early on to free their selves from the idea of ‘star’ and just lean into great acting.

  7. It could hardly have been paced slower. There were some salient, philosophical moments, but the imagery of the promo was not fulfilled in word or action.

  8. Daryle Gardner-Bonneau says:

    I truly wish them luck….but it will be astounding if they can even approach the quality of the original. The characters portrayed by McConaughey and Harrelson were so well drawn and so well rendered by these two stellar actors, it’s hard to imagine reaching that level of story or acting on the second go-round.

    • jedi77 says:

      Not my impression at all.
      Thrones is still doing just fine, high quality all the way through so far.
      And BTW, giving people what they want, and being a ratings whore isn’t the same thing. I see the similarities, but they are not the same.

      • Stewart Grant says:

        The difference is Thrones has a preexisting story to guide it, it’s not an original creation. Totally different from most other HBO shows.

      • r b says:

        McConaughey…….oh man, was he ever underestimated thru the years. I,m anxious to see if they can pull off that kind of love relationship between viewer and the lead actors without two of the South’s finest. Can’t wait to see!!!!!

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