Travel Channel Pulls Adam Richman’s New Show After Instagram Tirade

Travel Channel Pulls Adam Richman's New

Travel Channel’s upcoming new series “Man Finds Food” starring Adam Richman has been pulled from its schedule in wake of Richman’s Instagram outburst, where he told one follower to commit suicide.

The series was supposed to debut July 2, but the channel suddenly announced it would be postponed with no details about a later date just days after Richman made headlines for his expletive-filled rant on Instagram.

Richman, who recently lost a large amount of weight, instagrammed a photo of himself with the caption “Had ordered this suit from a Saville Row tailor over a year ago. Think I’m gonna need to take it in a little,” using the hashtag #thinspiration—which sent users into a frenzy.

Online commenters said using the term “thinspiration” “glorifies negative media self-imagery” claiming the term is very popular in pro-anorexia and pro-bulimia circles.

As more users fired back, Richman did too by telling one commenter to “Grab a razor blade and draw a bath. I doubt anyone will miss you.”

Since the incident, Richman has apologized via Twitter, which has been deleted, saying: “Yes. I’ve responded to internet hate recently with vile words directed at those hating me. I am sorry, I should know better & will do better.”

A rep from Travel Channel told Variety that the show has been postponed, but did not say whether or not the decision was made due to Richman’s recent controversy.

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  1. Jill says:

    So basically he lost weight, became healthy and ‘people’ didn’t like it as it rubs their nose in their own poor life choices and their complete inability to change anything themselves. Pretty pathetic really. So they berate him until he loses his temper.

    “thinspiration” “glorifies negative media self-imagery” = And HAES doesn’t. Wow, just wow

  2. Rochelle Taylor says:

    Come on seriously? lol just cause someone tells me to take a flying leap doesn’t mean i’ll do it. Geez i think we have more important issues to worry about!!

  3. Sam says:

    What a douche.

  4. Chris says:

    We really don’t need Adam to appear in any show… Thx.

  5. Daniel Ortega says:

    Richman, just ignore the haters and congrats on losing the weight. If Travel doesn’t want you, go to Food Channel. I love your shows.

  6. Hyper sensitivity of corporations. And really – no one cares what he said.

  7. Paul..M says:

    Just so the channel knows how I feel cause if there pulling the show for my benifit there off line,
    . What was said was not that bad no worse than what any of us have said one time or another I think they are a little to sentive not even a cuss word just some come back that was said in the heat of the moment, Come on be human.

  8. lisalu8844 says:

    I don’t get it! Not what he said, but who the heck is “pro-bulimia” or “pro-anorexia”? Huh?

    • Righteous Indignation says:

      umm…..anorexics and bulimics are…duh.

      • Dave B. says:

        Hey brainiac. the article says pro-anorexia and pro-bulimia “circles”. They have “circles?” And is the suggestion that people actually advocate that behavior?

      • Conan The Republican says:

        Clearly, the writer is a victim of the US public school system. Richman is right. Some people really would do the world a service by exiting the gene pool.

  9. OMG! I really don’t get where anyone would be offended by that statement. Are we really getting that sensitive? Can we just stop now?

  10. LindaE says:

    Honestly, how many of you have said something online – something truly hateful – that you didn’t really mean? Things you wish you’d never said, things you wish you could take back?

    Think about that. And answer truthfully to yourself; there’s no need to answer here.

    • Tim 0'Leary says:

      Really, there’s no need to answer here? Pfshew for a second I was feeling a lot of pressure there.

    • Way too often, and today I already posted at least one comment that I now regret, which led to a rebuttal comment that made me want to respond with something truly hateful. It’s just so easy to let things get out of control. Typically, this story doesn’t tell us what the other person said that prompted his remark. Good reminder for us all to think of the bigger picture. I am ashamed of whom I often become online. Thanks for this comment.

      • LindaE says:

        It’s happened to me too often. Granted, Adam was being a serious b-hole, though. I may have said some nasty things to people from behind my computer, but I would never tell someone to go kill themselves and that nobody would miss them. That’s pretty nasty. But how do we know the same thing wasn’t said to Adam?

        And people attacking him for his thinspiration hashtag is ridiculous. It’s quite possible he didn’t know what it related to. Frankly, neither did I until I read this article. “Thinspiration” can mean many things to many people; why must it be ‘owned’ by the eating disorder crowd? So Adam probably wasn’t aware of what it meant to so many other people.

  11. Boodle says:

    Oh wow. His reaction to everyone was awful. Thinspiration is a term that is almost always used in relation to pro-eating disorder groups and websites. I can see where he wouldn’t have known how the term is predominantly used, but the problem here is how he reacted. As a public figure and someone whose job greatly depends on his interaction with the general populace, he should have known better than to become as incredibly nasty as he did and so quickly. Yes, people should be able to say whatever they feel, but Richman is in one of those jobs where viewership and fan interaction will decide if the network will continue putting him on TV. It’s been shown time and time again that reacting badly and saying awful things has the potential to ruin a career. And he basically told someone to go kill themselves. It’d have been better if he’d just used slurs and just said “forget you, I’m famous”.

    It doesn’t matter how people on Instagram were talking to him. It really doesn’t, as he should have known better than to react in this manner. I mean, Paula Deen lost her television show due to a racial epithet said years ago and other celebrities have lost public followings for similar things. (Michael Richards anyone?) It’s not surprising that Travel Channel would want to distance themselves from someone who flew off the handle so severely. It’d be nice if they gave him another chance, but Richman’s inability to think before he typed is probably making them wonder if he would do or say something else to hurt viewing numbers.

    • Tim 0'Leary says:

      You don’t have a t.v. show so I wouldn’t worry.

      • Ram6 says:

        how silly. This was a comment aimed at someone who aimed at him. This is the snarky wquivelant pf “gp F— lyourself. Why does eveyone including the Travel Channel have their panties in a twist over this.

  12. lisalu8844 says:

    America has become a nation of whiners who wouldn’t recognize a joke if it bit them in the ass. If someone says a word that might loosen the stick up even one crybaby’s ass he can kiss his career goodbye. What was the problem? We aren’t allowed to use the letters t-h-i-n in a word anymore in case it sends a teenager spiraling into the hell of bulimia? Bad enough, but then the guy who’s words can apparently hypnotize may have lead someone to suicide? No wonder he had to go. Who knows what further damage his words may have caused? CENSORSHIP: It does a country good!

  13. Jen says:

    The woman who responded to his hashtag, did so in a very non-threatening and intelligent way. Even after he called her the c word, other people who commented also did so in a way to try and help him understand why he didn’t make the best choice in wording and tried to educate him. They received the same type of over the top responses from him. This makes me wonder if maybe he’s doing drugs, popping pills or something which are helping him lose weight and also making him react like a jerk. I’ve always been a fan and loved MVF, but I won’t support a mysogynistic, immature person who has let his faux fame go to his head.

  14. Darcy says:

    I wish they never stopped making the original Man vs Food show. The whole point was watching him do the contests, then he watched someone else do the challenges. Then it was like, what’s the point? I don’t think he was that overweight in the beginning, but as each season of different shows went on, he’s been getting thinner. Eating 5 super hot wings ain’t gonna pack on the pounds. The show kinda lost the plot. I like his personality, well, until the whole razor blade comment.

  15. Jonathan says:

    Ah Fans! You have to love them, but in reality, they are stupid, vile and judgmental and act like Gods holding the rights of everyone else in their hands and acting, seemingly in many cases, with very little thought about others and what their actions, promotions, tirades will do. The age of the minority voice over reason and over-reaction to everything that doesn’t suit either left or right!!This is why America is becoming a joke globally!

  16. David Hollingsworth says:

    That’s good! He is a no talent person who has managed to get on TV!

    • Rosey says:

      Talent is in the eye of the beholder. He must have something since his show had been on for several seasons.

  17. good job Adam, no one should deal with criticism for trying to improve your own life. i would have added in that reply to that guy to go fuck himself. if he didn’t have anything nice to say, do not say anything at all.

  18. Truthspeakerspeakingtruth says:

    All of you can say “he can say what he wants!” but you know, Adam Richman didn’t have to be an asshole about it. That’s what this is, is just another human being acting like an asshole. It’s not “Oh, political correctness!” It was him jumping down the throat of people he doesn’t even know, acting like a typical asshole.

    that’s all this is. Don’t know why comments sections can’t seem to notice that when this whole comments section is exploded with the most pointless drivel and arguments I have ever had the displeasure of reading.

    get it together, internet. this shit dont matter anymore. He’s an asshole like the rest of us, big surprise.

  19. Robert M says:

    People attacking him for losing weight and getting thin? This is idiotic! Hey. Newsflash for you people! I’m fat and I’m fat because I eat more than I burn off. No one else is responsible! If I do get thin and a friend bashes me for saying so then they won’t be a friend much longer and I’ll tell them to go!! And let’s face reality! Your body is a.motor. It runs much better at optimal weight! You can’t argue with the science on that though I’m sure some ignorant person will try!
    So put Adams show on and kudos to Adam fl for getting thin!!!

  20. john says:

    How is Adam Richman news!

  21. Hans says:

    Shut up America and stop being so sensative its called LIFE !! LIFE is tough if you dont know your God, but its not about reacting to a comment like this, grow up, wake up, shut up everyone

  22. TJW says:

    Can’t say his reply was a smart move, but he realized his mistake. People say a lot worse hiding behind their internet handle. I hope his show goes on as planned.

  23. richard waters says:

    Do Not Take away his great show.Let the man be a man . hope the guy used the razor.

  24. Frank says:

    Seriously? This is what we’ve come to? I’ve been a travel channel watcher for quite some time. The programming is somewha entertaining – which is why a host with An attracting “edge” is paramount for asustainable following. No that the travel channel will care about one viewer, but I will not be a watcher of that channel at all until Adam is back…..

  25. Ron Zabrocki says:

    I’ve had it. You do something good and it offends someone? The heck with this PC crappy world we live in.

  26. Suque Madique says:

    looks like someone got le triggered ;^))))

  27. Jeff says:

    Just another day in the United States of the Offended.

  28. Lee says:

    It’s called “Free Speech” and it’s HIS Instagram account. You know people can be so sensitive and take out their frustrations on others because a situation reminds them of something unpleasant. People need to stop projecting their issues onto other people. If you don’t like something he wrote on his account unfollow him or just ignore it. That’s what you’d do if you met him in person. You wouldn’t confront him or attack him. No he shouldn’t have lost his temper; What he said was mean, but it wasn’t a racist or sexist rant . It was mean. Thankfully, he apologized. People need to let it go..

    • Mike says:

      Dumbest thing I ever heard. You’re saying, some TV host says on their instagram account, “hey, I hate all *insert derogatory racist slur here”, and they should all go back to where they came from”, you’ll say, “Oh, it’s free speech… on HIS/HER account?

      Yeah, you can say whatever you like and not get thrown in jail for it, but doesn’t meant people have to associate with you.

    • Jered says:


    • vliam says:

      1) “Free Speech” doesn’t mean free from consequences.

      2) It doesn’t even apply here because his statement isn’t running afoul of any law passed by Congress to stifle such expression.

  29. erik says:

    Travel channel should dedicate a program to competitive eating, both the professional organizations and the amateurs. Adam certainly knew his business with MVF and would make a greater host/commentater. His health suffered during his eating contests and his weight loss was essential for his continued health, and he deserved to be proud of it. The internet needs more troll police to halt this vicious trend of anonymous vitriol.

  30. Diane Ault says:

    I feel that he changed after he lost weight he just acts so different

  31. Deatiny says:

    Love u Adam. And yes that wasn’t the nicest thing to say but hell u look good and most likely worked ur ass off to get there. I would love to see ur new show and hope it gets aired. U are after all human and humans make mistakes, I do all the time. Don’t let the haters get u down, and never respond or sink down to their level. Being the bigger person makes u the better person, everyone knows that! Lol

  32. irishmary24 says:

    His response is over the top, for sure. No one is upset about the troll that anonymously dropped his/her unwelcome bomb into someone’s newsfeed. Trolls do it all the time. They hired this guy because he had a certain personality type, an “in-your-face” style. Now they’re punishing him for it? I’d reach out and slap every troll that pooped on anyone’s newsfeed in such a manner. And congratulations on your weight loss, Adam!

  33. Judith says:

    This is almost as pathetically stupid as the boycott of the Beverly Hills Hotel. Both are misplaced, bone-headed, stupid-ass moves. Fat girls, lose some weight and stop complaining because someone is proud they lost weight. Absolutely idiotic.

  34. baggles_r_good says:

    He apparently hurt a fat girls feelings after she crapped on him for all his hard work losing weight. I thought the exchange was funny and woulda said the same thing back. Thinspiration is used in the fitness community as motivation to lose weight. Sometimes pro ana groups use it to extremes to lose weight.

    God forbid I made fun of fatspiration (beetus picts, muhcurves, etc..)

    • Darcy says:

      Idiot. Fill in the blank of other terms of those who make fun of woman and woman’s bodies. Let me guess, you like to boast about the size of your bleep? You getting in those 2 hours of cardio a day? -From a Fat Girl.

    • Truthspeakerspeakingtruth says:

      edgy comment bro

  35. Blonde, blue-eyed Jesus says:

    So now you can’t even crow about losing weight, which is a PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT and HEALTHY CHOICE that more people should commit to, because the Social Media Nazi’s will claim you’re perpetuating fat-shaming? And heaven forbid getting angry at some anonymous piece of shit who taunts you and…GASP…typing hurtful words.

    Placing so much importance on social media is OUT OF CONTROL. Tweets and facebook posts are not press releases!! If you don’t like what someone says, ignore them or unfollow their account.

    And I’m liberal.

    • Truthspeakerspeakingtruth says:

      The funny thing is, Adam Richman could’ve just ignored it completely like a real human being, instead of being a just another dick on instagram.

  36. cadavra says:

    I don’t know this guy from, well, Adam, but I also have never heard the term “thinspiration” and certainly would have had no idea it’s considered a pejorative. Seems like overreacting to me.

    • Truthspeakerspeakingtruth says:

      So just because you didn’t know the word was negative, that means the word shouldn’t be considered negative at all??? Overreacting?!?! Do you people reread what you type into these things/!??!?

      • Larry says:

        But it isn’t a NEGATIVE, moron. How is it negative? Just because somebody decided to own that word as their own? It’s not a negative word. How is inspiration negative? Those anorexics and bulimics can’t co-opt a word like that. You act like it’s a curse word or racist slang and it’s not.

      • cadavra says:

        I didn’t say that at all. I said firing him for this comment was an overreaction. The N-word is a well-known pejorative. “Thinspiration” is not. The world is not, you should pardon the expression, black and white; there usually needs to be some leeway.

  37. Take heart, folks. The Travel Channel still offers beautiful HD photography from around the world with some vapid, handsome person talking about who-knows-what in the foreground.,

  38. Rebecca says:

    He’s confusing “hate” with people pointing out that cultural privilege had previously shielded him from knowing the dark message associated with the word he chose – aka LEARNING. An appropriate response would have been, “Didn’t know – thanks for educating me.”

  39. Anita says:

    NOOOOOO! I was so looking forward to seeing Adam again. Doing those commercials you can tell he has lost a lot of weight. Everyone is getting way to sensitive what some one uses a work like what Adam did. So what? You don’t like it? Then don’t read them anymore……

  40. Zariji Dela Rosa says:

    Bore me to dead. This exchange has little to do with the Travel Channel brand and less to do with quality programming. They’re lucky Variety is only read by the industry and not its loyal viewers. Let’s give less press to the benign Variety, and more to the issues at hand. Using social networks to bully one another vs express conscious commentary – like concerns for stereotyping of folks with weight problems.

    Mr. Richman- your apologies are reflective as best!

    • Truthspeakerspeakingtruth says:

      Hmm… This comment is acceptable. Thank you.

      • Clay Todd says:

        This guy is a beast on instagram. oh well he has a new show on NBC and he’s doing big commercials, a the travel channel sniffs but

      • Rodney says:

        Adam is cool and I loved his show, hopefully another channel will pick him up

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