Timothy Olyphant on ‘Justified’ Final Season: ‘It Has to Come Down to Ava, Boyd and Raylan’

Timothy Olyphant in "Justified"

Timothy Olyphant was very clear about how he wants FX’s “Justified” to end its run. “It has to come down to Ava and Boyd and Raylan,” he said.

Castmembers and producers Fred Golan and Dave Andron discussed the show at “An Evening With Justified” Wednesday at the Television Academy. “Justified,” currently in its fifth season, has been renewed for a sixth and final season.

“I would be very curious to how those three points of view, those three storylines can sustain an entire series and allow the other characters to simply support them,” Olyphant said, as co-star Nick Searcy feigned uproar and got up from his seat and the cast cracked up. “I don’t mean that to lessen the other characters!” Olyphant said.

Searcy enjoyed more joking at Olyphant’s expense as the cast was asked about memorable scenes. “Most of my scenes are with Tim. Every time I’m not with him it’s like a breath of fresh air,” Searcy said.

Walton Goggins, however, sincerely tipped his hat to Olyphant’s Raylan Givens, saying, “I don’t know if there’s another No. 1 on the call sheet who gives the joke to the other actors.”

Golan recalled a scene with recurring star Neal McDonough, whose arm gets amputated by Limehouse in season three (played by Mykelti Williamson). Creator Graham Yost told Olyphant about it, but Olyphant thought it was so cool, he wanted Raylan to be the one wielding the cleaver, so they rewrote the scene. “On the day, Tim said, ‘It’s gotta be Limehouse,'” Golan said. “I hate telling nice stories about you, Tim, but it’s true, you give it away.”

The cast discussed at length the fluid and collaborative process between the actors and the writing staff to create the crackling dialogue worthy of Elmore Leonard. “We all made studying Elmore a project,” Golan said. “And when we veer from the path, we have the cast to keep us honest.”

“It takes a village to raise Elmore Leonard on a week-to-week basis,” Goggins said.

As for the current season, moderator Tom O’Neill asked a question from Twitter: Will Ava ever get out of jail? “Am I allowed to say?” said Joelle Carter.

“The thing is to get to the expected place in an unexpected way,” Andron said. “We want Ava out.”

Any future plans for the cast? “How about ‘Justified: The Movie’?” Carter suggested. Searcy one-upped her with “Justified: The Animated Series” — “Then we just have to do voices!” he said.

“I’m gonna need a job for sure,” Olyphant said.

Go to the Television Academy site to watch a replay of the show.

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  1. Carole Smith says:

    I hate to see the show go, especially Timothy Olyphant. Very sexy man and great actor!!!

  2. Jeannie says:

    I hate to see one of the best shows on television end. There are only 2 that I do care to watch. And I believe Timothy Olyphant should be voted as sexiest man alive ! Jus say in!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Best ever, will seriously dread to see ” Justified” come to a close. Hands off Raylan and Boyd, let them part still standing.


  4. Bob Wade says:

    Best show ever. Neck & Neck with “Breaking Bad.” I give the nod to “Justified”.
    Should have won 3 Emmys by now–Academys’ Hollywood voters are not rewarding
    true excellence in writing and acting, instead voting for PC elitist tastes.

  5. Robbie says:

    I see seven seasons at least! p l e a s e…

  6. best series since Lonesome dove , I bought DVD ;s of last 4 seasons the 5th season is not out yet on dvd , I hope there is a 6th season , was even better watching it from beginning , there was so much i missed watching it week to week , All the actors are so good , will miss it when it is over , saw Tim in movie Hitman ,

  7. Pam Whelan says:

    I don’t understand why such a truly clever and well written series can be ending so soon? Can someone explain it to me? I can’t imagine there not being enough of a following….I’m sad to see Justified go!

    • Brian says:

      All of the creatives involved with the show think they’ve run their course and told the stories they have to tell, and they want to go out on a high note instead of producing additional seasons of lesser quality where they’re struggling for ideas to keep things going. And since it’s on a cable network and not one of the major networks, they’re allowed to make that decision instead of having NBC or CBS or whoever telling they they have to keep producing it. I’m disappointed as well, but I’d rather have the same people go on to work on a new show they’re equally excited to work on and have new, fresh ideas, than to have years of degrading quality as happens with a lot of shows.

  8. Justified is one of the most uniquely written and acted shows ever on television. The dialogue is funny and the action is great. It is a shame that it is ending next season because it should be around for many more years!

  9. Janice bunyard says:

    I am a true fan of this awesome FX show and they are just down right CRAZY for canceling this wonderful show. Full of action to entertain my husband, eye candy for us wives. I love Raylan, Ava, and Boyd. I think it should be on every dang Tuesday night!!!! Can’t we just have a high quality suspenseful show on at night without y’all being obsessed over constant impeccable ratings!!!!!

  10. Glenda Michael says:

    I’ve not been this involved in a series since Northern Exposure…..it takes an amazing cast of actors to really plant your butt on the couch week after week..and of course, excellent writing….I’m sad that this will be the last season, but I have to say to the actors that have brought wonderful characters to the show and the writer who envisioned this whole thing…thank you, for giving us, the TV viewers a chance to see great acting , great story telling, and a man with a great story…..My husband and I will be buying the entire set so we have it in our living room,…we can watch the show again and again!….Now, all of you actors..go out and make other shows that we can enjoy! Thank you, for a wonderful run~!

  11. Eliodigna Zambrano Duque says:


  12. Katherine Neuber says:

    I enjoy this show and will be sorry to see it go. Tim is hot.

  13. Brandy Bosse says:

    Way to soon for a finale!

  14. Joellen says:

    This is your final season? You’ve got to be kidding me! This is a great show that has the potential to move forward and shine! Your cast is terrific and the writing is supurb! Please rethink your decision and carry on the great Elmore Leonard’s vision for raglan Boyd and Ava!

  15. Oh how I am going to miss this show. I haven’t seen a serious this good ever. I haven’t missed an episode. I absolutely love Raylan’s character.

  16. Holly Blackwell says:

    Well, Timothy, if you and Graham Yost were not in such a rush to end the best series on TV, you would have a bleeping job!

  17. Nancy W says:

    I agree with Jane Tollett. I have so enjoyed every minute of JUSTIFIED and I will miss it so much. I don’t understand why we can’t have a couple more seasons. Why does it have to end? This makes me very, very sad.

  18. Jane Tollett says:

    It will be a great loss to the TV Audience when Justified closes it final season. It is as if someone you have been in a loving relationship unexpectantly comes to you and says, sorry I’m tired of doing this and I’ve decided to end our relationship. How do you fight that, what would change their minds and hearts? It is very rare to have a program with such great dialogue and plotlines, not to mention the excellant acting. Perhaps if the Television Awards folks had voted for them as best Drama on TV, they would have chosen to stay a while longer. I guess they don’t feel capable of writing as well as “Dutch”, but surely they have learned from him. Please reconsider for all of us who love you.

  19. Linda Belanger says:

    Love Justified, wish it would continue.. No last show !!

  20. Joe Prosser says:

    Do they have a contest of who can come up with the most f’d up hair? lol. I mean hell when I seen Dewey roll his ass out on that wheel hair with all that product and tender lovin care that went into it I spit beer clean across the room. Keep it up. I will be glued to the tube (with hair product).

  21. I enter my praise for Nick Searcy every time I see his name on Facebook. Boyd Crowder for President !!!

  22. Katherine says:

    Timothy Olyphant is a great actor LOVED him in everything I have ever seen him in from Rock Star ,Perfect Getaway,Hit man,Deadwood he makes the show Justified as for Walton Giggins SUPER STAR just as much I truly enjoy the show Justified it will be in my movie collection along with the Shield both keepers I’ll continue watching it after it is off the air I will miss the cast wish you all the BEST Thank you for all the Tuesday notes I stayed awake for the great entertainment enjoyed every minute

  23. Nobozo says:

    Nooooooo. I need my Timothy Olyphant fix every Tuesday. First Deadwood, now Justified. There is no justice in TV-land!

  24. Pat Hall says:

    I dont want the best show on TV to end. Justified has been the greatest show that has ever came out. Millions tune in every week to watch it. Why on earth would you even consider ending it. To go and put another worthless show on ridiculous. Please re-consider and keep it going its better than the CSI shows and look how long they ran. Everybody lives to watch Justified dont disappoint your loyal fans keep it running.

  25. David S says:

    Timothy Olyphant is amazing, but so is Walton Goggins! At times I enjoy the range Walton exhibits even more. Liked him in The Shield too. Sure going to be interesting to see what both have in store after Justified ends.

  26. I don’t want the series to end!! I’ve got a lot of people hooked on this show and after losing Saving Grace I was so mad! I swore I wouldn’t watch anymore shows on t.v.!! Then I ran across JUSTIFIED!!!!! Why does it have to end????? I’m desperate here!! :(

  27. Susie G says:

    Sad to see this show end. We love to get Justified on Tuesday nights, absolutely a water cooler conversation show. GOSH, you have to LOVE Raylan, if you don’t your either dead or dumb,

  28. Robert Moore says:

    Justified is the only show on TV that I really enjoy the writing and the characters are top notch.

  29. Sleepwalking says:

    Sadly, after Nick Searcy’s rants on Twitter, I’d now be happy if he was mitigated to a very small role in the final season.

  30. 10/08lover says:

    Yippeee! I’ve had an ending dancing in my head
    so determined to see the beginning and end match up again. The first scene of Ava & Raylan together at Ava’s (original) house had me hooked: “what do I git if I do?” Ava asks Raylan to end the scene. Then on to the next best Boyd and Raylan scene at the neo-Nazi’s church.
    I’ve said before: Ava on top! – of Raylan, that is.

  31. Marvin says:

    Two best lines I ever heard were from this show; Raylan takes bullet out of his gun and throws it at Winn Duffy and say’s: the next one comes faster,” and this week; Raylan, “what’s in the attaché,” Daryl Crowe; my used condoms, we are takin them to be washed, this here is a green whorehouse.” I love the writing of this show. I am sorry to see it end, I just hope it ends the way it started, by him shooting someone who draws down on him. Like he said to Boyd once, ” if you pull I’ll put you dpwn.”

  32. robin stewart says:

    I am going to miss this show when it ends. I do not like the storylines that take a whole season, enjoyed seasons one and three the most so far. Want them catch Charlie for stealing that money and running off to Mexico, that’s how I’d like it to end. Oh yea, get Ava out of jail, nicest love story ever when she found Boyd outside just waiting to get a glimpse of her.

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